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RGB arc

  • Red and Yellow's first encounter, with him catching her a Rattata and telling her no matter what a Pokemon looks like, as long as you are kind to one, they will always be your friend. She later returns the favor by healing him after the final battle and, of course, one arc later, becoming a Badass Pacifist to rescue him.
    • It becomes even more poignant when you realize that this is pretty much Yellow's defining moment. It's likely she never would've found out her powers if not for Red, and she even acknowledges that Lance has a point that people do harm Pokemon. It's likely only due to Red that she realizes that that isn't always the case.
  • Green was firmly established as a tricky swindler who was out for her own gain. So when she breaks out in true tears of regret for the things she's done combined with tears of joy after being officially granted a Pokedex and a trainer from Pallet Town, it's really touching.

Yellow arc

  • Yellow leaves Pika to take care of Kitty while she goes out on errands. The entire chapter to Pika struggling to take protect a very carefree and oblivious Kitty without a single complaint. By the end, it turns out that Yellow was trying to look for Vermillion flowers for Kitty, but she returns to find Pika and Kitty sleeping peacefully, a flower perched on her head.
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  • After blasting Lance out of the sky, Yellow slips into unconsciousness and into a dream. She wonders where she is and where Pika is. After being shocked at the new forms of her newly evolved Pokemon, she finds Pika and asks him to come to her. Pika runs off and she chases him, confused, until she sees him joyfully leap into Red's arms. She then remembers that despite all the time she and Pika spent together, he is now with his true trainer, and is happy for them. But she asks for just a moment longer for things to be like they way before, and the last image in her dream is her snuggling with her full, unevolved team along with Pika. It was so darn cute.
  • Sabrina being protective of Green in the fight with Lorelei and refusing to let her die to save herself like Lorelei tauntingly suggests she do. Sabrina says that she and Green are in a temporary alliance, but that as long as that alliance stands they are allies and she NEVER abandons an ally. Turns out Green didn't need that much protection after all, and when Sabrina takes her to task for this deception, Green insists "to fool your enemies, you have to first fool your friends!" It doesn't make Sabrina any less peeved at her, but aaaw, Green called her a friend!

GSC arc

  • Red still remembers the promise he made with the girl he met in the first arc, and is willing to take the Gym Leader test even with a frostbitten hand just to meet that girl again. And he's doing this, unknowingly, for Yellow.
  • Pryce reveals that he has been posing as the Mask of Ice to catch Celebi and go back in time to keep a Lapras's parents from dying. After Celebi opens a hole in time, we see the two Lapras in question never died and were alive at the bottom of the ravine. The baby Lapras, Glacier, goes through the time hole and then we see it hug it's parents while all of them cry tears of joy.
    • It's not just that either. Pryce, right when he's about to kill himself, hears the song his friends had made together for him as this happens and his icy heart finally melts; he even starts to cry. He then tells an unconscious Gold to cherish the time he has with his own Pokemon and bids farewell before letting go of the wheelchair he's been holding onto and falling into the time hole. As a Tear Jerker, it's very effective.
  • Will and Karen essentially Mind Rape Green, forcing her to have relapses of when she was kidnapped and she's crying in fear. Forcing her to face Ho-Oh, the bird that kidnapped her, mocking her the whole time. She nearly faints and then takes solace in the fact that she got Silver to a safe place, only to have Will laugh at her, reveal that Silver got there before her and they've already beat him to the point that he can no longer move. She crawls over to him, confused, thinking she had gotten him somewhere safe. Here's where the heartwarming happens, he explains how he got there and when she asks why he came back and put himself in danger, he says it was because he wanted to fight alongside and protect her before passing out. Green has memories of her time with Silver going through her head, meeting him, taking care of him, naming him, making gloves for him and escaping with him. Will and Karen keep mocking her, but now Green's PISSED. Ho-Oh flies by her again, but this time she's completely unfazed, she then gives a Badass Boast about how she's overcome all of her fears and weaknesses. When Ho-Oh comes down again, she unleashes the legendary bird trio and gets to have her Mama Bear moment in the ensuing battle. All of which shows that the love she feels for Silver outweighs the fear she had of birds and was what she used to overcome that fear, and that Green and Silver love each other more than they hate their past.

RS arc

  • Ruby creating a new outfit for Sapphire the day of their bet, after treating her injury because she got hurt protecting him.
  • Mimi's return to Ruby in RS, especially when the latter finally learns the meaning of inner beauty and acknowledges Mimi as coequal to his other team members.

FRLG arc

  • When Green learns about how much Red's gone through over the arc, even after his Heroic BSoD, she doesn't call him out on it. She consoles him about his failures, thanks him for promising to bring back her parents and tells him everything will be alright. It's a very large leap from the first time she ever met him.
  • The reason why Deoxys targeted Red: Deoxys had absorbed Red's DNA when he had escaped from a lab and had assumed he was his ancestor - his only family. Unfortunately, the only language Deoxys knew was fighting, so it wasn't till Red defeated him that all of this was found out. What brings the warm fuzzies is this revelation and when Red accepts him as one of his "pals."
  • Also, when we find out that Giovanni was actually Silver's father. Both of them were falling from a ship and into a burning wreckage. To protect the unconscious Silver, Giovanni lifted up his son with one arm to protect him from the flames. He mused how though his body is getting weaker from a disease, he is glad that he was able see his son one more time, saying how much Silver has grown.
    • Then, when when Silver wakes up, he realizes that Giovanni is his father, much to his horror and disgust. Blue (Green in Japan) however angrily points out that Giovanni shielded him from the fire, willingly allowing himself to be burned to save his son, and searched long and hard for ten years to find him.
      Blue: "He's not all bad. There are aspects of your father that you can take pride in."
    • And Silver breaks down, falling to his knees, crying over Giovanni's unconscious form, calling him "father".]]
  • The people from Sevii Islands hear that Red stayed behind on the battle ship, trying his best to prevent it from crashing. They realize that, after all the damage done, it's likely that the people of Vermilion will blame Red for all the damage, just like they did. They also know that Red knows that too. When the realization hits, they decide that the only thing they can do is cheer him on and pray for his safety, and they scream for him to do his best and never give up.

Emerald arc

  • The way Emerald's Pokémon competed to take care of Emerald after his battle with Greta was incredibly sweet.
  • At the end of the arc Emerald tries and fails to wish the Pokedex Holders back before all of them engage Guile in battle. In the middle of the battle, Guile reminds Emerald of what Emerald said earlier about not liking Pokémon, just Pokémon battles, and says that not only does he agree, but he also feels the same way about people. Emerald then shouts that Guile's wrong and that what he really wishes for is for friends. The sentiment behind his words are so powerful that it allows Jirachi to connect with Emerald and grant his wish, which frees the petrified Pokedex Holders.

DP arc

  • Oh god the 'Vs. Pachirisu' chapter of the DP arc. After the other competitors go out of their way to sabotage Platinum's attempts at her first contest, she loses composure and decides to forfeit despite how hard all three Pokedex Holders worked to prepare for it. Then Diamond gives her a slice of pie he made himself and gives a little speech about how scary performing for others can be but how he loves doing things happily and how good food helps. Regaining her confidence, she dominates the contest with a smile, and when presented with the ribbon, she drags Dia and Pearl up with her on stage, saying that all three of them won together and that she should've done this before when she won her badges.
    • Of course, what helps is that there's a different kind of crowning moment sandwiched in there. Fantina, who was attending the contest and has taken a shine to Platinum's performance, managed to root out the snobby saboteurs who messed with Platinum during the contest and commanded her Drifblim to treat them as they rightly deserved - by hauling them out to the trash bin! This is one of those rare heartwarmers with a side helping of karma for good measure.
  • After telling them off for lying to her about their identities, Lady Berlitz's apology to Dia and Pearl for every single time she lied to them during their journey. Something that had been always played for laughs.
  • A equally tear-jerking and heartwarming example, where when Pearl, Diamond and Platinum split up to the different lakes, they all reminiscence about how they start their mornings everyday, always with the Pokedex beeping due to the Resonance System, to let them know they're all together. When it stops beeping when they split up, they all cried, realizing how much they depended and missed each other, even if they were only separated for the moment.
  • In order to be able to save Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf from confinement, the DP trio must push a corresponding button for each machine that frees them. The problem? They are being blocked by enemy Pokemon. So what do they do? They give up their Pokedexes (which the enemy is interested in) to buy time to push the buttons while the enemy grabs them. The heartrending part is that even though the symbol of the trio's friendship is now gone, it doesn't in any way lessen their bond.
  • Dia's entire speech about his concept of what "space" and "time" means to him. Also counts as a CMoA for the events that happen afterward because of it.

Platinum arc

  • Wake was revealed to have recorded a song for his student, Pearl. The fact that Pearl was about to cry only make it even more touching.
  • Platinum cheering Palmer up about how Pearl had always looked up to him and become very strong even though he's rarely by his side. It's sort of touching how Palmer thinks of himself as a "pathetic father" for not being there when his son was in a dangerous life and death battle, and yet, he actually did well enough to raise him in battling. So, the fact Pearl survived to this very day is actually thanks to him even though he believes he hasn't done enough to be by his side.
  • The reunion between the bodyguards and the Sinnoh trio. Tears and hugs abound, and it even turns out that Dia and Pearl saved Paka and Uji's sunglasses and kept them with them the whole time.
  • Cyrus' Heel–Face Turn and parting words to the Sinnoh trio, and his three young commanders (Saturn, Mars and Jupiter) staying with him out of Undying Loyalty despite him disbanding Team Galactic.
  • The contents of Professor Oak's letter as well as Shaymin leaping into Cyrus's arms with its flowers blooming.
  • The ending. Especially when Platinum asks Diamond and Pearl to perform one of their double-acts for her before battling Palmer, and the genuine smile she gives when we see her as their sole audience member.

HGSS arc

  • Silver says that Crystal shouldn't need to help him out in the fight against Team Rocket, but Crystal says that she doesn't want the kids at the Academy living in a world where bad people are free to roam around. Not to mention how she pulls out her Pokedex and reminds him that they are friends.
  • Giovanni shows up at the Sinjoh Ruins along with Silver's Ursaring, which promptly proceeds to kick Petrel's ass. When Petrel weakly manages to joke about how strong Ursaring is, Giovanni's response is basically, "Duh, my son raised it."
    • Also, Giovanni remains the evil leader of Team Rocket...but when Silver swears he'll oppose him, he insists that Silver train with Lance and Pryce to become strong enough for that. To hammer the point home, he thinks in his head that if he is to fall to anyone, he wants it to be his son. Even Evil Has Loved Ones indeed!
  • Gold is given a job to go to Sinnoh because Red and Emerald's snorlaxes have started to get to know each other, and have produced an egg together.

BW arc

  • There's something oddly sweet about Black cheering up Hiker Andy after the older man admitted to him how he had nearly given up his dream to compete in the Pokemon League due to his fear of fire. Bonus points Black pointing out that Andy's Cottonee was trying to help its Trainer by forcing itself to go near flames despite being weak to them. Hey, old people can still have dreams To Be a Master too.
    • And its because of Black re-igniting his dreams that he showed up to the final battle to aid Black with others.
  • By the time the story arrives at Nimbasa, Black clearly shows that he has grown to care greatly about White and is now fiercely protective of her, as demonstrated when he spends the entire night searching for her when she goes missing, and immediately sends out his Pokemon in rage when he thinks he found the one responsible. He's come a long way from being the self-centered prick from the beginning who blew off his own friends to chase after his own dreams.
  • The train scene, dear Arceus. To elaborate, Black has refused to go on the Battle Subway, out of consideration for White. But White accepts the challenge, in order to improve her trainer skills for Gigi to have other options to return to. At first, Black is jealous of White, since she get's the opportunity he's missed out on. However, after some thought, he makes a major effort to aid White, and helps her catch a Deerling for her team. When its finally time for White to leave on the subway, he says goodbye to White, reminiscing about the small amount of time they've spent together while traveling. He then asks White how much debt he has left, and when he is told he has a little bit left, Black promises that, once he's beaten the Pokemon league and accomplished his own dreams, he'll return and work off the remaining debt, just like White asked him to. He also throws War to her, giving her the third Pokemon she needs to be allowed to compete in the challenges. Quite a change from the Black who was utterly focused on completing his own dreams and leaving his friends behind in order to do so.
  • Of course, this care isn't one-sided. White's made an effort to take care of her employee as well, believing in his innocence, paying for all the damages he caused and promising to sponsor him as a member of the BW Agency. Even when his Tepig evolved, she thought up ways to get around the sudden change in her star couple and continued to cheer him on.
  • When Black is feeling down because his Munna left him, the captured Gym Leaders contact with him and give him the encouragement to keep going so that he can fulfill his dream. It gives him the motivation to win against Drayden and claim his eighth badge, as well as the right to enter the league.
  • Of course, all of this culminates in the tearjerking ending, where Black reveals he never forgot the promise he made to wear the BW Agency logo at the end of the Unova League. As he fades away, asking if he repaid his debt, White tearfully says yes before screaming his name and begging him to come back.
  • The Unova League, when it's not being awesome, is full of heartwarming.
    • The first is that all of the people who Black has helped through his journey come in to return the favor when he's surrounded, facing off against the Plasma sages to give Black enough time to fight N.
    • N finally realizing that Black was right.

B2W2 arc

  • Behind the scenes, Team Plasma is a fairly decent family who's genuinely motivated by rescuing Pokémon who've been abused by humans. Whitley and Rood even have a relationship not unlike that of a grandparent and grandchild.
  • Black and White's reunion in Chapter 20. Seeing him is enough to bring her to tears and when he tells her not to let go of his hand, she promises to never ever do so.
  • When Whitley is nervous while the group is going after Ghetsis, White encourages her to just think of her dreams when things get scary, as her own wish has now been fulfilled.

XY arc

  • X's speech to Emma after realizing that she is Essentia.]] [["World of Cardboard" Speech He shares with Emma his story while on the run from Team Flare, and how he much has grown since then. It moves Emma's heart, to hesitate on using Zygarde for Lysandre.
  • Shauna's reunion with her Furfrou, added with Y being reunited with her mom afterward.

ORAS arc

  • Ruby and Sapphire’s reconciliation near the end of the arc. Ruby apologizes for keeping her unaware of the imminent crisis, to which she responds by joining him on Rayquaza's back to stop the meteor bearing down on Hoenn. It’s a very moving scene.
  • As the physical bodies of a resurrected and reformed Archie and Maxie are disintegrating due to depleting too much of their limited energy, their last words to each other are that they wish to be together, should they ever get to live again.
  • Zinnia, having realized the error of her ways in her attempts to do the right thing, is regretful about how badly she messed up Ruby and Sapphire's lives, telling them that she wished they'd met under different circumstances because then they could have been friends. Sapphire immediately shoots this down, saying that they can still be friends even in these circumstances, and she looks forward to getting to know her more. Easily Forgiven? Maybe, but definitely heartwarming.

SUMO arc

  • At the start of the arc, Moon said to Olivia that she and Sun were not friends since they did not know each other that much, but even if a lot time has not happened yet, Moon quickly started to get worried for Sun when they separated, and even went to Ultra Space to save him after Necrozma took him and Nebby. They still did not know each other a lot, but it looks that Moon already consider Sun a friend after all.
  • Kiawe and Sun's friendship!! Especially emphasized in the last chapter.
  • Sun capturing Franc the Totem Mimykyu. Sun felt sorry for insulting the Pikachu wanabee, and decide to help him to start aproaching humans again. Then Sun hold Mimikyu for a photo in which both of them look very happy!
  • Lillie and Gladion's reunion! Even Silvally evolved for the moment and Gladion finally shows a genuine smile.
  • This page! In which we can see Gladion's caring side for Lillie, also Lillie explaining how Gladion still care for their mother Lusamine, even if she treats both of them pretty bad.
    • And talking about Gladion caring for his sister, he telling Lillie that he is proud of how much she has grow and encouraging her to go and show Lusamine who she really is.
  • Sun himself has stated that Cent only went with him to get the island back that used to belong to Sun's grandfather which sadly failed, but despite this after dealing with Faba, Cent still returned to Sun.
  • Moon coming back to the Alola region at the end of SMUSUM arc. In the first chapter, she talked about how the region didn't suit her, but has now come to care for the region and its people.

SWSH arc

  • Marvin receiving Sobble. It is also hilarious at the same time due to everyone sobbing from Sobble's tears.
  • Schieldmilla reuniting with Kilo, the Arrakuda she lost a year ago.

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