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The Dung Faerie is actually male.
  • That is why "she" is so elusive and rarely seen —- "she" doesn't want to be found out. The dung faerie would be in trouble among faeriekind if everyone found out "her" true gender.

Building upon the above, The Dung Faerie is none other than Dr. Sloth.
Dr. Sloth does seem to fit in with a dung motif, due to his sickly green skin and overall personality. He's also very tall and humanlike, which is somewhat like a faerie. After Fyora found out about Dr. Sloth/Dung Faerie's secret, she removed his wings and kicked him out of faerieland. This might also be why he's evil, and has such a vendetta against faeries. And has his "Happiness Faerie" persona; He misses the good ol' times.

Adam is plotting to take over the world.
  • Think about it- the sudden popularity in only a few years, paying users gradually getting more and more advantages, the McDonald's plushies... really, how much longer until he reveals his Evil Plan?
    • Nah, he isn't even at Neopets anymore. It's all that cult's fault.
      • Adam? Obviously the Meepits are behind it all.

Darigan is an avatar of Vecna.
  • Anyone who plays Neopets and has the Third Edition Dieties and Demigods, look up Vecna in the book. Now, look closely at his background. "He is missing his left hand and left eye, which he lost in a fight with his traitorous lieutenant Kas.
    • Not to mention the fact that Darigan came back from the dead. Vecna is a lich, and liches come back as long as their phylactery is intact, not to mention he came back in Ravenloft after being defeated in the Vecna Lives module.
      • Furthermore, look at the picture of Vecna on the cover of the follow-up module, Die, Vecna, Die. I'll be damned if that doesn't look a lot like Darigan without the horns or wings. (And wearing a different outfit, but really, not even a lich would wear the same purple frocked robe all the time) Gods can change shape, so that explains Darigan's horns, wings, tail, green skin, and use of both eyes and hands (or perhaps he got back the Eye and Hand?).
    • But Darigan, now that he's out of the influence of the Three, has tipped over to neutral good...
      • Bah, that's what Vecna wants you to think.
      • Speaking of which, this would make the Three members of the Ancient Brethren, with at least one of them being Mok'slyk.

Gilly is Haruhi.
Just notice how she has not only one, but two important situations involving the Haunted Woods. Maybe Haruhi destroyed the Universe again and recreated as the whole Universe of Neopia. She has already found the Esper and the Slider, now, she needs to find the Time Traveler and the Alien, that is, if she didn't already met them. Also, she never will get bored because she's constantly running to save her life, or beating the crap out of the guys, unknowing that she is God.
  • I bet Sophie is Tsuruya. It would make Churuya be Shophee. Neovia~n

Neopia is Shinji's hallucinations.
And it only got worse. And the way he's just messed up, he might be a furry fan, too. Also, Bruces are as faaaat as Pen Pen.

Everything since the discovery of the Lost Desert was a mass hallucination caused by Dr. Sloth.
The Grundos are still under his control, and they're just there to feed the humans and administer the daily doses of mind control susceptibility serum as he prepares the world for his rule after releasing the humans. The bug-type neopets that have been showing up all over the place were robots made to keep the humans in line after they're released from the Lotus-Eater Machine ray.

Fyora is slowly morphing into Michael Jackson.
  • Dude, just LOOK at her. Ick. (hides)
    • Perhaps she's revealing that she's a Darkness Faerie, or she's just getting old really quick, while Viacom sucks her power to make money.
      • Judging by the most recent artwork of her, she's regained a lot of power and now looks more like The High Queen she should be.

Lord Kass is going to return/

Let's see how many Christian allegories we can find in Neopets! (Feel free to contribute.)
We'll start with Fyora being God and Dr. Sloth being Satan and go from there.
  • I don't know. It seems more like The Three are Satan, or an unholy trinity, being that they tempted Darigan and Kass. And since Lord Darigan returned from the dead as a hero once more, that makes him the Neopian version of Jesus. As for God, it's... Something to do with Asparagus.
    • Adding to this, it seems the new plot's boss, Oblivion might be Neopia's Satan, since he seems to be the Ultimate Evil.
    • The first winner of the Pet Spotlight was an Aisha named Eve. (That was back in those days when names that actually exist in the real world were still available, of course.) Possibly wholly accidental. She actually still exists.
  • Moltara is used to replace Hell occasionally (EX: "I would follow her to Moltara and back on foot if she asked me.")

Faeries actually aren't the most powerful beings in Neopia...
  • Neopets are. The difference is that Faeries have mastered their elemental powers since they were born, or popped into existence or something. However, Faerie's can't become more powerful than they already are. Neopets, on the other hand, have to find the element that they're aligned with and train; However, once they find their natural element and hone their skills, they can be vastly more powerful than any Faerie. If, say, a Xweetok aligned with Air decided to hone her air skills to the maximum, she'd overpower any Air Faerie.

The Faeries really aren't going to come back.
  • Not for a while, at least. The plot seems to still be going, and there aren't any hints that the Faeries have been unstoned. Of course, TNT might have it so the Faeries were unstoned when Hanso broke the artefact, but that would be kinda cheap.
    • Jossed. However, Faerieland is a LOT cooler looking now that it's being rebuilt.

The next plot will be the third and final chapter of the Meridell wars.
  • As a matter of fact, the reason Faerieland crashed was to make room for the final outcome of the final war for Meridell… The Darigan Citadel returning to its former glory. Here are the guesses to the plot;
    • Kass returns from the dead, and disguises himself as a Meridellian noble. He ends up leading a coup against Skarl, and taking over. He then sets his sights on Brightvale and the Citadel for his revenge.
    • Lord Darigan becomes the Big Good since Skarl and Hagan are both incapacitated.
    • Lord Darigan and/or Jeran does a Heroic Sacrifice to defeat Kass once and for all, ending with either of them Killed Off for Real. Manly Tears will be shed.
    • Lord Darigan and/or Jeran's deed ends with the Citadel being restored to its former glory, becoming a beautiful floating continent, and Darigan Neopets in-universe are now changed to look more heroic and mythic than Royal Neopets. A new paintbrush will be released, called the "Citadel Paint Brush," which will paint them this color. The old Darigan Paint Brush is still useable and has the same results.
    • Lisha is all grown up and a powerful sorceress.

The next plot will be set in Tyrannia.
  • Tyrannia hasn't had a plot since the Monoceraptor fell, and it's only had a cursory redraw - YEARS ago. Either Tyrannia will end up being axed, or it will get a plot to accompany a redraw.
    • Well, there is that war for the Obelisk going on in Tyrannia, so confirmed?

The next few plots will lead to the discovery of some new worlds.
  • Let's face it - Neopia is in desperate need of a new world. There are a few that I think are the most likely candidates:
    • A Wild West world - This world will basically be not only a Wild West town, it's also a massive gold mining operation, complete with Minecart Madness, Forty Niners, and such. The theoretical name for it is Goldrun, after an April Fool's Joke that the NTWF pulled in 2010. It would probably be in the desert south of Altador.
      • They could add things like oil wells, too, and by extension elements of dieselpunk.
    • A Viking world - Neopia's needed a Viking world, and what better place to put it than at the South Pole? We'll call it Eisholm for now.
    • New Geraptiku. Marquara got rebuilt, so why not?

Brynn is a Time Lord.
  • Considering that she got promoted to Captain of Queen Fyora's Guards at the end of the recent plot, she's probably a lot more powerful than people think. Not to mention, she was the ONLY main character in the entire plot that wasn't Taken for Granite note . Some kind of magical force, perhaps?
    • So Brynn just became MORE Badass?

Most, if not all plots (And probably the video game's story) will all be linked together for one truly epic event that spans way off the site.
  • There have been plenty of references to other stories and tales, particularly in The Faerie's Ruin, and some conclusions to the problems have not been made, so it may just be leading up to something...

The Bringer of Night is really the Nightbringer.
  • And the Necrons will invade Neopia.

The Sharkaw and Varwolf were both designs for a Neopet species that ultimately went unused.
  • They have similar tails, teeth, and spotted patterns on their chests. Sadly, the finalized pet was never made, and likely never will be due to the team's increased focus on Petpet Park and Monkey Quest, and the rigors of designing a new species for Customization.
    • Maybe they could be new restricted pets like the Draik, Krawk, Lutari, and Grundo. In order to get them, you most likely have to pay real money to get the two, but they have great Battledome stats.

The original Island Mystic died.
He was human, and seemed pretty old. The new one is a Kyrii.

The Turmac in Turmac Roll is the young Turmaculus.
The game chronicles one of the activities the Great Turmaculus did when it was young in order to grow big and strong... And it became the biggest and the strongest.

There exist truly non-sapient Neopets.
The Lost Desert plot had a Uni who was pretty much a steed, and Scordax. Neoquest has wild Aishas. Also, there exists a food item called Blumaroo steak, and another called Elephante trunk. The current Neopets users can adopt/create happen to be the domesticated ones.

At least one of the Ensemble Darkhorse Altador Cup players is trying to sabotage it from within.
There are already Fanon plotlines concerning this, and it would certainly create drama. Likely, it would be a player with a large fanbase who would never be suspected of doing such a thing. Plus, this could explain why the 'winner's curse' occurs.
  • …or why Darigan Citadel, despite their huge fanbase, has not been able to win more than one Cup. Out of all the past Most Valuable Players, theirs (Layton Vickles) is the most consistent and has never left the Top Scorers' List. Coincidentally, the other forward on the team, Tandrak Shaye is arguably the most popular player on the team, or perhaps in the entire Cup. He has many fangirls and only one conspiracy theorist (who talks about this mainly on fansite Jellyneo Forums), who certainly isn't hesitant to voice her opinion. Then again, it could be just another Cloudcuckoolander trying to be a nonconformist.

Jacko the Phantom Painter is a more benevolent relative of Candle Jack.
In the 510th Editorial, TNT said of him:
"We don't really speak about him. Just accept any paint brushes you find and be thankful. People that talk about Jacko tend to disa "
  • So he hands out paintbrushes, until you mention him by name, at which point he kidnaps you - perhaps because he doesn't take kindly to people begging him for expensive paintbrushes?

Mr. Krawley and Xandra are the same person.
They both have shapeshifting powers, and Xandra has shapeshifted into someone of the opposite gender. Mr. Krawley's motivations are never explained, but all the problems he caused did seriously mess up the local power structures (asylum inmates overthrow caretakers, formerly shy boy, his little sister and a little girl from out of town successfully defy the mayor).

Delina is just as evil as the other Dark Faeries.
She's just going about it differently. Much like how Crowley realized the old way of corrupting people was outdated and troublesome, Delina found a faster way to bring Neopia under control. She cast a spell that would allow Neopets to wear clothing, which affected all but a handful of Neopets, since it would create an entirely new market that she could control. She then introduced the NC Mall, which gave her considerable influence over Neopia as many recent events became tied with the NC Mall.
  • Neopets has stated a few times over the course of time that not all Dark Faeries are evil. So, she might just be a good Dark Faerie.

Xandra's going to come back.
  • However, she'll come back as The Atoner. Fyora has said she hopes to bring her star pupil back to the side of good, and given Xandra's formidable magic powers, she would probably be one of the few Neopians alive to be able to deal with the Darkest Faerie. Naturally, while she still wouldn't like the faeries, she'd be kind of like a female Jazan: Someone who's been evil, but has a hard time trusting the Loveable Rogue of the week. All they'd need to do is say that she was subconsciously influenced by the Darkest Faerie in a plan for her freedom, and it'd work.

The Masks of Dread are basically the Friends on the Other Side.
  • The upcoming booth at the Haunted Faire this year is apparently going to involve, well, dreadful masks, and the mysterious Cybunny is going to be the villain and a literal Killer Rabbit who uses Hollywood Voodoo. Bonus points if they use it as an excuse to finally put Bogshot on the site proper.

Saskia is Neopia's version of the Happy Mask Salesman.

There's a lot more to Xandra's evil than meets the eye.
  • All right, so Xandra is an abosultely nuts example of a Well-Intentioned Extremist. And yet her only reasons for crashing Faerieland was because the Faeries don't do enough to help around Neopia, which is partially correct; most Faeries that aren't the Soup Faerie, Fyora, Aethia (the Battle Faerie), or Mira (the Space Faerie) sit on their butts and do nothing but order Neopets around, and a larger amount of Faeries (The Drenched, Eithne, Jennumara, The Dark Faerie Sisters and The Darkest Faerie) have effected Neopian history far more than any other Faerie by doing evil, EVIL things. Why would she hate the Faeries? Her Freudian Excuse is probably that one or more Faeries did something absolutely, irredeemably horrible to her, and none of the good Faeries did anything about it - making her both a victim of evil AND "good" Faeries that was pushed way, way WAY too far. Note that Fyora DOES intend to "rehabilitate" her, which implies that she'll need SOME sort of therapy.
    • Perhaps that was the terrible thing Illusen saw Jhudora do? After all, she did see Jhudora doing something she judged as unforgivable.

Fyora is a dark faerie.
  • Just look at her! She's very purple, like a dark faerie. Plus, she seems to be one of the only people to not find dark faeries evil.

Dark faeries are not evil.
  • SOME are. However, there are also evil water, earth, fire, light, etcetera faeries. No faerie is evil or good solely because of their element.
    • Pretty much confirmed by canon via past editorials and random tidbits. While some Dark Faeries are evil, most of them are simply tricksters.

The multicolored toffee represents Heaven, Hell and Earth.
  • That's why it's a Spooky Food. Death is spooky, right?
    • It's because toffee is a candy, and candy is given out on Halloween, which is strongly associated with the Haunted Woods, which is where Spooky Food is sold.

The stats of Neopets can be accurately compared to the Power Levels in Dragon Ball Z.
  • All pets start out untrained. All stats are in the one-digit range. The average untrained human's power level is 5, so that matches out. Pets then increase their stats with training sessions that last several hours to well past a full day, so they do work for things. And it shows; the strongest pets can knock out even a moderately trained warrior with one or two punches. note  It can safely be assumed that a pet's DBZ power level is the average of their usable stats; HP, defense, and strength.

Mixed-species families aren't Happily Adopted - those children might be biological.
  • With so many sentient species in Neopia, they wouldn't last very long if a species could only procreate with itself. It just wouldn't make evolutionary sense. It stands to reason that other species might be in the genome of any pet; that means, yes, a Skeith and a Zafara could equal a Gelert and an Ixi, and two Krawks might wind up giving birth to a Chia.
    • Kind of handwaved by Snarkie in a Tumblr post.

A number of Altador Cup players have been going to the Lab Ray.
How else is Valtonous Rea (previously male) now a girl and Ilsa Ellits (female, in spite of her bulk) now a guy? They're just lucky that they haven't changed species at any of those times!

The titular character from "Lair of the Beast" was once a Pteri
.It fled into the caves and stayed there out of shame in its appearance. Now, it drives anyone who sees it away.

Massive Neopets WMG Theory for fanfic writers.

Here's my world-building on the world of Neopets. It may or may not be true for all of you, but this is what I think of Neopia.

1) Neopets, Faeries, and Users

  • Neopets come in at least fifty-four diverse species, ranging from the draconian Scorchio to the porcine Moehog, from the alicorn-like Uni to the griffon-like Eyrie, from the canine Gelert and Lupe to the feline Aisha and Wocky, from the extraterrestrial Grundo to the prehistoric Chomby and Grarrl, and from the rabbit-squirrel hybrid Usul to the maned rhino-like Tonu. They come in two varieties; the regular ones we have, and anthros like Hanso, Gorix, Hannah, and Garin.

    Living alongside them peacefully, but not completely side-by-side, are the Faeries, a mystic, bipedal, and always-female race, who also come in a number of varieties, but not as much as Neopets. They are capable of powerful magic (though Neopets, in theory, can exceed their magical prowess, just look at Xandra), but their ruler Queen Fyora makes certain they don't abuse it (for ill or for good).

    While not originating from Neopia itself, there are also the Users, who explore the land and are as much a part of Neopian society as Faeries and Neopets. Via secret binding magical contacts of terms and reasons long forgotten, the Users are permitted "ownership" of at least one Neopet or as many as four (or five for a few privileged ones) and are entitled to care for their Neopets as they explore Neopia. They are also greatly limited in how much they can influence Neopian society by a group of "high" Users called the "TNT Staff", who moderate the other Users and impose penalties on those who violate "the rules", usually by "freezing" them.

    (Yes. I acknowledge that Users are an important part of life in Neopia.)

2) Faerieland Clouds

  • Something bugged me about the clouds. In our world, clouds don't work like that. And even in Neopia, they can break. So here's what I thought. Neopian clouds are infused with magic inherent in the planet, which allows Faeries (and Faerie Neopets and Petpets), certain flying Neopets, and certain flying Petpets to perch on them as if it were solid ground. Kinda like how MLP pegasi can walk on clouds and other races can with a spell.

    As for Faerieland's clouds, they are also loaded with faerie magic, which allows all Neopets to walk on it and also allows for construction of buildings on them. "But if that were the case, why didn't the buildings fall through when the Faeries were all petrified by Xandra?" you may ask. Well, Faerieland didn't fall in one day. Same principle. You do the logic.

3) Dailies and Wheels

  • Why "once every X hours", or "once per day"? How do the operators know when a User is attempting to have another go so soon? That's because the Users, upon "entering" Neopia, are planted with a bug that tells the operators that the User has already done the daily. Why? How? The High Users, of course, who we know as the TNT Staff. But I'll get to that later.

4) The Altador Plot

  • How are Users able to enter this great city while at different parts of the Altador Plot? You know, where you're supposed to restore the memories of its citizens regarding the Darkest Faerie? How can one User enter this city with no knowledge of the plot, and meet with and talk to another User who is doing it, or has even CLEARED it? How can two Users at different points visit the same Hall of Heroes, but not see the same lights?

    Here's how. There's a magical field that encompasses the entire city. Whether it's a Faerie, Jerdana, or someone else who cast it, it doesn't matter. What this barrier does is send Users who haven't cleared the plot to a "time period" where Altador's residents know nothing of its history. For those who have cleared certain parts? Other "time periods", duh. Something in the Users enables them to interact with each other regardless of "time period". What it is I have no idea either.

    The "present" Altador is the one where Users have cleared the plot. That's how Altador is present during The Faeries Ruin plot, among other things. It's also how Siyana's available for that Games Master Challenge with Princess Lunara.

5) User's Intelligence and Abilities

  • Sometimes, Users do stupid things even we are too sensible for. For example, having to have the User's pet save them all the time from an arrow trap while in the Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku whenever encountered. No matter how many times they go there, Users never seem to learn. Why?

    Simple. WE are not the Users. We aren't really there in Neopia. Instead, through our browsers, we control avatars (that are not humans, therefore still validating what the TNT Staff said about "There are no humans in Neopia.") that follow commands we give them via the site. These are the Users, not us. They're capable of being in multiple places at once thanks to our browsers' use of multiple tabs. They're also capable of disappearing to an unknown dimension when we "log out" and returning when "logging in". But what are they made of? Are they "golems" operated by magic? Robots stolen from Virtupets Space Station and sent back in time to the beginning to Neopets? That's for you to decide.

6) The Faerie Caves

  • Here's one thing that has bugged me about the Faerie Caves. Why can't we just split the party? We can potentially have up to four Neopets (five for Premium Users). What's stopping Users from letting their Neopets go a different way from the User apart from the possible dangers and scary things in the caverns that even the strongest Neopets can't handle without their User?

    Here are some reasons I figured out. One, the User's being stupid, as stated above, and would not allow their Neopets to split up. Two, a powerful Wraith spawns for every party (read: more than one individual together) detected exploring the cavern minus one (i.e. two parties, one Wraith; three parties, two wraiths; one party, zero Wraiths). Thankfully, this only 'works' when even one (User or Neopet) knows and can confirm there's another party in the cave, which the Users don't because they're stupid (see number 5 above). Even then, there is also powerful Faerie magic that keeps these Wraiths at bay.

    "But if that's the case, how can multiple Users enter the cave at different times?" you may ask. Well, as I said before, there's a powerful Faerie spell that keeps these Wraiths at bay. This spell, renders "non-existent" to the perspective of any User and their Neopets other Users and their Neopets also exploring this cave. As a result, anybody who enters the Faerie Caves never see other explorers; only themselves and thus the Wraiths never spawn.

    As for backtracking, the torches provided in the cave at the cave's entrance is the reason why. The same…thing that prevents Users from entering the cave more than once per day also prevents Neopets from using light-giving items or their own light magic. Faeries are exempt, but they don't have reason to find the treasure anyway, now do they? *shifty eyes*

7) Geraptiku's Tomb

  • How are its traps still functional even after it's been long abandoned? Obviously, there're some…individuals who perform trap maintenance. Are they old residents of that abandoned village? Are they maintained by the TNT Staff? No idea. For all we know, somewhere in that tomb is a portal that takes whoever cross it to the Neopets Staff building, but like all baseless rumors there is no proof of that.

8) Rainbow Fountain

  • Why is its magic ALWAYS "used up" when you haven't cleared a Fountain Faerie Quest? Well, here's what I think. Via time-travel methods, Users who HAVE cleared one of her quests are taken to a "time period" where the fountain's magic is available. That and Users aren't the only ones dipping their Neopets into the Fountain; non…User-bound Neopets are such frequent users most Users are denied the Fountain's magic via ordinary visits.

9) Almost Abandoned Attic and Igloo Garage Sale

  • Yet another thing that's bugged me. Why haven't Mika and Carassa left yet after hosting a Garage Sale for who knows how many years?! Why hasn't that ghost Aisha been able to leave peacefully? The answer: the TNT Staff has a hand in keeping them 'supplied', whether or not they're aware of it. That's why they now also have the basic Neohomes Beta items even though they've been selling their amassed collection for years. Same deal with the Almost Abandoned Attic.

    For all I know, this may apply for other similar "sales", but not the Snowager; he probably accumulates his hoard during his waking hours.

10) Battledome

  • Just how are multiple pets able to fight the same single opponent (e.g. Balthazar, Snowager, Turmaculus, Kauvara) without that opponent needing to rest? My reasoning is that they (your pets) are not actually fighting the challengers themselves (most of the time). Rather, you face virtual constructs (technology loaned from Virtupets) with basic battle AI and strengths depending on the User's preference. Yes. Nearly every single-player opponent is actually just a "copy" (except the 'grunts' during the war plots and the Obelisk skirmishes). However, that doesn't invalidate that one lucky User is probably fighting the real deal.

    Also, there are many fanfics that have more than one Neopet entering a fight together. These fights are allowed; you just don't get any neopoints or items for it.

11) Altador Cup Players

Another thing that's bugged me. How are certain players in the teams guys one cup, gals the next? I seriously preferred it when Ilsa Ellits was female; there are rarely any bulky girls around. Now I have to settle with just Loryche, and she's not even an anthro, just a big Chomby.

Well. That "question" is already answered in a WMG above.

I think I have a few, but they'll come around later.

The Ruki is the natural prey of the Vandagyre.
That's why they were made limited-edition when the Vandagyre was released. The people hosting the neopets adoption service decided to make them less available to users because of the recent upsurge of Vandagyre. They are worried that they would be eaten by the Vandagyre, making the species extinct. So they leave the bugs in the breeding sector to create larger numbers, and they let users adopt them on Ruki day, where they can get some training and possibly stand a chance against their predators.


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