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One of the test subjects in the Transcendence Project was Melissa.
None of the people from the project ever finished the game, and remember Melissa's warning about Red tormenting those who fail against him at the end.

The other test subjects may still be imprisoned within the game somewhere. In the sequel, Carl encounters characters that appear to be frightened and lost, notably Usol. Another possibility is that the remaining test subjects may be the Sin Demons in the sequel; note that there were eight test subjects in all, and Melissa is now free.


This would also make Melissa Despair.

Red was not killed at the end of Zach's playthrough, and was sealed behind the big gate shown in the sequel.
The Sin Demons are actually guardians trying to keep Red sealed, and the gate opens when they're all dead. Carl will unwittingly release Red after killing the last one and have to fight Red himself. This could also fit with the WMG above that the Sin Demons are the test subjects from the Transcendence Project, as Melissa seemed to have some level of control over Red.

Warlock is attempting to stop Carl from playing the game in order to prevent Red's escape.

CosbyDAF has been imprisoned in the video game, and that's why he's vanished from the face of the internet.
Think about it. He knew too much. It was only a matter of time.
  • Except he's quite active on his Deviantart and elsewhere, so he hasn't exactly "vanished from the face of the internet."
    • That's just what Red wants you to think.
  • Jossed, CosbyDAF is back on track and once again writing the sequel.

Red is Lord Darkar.
Darkar could've used his magic to find a way to the real world. Near his defeat, he found a cartridge and transferred part of his soul into in.

Red is Giygas.
Well, he IS what Giygas would look like as a kaiju.

Red is Satan himself.

The monsters with seemingly unrelated dialogue were once-living beings, now trapped in the cartridge.
This would explain a few of the events of the first creepypasta (namely, Melissa's spirit being captured by the game after her death) and would explain why the monsters encountered thus far seem like mere frightened humans. Because they ARE mere frightened humans (well, human or not is still up in the air). Carl may well be the game's next victim should he fail.

The password for the Transcendence Project is 1973
An odd statement that makes no sense in any context the player can come up with stated by a character in the game? That is how the Transcendence Project's existence even is known at all, and would give meaning to what otherwise is a completely random statement.
  • If the cartridge is indeed a conduit to other worlds, then it's possible that Solomon helped to start the transcendence project or at least had something to do with it.
    • Considering the author stated that he couldn't comment on the role of Solomon in the sequel when asked by a reader, him playing a key role is definitely a possibility.
    • Jossed, the password was later to be revealed to be 12190415.

The monster who'll give Carl the password to Transcendence Project will be none other than Solomon

The Action 52 cartridge, throughout all 52 of its games, has easter eggs in the form of a code that when combined and deciphered form the password for the Transcendence Project.
Too bad Zach still has the cartridge.
  • Jossed, the code was given to Carl via Usol, while within the Godzilla NES cartridge.

Sonic.exe and Red are related somehow.
The spoiler tag is because I had to mention spoilery things to make the case for my theory. They're both demonic creatures trapped in retro games, both of them torture and murder innocent creatures for no reason, and they both can affect the real world (Sonic.exe materializes as a Creepy Doll, Red can paralyze people and make them feel pain). The games they are trapped in are also both received from a friend. Oh man...

Face is the Gamemaster.
If you notice, none of the levels seem to have any coherent theme or make any real sense whatsoever. Neither does Face's questions and general demeanor. Also the game doesn't really start getting really weird until face shows up. It might also explain how face knew that zack would need to use Mothra exclusively throughout the enirety of Entropy... because he designed it that way! It's further proven by the fact that it's only when dies (ie, gets "overthrown") do the levels start make any sort of coherent sense.

"STILL THE BEST 1973" is a reference to Godzilla Vs Megalon
Godzilla Vs Megalon came out in the year 1973. Solomon could be referring to the tail slide or Jet Jaguar, as both of those elements of the movie are about as strange as Zach's cartridge. It also suggests that something from the movie may be vital to defeating the game.

A red demon that eats things that really should NOT be eaten? Where have I seen that before? Okay, Conchita was possessed, as you kind of need to be to become a vessel, but the demon thingy is still there....Or maybe Red is the Master of the Graveyard?

The Transcendence Project has something to do with reading memories.
During Godzilla: Replay, when Carl enters the "Entropy" level, the screen flashes white for a moment, then goes back to the password screen. In the original story, the Entropy level is where the infamous "MELISSA" scene happens. Why was it flashing white? It was trying to read Carl's memories and place a traumatizing memory of it's own in the place of Melissa's death, but Carl had not played the game long enough to establish a "link" of sorts with the game.
  • Or maybe the reason the cartridge couldn't find a traumatising memory is because Carl doesn't have one, since the creature who kidnapped Usol stated that without the game he had 'nothing else', meaning he may just be a shut-in who never experienced any real tragedy.

1973 was the year when Solomon and Red's rivalry got serious
Whether it was when the rivalry began in the first place or when their rivalry got violent... either way, Solomon asserts that he was better - the best, in fact - then, and is still the best now.

Maxwell is related to Red.
The entire game of Don't Starve is actually a hellish variant of some game in the future, and Maxwell was able to contact Wilson and the other characters from the future, and lure them somehow into the game. If Face has some place in the Godzilla game, Chester is likely the equivalent to him, as he is the one creepy thing that doesn't try to kill you.

Warlock is not the Big Bad, but his/her messenger.
Yes, Warlock is creepy. But considering the nature of the Transcendence Project, there is a possibility that a darker force is at work, perhaps the leader of a hierarchy of Eldritch Abominations which include Red and Warlock as members.
  • To add to this theory, Warlock seems weaker than Red, even before Red goes One-Winged Angel‎. Had a stronger monster than Godzilla been used to fight Warlock.....
    • There's also the fact that Carl fights Warlock really early in the game, but in the original, Red was the Final Boss.

Zharka will be in Replay
In Zenith, Zach finds a shrine to two creatures. One of them is Red, the other is Zharka, who is from a different creepypasta by CosbyDaf.

Solomon is a player who is a victim of Red
Solomon is actually a person who got into the game, after playing Red's game, got sucked in the game and was tortured by Red, until he decided to work with Red. As such, he became Solomon in-game, then Solomon betrayed Red and as such, he was killed, but not totally killed, his human form died but his demon form from the game was still alive. He knew that someone was going to pick the cartidge again and make the same failure as he did, so as such, he decided to create "Face", who would help the next player, however Solomon couldn't give human feelings to it, because his human soul died.

The "STILL THE BEST 1973" phrase shows the date he born, 1973. The "STILL THE BEST" probably means something about him in real life, probably being the "best son/daughter". That's why Red hates him, Solomon created a mechanic that would help the player and this would ruin his plans. Furthermore, when Red was defeated, Solomon died for good, since the game now reseted.

The Transcendence Project never existed.
Carl notes how strange it is that the journal entries exist on the cartridge itself. Further, characters in game seem to know about them — Usol has the code, and Warlock mentions that Carl "didn't learn anything from that journal." Neither of these make any sense if they're supposedly in a different world from the Project.

My guess is that the diaries of the "Transcendence Project" was in fact set up by Warlock in an attempt to get Carl to stop playing and leave his empire alone.

  • Definitely believable, Warlock was shown to be a clever trickster in the Tempest level.

Warlock is not the Big Bad, not his/her messenger, nor is he evil at all.
He is actually trying to stop Carl from playing the game to protect him. Warlock knows that the nastiest parts of the game, which put the player's life in danger, come at the very end - and he's trying to stop Carl before he reaches that part and gets killed.

As a complement of the above theory, the Big Bad is... Usol.
His seemingly harmless demeanor and cutesy tendencies are a shameless trick. He's trying to get Carl to sympathize with him and subtly manipulate him into fulfilling Usol's goals, pitting him against Warlock, who stands opposed to Usol.

As a complement to the two above, the sin demons are not evil at all, merely gatekeepers doing their jobs.
They do not actively go out of their way to attack Godzilla, he has to come to them in order for them to fight him at all. They wait for him, and while they put up decent fights, it's more because they're just doing their jobs and Carl is playing it as though it's just a video game, so for all we know he could be murdering innocents. The level monsters are fair game though, as they attack him first for the most part.

Red was - or will be, in some form - the boss of the Wrath-themed level in Replay.
There are a few things that made me come to this conclusion:
  • The bosses we've seen at the end of each level so far (except the first, obviously) are about the same size as Red was, if not bigger.
  • Each level has been primarily represented in the color traditionally associated with each sin. Red as a color has traditionally been associated with Wrath.
  • In addition, each level has been associated with an element. At this point, fire is basically a shoo-in for the element of Wrath.
  • Also, Red is pretty damn wrathful, so there's that.

A sub-theory is that Red was a servant of the villain (likely Warlock, though there may be a surprise), but turned Starscream and took over the cartridge.

The cartridge was studied by the SCP Foundation
During the journal notes, anomalous is mentioned a lot. So the object was probably contained by the Foundation and studied. Perhaps the Transcendence Project is the result of a Foundation scientist going rogue with a SCP?
  • And Red is SCP-682?
    • Interestingly, there is a WMG suggesting Godzilla is SCP-682.

  • Probably not a rogue scientist; the log actually reads like a more typical SCP experiment log. Exactly where the cartridge came from is still not explained, but it is the kind of thing that would wind up as an SCP object. How it got out of the Foundation is anyone's guess.

Zachary was the one who set the rules Red had to follow
  • Red was only as strong as Zachary allowed him to be. That's why the changes start slow, a few glitched out graphics here, a monster substitution there, whatever Zachery simply accepted was allowed to stay but whatever he outright refused was lost. Notice the first glitched fight, the one that glitches out so bad it's unwinnable, Zachary turns the game off and starts agin, strangely that glitch never happens again. Notice the first chase level, Red doesn't show up until he's not paying attention and kills Godzilla, Zachary resets the game and from then on Red announces his pressance and shows up fairly quickly. Face may be some sort of referee, keeping the balance between Zachary and Red, Face was always the one giving Zachary more monsters, or forcing him to use the monster suited to the level, making him strong enough to challenge Red and his warped worlds on equal footing. In the end Zachary allowed Red too much control, the balance was broken, Face was overpowered and things got serious.
  • Carl expects the game to be weird already, so it's weird from the start in the replay.

Rodan is actually Solomon.
In Zack's playthrough, Solomon's sprite was said to resemble Rodan. Both monsters are capable of flight and were unlocked throughout the course of the playthrough. Also, since Warlock was able to disguise himself as an established Toho kaiju, what makes Solomon incapable of doing so also?

Warlock represents the eighth sin, Despair.
Since Despair is the final sin, and Warlock is most likely the main villain, it makes sense.

The White Team from Patzer will appear later to get revenge on Carl for killing their king.

The creature at the end of one of the "Isolation Zone" stages wasn't lying. Ezekiel Zanderfruit, at least in the creepypasta's universe, is the first man on the moon.

Solomon is actually a Digimon that got stuck in an NES game.
  • The name pretty much hints it.

The game reflects the player
  • The Game Cartridge plays out elements extracted from the player's mind and tries to bring the worst in people by driving them to insanity. Melissa's death would adversely effect Zach, especially if he thinks he had something, albeit a small, role in it. Red affecting his body like that could be a case of mind making it real. Zach's extensive knowledge of the franchise would allow the other Godzilla monsters to be used and recognized. Carl's game is different because he is different than Zach. A kind of Silent Hill for NES, as you will.
  • Confirmed with the Transcendence Project logs stating that different anomalies manifest with different players.

Usol is Jeremy
  • When Usol gives Carl the Transcendence Project password, he says that "they" might come after him. In "Group Test, Day 9", Jeremy says that his seizure was brought on by a "devil" (possibly Red) that he encountered in the game, and then states that the anomalies are demonic in nature. If Melissa's consciousness was somehow sucked into the cartridge as an independent being, it's possible that Jeremy suffered the same fate.

The cartridge is a kind of ark for creatures from across the multiverse.
While some of what we see in the stories can be attributed to the actions of Red and Warlock, many of the worlds Zachary and Carl encounter- particularly in the sequel- seem to exist independently of them, with no particular connection to the players. Note that many of the worlds encountered seem to represent entire ecosystems, particularly early in the game. Perhaps the cartridge is intended to be a kind of lifeboat for creatures whose home worlds have been destroyed, with the world names corresponding to dimensions or solar systems; the NES cartridge may simply be the form the device takes in our reality. However, Red ended up infiltrating the cartridge and taking over several areas, tormenting the inhabitants until Zachary finally defeated him for good; Warlock may similarly be an invader in these worlds. Note that certain comments suggest that the worlds are not specifically being created by the game; Usol in particular mentions that the Ruins world in Amorphis was once his home, and had existed for some time. It seems more likely that whatever controls the game is simply determining the players' path through preexisting worlds, then inserting references to their memories into the environments.

Carl was involved in The Transcendence Project, but has repressed his memories of it
The game has the ability to change itself based on the person, and reads their memories as part of the process. Considering that the game allowed Carl to read The Transcendence Project, it wouldn't be implausible to suggest that the game felt it would be relevant to him in some manner.

Ghidorah is from Zenith.
We’re rarely if ever given concrete origins on Ghidorah; where he comes from, why he left... All we really know is he’s big, he’s evil, and he wants to kill us all. Considering the real Ghidorah is fought on Zenith, it’s not a stretch to imagine he’s one of its demons. Besides, a gigantic, immensely powerful, thoroughly sadistic monster? Even if he’s not from Zenith, he’d fit right in.

STILL THE BEST 1973 refers to a movie in a parallel dimension
There was a franchise based on Solomon, like Godzilla's franchise. 1973 was the original, and best, movie.

There is an Evil vs. Evil war going on during Replay
The chess stage is where it first comes into frame. Carl notes that the chess pieces are too busy with each other to worry about him. Each team is an army in said war. Note that Warlock first appears shortly after the chess stage. He’s the commander of the black team that won, the win letting him gain an advantage over the as-of-yet unseen villain, hence why he’s now appearing, since he can take time to remove the middle-man. He wants Carl out because he doesn’t want the war to become a Mêlée à Trois, and potentially be distracted from his real foe.

Red is a human from our world
Many of the creatures of the earlier levels are just bizarre and alien, but those of Zenith fit more with the classic view of demons, big red brutes, two headed horned creatures, red horned beasts with flaming whips ect, its possible Red intentionally designed these beasts to be "Scary" and thus drew on his idea of hell, others are more realistic and gorey, classic creepypasta tropes a human would be familiar with and might try to exploit, and others are imitations, cobbled together from other sprites or copying the blue angel, these arent creatures native to the games world but things cobbled together by a human with limited imagination, and limited time to create new threats when there more polished work failed, Red also seems to have a better understanding of Earth then most of the other creatures, Face doesent understand humans at all but Red understands exactly what our protagonist is doing and speaks clearly to him, is seemingly a godzilla fan considering his extensive use of obscure Kaiju, and understands that this is a "game" with rules that must be followed(and that he can try to break, his failure to also implies there is something more powerful acting as gamemaster) his line of "only one will survive" could also refer to the fact this is some sort of twisted deathmatch set up by a third party, trap one human in the game, and make them face off against another, the winner gets to return to normal life, the loser either dies, or is trapped in the game world forever. It is possible Soloman is another human in a similar position, possibly his friend who was initially on board with Reds escape plan but eventually saw Red had gone completely off the deep end and decided the protagonist deserved his freedom more and was willing to stay trapped rather then condemn another innocent human to his fate, the "still the best 1973" line could be Solomon taunting red about something he beat Red in back when they were human

Acacius is sealed behind the gate in Replayed
He went insane in between the games and attacked and destroyed the planets in the original story. After a great sacrifice Solomon, Mothra, and Anguirus were able to seal him behind the gate to prevent him from destroying the rest of the universe. Unfortunately, Godzilla has left by this point and doesn’t know what’s behind the gate and is being manipulated into opening it by Usol and possibly Gorosaurus. Usol wants to unleash Acacius because his home was destroyed and he sees no point in living anymore.

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