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He's back. He's here. He's Čeda.
At Least There is Ceda Cedovic is a platformer game developed by LeatherIceCream, also the developer of Spears 'n' Spades.

The game's plotline involves Ceda Cedovic, a Serbian boy who causes mayhem and is a part of the Poor 4. One day, Čeda, in his infinite wisdom, decides to try and become King of Counter-Strike. To do that, he needs to become the ruler of Hell, as the ruler of Hell is also the ruler of CounterStrike. It is very common knowledge, you see. Summoning a being from the Banished Realm known as Klempodrome, he starts going on a journey to kill Hell's king. But Hell isn't fire and brimstone here... it's way weirder.

At Least There is Čeda Čedović is a platformer game starring Čeda Čedović. The controls are fairly similar to Super Mario Bros. 3, with running, jumping, and diving being part of his moveset repertoire. Čeda can also consume various Power Ups to help with levels or kill any enemies. It can be downloaded from the official for free.


This game provides examples of:

  • Abandoned Laboratory: 7-1, "Bitchin'", takes place in an SCP laboratory. Thankfully, with no SCPs around, you're able to complete the level.
  • Abandoned Mine: 3-3, "Cable Capers" takes place in a sewer/cavern area.
  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: 3-3, "Cable Capers" takes place in a sewer-like area.
  • All the Worlds Are a Stage: 7-7, "Get 2 it", hardly follows a cohesive level theme other than "difficult".
  • Ancient Tomb: The second phase of the Barbarian fight takes place in one of these.
    • 4-3, "Pharaoh's Curse", takes place inside a pyramid temple.
  • Big Boo's Haunt: 5-5, "GAME.bps", takes place in a Ghost House from Super Mario World.
  • Big Fancy Castle: 3-1, "Castlevania 10" takes place in "Dracula's Castle." Outside of the Ghost Dancers (who look more like women having a seizure), there's no real spooks.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: After killing Murphy, Čeda gets a call from... someone. It turns out to be a man who stutters an incomprehensible voice line. No explanation is given to this scene before the computer near Čeda turns on and the Lizardman drags Čeda inside it. Even in the original MariObama cutscene that this comes from, it still doesn't make any sense.
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  • Build Like an Egyptian: 4-3, "Pharaoh's Curse", takes place in a pyramid (where else?)
  • Brutal Bonus Level: 7-7, "Get 2 it".
  • Collection Sidequest: Golden Sausages & Floppy Disks. 3 Golden Sausages are in every level, and can only be found there. Floppy Disks can be bought at the shop, and there's one in each level. To access the 7th secret world, you need to spend 45 out of the total 84 sausages. In MariObama mode, you'll need to spend every last sausage and floppy disk (along with buying some floppy disks) to get the remaining cutscenes and songs.
  • Construction Zone Calamity: 4-1, "Building Panic", has you making treacherous jumps over a construction site.
  • Creepypasta: The main "gimmick" of World 5, Spooky Hill World, is that it's composed of creepy Super Mario World ROM Hacks.
  • Cyberspace: Shareware City, Spooky Hill, and the Final World all take place inside a computer.
    • 4-6, "Murphy's Revenge", has the computer visual going throughout it (as Supaplex takes place inside a computer.)
    • 6-2, "Desktop Wars 2", is inside a desktop, with the primary platforms being Windows buttons.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Three levels employ this in their art style:
    • 2-3, "Space Impact", is colored like t's in a TI-83 calculator, being in only black and dull green.
    • 3-2, "Shift", is black and white, like the game it's based on.
    • 5-3, "Eyeless", takes a different approach, where only the level itself is black and white. Čeda and the rest of the enemies are normal colors.
  • Encyclopedia Exposita: The Lore Book, which fills out as you play the game. It records every important character, item, enemy, and boss.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: From normalish things like a barbarian, fire, and ghosts, to odd ones like chickens, trash-bugs, and Stands, to flat-out insane ones like stick figures on pogo sticks, Indian Michael Jackson, and a nightmarish Princess Peach who decapitates herself to attack.
  • Excuse Plot: Čeda wants to become the king of Hell... that's about it.
  • Eyeless Face: 5-3, "Eyeless", has Čeda and the enemies (aside from Evil Otto and the skulls) have no eyes.
  • Frictionless Ice: ...Well, frictionless ham, but same thing, different name.
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell: Čeda expects Hell to be this. Instead, it's a place filled with memes. It's lampshaded as being caused by "a meme virus". Despite this, there are places where it's unaffected.
    • 4-2, "Bubble Bobble Nostalgie" takes place in one of these.
    • 6-4, "Around the World in 80s"'s first half takes place in a planet that's a mix of this and Lethal Lava Land. Justified, it's in the Final World.
    • The final boss, Mega Satan, has his battle arena take place in one of these.
  • Gravity Screw: Introduced in 3-2, "Shift", there are circles which, when touched, will flip your character around.
  • Green Hill Zone: 1-1, "Welcome to Death!" is an obvious candidate for this trope, but there are a couple more levels that fit this description.
    • 2-2, "Spin Fun", takes place in a PURPLE Hill Zone.
    • The first phase of the Barbarian boss fight takes place in one of these.
    • 4-4, "Snoopy v1.0", has the level take place in a grassy field. The following level, 4-5, "Sven Zwo", also takes place in one of these.
    • 7-6, "The Test Level", is a slipshod Green Hill Zone.
  • Haunted Castle: 5-6, "Lizardman" has the boss fight take place in one, as it references the climactic showdown with Luigi in I HATE YOU.
  • Hornet Hole: 2-1, "Honey Cave", is an outside honey hive that introduces the bee enemies.
  • Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence: After killing King Trashbug, Klempodrome tells Čeda that they cannot drive their bus through a fence, and the only option to get through is through driving into an old phone and emerging the other end. Čeda replies, saying it's the only way and the bus drives into the phone. This ends up working, getting them further in their journey.
  • Interchangeable Antimatter Keys: Semi-averted, the keys are always color-coded and only work on their respective locked blocks. Yet when utilized, they disappear.
  • Interface Screw: Spooky Hill World's map will frequently turn gray with static, while changing the music for a brief period. Outside of that, it doesn't impact gameplay in anyway, it's more for atmosphere.
  • Lethal Lava Land: The last phase of the Barbarian fight takes place in a volcanic area.
    • 4-3, "Bubble Bobble Nostalgie" is also an igneous area.
    • 6-4, "Around the World in 80s" starts out in a lava-infested planet.
  • Level In The Clouds: Some examples:
    • 1-3, "Not the Air Level!", is indeed, an air level.
    • The secret area of 4-5, "Sven Zwo" is primarily airborne.
    • 7-2, "Spartaman 2", if following the original Air Man's design principle, is this.
  • The Lost Woods: 5-4, "'the" takes place in foggy woods.
  • Meaningless Lives: You can set it to give Čeda infinite lives. Considering how Nintendo Hard the game can get, you'll need them.
  • Metropolis Level: 4-1, "Building Panic", has Čeda going through skyscrapers and a construction site. While avoiding construction workers (that can shoot plaster blocks for some reason.)
  • Nintendo Hard: DEFINITELY. It starts cranking up the difficulty in the second world, and it keeps going from there.
  • Non-Standard Character Design:
    • While most of the game is done in a pixel art style (aside from the cutscenes, which're animated in Adobe Flash), two of the bosses work on this: The Barbarian (done in a much more pixelated style (as the sprite's taken from the original game he's from)), and Indian Michael Jackson (who, true to his appearance in Leonidas Wants a Whopper, is a traced bitmap).
    • Tom Cruise in 7-2, "Spartaman", is a sprite with a photo-realistic face of... well, Tom Cruise.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: A setting you can apply makes Čeda always die in one hit. Utilized as the main gimmick for 7-3, "Moppa Wars", where there's no power-ups and you're always small.
  • Rise to the Challenge:
    • 2-4, "Icy Tower" has the titular tower be nothing but a vertical climb.
    • The other time-limit level, 6-4, "Around the World in 80s", also has you climbing up a tower in the second half.
  • Save-Game Limits: You require two Floppy Disks to save. They're able to be bought from the shop and gotten from levels, however, so it's not too much of a hassle. Beating the game allows you to save for free. MariObama can also save for free.
  • Shifting Sand Land: 6-3, "GTA Myth Hunters", is a level that is in a canyon populated by enemies.
Two levels later, there's 6-5, "CounterStrike 1.6", which is based on the map "de_dust".
  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World: Per the name, 2-4, "Icy Tower" is an ice level.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: 1-4, "King Trashbug", has the boss theme be a boogie-esque track. Pretty weird for a big, bulky boss like the King Trashbug.
    • 7-1, "Bitchin'", takes place in an SCP laboratory... so the obvious music choice should be a song about a lady talking about a butt band and a man saying he's coming to work and trying to do a good job.
    • 7-3, "Moppa Wars", is an outdoors level featuring yellow surfaces. So of course the song's about Willy Wonka telling you you get nothing to a hard beat.
    • Going into 7-5, "spongebob Saw", you'd expect a gritty or at least hard-sounding track befitting it being either a Saw torture room, or the final normal level in the game. Instead, you get a rather silly song that's laid-back... the most violent thing about it being that there's a voice-clip about "Daddy" asking "Mommy" sexually if she can wring his neck.
  • Space Station: 3-5, "Starship 11". Doubles as a puzzle level at the beginning, too.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Explosive Floppy Disks, introduced in 4-6, are explosive and if handled incorrectly, can kill you. Utilized correctly, and they can destroy blocks and enemies.
  • Stupid Statement Dance Mix: Most of the soundtrack can be described as this. For an example, take "Please Perform an Eight".
  • Tide Level: 5-1, "Exodus to Death" features this as its main gimmick. To avoid having the blood (filled with skeleton fish) from killing you, you have to hit blue blocks that flush the blood down to its starting position.
  • Timed Mission:
    • All of the levels (except for the boss levels) (due to being influenced by Mario), but the two primary ones are 2-4 "Icy Tower", and 6-4 "Around the World in 80s", which actually utilize clocks you can pick up to extend the timer.
    • Icy Tower is an interesting case, as the timer stops during the outside segments, and starts when inside the eponymous tower. It's handwaved as the timer being frozen outside, and the tower's warmth makes the timer start going again.
  • Torture Cellar: 7-5, "spongebob saw", follows the Saw formula and takes place inside a torture room. Čeda, being Čeda, A. completes it, and B. likely enjoyed it.
  • Underground Level: 1-2, "Toast mines", is this, following after the first level.
    • 1-4, "King Trashbug", takes place in a cavern made of trash.
    • 2-1, "Honey Cave" is an aversion, taking place outside in a hive.
    • 2-5, "Deep Abyss", is a strange version of this trope, as you're not only in a cave... but a cave made entirely out of the number "8".
    • 3-3, "Cable Capers" , is a mix of this and Down the Drain.
    • 4-2, "Bubble Bobble Nostalgie" takes place in a cave... dungeon... thing? With fire.
  • Under the Sea: 3-4, "Aqua Energizer" takes place on the ocean floor. Thank goodness Čeda doesn't need to breathe underwater (he is a super-being, after all.)
  • Urban Ruins: 7-4, "SuicideMouse.avi's setting is the city in... well, Suicide Mouse.
  • Voice Grunting: A lot of the characters do this when talking in dialogue. For example, Čeda says "Bre." whenever he talks.
  • Womb Level: 5-2, "Call of Cthulhu", has Čeda traverse through an intestinal area with bloody walls he can wall-jump on and digestive acid that kills him instantly.
  • Wackyland: Most of the later levels border on this, but 6-1, "stick figures on crack!!", takes the cake, with it being a featureless white void populated by stickmen and falling cheeseburgers.


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