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A bit about myself

Just a guy from Italy. Not much to say.

A bit of my activity on TV Tropes:

Work pages I created
  • Grezzo 2: A completely nut Italian mod for Doom. Totally recommended if you like gratuitous gore, black humour and are in need of turning off your brain cells for some hours.
  • SureAI: A team of German modders who created total conversions for The Elder Scrolls series. Totally recomended for RPG or The Elder Scrolls fans: beautiful landscapes, superb soundtrack, incredible stories and interesting characters. Seriously, do not miss them.
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  • Characters/Nehrim: Characters sheet for that video game. That's it.

Pages I'm working on

  • The HU: I got distracted by several different activities on the site, and to be honest I'm having trouble finding good tropes for it. A pity, I love that band. If you happen to know them, help would be appreciated.
  • Oomph!: The page is marked as Needs Wiki Magic Love; I contributed by expanding the description, adding more information on their discography and the band members, improving the overall formatting and by adding more tropes. The latter in particular need attention, as there's a serious shortage of them for a band with over 30 years of activity and 13 studio albums among the other.
  • Neverwinter Nights: Adding some more tropes and entries to reaction pages.

Tropes I launched

  • Barbarian Tropes: The first trope I launched, and abandoned draft I found in the TLP. It's pretty barren in its current state, but I'll find some time to expand it somehow.
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  • Fake Town: Again an abandoned draft I grabbed. I'm rather satisfied with the final result, I think it only needs some more examples.

Random list of works I know/enjoyed/seen/played/obsessed myself with:


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