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A bit about myself

Just a guy from Italy. In my 20s. Not much to say.

I kinda like works of any possible genre if they click with me the right way.

A bit of my activity on TV Tropes:

Work pages I created
  • Grezzo 2: A completely nut Italian mod for Doom. Totally recommended if you like gratuitous gore, black humour and are in need of turning off your brain cells for some hours.
  • SureAI: A team of German modders who created total conversions for The Elder Scrolls series. Totally recomended for RPG or The Elder Scrolls fans: beautiful landscapes, superb soundtrack, incredible stories and interesting characters. Seriously, do not miss them.
  • The HU: Launched with help from jamespolk who took me out from my writer's block. Mongol folk music plus Rock makes you feel like on a differnt planet. It's awesome. Listen to them.
  • 299+1: A parody of 300, part of the Rat-Man series. Is not yet available in English but who knows is some enthusiast who understands Italian could be interested.
  • Zach Tyler Eisen: Was kinda useless to make it since he retired, but still, why not?
  • The Adventures of Pinocchio: Old TV series about, well, Pinocchio. It's something of a Cult Classic among older Italians (or fans of old Italian works). A really captivating take on the story. It aims more at being kinda realistic and reflecting the situation of Italian peasantry of the era rather than just being a fairy tale.
  • Joseph D. Kucan: The Ageless Messiah from the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Series.
  • Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge and I turned Desperados in the page for the whole franchise. Truly, Desperados 2 is the most disappointing game of the trilogy.
  • Giochi Penosi: While I was at it, I made a page for the guys who created Grezzo 2
Characters' sheets I created

Work pages I reworked on

  • Oomph! was in a abandoned state. I expanded the trope's list and added a nice image.

Tropes I launched

  • Barbarian Tropes: The first trope I launched, and abandoned draft I found in the TLP.
  • Fake Town: Again an abandoned draft I grabbed. I'm rather satisfied with the final result, I think it only needs some more examples.


Random list of works I know/enjoyed/seen/played/obsessed myself with:

Comic Books Films Music Series Tabletop Games Video Games Western Animation