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Hayley Dee Westenra (born 10 April 1987) is a classical crossover singer from New Zealand. She started performing at 6 years old; had her first professional album cut at 12; and released an international CD (Pure) at 16. The rest of her recording career mainly consists of the words "gold", "platinum", "award" and "fundraiser" repeated over and over.

Apart from her voice - a description of which usually includes the words "clear", "bell" and "angel" - Hayley is notable for her near-constant touring/gigging (according to her calender, she now has enough air-miles to buy Bolivia), and her charity work: A UNICEF ambassador since before she could vote, she tends to gravitate towards children and returned servicemen but is liable to veer off towards Welsh air-ambulances and earthquake victims at the drop of a hat (Or the drop of a chimney, if you live in Christchurch).


Initially focusing on covers, she has started developing as a lyricist (many of the Paradiso lyrics were penned by Hayley) and full-on songsmith (The Treasure tracks "Let me Lie" and "Summer Rain" and all hers).

During the 2011 rugby world cup, Hayley's covers of "World in Union" (English and Maori) effectively replaced "God Defend New Zealand"/"Aotearoa" as the New Zealand national anthem(s). Earlier, several of her songs were licensed for use in the Wii game Endless Ocean.

Has been a Sixth Ranger of Celtic Woman: Tropes from there may also be applicable. If discussing Hayley with a Celtic Woman fan, be sure to have either running shoes or an asbestos suit handy, as her involvement may lead to heated discussion.


Selected Discography:

  • Walking In The Air (2000)
  • Hayley Westenra (2001)
  • My Gift to You (2001)
  • Pure (2003)
  • Odyssey (2005)
  • Treasure (2007)
  • Hayley Sings Japanese Songs (2008)
  • ''River of Dreams (2008)
  • Hayley Sings Japanese Songs 2 (2009)
  • Winter Magic (2009)
  • The Best Of Pure Voice (2010)
  • Paradiso (2011)

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