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  • Boki:
    • Wave+Light combination looks like and is named after Samus' Wave Beam. Adding Plasma to it gives you the Plasma Beam.
    • Light+Quick+Bounce is the Vorpal Blade, both in name and behavior.
    • Deflector Blade (Light+Quick+Force) has the looks and sound effect of a lightsaber. Not only that, Quick+Light is Blade, and third power that adds the lightsaber effect is Force.
    • Remote+Explode+Bounce is the Shuriken Bomb.
    • Force+Plasma+Split is called Cathode Sting. Not only it behaves just like the Chameleon Sting, it also shares the same initial, C. Sting.
    • Energy Chaser (Plasma+Wave+Force) is pretty much Gunstar Heroes' Homing Laser.
    • Force+Remote+Bounce is called Magnet Missile. Too bad it doesn't actually act like the one depicted in its source material.
    • Supreme Saber, a weapon exclusive to only Boki's final boss battle, heavily resembles the Z-Saber, specifically the one from the 8th game.
  • Savant:
    • Light->Tornado is a huge drill named Giga Drill.
    • Light->Wave (Thunderclouds) is pretty much the Thunder Wool.
    • Remote->Force (Phantom Edge) summons energy swords that launch themselves at enemies, just like Vergil's summoned swords.
  • Savant's Tornado->Light (Storm Funnel) and Boki's Quick+Tornado combos is a wind tube that's very similar to Storm Tornado.
  • The Mirror weapon is Fox's Down+B for Boki and Falco's Down+B for Savant when used with the Lightning window.
  • The Flail weapon acts just like Knight Crusher.
  • Magna Crush is basically Sonic's homing attack.
  • Time Stop is more or less The World, with similar graphical effects, lasting precisely four seconds, and Boki even does Dio's memetic pose when she activates it.
  • The Chemical Reaction weapon (and the Scientist Thremnat enemy that uses it) creates bigger explosions if thrown on the same spot multiple times, very similar to Plague Knight's Component Powder.

  • The Super Speed powerup has the Rapidus Fio icon from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.
  • Combine Flame and Freeze talisman, and you get the antipode effect.
  • Infinite Jumps is practically the Space Jump. It even uses the same icon.
  • Boki using the Buzzsaw Roll powerup might remind some of Tango from Mega Man V, what with both being green cats that roll into a buzzsaw.


  • The Infinity Tasbeht's respawn indicator is the video loading indicator from Youtube. They even hate buffering.
  • Soldier Thremnats. They can only have 3 shots on screen that can go through the terrain, dies at the touch of spikes, and explodes into plasma bubbles. Mega Man (Classic) anyone?
    • In their description page, it was stated that they like rock musicnote  and dislike mad scientistsnote .
  • Commander Thremnat also counts, what with carrying a beam saber and being able to unleash a charged shot. They also drop either Quick, Light, or both, which are components for the Blade weapon. Looks more like a shout-out to Mega Man X in general.
    • They also hate spikes.note 
    • The Commander Thremnat is black, carries a red laser blade, and its force status is strong. Hmm...
  • The way the thremnats all die if you destroy them with a blade weapon (slowly bisecting before exploding) is a shout-out to Mega Man Zero.
  • The "Yolomo of the Sun Fist" enemy can do a hadouken, flaming uppercut, and rapid flaming kicks.
    • Not just that. Their weapon drops, Typhoon, allows you to do uppercuts, and if you press down+forward then fire, you launch a projectile called Dragonsoul.
  • The stronger Pokkaf enemies can shoot electric balls if you take off its fur. This makes them a literal Electric Sheep.
  • The Ninja Waihnts hate the color orange.
  • The Rabbit Hoagall likes questionable magazines. Keep in mind that said magazine's logo is a rabbit, and that this enemy is a machine that constantly produces rabbit bots.
  • The Kazaader behaves just like the mole enemies in Mega Man 2.
  • Everything about the Philyk, from its appearance to its Construct number, is a reference to Raibys's favorite Pokémon.
  • The Greljants, which are toad-like enemies, hate drills, which is a nod to Toad Man's weakness.
  • The Knight Thremnats, what with being a robot who carries a shield and a flail, may remind some of Hammer Joe or Knight Man.
  • The Miner Thremnats hate snakes.
  • The Blade Zordai enemies (at least the normal variant) are red robots on a unicycle, just like the titular character from Rocket: Robot on Wheels.

  • The Exchikkalibur hates flesh wounds. Keep in mind that the boss in question is comprised of nothing but a head decked in a medieval-themed armor.
  • One of Invert Krijyl's attacks, the two waves of lightning strike, is very similar to the same attack that belongs to General Tor in Iji.
  • The battle against Arikan is basically a throwback to Kirby vs. Meta Knight.
  • One of Arikan's (and to an extension, Boki's) moves is an invincible dash that leaves a trail of after-image slashes behind, just like Vergil.
  • One of hard mode Sky Yoggval's attack is stopping time and surrounding you with suspended projectiles that will hit you as time resumes, not unlike a certain knife-wielding vampire.
  • The Fortress Virs' killing blow might remind some of those used in the Tokusatsu genre, particularly the Super Sentai series.
  • The Irregular Pyphora is implied to be a Pyphora that has been exposed to the Green Sun.
  • The Giga Dengrahx looks like the Technodrome (even raocow refers to it as such) and its killing blow is just a recolored Master Spark.
  • One of the Supreme Thremnat's (and by proxy, Boki's) attacks is a ground punch that summons lasers, just like Rekkouha, although the lasers' pattern is taken straight out of Model OX's fully charged down+buster on overdrive.
  • Lymia's "EX" version has her put on sunglasses and a flame shirt. It makes her kinda look like Guy Fieri.
  • Exgal is a giant demon skull with exposed brain that appears at the end of a hell world, and summons enemies. It speaks in a demonic language which is simply filtered english, and its defeat coincides with the destruction of said hell world. Sound familiar?
  • Aekros's boss fight is structured similarly to Dark Mind, complete with transition into an aerial dogfight.

    Gameplay Mechanics 

  • Right off the bat, the introduction reveals that FLUX is stored in an SNES cartridge, and Boki is running it on the respective machine (the PAL version of it, to be exact).
  • If you look closely, in Boki's room, there are a group of multicolor action figures.
  • The indicator that tells you to get in a mech looks like the one from Metal Slug.
  • Achievements:
    • The achievement for killing 25 enemies as Boki with Blade is called Maverick Hunter.
    • The achievement for killing 25 enemies as Savant with Drill is called Spiral Power.
    • The achievement for using Summon Dragon (Force+Explode+Tornado) for the first time is called Destroy the World.
    • The achievement for killing 5 enemies with Whip while the Flame Talisman is active is called Heart of Fire.
    • The icon for the "Whoops" achievement (die to an attack that only does one damage) is a Tasbeht with a rather menacing aura.
  • The modifier/cheat that allows you to have infinite ammo is called Bandana.
  • Savant's initial appearance, with the slight distortion and the square around him looks like Dimentio's way of teleporting. In addition, he dresses similarly to Count Bleck.
  • One of the unlockable modifiers gives Boki a customizable holographic scarf.


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