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Just as the game gives several combinations of unique abilities to try, so too does the developer account for several things players can attempt.

  • If you manage to get severely injured in the tutorial (which you will most likely have to be going out of your way to do considering it's the freaking tutorial) you actually won't be able to go below 1 health, meaning you can't die. This changes the conversation with Savant after the level, where he reminds you that the rest of the game won't be so easy.
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  • It's possible after the first time you've completed the mission to beat the Very Large Robots level without piloting one of the Virs mechs. This will cause Boki to complain about the level's difficulty, and Savant to hint that you should have just used one of the robots instead.
  • The whole Arikan battle is chock-full of this.
    • Beat Arikan with any cheat, and they'll call you a dishonorable scum. Lose to them the same way, and they'll berate you.
    • If you beat Arikan with a Virs, the ending dialogue is different than the usual "You dishonorable scum!"
    • Should you successfully defeat Arikan without taking damage, there is a special line of dialogue.
    • Lose to Arikan using any construct, and they'll call you a traitor.
    • Start a battle against Blade Arikan with a Yolomo of the Sun Fist, and he'll challenge you to see if fists are better than swords.
    • Return to the level select after losing to Arikan, and they will mock you.
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    • If you fail to complete the brief Button Mashing sequence at the end of Drill Arikan's fight, she'll chide you for your lack of resolve and restart the fight.
  • The ways you could refuse Arikan's challenge yield interesting results. Here's a list of things you can do to get different reactions:
    • Shoot them, and they'll ask if you'll fight with your hands.
    • Jump on Blade Arikan, and he'll get pissed off and call you immature.
    • Kick Blade Arikan, and he'll ask if you'll fight with your feet.
    • Wait for too long, and they'll get impatient.
  • The exit game messages:
    • If you exit the game immediately after running it without doing anything, Savant will point it out and ask if you ran it accidentally.
    • If you exit the game after downloading an update, Savant will say he expects you only did so in order to apply said update and come right back.
    • One of the messages displayed when you exit the game is actually the exact amount of explosions the player caused.
  • The Throne Gehligrukai's tune actually changes to fit the music currently playing. Yes, that includes the Arikan-only battle music that doesn't appear anywhere else by default.
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  • Speaking of Burst Krijyl, it has a special win condition that involves Mirror. Its hard mode upgrade, Hypercube, is also vulnerable to this, but is pushed to the third phase instead of dying instantly and gives special dialogue. Note that without cheats, this is only possible in Marathon mode, though the level directly before it has the power required.
  • The dialogue in the mission after Penguin Vault varies depending on how many alarms you've triggered. The dialogue in Demolished District, a whole four worlds later, draws from that as well — if no alarms were tripped back then, Boki will claim it's time for super spy Boki again!
  • If you defeat a boss as Boki on low health, instead of the usual victory animation, she will plop down to the ground, exhausted.
  • After defeating the Prison Yoggval, most players would have the Radio Pulse weapon equipped, which plays into the cutscene afterwards where Boki realizes that the weapon causes radio interference and then she swaps it out so she can talk to Savant. However, if you quickly swap out or drop the weapon before the cutscene starts, it skips ahead to Boki and Savant's conversation as normal.
  • If you let Boki get squashed after Yolomacho's fight, she simply goes silent at the cutscene afterwards. If you're playing as Savant instead, he simply teleports away before resuming the cutscene as normal.
  • A humorous one - After you defeat the 2nd boss in the woodland level, should you decide to quit to the main menu rather than continuing, Savant will complain that you can't just walk away while everything's on fire.
  • At the start of Mission 6-2 Cell Block (6-8 in Hard Mode), the first alarm will bar the entrance where you spawned. If you've already triggered the alarm and die before turning it off in Marathon Mode or using a Custom Weapon, Savant will warp in and physically teleport you out, wondering how you managed to do that through the garbled transmission.
  • If you opt to retry Penguin Popper, Savant wonders why Boki would want to, but she (and by extension, the player) is having too much fun.
  • A good method of avoiding attacks from pilotable enemies like Virs and Oovoh Saucers is to just use them as a Goomba Springboard while firing down on them. When the final chapter of the game was completed, a turret variation of the Oovoh Saucer was introduced, and if you try it on them the pilot will simply close the cockpit and ram Boki into the ceiling.
  • If you retry "Frozen Fiend" (a Yoggval fight where the boss has fire powers,) Boki will complain that the level name is completely misleading, leading to Savant to change it to "Fiery Fiend."


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