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As an Indie game that took 7 years to finish with several updates and responses to player feedback, Copy Kitty has plenty of design choices to help ease frustration.

  • If you keep losing to a boss (or some levels), Savant will pop in to give you a hint. These can be skipped.
  • Also covered in Instant-Win Condition on the main page, you still win a mission (or unlock the next five waves in Endless mode) if your projectile destroys the last marked enemy even after you disintegrated (just before the result screen shows up).
  • Related to the above, if you get hit after you destroy the last target, the damage isn't counted, but the "Mission Complete" message becomes "Mission Almost Failed!".
  • If you run out of weapons in Endless mode, a Tasbeht will appear and you can destroy it to receive a random weapon.
  • Whenever a specific weapon or Boost Drive is absolutely required in Mission Mode, there's always an Infinity Tasbeht with what you need in it nearby.
  • If you opt to use real-time weapon switching rather than the menu-based approach that'll pause the game but still want to read weapon descriptions, pressing both swap buttons at the same time will give you the menu screen anyway.
  • If you break a Tasbeht containing health and fail to actually pick up the health it drops before it despawns, the Tasbeht will respawn with the health back inside.
  • While the game tends to stray away from flat-out telling the player how to do something, if they stick around for long enough without grasping something they need to proceed, the game will bring up a dialog box explaining what they need to do; for example, if you don't figure out you can charge up the Virs' jump, you'll get trapped in a little pit and the game will tell you about charging up the jump after a few seconds.
  • Initially, getting a gold star for a level required the player to play a No-Damage Run. Later updates were more lenient with the requirement, allowing a certain amount of damage for certain tougher levels and during boss fights.
    • If you exceed the target damage for a level by a single point (which is only possible by getting hit with certain Scratch Damage attacks or hazards,) the game declares "Close enough!" at the end and awards you a gold star anyway.
    • After the first playthrough of a level, if you take too much damage to qualify for the gold star, an icon of a gold star with a red X through it appears on your HUD to let you know so you can restart.
  • Since the hidden fourth phase of Phoenix Yoggval's boss fight is initially supposed to be a Hopeless Boss Fight, the game stops tracking how much damage you take after Boki's Victory Fakeout, allowing you to get a gold star for the fight by only taking 15 damage during the first three phases.
  • Normally, dying during a boss fight sets you right back at the beginning, but the Final Boss battle adds a checkpoint at the second phase.
    • Similarly, the fights against the respective bosses in the World 10 battle depending on your character require you to endure a long process of destroying their outer shells and breaking into their cores to take control of the mecha. Recognizing how frustrating it would be to die at this point, if you manage to die in this phase, you don't have to do the first 2 phases again.
    • During the True Final Boss as Boki in Hard Mode against Isotope, after the introductory portion that teaches you the new mechanic of the fight, a specific option in the pause menu will let you restart at the checkpoint right after this sequence with full health and a reduced 90 HP to the boss, allowing you to get back to the meat of the fight and skipping the lengthy cutscene that proceeds it.
    • Likewise in Savant's fight against Lymia EX, if you die 3 times in the second half of the battle, she'll decide to stop messing with you and start in her second form, because she's getting tired of switching outfits.
  • Also covered under Developer's Foresight, if you manage to trigger an alarm that'll lock you in a specific part of the level with no way out (note that this is only possible if you're in Marathon Mode or using a custom weapon in World 6) Savant will warp in to let you out, meaning the player doesn't have to reset the stage.
  • Against the superboss Exgal, and its Hard Mode counterpart Aekros, after destroying and absorbing all three Ulsevs, Boki's HP will be replaced with an infinity symbol, effectively making you invincible and unable to die at this point, recognizing that you've already won and need to perform a glorified cutscene to finish them.
  • After beating the Alternate Supreme Thremnat in Boki's Hard Mode of the Boss Rush, you don't have to replay it if you desire a rematch. Selecting the Hard Mode version of her final stage will take you directly to the fight.
  • Given its sheer difficulty, in Hard Mode, if the player is finding any level or boss too frustrating to finish, there are 5 Skip buttons available to use on the retry screen without any penalty whatsoever. Not only that, but they can be retried at any point to remove it. An exception is made for the final world levels and boss for both characters.
  • If you've accidentally messed up your configuration settings, there's an option that specifically says "Panic button: hold "R" for three seconds to reset all controls and options to default" on the launch screen.
  • Because Endless Mode changes maps every 10 waves, any drops the player hasn't collected will respawn around the player when the new map is loaded.