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  • You will very often find yourself creating your own unique Moments, due to the immense variety of weapons, enemies, levels, and the sheer spectacle of it all.
  • In-universe, Boki is basically just training inside a simulation program. Still, by the end of the game, she is taking down some of the most powerful weapons the Cybers have ever produced, several of which are implied to be capable of conquering planets on their own. But what really takes the cake are her fights against the bosses of the Extra Level: against Exgal, she wasn't even supposed to be able to copy its powers, but did so anyway. And as for Aekros, its description states that it is unique, meaning that nobody has ever defeated this thing in actual combat. Again, it is just a simulation, but Savant may just be onto something when he thinks Boki has the capability to turn the war against the Cybers.
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  • The end of mission 9-5, which is yet another fight against recurring boss Yoggval, except at the end where you absorb his powers and shoryuken into space. Then at the end of mission 9 when you've reached the orbital Kill Sat and destroyed it you simply jump back down to earth until you crash into the first mission of stage 10, destroying a horde of enemies with the impact.
  • Then there's the True Final Boss of Boki's story, a Cyber named Isotope hacks her way into the simulation to fight her one-on-one. It's a mirror match in every sense of the word, and it's the perfect way to demonstrate just how far Boki's come, when defeating a Virs was considered awesome.

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