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    Anime & Manga 
  • Koko Hekmatyar in the English dub of Jormungand, makes a quick reference to Trogdor by saying if she was a dragon she didn't want to do any burninating during the episode "Dragon Shooter phase.2".

    Animated Films 
  • The Mitchells vs. the Machines: The part in Dog Cop where Monchi "drives" a police car (the far shot of the car is just a toy on a stick) was confirmed to be a homage to Dangeresque: Puppet Squad - The Hot Jones Hijack.

    Live Action TV 
  • Ace of Cakes:
    • During the Episode Hell Week, Mary is shown working at her computer with a Strong Bad Figurine sitting on top of it.
    • In the episode Flying High, a Trogdor Black shirt is seen on a table.
    • In two unknown episodes, the team makes two cakes to resemble Trogdor and Pom-Pom.
    • In the episode Pandamonium, in the course of fooling around with Geof after the principle work on building the Kung Fu Panda cake had been finished, Duff exclaims "Are you asking me for a challenge?!" before karate chopping a large stack of sheet cake.
    • In another episode, Mary is shown wearing a Teen Girl Squad T-shirt.
  • In a season five episode of Angel entitled The Girl in Question, Spike and Angel visited Buffy's apartment and instead found Andrew, who was wearing a black Strong Bad t-shirt. Later in the episode, Andrew wore the same Strong Bad shirt with a pore strip plastered on his nose.
  • On the May 24, 2005 episode of G4's Attack of the Show!, Kevin Pereira, the host, mentions Peasant's Quest.
    • On the July 6, 2005 episode, guest host Tom Fulp, creator of Newgrounds, was wearing a Homsar shirt.
    • On the July 12, 2005 episode, Pereira commented on a dragon tattoo saying that "It's almost Trogdor."
    • On the July 20, 2005 episode, Pereira mentioned that "the robots cannot beat the Trogdor."
    • On the June 12, 2006 episode, Pereira commented on a show saying the character got "Burninated by the great Trogdor"
    • On the June 4, 2007 episode, one of the choices in an "Around The Net" quiz was "Get into her car and asplode".
    • On the August 2, 2007 episode, one of the headlines in the "The Feed" segment stated that "YOUR CAMERA ASPLODE!".
    • On the August 14, 2007 episode, in the "The Feed Headlines" segment the screen said "Deposed! Asplode! Download!".
    • On the September 15, 2008 episode, Pereira pulls a Homsar figurine out of his new fanny pack.
    • On the November 5, 2009 episode, the hosts received several fan fax, one depicted Trogdor burning a baby with the words "Trogdor Burninating Ye Babies!" next to it.
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Cohabitation Formulation," when it is revealed that Sheldon had been putting insects in Leonard's food, Raj referred to Leonard as Mothmouth.
  • The final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has Trogdor being used as a figurine in a game of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • In the ChuckleVision episode "Off The Cuff", on the wall of Paul's workshop, a sign reads "NO SMOKING!" in the same text, color, shape and position as Strong Bad's No Loafing! sign.
  • The song "The System is Down" is referenced in the Community episode "Alternative History of the German Invasion" when it is sung by a group of Germans.
  • A 2009 episode of Countdown with Keith Olbermann shows a web clip of Urban Dictionary featuring the phrase "Pullin' a Palin". On the bottom of the screen, the word fhqwghads is visible, along with a picture of Strong Bad.

  • In the music video for "Word Crimes" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, Trogdor appears on the cover of a notebook.

     Video Games 
  • Deltarune:
    • In Chapter 2, the three members of the music-themed rebel group call themselves the "Sweet Cap'n Cakes", which is one word off from Strong Bad's crazy cartoon Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. One of the members plays a song very similar to the one that Casio Head Strong Bad plays, which is called "When I Get Mad I Dance Like This" on the official soundtrack.
    • One of the minigames requires you to play an arcade game. Once you complete it, a vector-style explosion similar to the one from video games.
  • Final Fantasy: A guy outside the Hellfire Chasm warns that any trespassers will be burninated.
  • "Trogdor" as it appears in "Strong Bad Sings & Other Type Hits" is available as a bonus song in Guitar Hero 2, and "Because, It's Midnite" is in the second tier of Encore: Rocks the 80s. The latter is notable for being the only song in the game that was not released in the 1980s.
  • One of Riki's special moves in Xenoblade is called "Burninate".
  • World of Warcraft
    • A unique stone trogg is named Troggzor the Earthinator. This is played further by his card in Hearthstone, the description of which mentions him "earthinating the countryside."
    • A grave in the Legion expansion reads, "Rest in peace, Lil' Brudder. Heart of a champion."
  • One of Hothead's paths in Skylanders is called "The Burninator".
  • One of the possible quotes Nibbs from Awesomenauts can say when she uses her Fire Breath move is "Burninate!".
  • Parodied in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning with a chalkboard that reads "Look! A Homestar Runner reference!" There is also a chalkboard that describes "g" as being healthy.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines: The end-game flamethrower uses "Burninator"-brand fuel.

  • One of the banners advertising 4chan's /i/ board note  has a picture of Trogdor on it.

     Web Animation 
  • The first episode in season 3 of RWBY Chibi ends with Yang screaming "Looks like we're gonna have to jump!"

     Web Comics 

    Web Video 
  • In Nostalgia Critic's review of Ernest Scared Stupid, he mentions that Trantor doesn't seem as cool as Trogdor, which is followed by a clip of his revival scene with Trogdor pasted over him while his theme plays in the background.
  • The eighth episode of the Game Grumps' let's play of Strider (Arcade) is entitled "The System is Down".
  • Ultra Fast Pony:
    • In "Copywrong", Photo Finish's voice somewhat sounds like Senor Cardgage.
    • The vocal background music that plays throughout the entirety of "Stay Tuned" resembles the vocal music from the Dangeresque films.
    • The "Oh Yeah Yeah" song from "marzipan" was used in two different episodes ("Everybody Hates Gilda" and "Out With the Old Characters").
  • In a video on The Muppets YouTube channel titled "The Ballad of Beaker", one of the annotations that appears reads "BURNINATION!"
  • In his review of Fifty Shades of Grey, the Smeghead brings up book Ana's habit of using the word "crap." He then wonders if she's supposed to be Bella Swan or Strong Bad.
  • In Scott the Woz's WiiWare Chronicles, Scott briefly mentions Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People as one of the WiiWare titles he didn't touch on but enjoyed.
  • Brutalmoose:
    • In Ian's review for a retro recipe for stuffed rolled steak, he mentions he wants to created a show called Chorped, saying "it's a Coach Z kind of Chopped show", referencing Coach Z's weird accent.
    • In his review for Freddi Fish 2, he says the game's humor "gives off a sort of Homestar Runner vibe."

    Western Animation 
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    • During the episode "Bloo's Brothers" a Bloo clone that looks very similar to Homestar appears very briefly. This version reappears in a mini-game in "Big Fat Awesome House Party.
    • The ending of the episode "A Sight For Sore Eyes" is very similar to Old Intro 2.
    • In "Duchess of Wails", there's an orange imaginary friend that looks like Trogdor.
    • In "Infernal Slumber", both Bloo and Goo talk about "killer Pooooooosssssssumssss", dragging the word out much like in Teen Girl Squad Issue 3, (Goo pronounces it exactly like Strong Bad).
    • In "Squeakerboxxx", one of the prizes is a clock that looks exactly like Strong Bad's, complete with 12:00 as the time.
    • In the episode "Land of the Flea", Frankie apologizes to Eduardo and says, "We're sorry, for reals this time". Also in that same episode, one of Eduardo's fleas holds up a news paper and says "Eggs tree, eggs tree", much like that of Homsar.
  • At the end of an episode of Maya & Miguel, when they interview real people, a kid was seen wearing a Strong Bad hoodie, though this is barely viewable because the picture is blurred out.
  • The Unikitty! episode "Film Fest" caps off Unikitty and Puppycorn's film with an end card that consists of "It's over!" drawn on a piece of lined loose leaf paper, in reference to every ending of the Teen Girl Squad episodes.
  • Robot Chicken: One sketch has the government raid Free Country, USA due to mistaking Strong Bad as a sepratist enclave. Several characters die in the ensuing chaos.

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