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With a cartoon running on the Rule of Cool and Rule of Funny, it is no surprise that Homestar Runner has several several awesome moments.

For awesome moments from Strong Bad Emails, go here.

  • Coach Z, of all characters, gets one in Loading Screens, doubling as Awesome Music. He successfully freestyles. About loading screens, but still. This earned him more fandom than any other cartoon before.
    • He was no slouch in Rap Song either. Coach Z definitely has the rhythm in him, even if his lyrics are gross.
    • Coach Z has definitely been getting better at rapping over the years. This example from Fish Eye Lens is definitely impressive:
      Now let's pretends I got ten girlfriends
      I make amends in my Benz with the fish eye lens
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  • At the end of DNA Evidence, Strong Sad manages to pull off an absolutely glorious Evil Laugh as he celebrates the recovery of his... well, DNA evidence.
  • Homsar scored one in the 2007 Halloween toon, by basically absorbing the Jibblies and sending it back at the painting, giving IT the Jibblies.
  • The King Of Town got a minor, but still pretty cool, line in one of the Halloween cartoons, after Strong Bad makes fun of the Poopsmith dressing up as Lazer Tag. "Ease off, Strong Bad! He's not the one who dressed up as a GIRL two years in a row!"
  • A fan got one in the 2009 Halloween Costume Commentary.
    (a picture of a man dressed in a costume incorporating sunglasses and a fedora appears)
    Strong Bad: I give up. You win. I have no idea what you're supposed to be.
    Strong Sad: Well, allow me to explain.
    Strong Bad: OH, GREAT!
    Strong Sad: He's not simply (a picture of a Pom Pom costume appears) dressed up as a character, or (a picture of a costume of Professor Experimento, played by Pom-Pom) a character dressed up as someone else, or (a costume of Homestar and Strong Bad as Mobile Shrubbery appears w/ screenshot) a character dressed up as something else, or (a costume of the detective from Where's An Egg? w/ character sprite) a character from a video game, or (costume of Strong Sad as Garden Boy w/ screenshot) a really cool character dressed up as a super cool guy all the time character, or (costume of "Stave It Off" guy) that "Stave it Off" guy-
    Strong Bad: I call him Stave!
    (costume of "the svelte, young Prince of Town" w/ screenshot)
    Strong Sad: Or an alternate version of a character. No, no hohoho! (sunglasses and fedora costume reappears) He's dressed up as an alternate drawing (screenshot of The Cheat) of an alternate version of a character (screenshot of Gunhaver) from the Sketchbook! (screenshot of a sketch depicting Gunhaver as a human)
    Strong Bad: All right, that is (a) amazing, (b) depressing, and (c) amazingly depressing.
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  • Strong Sad catching Strong Bad off of his game (even if only for a moment) by changing Marzipan's answering machine message. Strong Bad calls to leave one of his trademark prank calls, but is shocked to hear Strong Sad!
    Strong Bad: Wait, what?! Hold on; I wasn't prepared for this. Just gimme a sec. [Hurriedly writes something down] Okay, I'm ready. [Reads in a struggling tone] "Yes, this is...Strong...Bad...calling for...Strong...Sad...uh, I'm gonna...knee you in the face...for...breakfast?!" Hold on! Let me reconfigure and call back.
  • As the Cheat's "career" in animation goes on, he's done music videos for not just Strong Bad, but big-name musicians like Taranchula, Limozeen, Peacey P, and even They Might Be Giants. Not only that, but his animation has definitely gotten more impressive as time has gone on ("Rap Song" in particular has rotoscoping and other effects in it.)
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  • Out of universe, the fact that the website was able to release almost all of its content on DVD, have a music CD, and have an episodic game made by a development team the creators admired greatly when growing up.
  • The build-up to their 2014 return to activity. At the end of 2010, the Brothers Chaps stopped updating the site and went their separate ways to make bigger things - Mike went on to do Flash games for many clients, including Rick And Mortys Rushed Licensed Adventure, while Matt was a successful writer who worked for Gravity Falls and continued to cameo as Strong Bad for The Aquabats! and They Might Be Giants. While they insisted that the halt in updates was merely a hiatus and that they would never ask to quit the job, most people believed that the good times were, indeed, over...
    • Then Strong Bad and Homestar appeared at the opening of w00tstock 2013. While the clip that was provided was not animated, it was clear that the sense of humor was still very much the same as it was years before, and the intorduction - a slow zoom-out from a fez to reveal Strong Bad wearing it, all set to Also Sprach Zarathustra - received roaring cheers from the audience.
      Strong Bad: Hello, I'm Strong Bad, and I'm from 2002. Ask your parents.
    • Almost a year later, the first official update to the site came in the form of an April Fools Day prank for 2014; the site's main page was changed to an animation where Homestar and Strong Bad update the least popular areas of their site in an effort to keep people's attention. A comeback is teased, but not sincerely.
      Strong Bad: We should do this again soon!
      Homestar: Like "three years" soon or "five years" soon?
      Strong Bad: Y'know, five, ten, fifty, whate- whatever it takes.
    • In July, Matt Chapman is interviewed by Jeff Rubin and confirms that the update was a test to see how popular the site remained, and the results were astounding. They vowed to aim for a return sometime in the fall that year.
    • In September, Strong Bad opened up his own Twitter, @StrongBadActual, which came to public attention after it was followed by Craig Zobel, who helped the Brothers Chaps throughout the making of much of Homestar Runner. The Twitter uses official material, and teases a new "Number One Jam". In the same month, their YouTube channel starts posting previously unreleased emails in video format.
    • Finally, the return was officially made at the beginning of October 2014, when "Fish Eye Lens", the "Number One Jam", was released; not counting holiday-themed updates, this would be the first thing posted to the site in nearly five years.
  • April Fools 2016 brought us a 30 minute long Marzipan's Answering Machine, in which the Poopsmith breaks his vow of silence once again.
  • Speaking of Marzipan's Answering Machine, "personal favorites" shows some of Strong Bad's personal favorite e-mails, the first two of which definitely happened, the rest of which seem to have been made up, and yet one of which, in particular, does seem to account for exactly what happened to Marzipan's original answering machine... by virtue of having left such a good crank call on it that it exploded.
    Marzipan: (on answering machine) Hi, this is Marzipan.
    Strong Bad: CRANK CALL!!
    [The answering machine explodes.]
    • Marzipan also gets Strong Bad back for breaking her old answering machine back in "personal favorites" when the new one explodes as part of a years-in-the-making April Fools that leaves Strong Bad baffled on the floor. "April Fools', Strong Bad!"
  • The trailer for the Peasant's Quest movie is made mostly out of awesome moments.
    • Unlike the full game, it's unlikely we will see an official full film where Rather Dashing fails. Thus, it provides the hope that he will succeed.
    • Rather Dashing survives a punch to the face from a Kerrek. That killed him in-game.
    • Actually, this describes pretty much any trailer ever made.
      "Where's my cottage? TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!
    • And who could forget this exchange?
      "We have coexisted with The Burninator in these lands for centuries. I can't have you heading up there in your short pants upsetting the balance!"
      "I'll upset YOUR balance, my lord!
      "Rather Dashing, you will not sass back at this council!"
    • And the whole thing finishes off with:
      "And the Trogdor comes... in the night!"
      "Not tonight, he doesn't! ...come. In the night. Trogdor."
  • Meta: The Brothers Chaps decided to make a Trogdor board game and asked for $75,000 on Kickstarter. At the end of the Kickstarter, the amount of money pledged was $1,421,903!
  • Matt Chapman's diverse and layered voice characterizations. With abundant speaking roles outside the central cast, the man has literally created dozens of entirely distinct voices. As evidenced by Marzipan's answering machine — which does not show the characters' faces — even a casual viewer can hear one character disguising their voice (including by imitating another character) and immediately spot which character is talking and how they're trying to alter their voice.

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