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Drinking Game / Homestar Runner

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  • Take a shot when someone says "crap"
    • Take another if it isn't Strong Bad.
  • Take a drink if Strong Bad edits an email.
  • Take a drink if Strong Bad, after reading an email, does something completely unrelated to the email.
  • Take a drink when Homestar says "Seriously"
  • Take a shot when Strong Sad says something depressing.
  • Take a drink when Coach Z does or says something creepy.
  • Take a shot when the King of Town eats something that isn't food.
  • Take a drink when a character's lack of body parts is addressed.
  • In a Halloween toon, take a shot when a character wonders what another character is supposed to be.
  • Take a drink when the Cheat Commandos urge you to buy all their playsets and toys.
  • Take a sip whenever someone dies in a Teen Girl Squad episode.
  • Take a drink when a character impersonates another character.
  • Take a drink if a female character who isn't Marzipan or one of the Teen Girl Squad appears or is mentioned.
  • Take two drinks if the Poopsmith speaks or if it's implied he spoke.