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Fridge Brilliance

  • There's evidence than Strong Bad and Strong Sad got along really, really well. So why is Strong Bad so abusive? Listening to the Marzipan Answering Machine 17.2 and seeing one of the Decemberween videos, you realize Strong Sad enjoys being sad and put upon, which means Strong Bad is abusive because that's what Strong Sad wants.
  • Why have Strong Bad and Homestar become closer and friendlier? Homestar is the only cast member who enthusiastically indulges Strong Bad in his Dangeresque movies and actually does a good job acting and treating the material seriously.
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  • The Strong Bad email stunt double ends with an advertisement for Dangeresque 3 "in 3D!", complete with off-center red and blue outlines. Five years later, once everybody had forgotten about this one-off gag, Dangeresque 3 was actually released as a part of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People in polygonal 3D.
  • In Happy Dethemberween, Homestar is the only one who realizes that The Thnikkaman is Bubs in a Paper-Thin Disguise. This may be a reference to a quote from 4 branches:
    Strong Bad: You know how in video games, if you get the super-duper high score, it eventually flips back to zero? Well, sometimes Homestar does something so stupid, he flips back to smart.
  • In the Videlectrix game Kid Speedy, the censored swear words slow you down because are swearing while you trip.
  • In A Jorb Well Done, Homestar's issue with Coach Z's Speech Impediment makes sense because its the opposite of Homestar's Elmuh Fudd Syndwome.
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  • Why did Bubs resort to violence to get Strong Bad to take back his story of "Orginal Bubs"? Because, as Strong Bad himself later confirmed, Strong Bad is a reality warper whose stories and ideas become real at random, and Bubs didn't want to be replaced by Strong Bad replaced actor parody. And it's a good thing he did, parts of that story that weren't shot down became real, from there being several Kings of Town to Onion Bubs.
  • Strong Sad writes a poem in which he gives Strong Bad human hands in place of boxing gloves, much to Strong Bad's horror. This makes sense since fingers are appendages Strong Bad is not used to having. Strong Bad is used to typing with his boxing glove hands (by simply bumping his hands on the keys and somehow getting the letters he wants). In the sbemail "fingers", Strong Bad attempts to type with makeshift fingers, with atrocious results, so having to learn to type with actual fingers would very likely drive Strong Bad crazy.
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  • How did Pom Pom come back after getting killed? He previously got a 1-Up by beating the crap out of Strong Bad in the Strong Bad Email "pom pom".
  • In sbemail206, we get a trailer for Dangeresque 4 / 2 = 6, in which there are two Dangeresques and two Dangeresque Toos. Two Dangeresques (1 + 1) + two Dangeresque Toos (2 + 2) = 1 + 1 + 2 + 2. That equals 2 + 4. That equals six.
  • In sbemail84, Strong Bad says that Southern accents are hot. In Marzipan's Answering Machine 17, he calls Marzipan as "Sharpdene," the "new girl," who has a Southern accent.

Fridge Logic

Fridge Horror

  • Just what exactly was that evidence Bubs was burning in "Bug in Mouth Disease"?
  • In the unfinished toon Those Darn Cousins, the titular cousins refer to Homestar as uncle Homestar. Homestar must have really loved his aunt.

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