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Never Live It Down / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has many instances where the characters are only known for their events.

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    The Show 
  • Derpy Hooves is nothing but this trope. A five-second shot has a pony with Fish Eyes in the background, and the fans create an entire character based on her. She was part of a group interested in having some muffins when they were served to a group of ponies (the word "muffins" matches the lipsynching of at least one, possibly two other ponies), and everyone went with it; her toys' boxes even frequently feature muffins. She drops a bunch of things on Twilight, and she's The Klutz. And don't even start on when her appearance in "The Last Roundup" was edited to remove her being called by name and changed her voice and eyesnote ; absolutely nobody involved — including several people not involved — have been allowed to live it down, with death threats thrown around left and right.
  • Fluttershy wanting to be a tree, based on a random night conversation on a train. This received a Continuity Nod in "Hurricane Fluttershy" where she hides inside a tree costume to avoid participating in the local pegasi's efforts to supply Cloudsdale with water.
  • Fluttershy's Sanity Slippage in "The Best Night Ever" forever convinced a large section of fans that she's secretly a Yandere.
  • A Meme in which Scootaloo is secretly a chicken, based on a short bout of teasing from her friend Apple Bloom.
  • Pinkie Pie being a sadistic serial killer who may or may not have severe childhood trauma, based on her Sanity Slippage in "Party of One", compounded by a certain infamous fanfic. Never mind that in the episode she was, at most, bipolar/manic depressive, which is many times more likely to result in self-harm than any violent tendencies.
  • Celestia is often depicted in fan works as an arbitrary and capricious dictator.
    • She banished somepony to the moon once (a Mad Goddess whose scheme would have killed all life in Equestria), and even then only with the help of the Elements of Harmony. This doesn't stop numerous fans from depicting her as solving all her problems by banishing them to the moon, and even having her own Catchphrase ("TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOON! BEEYETCH!").
    • Before that, she (and Luna, which no-one seems to remember) turned Discord to stone... after he conquered Equestria and turned it into a nightmarish World Gone Mad. Naturally this led to depictions of "turn it to stone" being her answer to every problem that can't be solved with "send it to the moon". (Funnily enough, Discord seems to think this In-Universe. "Unlike you, I don't turn ponies to stone!")
    • Luna herself has been hit with this. Her return in Season 2's Luna Eclipsed has her speaking in fairly accurate archaic english and having many outdated customs to drive home the point of how utterly out of touch she has been with civilization since her imprisonment as Nightmare Moon. While she's been learning to speak in more modern english and no longer acts in such a hammy way, several fanfictions have portrayed her as speaking in nothing but pure ancient english all the time, even struggling with modern vocabulary, and frequently acting like an individual of the middle-ages even in an increasingly changing modern Equestria. It doesn't help that, in the show itself, there are post-season 2 episodes where she can either speak with more modern terms and more frecuent contractions or in downright Spock Speak with a few old terms thrown in.
  • Rainbow Dash said "twenty percent cooler" once, and "ten seconds flat" twice. To a lot of fans, they might as well be her Catch Phrases. The former was finally referenced again after four years in Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, where she says "twenty percent less cool." And even then it's not the pony Rainbow, but her human counterpart.
  • Twilight will never live down her Sanity Slippage (noticing a pattern?) in "Lesson Zero". In fairness, it was terrifying. However, not only did Twilight have some basis for Sanity Slippage in "Swarm of the Century", but she did it again in "It's About Time". Furthermore, she is slowly learning to control it as of "Games Ponies Play". The fans have spoken about her mental health, and the writers are listening.
  • Shining Armor did a Fastball Special with his wife Cadance exactly once, in a life-or-death situation where there was basically no other option. (And it worked, saving Spike from certain death and the Crystal Empire from enslavement by King Sombra.) Since then, the fandom only knows him as "Wife Thrower" (albeit affectionately).
  • Lyra Heartstrings has once been seen sitting on her haunches (like a human would) on a park bench in "Dragonshy". Since then, you can't swing your arm without hitting a fanfic, music video, comic, or some other fan work depicting Lyra as a human-obsessed fanatic, bent on proving humanity's existence, gaining hands, or becoming human herself.
    • Ironically, Lyra isn't even the only pony to sit like that. Future episodes depict more ponies sitting "like humans" and appears to be normal behavior in their world.
  • Pinkie Pie will probably never be able to live down when she made Fluttershy cry in "Filli Vanilli" due to her Innocently Insensitive comments making her stage fright worse. Even after redeeming herself in episodes like "Maud Pie" and "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows", several fans still have beef with her over it. This is ignoring the fact that Pinkie has been Innocently Insensitive to other ponies in previous episodes and never received any flak for it.
  • Sweetie Belle gained a reputation as The Ditz because she didn't understand "more than I can chew" was a figure of speech.
    • On the other hand, nearly every plan Sweetie comes up with backfires spectacularily on her and anyone else immediately involved, so there may be some merit to this. Then again, Sweetie also tends to be rather perceptive towards others' stupidity, making her more a Genius Ditz at worst.
  • "A Canterlot Wedding" has many examples of this:
    • Twilight accusing Cadance of being evil despite having no evidence. She was right, just not in the same context she was thinking.
    • Shining Armor yelling at his sister, more or less cutting off his ties with her, and never apologizing for it after Chrysalis got kicked out of Canterlot. Especially so given the implication he was brainwashed the whole time.
    • Twilight's friends abandoning her for a pony they just met a day or so ago and not even giving Twilight a chance to explain her doubts before the big accusation scene. The Big Bad even called them out on it in a sarcastic thank you speech, leading Applejack to very earnestly apologise for it.
    • Celestia being easily beaten and Luna being absent.
    • People also still have a hard time getting past the blatant case of Remember the New Guy? regarding both Shining Armor and Cadence. The show so rarely feels like the glorified toy commercial it actually is than when seeing it regress to a stunt like this was quite jarring.
  • The Season 3 premiere featured a villain who was intended to be a sinister and ominous presence in the vein of Sauron, but whom many fans interpreted as being an ineffective Orcus on His Throne. It looked like poor Sombra would never get to redeem himself in the eyes of the fandom, as he is the only villain on the show to have been Killed Off for Real. This changed with the season 5 finale, where a Bad Future where he wasn't defeated showed him as a frighteningly competent overlord, leading a brainwashed army capable of fighting the rest of Equestria to a standstill.
  • The episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen", in which writer Dave Polski worded the ending so badly that it turned a perfectly acceptable "Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it doesn't exist" moral into sounding more like "Science Is Wrong and you should just accept that things work the way they do without trying to understand it". Before "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" this was the episode that was negatively spoken about constantly, although later it was finally able to be Lived Down.
  • Merriwether Williams' debut episode "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" is still a top contender for the show's worst episode in the eyes of fans due to several characters involved juggling an Idiot Ball and a Jerkass Ball to make the moral stick. Her next episode, "Hearth's Warming Eve," was better received, but then "Putting Your Hoof Down" and "Dragon Quest" were again controversial, albeit for different reasons. Even still, it cemented Williams' reputation for controversial character choices, despite the next season's "Wonderbolt Academy" showing that she's definitely learned from her mistakes. This is best illustrated by the response to her episode "Bats," which was accidentally credited to Meghan McCarthy. Response to the episode was very positive at first, but when the word got out that Willaims wrote it, a lot of fans suddenly turned on the episode.
    • The Mysterious Mare Do Well itself led to a case for the main ponies par Rainbow Dash, having them listed as narcissistic Designated Heroes who self righteously formulate elaborate Humiliation Congas onto Rainbow Dash for getting a bit too arrogant, and are treated as right for it. Note that this is one of very few episodes to condone directly humiliating someone over a grudge (Applejack and Twilight Sparkle did previously take similar steps in "Fall Weather Friends" and "Feeling Pinkie Keen" respectively, only to get a comeuppance and learn An Aesop over acting worse than those they tried to punish).
  • Princess Cadance will never live down not inviting Spike, one of the key figures in saving the very empire she rules, to the preparations for the Equestria Games. In the episode "Equestria Games", she invited Spike to light the torch at the opening ceremony - and later the fireworks at the closing ceremony, giving up her own place to do so, but many fans still won't let Cadance forget the previous snub.
  • Similar to a certain superhero, Angel Bunny will never live down the domestic violence he inflicted on Fluttershy in Putting Your Hoof Down. He has never been seen doing this before or since, and has occasionally been shown comforting Fluttershy at her lowest moments, but the viewers will forever remember him as "the asshole who slapped Fluttershy and kicked her out of her own house over a cherry", and even demonize him in fanfics for this.
  • Soarin' the Wonderbolt had his first real debut scene in the season one finale: "Best Night Ever" where he enthusiastically purchases an apple pie from Applejack. This resulted in many fans flanderizing him into being some kind of pie-addict. Said flanderzation became canon in "Rarity Investigates!" where he's shown sloppily eating a pie.
  • Applejack's Gen 1 counterpart was made famous for being the subject of a song in a My Little Pony cassette tape from the '80s which is about her being a "silly pony".note  The silly pony trait has been projected onto the Gen 4 Applejack by fans on account of her sleep deprivation and exhaustion in exactly one episode. Note that FIM AJ is somewhat accident-prone and goofy, but no more so than nearly every other pony in the slapstick-heavy series.
  • Rainbow Dash's G3 counterpart is best known for being a fashionista from G3.5, supported by the infamous line "Rainbow Dash always dresses in style" in the Theme Tune Roll Call. G4 Rainbow Dash is shown to be the complete opposite of liking fancy clothes though any time she dresses up in the show, it will evoke her G3.5 fashion persona.
  • Sonata Dusk from Rainbow Rocks excitedly says "It's Taco Tuesday!" once in the film. The result was similar to the one with Soarin above, where nearly every fan art of her includes tacos or a reference to them. One could also swear she had the catchphrase "for realsies", despite saying it a total of one time in the movie.
  • Fluttershy was shown as being afraid of her shadow once in "Dragonshy" (while under immense stress over the fact that she could have to confront a dragon, even), yet it's a common part of her fanon characterization for some reason.
  • Babs Seed is best remembered for being The Bully in her original appearance and she only did so because she was being bullied in her hometown. Not helping is by the end of the episode, she was willing to protect the Cutie Mark Crusaders from being bullied and was showing signs of being reformed in her next episode and the comic book. It doesn't quite help that, one, after the aformentioned episode, she's never seen again and is only given a mention two seasons later, and two, not a lot of people accept the comics as canon.
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon mocked Scootaloo for her inability to fly. Despite having been reformed in Season 5 and Discord and later Starlight Glimmer having been redeemed of far worse, many fans haven't forgiven them for it.
  • Meta example: writer M.A. Larson has written many episodes on the series, but he's best known for the controversial "Magical Mystery Cure", where Twilight became an alicorn princess. Since then, every time Larson is mentioned on the Equestria Daily fansite, either the article or someone in the comments will make a joke about how Larson likes to "put wings on things". Most forget that the final script of said episode wasn't even entirely his, as it got a heavy re-write without his knowledge once it was clear it wouldn't be the show's Grand Finale.
  • When the preview to "Flutter Brutter" was released, the Periphery Demographic got a first glimpse at Zephyr Breeze... and they were not amused at his characterization. When he turned out to be a lazy, manipulative jerk, they immediately accused the show of painting them as This Loser Is You. The backlash died down after the episode aired where it turns out he's just a Jerkass Woobie with a crippling fear of failure, but some fans will still remember him from their first interpretation.
  • Big Macintosh has a secretly flamboyant feminine side, if his dreams of being an Alicorn Princess and enjoyment of wearing dresses are any indication.
  • Strawberry Sunrise's very first appearance in the show was to proudly express her dislike of apples in front of Applejack. She even insults Applejack when she demands an apology from Strawberry Sunrise.
    "Oh, I'm sorry... that you actually bite into those tasteless, mealyworm-filled things. Ohhh."
    • What's worse, the whole point to her character was to establish that "having an 'honest opinion' doesn't mean you can go around expressing it and not risk upsetting others", something that Applejack was guilty of in the first place, and which she admitted. Yet fans like to depict her as a rude jerk overall who gets 'deserved' punishments from the morally correct Applejack.
  • Some fans still hold a burning hatred against Starlight Glimmer for brainwashing the Mane 6 in "Every Little Thing She Does", despite the fact that she apologises and learns her lesson afterwards.
  • Prince Blueblood's status as Hate Sink and Butt-Monkey who often gets the Ron the Death Eater treatment for most of the stories he appears in was due to this. The poor stallion will only be forever remembered as "that jerk who was mean to Rarity."
  • Some people are never going to let poor Twilight live down her scolding of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in "Marks for Effort" after Cozy Glow intentionally failed her test. Never mind that she amended the mistake not long after, albeit after convincing from Starlight Glimmer.
  • Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Twilight locking up a filly in Tartarus without questioning whether or not she has parents is bound to become this, especially among those who think Cozy Glow didn't deserve it or those who believe the Princesses gave Cozy and Tirek the chance to work together as cellmates. Even aside from all that, the sheer fact that they have the authority to subject a filly to such a punishment raises some troubling implications about the Equestrian criminal justice system. That being said, she did almost drain Equestria of its magic, trapped the heroes in Tartarus, and almost trapped Starlight Glimmer and the Student Six in another dimension, all without repenting, so the legitimacy of her sentence is still up for debate.


  • Ex-Big Bad Sunset Shimmer never expects to live down transforming into "a raging she-demon," mind-controlling Canterlot High as teenage zombies for her own personal army, and being an Alpha Bitch who made every other students' life miserable for years in the first Equestria Girls film. Most of the sequel has a Running Joke where even the only people willing to hang out with Sunset bring it up against her, much to the dismay of Sunset, who's become Reformed, but Rejected. It isn't until the third film that people stop regularly discussing it, and the fourth film until she's comfortable enough to joke about it herself.
  • This is the entire plot of the Season 6 episode "Newbie Dash" — Rainbow Dash, upon finally making the Wonderbolts proper, is given the call-sign "Rainbow Crash" after nearly getting ran over and landing into a trash can. However, "Rainbow Crash" was the insulting name she got at flight school, and instead of telling the Wonderbolts the sordid past of that name, tries to force a new name from them.
  • Both Season 6 and 7 have Starlight constantly reminded of her villainous misdeeds, though it's more of off-handed comments that Starlight would really wish was not brought up.
  • Twilight, at one point, heavily condemns Trixie and considers her a bad influence on Starlight. Trixie and Starlight even joke about their mutual histories as former jerks who had since found redemption.

    IDW comics 
  • Their having Twilight be Lawful Stupid and refusing to use her magic to help her friends, despite her never acting this way in the show. Even later comics where she's back to normal, which came off as deliberate attempts to atone, are used as examples of how they don't care about constancy.
    • What makes the above example even more odd is that in the very same storyline "The Good, The Bad and the Ponies", Twilight blatantly breaks the law by having Fluttershy kidnap a random lawyer, then impersonating said lawyer with Rarity to sabotage Longhorn's lawful purchase of Canter Creek. Not only that, but their are multiple instances of Longhorn threatening or outright physically assaulting her friends or innocent townsfolk in front of her, yet Twilight still doesn't do much.
  • invokedThe Human Cutie Mark Crusaders and their cyberbullying in the 2014 Equestria Girls Holiday Special has become a goldmine of Fanfic Fuel, though not for the reasons the creators intended. The resolution was an in-universe NLID moment; despite fully owning up to and apologizing for creating Anon-A-Miss and framing Sunset for it over what amounts to petty jealousy, it was mentioned that the CMC could never fully take it back. Instead, the fandom saw the Human CMC as being more Easily Forgiven than their pony selves despite being more antagonistic, no matter that the six months' detention they got was the harshest punishment any redeemed villain received in the franchise. Some fans also won't let Sunset's friends live down turning on her when she was framed for said cyberbullying, even though the Equestria Girls did try to defend Sunsetnote  and did ultimately hear her out. Fans who don't outright reject this story have written many a Fix Fic about it, while defenders say it was a good idea that simply didn't come across that well or is being misinterpreted. Even discussing the comic at all has become a rather dicey subject.

    The Movie (unmarked spoilers) 
  • For some fans, just how easy it was for the other Princesses to be captured in the prologue just sinks them to Memetic Loser levels to the extent that the drama of The Worf Effect fell flat and was met with raised eyebrows. Especially for Celestia who after seeing Cadance get turned to stone in front of her, proceeds to leave herself wide open instead of finding/taking physical cover when telling Luna to find the queen of the hippogriffs. Even Luna only managed to blast one Mook before flying away to find said queen of the hippogriffs only to get petrified in mid-air. On the bright side, Cadance being the only other princess that actually tried to do something and was only thwarted due to being unaware of the Anti-Magic properties of the Obsidian Orbs let some fans give her a free pass on this.
  • Some fans will never forget Twilight going behind her friends' backs and attempting to steal Queen Novo's Pearl of Transformation. Never mind the whole plot of the movie up to then was to drive her to that Moment of Weakness, or that Novo and her entire race have forgiven Twilight and view her as a hero for the ultimate outcome of her actions next they meet.
  • Likewise, there are some that won't forget Rainbow Dash performing a Sonic Rainboom in the middle of the sky, drawing Tempest Shadow's legions to Celaeno's ship and essentially almost dooming the latter's crew and Capper. Notable in that it's what drives Twilight to do what she did above.


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