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"You're cold on the inside,
there's a dog in your heart
and it tells you to tear everything apart.
My body's covered in teeth marks.
Your bite's worse than your bark.
You ruin everything you touch and
destroy anyone you love..."
Nicole Dollanganger, "Dog Teeth"

Nicole Dollanganger (real name Nicole Bell, born September 8, 1991) is a Canadian, lo-fi musician known for her haunting vocals and eerie lyrics. She began posting her music to the internet in 2011, releasing several albums over the years. Her songs have common themes of Domestic Abuse, Destructive Romance, sex, BDSM, and occasional sweet dates.


Studio Albums:

  • Curdled Milk (2012)
  • Flowers of Flesh and Blood (2012)
  • Ode to Dawn Wiener: Embarrassing Love Songs (2013)
  • Observatory Mansions (2014)
  • Natural Born Losers (2015)
  • Heart Shaped Bed Teaser (2018)
  • Hillbilly Noir (TBA)


  • ''Columbine'' (2013)
  • Unreleased (2014)
  • Baby Land (2014)
  • Greta Gibson Forever (2015)
  • Covers (2016)


Her music contains examples of:


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