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Detsörgsekälf was a Canadian parody Black Metal band founded in 2004. They disbanded in 2012 following the death of vocalist Balfabar Nosugref.

Detsörgsekälf's discography:

  • Tr00 Grim Warriors ov the Necrokkvlt (2004)
  • In the Blood of 1000 Virgins [single] (2005)
  • ABBA: Apocalyptic Blasphemed Battle Anthems (2012)

Band members:

  • Balfabar Nosugref: vocals (deceased)
  • Mörksjäl: guitar
  • Hellratchet: guitar
  • Niloc the Omnipotent: bass
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  • Necrotron the Digitizer of Man: drums

Detsörgsekälf shows example of:

  • Affectionate Parody: The members of Detsorgsekalf are actually fans of the Black Metal genre, especially since their lead guitarist is also a member of Will of the Ancients.
  • Anti-Christmas Song: "Black X-Mas"
  • Author Existence Failure: "Demo: Fry In My Arms Tonight", the bonus song from ABBA, the was originally intended for a third album.
  • Dedication/In Memoriam: "WITBOTI" is dedicated to their deceased friend Adrian Brody, whose spoken-word intro is posthumously featured in it. The band also performed a tribute show to Balfabar Nosugref with some of their friends.
  • Epic Rocking: For a parody band, they do plenty of this, especially in "The Embers of Your Church Burn So Bright", "Frostburn Upon The Winter of Mankind's Discontent", "In the Blood of 1000 Virgins", and "WITBOTI".
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  • Fun with Acronyms: ABBA: Apocalyptic Blasphemed Battle Anthems.
  • I Love the Dead: "Necrolust of the Whore of Whormalton", the act which really starts at the end of "Frostburn Upon The Winter of Mankind's Discontent".
  • Mind Screw: See Song Style Shift, below.
  • Murder Ballad: "In the Blood of 1000 Virgins" is about ritualistically killing and resurrecting Chevy Chase.
  • Song Style Shift: This is pretty common in Detsörgsekälf's songs, but two of them bear special mention: "Frostburn Upon The Winter of Mankind's Discontent" shifts from hard-hitting black metal, to ambient plucking, to funky porno music; Then its sequel song, "Necrolust of the Whore of Whormalton", shifts between black metal and a brief build-up sequence, culminating in the most random, comedic Gainax Ending ever put into a metal song.
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  • Word Salad Title: All their albums, as well as many of their songs, have this as their titles.


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