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Ever expected to see a long-sealed away evil demon wearing fresh drip alongside his son? Don't worry, we didn't either.

  • During A Hero Is Born, Demon Bull King goes out with Red Son in order to gather rare items in order to power him up. Their first target? A sneaker shop. The unfortunate cashier isn't too aware that DBK is right in his store, and even when he does see him personally, he still tells him he and Red Son have to go to the back of the line. After that, DBK proceeds to absorb all the shoes in the store... While also getting some sneakers for both himself and Red Son, leading to the rather hilarious sight in the page image.
    Demon Bull King: Do you know what's better than limited edition? One of a kind! (Proceeds to laugh as he and Red Son pose while wearing a set of sneakers)
  • In the fifth episode "Calabash", MK gets trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine by Jin and Yin. What's the one thing that weirds him out enough to start seeing the glitch in the matrix? Mei being crazy in love with him.
    • The moment when Jin and Yin introduce themselves to MK, they quickly begin arguing over who should be introduced first.
  • Episode 6 "The Great Wall Race", when during the race. Red Son starts to pull ahead of Demon Bull and Iron Fan.
    Red Son: (laughing manically at his father) My victory is assured! Your never going to make this turn!
    Bull King: (furious) I turn for no one!
    • Later on, we see DBK is still driving through the mountain, rather enraged as Iron Fan mentions he had a rough history with mountains... Leading to him becoming even more enraged after remembering Monkey King sealing him under one, flooring it... Only to burn out their car's engine entirely, an anti-climatic fart coming from the mountain. A Freeze-Frame Bonus in Jin and Yin's camera shows him on the ground crying as a result.
  • In Season 2, Episode 5 "Minor Scale", MK figures out astral projection and contacts Monkey King at the most inopportune moment - when he's trying not to get crushed by a spiky piledriver. But due to the limited view the two have of each other while communicating this way, MK assumes Monkey King's still on a relaxing vacation. Also, MK boasts that he had "only five nosebleeds" when learning the skill for himself.
    MK: Oh, you mean like THIS?
    (MK brings out a shrunken version of the staff, and spins it in the air between his hands)

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