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Season 1

  • The introduction song. The first correction of Richard's "proposal" is very uncomfortable seeing as it's King Richard yelling at a genuinely frightened Madalena, but the second correction veers straight into ridiculousness when a henchman just throws Madalena over his shoulder.
  • At one point, Galavant licks his gloved finger, holds it up, and after a moment of dead serious contemplation says: "It's getting dark."
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  • Richard's song in the first episode, which starts with him talking cheerily about what he'd like to do to Galavant and then culminates in what he could do once he's killed Galavant, including starting a genocidal war. Special mention goes to the chorus, who do a Double Take on the "Genocidal war" bit.
  • Episode two has Galavant's rival, Sir Jean Hamme (played by John Stamos of all people!), and much of their rivalry is just Hamme doling out Your Mom jokes at Galavant. Hilarious in a stupid way.
    Galavant: You know what, Jean; it's 1256. The Your Mom jokes; they're really getting old.
    • The entire joust scene. First, having been drugged by Isabella the night before, Sir Jean Hamme comes stumbling out of his tent and immediately pukes through his visor. Galavant then comes riding out, looking tall and proud, but it turns out he trained so hard the previous day he can't move, and had to sleep on his horse. Then for the actual joust, both knights haphazardly hold their lances... and their horses simply start walking toward each other. They meet in the middle and both immediately fall off of their horses in the most undignified way possible. The ref then declares that the first man to his feet will be the winner. And then the horses both wander off at the same time.
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  • On the way to Valencia, the group comes across a road sign pointing towards their destination, as well as Winterfell in the opposite direction and Hell straight below them.
  • Isabella pointing out their money problems—they have a priceless jewel that they can't sell and a six-foot-tall hero they can't eat.
  • "Oh holy ***! I’m out of shape! My tummy hurts! That was a long song!"
  • A weeping Richard running to Gareth and asking for a hug after Madalena rejects him only for Gareth to reflexively crush Richard.
  • "I am Mr. Butch. Oh, poop! I got gravy on my tummy flowers!"
  • The ball King Richard tries to throw for Valencia, from Richard having the remaining crops set ablaze, which he then realizes was a horrible idea, to the dancing with music by the executioners.
  • The travel song Sid, Galavant, and Isabella sing in the fourth episode starts off happy and carefree with three friends happily looking forward to traveling together, but slowly becomes darker and angrier as the trio start to get on each others nerves, including openly plotting to kill each other.
  • The land pirates do a lot of things, like pillage, rob, and sell homemade organic desserts.
    • Every single time the song brings up the sea, the captain pops into frame to remind us they're actually stuck on land.
    • The pirates' odd fixation on Isabella's "girl supplies".
      • Which Isabella didn't forsee, and so she hid the priceless jewel she's carrying around in her purse.
        Isabella: I didn't think they'd look there! They must have sisters!
      • Speaking of the priceless jewel, what follows right after is just hilarious.
        Peter: [pulls out the priceless jewel] Well, what do we have here?
        Pirate: It's a jewel.
        Peter: I know it's a je— Y'know what? You're having a time out. Go to your tent. And don't give me that look.
  • King Richard tries to impress Madalena and the Valencians with stand-up comedy. Of course, him being him, nobody is even remotely amused, until he smashes a cake on Gareth's face. Everybody laughs and Richard incites people to hand him another one. Cue Gareth slowly unsheathing his sword in the background.
  • Isabella's parents admitting their Sanity Slippage with their year-long imprisonment getting them to play along with Richard's jokes. "We've lost all sense of perspective."
  • After the group finally arrives in Valencia, Isabella suggests they take a moment to rest in an abbey. The door opens, and the monks shows their personal take on silence vows. Judging by his blink-and-you'll-miss-it reaction, Galavant wasn't expecting THAT! note 
    Galavant: Can't we just have a normal adventure?
    • Sid is clearly having the time of his life listening to the singing monks and whenever he's in the background he has a huge grin on his face.
    • The group's initial reaction is hilarious:
      Galavant: Backstory, please?
      Isabella: [cheerily] Valencian monks all take an oath of singing!
      Sid: [with a huge grin on his face] Oh, bravo!
      Galavant: [utterly deadpan] Kill me.
    • The end of the song culminates in "jazz hands."
  • "Where do you think they're keeping your parents?"
    "MAYBE they're up your BUTT!"
  • Chef and Gwynne's love duet, which invokes every single cliché associated with The Dung Ages (of the many children they will have, one might actually live; but with a life expectancy of 32, at least they won't have to live that long, right?).
    • And their second duet, where they cheerfully conspire to poison the royals in order to ensure their own happy ending.
  • After sharing a love confession song where they describe what they don't like about the other, Isabella believes they're gonna die in prison. Galavant has another opinion, which TECHNICALLY may apply to everyone.
    Isabella: Our stars have finally aligned on the same day I'm going to die.
    Galavant: No, you're not gonna die today! [facing Sid] And you're not gonna die today! [to Isabella's parents and the Jester] And you're not gonna die today!
    Galavant: [pointing to a prone figure] might already be dead!
    • Then Gal and the gang realize that their cell doors had been unlocked the entire time.
    • Before that Isabella and Galavant's arguing cause the Jester to beg for the torture to stop. Gareth throws down the blade he was sharpening and in irritation replies that he hadn't even started yet. The jester replies that he thought that was part of the torture.
  • Galavant constantly getting interrupted as he tries to sing that his moment's arrived. And only to realize he doesn't have much of a song to sing. Only two lines, really.
  • Galavant and Richard's "Secret Mission" song. With Catlike Tread indeed.
    • Especially when they sneak behind some guards: there's a Gilligan Cut from them saying they have to be quiet to the sneaking, with the song actually pausing for a moment, and then they start singing again.
    • Not to mention that it's been pretty well established that everyone knows what you're singing, and they are running around the entire castle singing about a murder plot.
    • Also of special mention is the bit where they end up in the prison during the song. Keep in mind by this point, Galavant has had quite a few drinks. Hilarity and In Vino Veritas ensue.
  • The song between Isabella and Galavant, and Madalena and Richard, which is set up to be kind of like a love song, except the refrain is: "you might not be the worst thing ever." Some lines between Madalena and Richard are particularly funny: "And though there's something scary behind your cold, dead eyes" ... "maybe you're not the worst thing ever."
  • Madalena's threatened Disproportionate Retribution to one of the feast guests: "IF YOU TAKE THAT LAST DANISH, I WILL REACH DOWN YOUR THROAT, PULL IT OUT, AND BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH IT." Right in the middle of Galavant trying to say that he saw something good in her.
  • Gareth asks that the prisoners knock him out to make it seem as if he wasn't responsible for their escape. Everyone gives it a go, but Gareth doesn't even flinch. Extra funny is how Gwynn tries many many times, and only succeeds in wearing herself out. Eventually he just throws them the keys and tells them to get out.

Season 2

  • In the teaser of the first song for season 2, at the end of the song Sid (potentially) spoils what will happen at the end of the season and everyone calls him out.
    Gareth: Way to blow it, you prat.
  • The name for the Season 2 Premiere? "A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear". note 
  • The intro to the first episode of season two is comedy gold. It involves Richard whining about how he wants Galavant to sing him his theme song (and then he'll shut up—complete with him miming "cross my heart and hope to die"), and sing it properly. Then it segues into the pirates singing about how although the song is an earworm, they're utterly sick of it (apparently it drove four pirates to walk the plank)!
    Pirate Captain: We're going to kill you if you sing the freaking song...
    Galavant: What?
    Pirate Captain: It didn't win an Emmy, now it's time to move along!
    • The song then proceeds to give an overview of the season (including "new guests who'll cost the network a fortune") and does a brief catch-up with each cast member, with highlights including Steve the Jester saying the new season will be "totally bitchin'", then immediately following that with Gwynne and Chef having "new fleas in our new clothes/and new cheese in our cutting edge kitchen" and a series of nods to other network shows. The song culminates in a chorus line, which can also be amusing when you see Isabella's kicks hampered by leg irons and the Jester towering over everyone else (he's played by the 6'5" Ben Presley, the tallest actor in the show).
  • Richard telling Galavant where the "safest place to make land" is, and that he's never been more sure of anything in his life. Cue Gilligan Cut to the pirate ship utterly destroyed, and Richard, almost amused, saying, "Wow, I did not know what I was talking about! Not even a little," while Galavant gives him an epic Death Glare.
    Galavant: A pirate died!
    Richard: That's what pirates do!
  • Richard finds the "Enchanted Forest" a pretty nice pub. Galavant, is definitely less oblivious.
    Galavant: You know, I've never been to one of these places before.
    Richard: What, a pub? Oh, don't be stupid. You've been to a pub before.
  • A couple seconds later, Galavant clarifies that he's on quest to rescue his imprisoned girlfriend (cue groans, "Yeah, SHE is waiting for me,") and thanks the patrons for not having fed them to the "bear".
    Galavant: Goodbye bear!
    Bear: [waving] Laters!
  • Gwynne talking about how progressive Chef is—for the middle ages. He's okay with them keeping a daughter, instead of throwing all of them out at birth.
    Chef: One daughter. The rest we leave to the White Walkers.
  • The whole exchange between Richard and "uncle" Keith inside the "Enchanted Forest" pub, especially since Richard still doesn't realize where he is.
    Richard: Uncle Keith!
    Keith: Shh! Shh! Shh!
    Richard: Dad said you entered the Enchanted Forest and never came out.
    Keith: ...the other way 'round, kid.
    Richard: Huh?
    Keith: I belong here. Your father... God rest his soul... He belonged here.
    Richard: ...was he an alcoholic, too?
    Keith: But you don't belong here. I'm going to help you escape.
    Richard: [squealing] Marvelous!
    Keith: ...okay. Maybe you do belong here.
    • Hell, just the fact that Richard is cheerily oblivious for almost the entire episode about what the Enchanted Forest actually is and even the reason for his "uncle" Keith being there in the first place!
  • Madalena's solution to a ridiculously-minor dispute—two farmers arguing over who owns a chicken that hatched right on the boundary between their properties—is resolved by her eating the chicken for lunch and making the farmers watch. It confuses the hell out of them, and when they start arguing again Like an Old Married Couple, Madalena snaps, "This! This is why I'm making you watch!"
  • The song "World's Best Kiss", which in any other musical would be all about how beautiful the kiss was, slowly devolves into a realization that said kiss was probably not as perfect as they remembered.
  • And the next morning, Chef is revealed to have been standing around this whole time as the song was going on and after Isabella went to bed. The reason?
    Chef: You never handed me the (BLEEP) amulet.
  • Sid's reaction to Gareth bursting in on him in the bath: "Oi, gorilla! Make a fist, pound the door! It's called knocking!"
  • Richard being constantly pestered by a unicorn that can sense his virginity. He eventually picks up a sword and threatens to make it a "none-icorn."
  • This whole exchange during "Let's Agree to Disagree":
    Madalena: I like drinking Vino, preferably Pinot.
    Gareth: I prefer a keg of beer.
    Madalena: I like getting randy with whoever's handy.
    Gareth: I prefer a keg of beer.
    Madalena: Love massages, long walks and sunsets!
    Gareth: Beer, beer beer, beer beer, beer!
    Sid: Guys, the rhyme scheme!
  • The wise old fortune teller Edwin the Magnificent dramatically proclaims he will tell Galavant's fortune, and tells him to pick a number.
    Galavant: Seven!
    Edwin: SEVEN!
    [huge flash of fire]
    Edwin: [pulls out a "cootie catcher"] One... two... three... four... five... six... seven.
  • Edwin the Fortune Teller's magic staff has 4G and video calling! Specifically, it can call Isabella's amulet (complete with a ring-tone). Except the connection is utter shit and it lags like crazy.
    • Even for a show like this, the staff glitching in such a way that Isabella thinks Gallant says he hates her and that she's a cow would be eyroll-worthy....except for the fact that to make it happen, it cuts back to Galavant to show a random cow actually invading the tent, where he yells at it and tries to shove it away.
  • Richard's former kingdom singing about how they've adopted democracy... that is, the really old-school democracy where anyone not white, male, rich, and straight is still shit out of luck. Even gingers are disenfranchised.
  • Followed by their acting like a bunch of new fans suffering from Continuity Lockout, as Galavant has a hell of a time getting across that he's not trying to save Madalena anymore.
  • Richard's song about what he'd do now he's not king, mostly because of his complete ignorance at what the other jobs he sings about entail and his use of Buffy Speak in the first verse. Even better, the penultimate line has him contemplating other jobs which aren't sung about, one of which is wet nurse
  • While trying to get the crowd to vote for sending the army with Galavant, Richard mentions some of the bad things he did as king. Including something called "baby fighting rings," which he admits weren't very entertaining "even after the addition of the cobra."
  • Richard's revelation as they're leaving the town:
    Richard: Well, we should probably go—I stole these horses and just set fire to the rec. center. Dismantle my castle, will you?!
  • During a fight with a few dozen mercenaries, Richard realizes that the girl who joined them in their quest is his old Childhood Friend Roberta. He chats with Galavant about this as Galavant is fighting, interrupted only by a thrown knife that Galavant barely catches before it gets Richard between the eyes.
    Richard: ...we'll talk later.
  • Galavant's song during Richard and Roberta's date. A tender, romantic serenade... of Galavant telling Richard not to screw up his date. The title? "Maybe You Won't Die Alone."
    • Plus its similarity to Alan Menken's own previous song "Kiss the Girl".
    • Not to mention that it's done as a mariachi number, complete with Galavant getting one hell of a speedy costume change.
    • It's also somewhat amusing in that he introduces the other instruments, then proceeds to push the "annoying little crumpelhorn" player out of the way!
  • Madalena is heartbroken to find that the rich Alpha Bitches who made fun of her as a child (who inspired her to become the power-mad woman she became), still belittle her and have nothing but contempt for her after all these years. Gareth, unable to stand seeing her so sad, cheers her up by bringing her what attracted Madalena to those women in the first place - their earrings. Literally. With the ears still attached.
  • Much to Galavant's chagrin, Richard had traded the Jewel of Valencia, which was meant to be offered for an army, for a lizard that he thinks is a dragon and affectionately calls Tad Cooper.
    • Not to mention the hysterical tune he sings about their friendship, "My Dragon Pal and Me."
    • And made so much better by Richard being technically right: it's a species called a bearded dragon.
  • Sid's attempt to gather the Valencians together to storm the castle and reclaim the kingdom. They are initially fired up, but gradually retreat in ones and twos as he declares how hopeless their attack will be—to a tune that's a hilarious parody of Les Misérables.
  • Where does one even begin with the Forest of Coincidence?
  • The feud between very short giants and very tall dwarves, i.e. a bunch of average height people. One of the giants almost goes off with the wrong group after their pre-fight meeting, and Galavant and Richard have a lot of trouble knowing who to attack.
    Richard: Everyone! Time out. Show of hands, who here's a dwarf?
    [dwarves and a few giants raise their hands]
    Richard: Right, and who's a giant?
    [giants and a few dwarves raise their hands]
    Richard: Well this isn't going to work.
    Galavant: Okay, okay. Let's go shirts and skins.
  • Gareth tries to start his annual birthday bar fight by telling someone his mother is a hussy. Except because he's the king, the man promptly agrees, and so does his mother. And then everyone else chimes in that their mothers are hussies too.
    • This Getting Crap Past the Radar bit at his birthday party in the castle:
      Madalena: It's a crystal nut bowl.
      Gareth: Okay, but they'd never fit.
  • What's Prince Harry's one condition for breaking off the engagement with Isabella? Why, she has to give him her bra for him to show to his friends.
    Isabella: I am not giving an eleven-year-old my bra!
  • The "Random backflip!" line (and accompanying random backflip) during the song about Galavant's dad.
  • The unicorn that's been following Richard all around five episodes ago comes back into play when Galavant dies and Neo of Sporin needs a gray beard hair of a middle-aged man who is pure of body to bring him back to life. Guess who's middle-aged and pure of body and in that very room?
    • Neo's reaction to first seeing the unicorn in the window is rich, as well.
  • At one point while Madalena's packing to go to war, Gareth enters and they have a conversation about their relationship (with Wormwood taking a brief part in it)... and then Gareth kneels down as if he's about to propose.
    Madalena: Oh, my God, what are you doing?! [kicks Gareth in the face and runs out the room]
    Gareth: I wasn't proposing! I was doing my boots up!
  • Galavant upon realizing he's dead: "Fucking Sid!" He spends the following episode after being brought back refusing to let it go.
  • Galavant's memories of friends include... just some random guy. He's actually listed in the credits as "Random Guy".
  • Galavant comes back to life by kneeing Death itself in the groin.
  • Gareth's song "Love Makes the World Brand New," where he has no idea how to express the Tastes Like Diabetes feelings his love for Madelena inspires and has to resort to bizarre Buffy Speak on every single line. It's also done in the style of an old Disney Sing Along Song.
    • Gareth and Madalena later confessing their feelings and insecurities via proxy through their army.
  • Madalena and Isabella engage in a Cat Fight song. Gareth gets excited saying he's been waiting for this.
  • Galavant reaction to Richard and Roberta's love song.
    Galavant: Ugh, kill me. [addresses Sid] Not you, Sid, it was just an expression.
  • Madalena's overenthusiastic response to the dark arts creeping out Wormwood. First she thinks she's supposed to sacrifice a baby, and reluctantly agrees—only for Wormwood to say he's just babysitting. He then hands her a ceremonial knife while he gets out the contract. She cuts her hand so she can sign in blood, only for him to say she can just use a normal quill. Once that's all done, he asks her to leave, because he really doesn't feel comfortable with her being near the baby.
  • Roberta is trying to sing her portion of a song and the camera keeps moving out of the way and Roberta keeps struggling to stay in frame, implying that Roberta's trying to mug for more screen time and the camera is trying to get on with the song.
  • The Jester sings a recap song that covers every major development from season 2 in about two minutes. Cut to both armies bursting into spontaneous applause.
    • Look closely and for no reason, he's wiggling his legs during the line "Half-hour sitcom format."
    • And his response:
    Jester: "Thank you, thank you! Here all week! Unless I die."
  • While the song "A Good Day to Die" is very much a Moment of Awesome, it also counts as this, and that's pretty much thanks to the lyrics and what's happening during it, like the Jester running and hiding into the palace, Gareth cutting down foes while going on about how Madalena doesn't want to go on vacation and Chef and Gwynne's cameo as they're living in a quaint little cottage... in the middle of the warzone.
    Galavant: It's a good day to die!
    Isabella's Dad: We won't, there's one more episode.
  • Everything about "Do the D'Dew".
  • The flashback to young Richard on the playground, particularly his failure to make anything like a proper sandcastle, and young Gareth terrorizing the other kids into applauding whatever Richard's doing.
    Child: Would you like me to write you a theme song, my king?
    Gareth: Shut up, Menken.
    • Shortly after, the song Richard sings with his inner child.
  • After Richard made an inappropriate joke about Isabella banging Galavant to her parents:
    Isabella's Dad: What the hell is wrong with you?
    Richard: I honestly have no idea.
  • King Richard vs Wormwood. They both use some bad lines, so they decide to try again.
    Richard: Care to dance?
    Wormwood: Love to!
    Richard: Excellent!
    Wormwood: Let's be clear, right? When you say "dance," you mean "fight." You don't really wanna dance.
    Richard: Correct, fight not dance. … Sorry, did you wanna dance?
    Wormwood: No! Really - come on, kinda weird!
    Richard: You know, sorry, this face-off isn't going great. Would you mind terribly if we started over?
    Wormwood: Yeah, sure.
  • Richard repeatedly pulling a And This Is for... after Wormword kills his lizard. Wormwood points out he was there, he did it, he doesn't need to keep saying it.
  • Richard racing back to Roberta... and getting a speeding ticket. On a horse.
    Richard: Honestly officer, I had no idea I was going that fast!
  • Galavant and Isabella's discussion about children during the last two episodes. She wants seven children, he wants three.
  • When Roberta said she was going to Spinster Island, she wasn't just being metaphorical. There really is a Spinster Island, where old women are taken to be spinsters, and are given a cat and some chocolates as they board the boat.


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