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Web Animation / The 30 Second Bunnies Theatre

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A Web Animation series of Adaptation Distillations of well known and beloved movies... made by bunnies.

Oh, and Jennifer Shiman, who directs the bunnies and writes the scripts. But mostly bunnies, helped and organised by Jennifer Shiman, the Duck and Snortleby. He's got a very responsible job of attaching the ears where appropriate, despite being small and made of beanpaste.

The whole company is known as Angry Alien Productions. You can find its IMDB profile here.

List of the re-enactments:

There's also a short interview with a bunny actor and some Hilarious Outtakes (scroll to the bottom of the page). Most tropes are inherited from the reenacted movies (only shorter), but there are some specific to the bunny versions.

A Trope Parody in Bun-O-Vision (in 30 seconds, more or less):

  • Affectionate Parody: Of various movies, the gorier, the better.
  • Content Warnings:
    VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! Contains bunnies wielding and utilizing sharp weapons.
    Contains bunnies cursing, and bunny-adult situations.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Used for the movies that were black-and-white in Real Life.
  • Ears as Hair: Usually not, but bunnyfied Leia wears hers in the iconic buns.
  • Expressive Ears: In James Bond Medley, when a group of intelligence bunnies are listening to a recording of a foreign agent explaining things to James...
    Foreign agent: The decoder weights ten kilos. James, make love to me! (intelligence bunnies' ears go very stiff)
  • Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal: Sometimes Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal. Or completely undressed. Bunnies will do a lot for a role.
  • Lighter and Softer: Even the shorts that contain "bunnies cursing, and bunny-adult situations" are cute as only cartoon bunnies can be. Despite most of the films being pretty gory in Real Life.
  • Punny Name: Morgan Freebun. James Bun.
  • Running Gag: Bunny ears. Bunny ears everywhere, be it on sharks, Godzilla, xenomorph, inanimate objects, the Genesis planet...
  • Visual Pun: Happens.
    Ramirez: Feel the stag!
  • World of Funny Animals: Bunnies in a cartoon world. With ships, planes, mobiles, ID's trick-and-treating and so on, and so forth.


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