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Being a comedy show and a damn good one at that, Gaki No Tsukai has had more than its fair share of hilarious moments.

  • The Drunken Momotaro Theater. All of it.
  • Suga Kenji's Blatant Lies subtitles on the Dice Reaction Batsu Game.
  • Tanaka's terrified shout while opening his drawer during the Newspaper Batsu Game.
    • Also from the Newspaper Batsu Game, Yamasaki accidentally stumbling into a heater he'd been making a fuss about for minutes beforehand.
      • The entire lunch time period of the Newspaper Batsu, starting with Hamada mouthing off about the judgement of the guy in charge of calling people out and appropriately getting called out.
  • Whenever poor Yamasaki is chosen to receive a slap from Chouno, Yamasaki usually ends up on his knees begging for mercy. And it always results in the others laughing their asses off and usually getting slapped multiple times.
    • Everyone dreads hearing the phrase "Tanaka — Thai kick!" His agonized overreactions to being kicked guarantee that the other four will be called out for laughing.
  • In the 24-Hour Endurance tag, the punishments are done by people in entirely black suits. One punishment forces you to watch a slideshow with entirely black pictures.
  • During the spy tag game Tanaka gets captured by the festival devils and put on a wooden horse - while the others are standing a safe distance away and watch:
    Endo: What is it?
    Tanaka (as he's mounting on the horse): This isn't good.
    Hamada (Observing what's going on): I see, it's some kind of torture device.
    Tanaka (offscreen): IT HURTS!!!
  • Since the 2010 Spy No Laughing batsu game, the drawers often include some sort of doll, usually modeled after one of the cast members. You can be sure that, soon after discovering the dolls, they will start to play with them with hilarious results.
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  • Also in the 2012 and 2013 batsu games, the wig they make Hamada wear is the cause of many laughs, to the point that it's been described by Matsumoto as a weapon of mass destruction:
    Matsumoto: If all Japanese wore wigs like these, we probably could win a war.
  • In Yugawara, when Hamada laughs while in the community bathroom, he gets called out. Hilarity Ensues when the punisher runs into the hotel room and can't find Hamada; he ends up "punishing" Yamasaki instead. However, when Yamasaki tries to explain what happened to him later, he manages to out Hamada twice.
  • For the Detective Batsu game, Tanaka plays a Super Mario Maker level and succeeds in getting past Bowser. The exit pipe takes him to a screen that spells "Tanaka Thai Kick" in blocks, the pipe itself dumping Mario into a pit.
    • In a moment that Yamazaki describes as hell, Matsumoto activates a joint liability card he found in a drawer earlier in the episode. For the next ten minutes, if a person laughs, everyone except Matsumoto is out. Now, what makes this hell for Yamazaki is the fact that he's been forced to wear a KekkoKamen costume, which is very skimpy, so you can imagine how painful it is to have your partially bare buttocks slapped by one of those rubber batons. The over-exaggerated screams he makes as he's slapped is just too damn funny. What makes it worse is that those screams make everyone laugh even more, resulting in the next ten minutes of everyone trying their hardest not to laugh at his torture.
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  • In the Scientist episode, Yamazaki is forced to wear an AstroBoy costume, which is funny enough, but what makes it even funnier is when a girl comes in dressed as Uran and teases him with a bag with a button that plays the sound of Yamazaki laughing, resulting in him getting an out and a slap on the buttocks. After chasing Uran around and attempting to bribe her with a bag that has Hamada's laugh recorded in it, the girl finally gives it to him...but what he doesn't know is that the guys secretly swapped buttons. When he presses the Hamada bag with his own laugh in it, the scream he makes when he is slapped is one of pain and anger. Needless to say, everyone is laughing at that.
  • One Silent Library session has the guest player Azuma Mikihisa see a disproportionate amount of batsu (four by the first intermission, with Hamada a distant second with just two). What proves to be the last straw is the Monkey Palm Strike, which is basically getting slapped by a trained monkey - which puts Azuma into a legitimate Freak Out!. The guys end up forgetting the rule of silence as they coax Azuma into going through with it any way they can. And then it gets off to a false start when some mixed signals cause the monkey to rudely shove him instead.
  • 2017 No Laughing Challenge. The theme is "American Police", though all the guys are dressed more like Texas border patrol.
    • The first Tanaka Thai Kick. It's bad enough that it leaves Tanaka on his knees hobbling in pain across the floor... then he bangs his head on his own chair.
    ZENNIN, OUTO.note 
    • Tanaka finds out that he's been set up for a matchmaking session with the lovely Becky, and the matchmaking agent has a palmtop on hand to show off a series of Becky's photos... and all the guys slowly realise that she's been posing alongside assorted things belonging to Tanaka, like in his car, and beside his mom. That's not the important point - it's when they reveal that every photo has an English letter in it somewhere, and arranging all the letters in order spells out... TANAKA THAI KICK.
      • In what has to be a historic moment for this show, the matchmaking agent draws attention to one photo with Becky holding up a mug, and a hard zoom on it reveals the words BECKY THAI KICK. This might also be the one time they bring in a female MMA fighter just to do it too.
    • About halfway through, the guys take a break and participate in a more traditional game show, divided down the middle and teamed with additional guest celebs so that Hamada and Matsumoto become opposing team captains.
      • The first game involves a static shock platform that both players stand on and essentially play chicken with just their hands, as the slightest touch will cause a spark that will make one of them jump off and lose the round. Tanaka faces off with a shaggy-haired dude, and the game briefly halts as said shaggy dude's hair starts standing. Another round involves none of the 5 guys, and the one one Matsumoto's team sways too far forward, causing the spark to get the other guy in the nuts. Matsumoto suggests they make it really fair and make it a nut-off, leading the two guys to... well... touch wands in front of a studio audience.
      • One game challenges them to make a finger gun and ok sign with both hands, then change them both around at the same time continuously, which all the guys think looks easy enough... until they actually try. Hamada fucks it up immediately. Matsumoto goes from zen-like calm the first few times to grimacing so hard you'd think he was passing a stone!
  • 2018 No Laughing Challenge. The theme is treasure hunters, which somehow translates into Great White Hunter khakis for everybody.


  • In an unrelated show, Yamazaki was babysitting for a large family. The kids are familiar with his antics on Gaki.
    Child: Hosei, out! Receives butt slap with baseball bat!
    Hosei/Yamazaki: N-no, that would kill me.

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