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Battalion Advanced Tacticians (B.A.T.) Corps. is a fan-made work based on the Batman mythos. Batman and associated characters and properties belong to DC Comics, Warner Brothers, and the estate of Bob Kane. I claim neither ownership of any pre-existing Batman characters nor am profiting from it.

Now that my creator has put out his statement to cover his posterior from legal threats, shall we begin to take a look her "ingeniously" (*cough*pretentious!) made work of Fan Fiction.




General roles if and when assembled

(Potential others for later: Helena Bertinelli, John Blake, Bette Kane, Terry Mc Ginnis, Harper Row)

Bruce Wayne / Batman


A member of the Justice League, and hence why he shows up only occasionally in story.

Dick Grayson


Stephanie Brown


Cassandra Cain


Tim Drake


Barbara Gordon


Kate Kane


Carrie Kelly


Jason Todd


Damian Wayne


Helena Wayne


    Supporting/Other Characters 


Bilal Asselah/Nightrunner

Lucius Fox

Commissioner Jim Gordon

Gavin King/Orpheus

Selina Kyle

Sin Lance

Michael Lane

Renee Montoya

Alfred Pennyworth

Jack Ryder

Vicki Vale

Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana

Zatanna Zatara

    Agents of Chaos 

The Joker

Hmph, oh great, yet another set of clichés get to-

Who the hell is that?

The Narrator you stolid philistine, now as I was saying-

HEY! I do my own narrating! Haven't you read my biographical page or seen any of my movies!? The Dark Knight, that was a good one! Beware The Batman, they cut me, the Fucking executives cut ME out!

Tch, I don't waste my time arguing with trolls, so go and narrate your own character entry.

Harley Quinn

    Court of Owls 

Tom Linus Real name Thomas Wayne, Jr.
/ Owlman

    League of Assassins 

Ra's al Ghul

Talia al Ghul

Lady Shiva


    The Apostles 










I see that you have arrived at my humble entry. Well congratulations, you have earned as your prize the everlasting shame that you read this horrid piece of Fiction by this imbecile.


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