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These experiments have psychological-based abilities.

List of 3-Series experiments

Tropes for any of these experiments can be found in the "General" folder back on the main Experiments page.

  • X-300: Spooky — A ghostly green blob-like experiment with olive green eyes, a wide mouth and three round, short, stubby spikes on his back, greatly resembling another Disney (and Halloween-based) character, Oogie Boogie. He is designed to scare people by morphing/shapeshifting into their worst horrifying fears. He appears during Halloween. His one true place is as a greeter for Trick-or-Treaters during Halloween, and at an old house believed to be haunted during the rest of the year. His pod is green in The Series and red in the Stitch! anime. (Appearances: "Spooky", "The Asteroid", "Checkers", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!, Lilo & Stitch 2: Hämsterviel Havocnote )
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  • X-301: Progno
  • X-302: Noidster
  • X-303: Amnesio — A small, blue beetle-like experiment with a round body, two thick arms, two thick legs, a purple mark on his stomach, two large wings on his back, a round face with large black eyes, a little mouth, and two antennae. He is designed to erase people's memory by zapping a red laser beam into their eyes. The password "ʻohana" must be spoken to reverse its effects.note  He was given to Dr. Hämsterviel, who promptly lost his memory. He was rescued in "Snafu" and his one true place is helping restore people's memories. His pod is yellow. He also appeared in the Stitch! anime, where it is discovered that when he erases memories, he stores them in pouches under his wings. If the person ingests the right pouch, his/her memory will return. However, only Amnesio knows whose memory belongs to whom. He is voiced by Tress MacNeille. (Appearances: "Amnesio", "Woops", "Snafu", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!, Disney Tsum Tsumnote )
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  • X-304: Drag
  • X-305: Spunky — This experiment's purple pod was seen in the experiment profiler special feature on the Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch DVD. Its function is unknown.
  • X-306: Roadrage
  • X-307: Anna Stesia
  • X-308: Jenny
  • X-309: Smiler
  • X-310: Fritzabrain
  • X-311: Yellowstone — This experiment's yellow pod was seen in Stitch! The Movie. Its function is unknown.
  • X-312: Ben
  • X-313: Thinktank — This experiment's red pod was seen in Stitch! The Movie. Its function is unknown.
  • X-314: Jones
  • X-315: Chum
  • X-316: Morpholomew — A small red blob-like experiment with two arms, two legs, a thin mouth and dark eyes. He is designed to morph organisms into any other organism, after seeing the target organism or a photo of the target organism at least once before. However, someone who has been morphed keeps the same voice and needs this experiment to change back. He is known to love chicken legs. His one true place is at a costume store, temporarily transforming people into the person or character of their choice. Jake Long (when in his dragon form) was mistaken for this experiment by Gantu. One of Jake Long's friends, Spud, gave Morpholomew his name when it was agreed that Lilo's name for this experiment ("Changer") was not interesting enough. His pod is yellow. He later appeared in the Stitch! anime episode "Lilo" where he was modified by Hämsterviel to morph his own body instead of others and gained the ability to speak English. (Appearances: "Morpholomew", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!)
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  • X-317: Hyuckster
  • X-318: Chortle
  • X-319: Spike — A large dark blue porcupine-like experiment, with large white-tipped spines on his tail, back, front legs and head, a red nose, large black eyes, and black claws. He can throw the spines on his long tail like darts. He is designed to make 99% of the population silly and useless by pricking them with his spines, leaving only 1% of the population clever (which Jumba used to explain why he never got hurt by one of Spike's quills). When Lilo discovers Mertle cheating in a contest by getting the answers from Teresa, she uses Spike on Teresa to have her give Mertle completely silly answers. Despite his initially grouchy demeanor, Spike is actually very affectionate, and his one true place is hugging—and thus taming—truant experiments at Pleakley's E.A.R.W.A.X. group, after he is given protective armor to cover his silliness-inducing spines. His pod is yellow in The Series and white in the Stitch! anime. (Appearances: "Spike", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!)
  • X-320: Cloudy — A grey cloud-like experiment who is designed to depress others with constant rain. His one true place is raining on Mrs. Hasagawa's fruit, thus keeping them fresh longer. His pod is white. (Appearance: Leroy & Stitch)
  • X-321: Lightfoot
  • X-322: Heckler — An orange experiment with short pointed ears, small beady eyes, large fangs, and a shirt and bowtie imprint on his body. He is designed to verbally insult people by appearance and personality. His insults can be defused by accepting that they are true. His one true place is sitting over a dunk tank where he provokes people to try and dunk him. He is voiced by Will Sasso. (Appearances: "Heckler", Leroy & Stitch)
  • X-323: Hunkahunka — A small pink/purple hummingbird-like experiment who is designed to peck people, making them artificially fall in love with the first person they see. The effect is reversed by being sprayed with water. Named after a lyric in the Elvis Presley song "Burning Love", Lilo refers to him as a "Hunkahunka bird of love." He was given to Dr. Hämsterviel, who "fell in love with" Gantu after being pecked (although Hämsterviel still insulted Gantu like he would on a regular basis). He was rescued in "Snafu", and his one true place is in a heart-shaped birdhouse working on an online dating service. (Appearances: "Hunkahunka", "Snafu", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!, Disney Tsum Tsumnote )
  • X-324: Ruinit
  • X-325: Rack
  • X-326: Pannix
  • X-327: Molar
  • X-328: Bugle
  • X-329: Ava
  • X-330: Serum
  • X-331: Shagdog
  • X-332: Cackle
  • X-333: Hairy
  • X-334: Miranda
  • X-335: Popquiz
  • X-336: Blooz
  • X-337: Guilttrip
  • X-338: Crow
  • X-339: Crowsfoot
  • X-340: Nodessertro (a.k.a. Whatsisname) — An experiment designed to cause mass depression by stealing puddings, cakes, pies, and other sweets. His name is often forgotten, and so he is called "Whatsisname". He was technically kidnapped by Gantu shortly before the events of "Amnesio", but was not seen when the other kidnapped experiments were rescued in "Snafu". A small, green mole-like experiment with a long rat-like tail that was seen in Leroy & Stitch is believed to be this experiment. His pod is white. (Supposed appearance: Leroy & Stitch)
  • X-341: Wafty
  • X-342: Greensleeves
  • X-343: Chaching
  • X-344: Dupe — A small, gold, monkey/lemur-like experiment with relatively flat ears, a brown-striped tail, and brown-striped prehensile appendage protruding from his head. He able to generate clones with the appendage on his head. However, the traits and abilities of the cloned object become divided amongst the original and the clones; in other words, each duplicate is not as powerful as the original. He also has a reverse function that can revert all duplicates back into the original. His one true place is copying shave ice cones, making them low-calorie. He is voiced by Tara Strong. In the Stitch! anime, he was modified by Hämsterviel so that every duplicate the experiment makes is actually stronger than the original. (Appearances: "Dupe", "Remmy", "Snafu", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!, Disney Tsum Tsumnote )
  • X-345: Elastico — A green, furless, earless, clownish, roughly monkey-like creature with no tail, a large red round clown nose, white face and stomach, wide mouth, black eyes, neck frill, three huge tendrils on his head that resemble a jester's cap, and a purple spot on his stomach. He is designed to distract enemies by performing tricks with his highly elastic body. He is found already activated and in his one true place: the circus. (Appearances: "Elastico", "Checkers", "Remmy", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!)
  • X-346: Stuckup
  • X-347: Slobber — A green lizard/snake-like experiment with an antenna on the back of his head who stands on two legs. He appeared in some Disney Adventures comics set before the original film. The events of these comics appear to have been retconned, although he could still have the same physical appearance. He dribbles drool downward from his mouth. His pod is blue. (Appearance: Comic Zone: Lilo & Stitch)
  • X-348: Snappish
  • X-349: Lotuseater — This experiment's pod was seen in the experiment profiler special feature on the Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch DVD. Its function is unknown.note  Its pod is blue.
  • X-350: Addly — Experiment unseennote 
  • X-351: Whoover
  • X-352: Yvonne
  • X-353: Blackoutro
  • X-354: Jesstifer — This experiment is named after The Series' executive producer and writer Jess Winfield's username on TVTome/ Its function is unknown and its pod is red.
  • X-355: Swapper — A two-headed, four-armed green lizard-like experiment who is designed to switch people's minds. Only he can undo the switch. Lilo and Stitch tame Swapper, but his one true place is not revealed. In Leroy & Stitch, he is shown playing keyboard during the impromptu "Aloha 'Oe" concert. (Appearances: "Swapper", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!)
  • X-356: Rippington
  • X-357: Downes
  • X-358: Manners — A black and white penguin/orca-like experiment that acts like a doorman or butler. He is designed to make people too polite to fight back against bullies by sprinkling a special dust from his finger onto them. His one true place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as one of her "cats". He is one of the few experiments that can speak English. (Appearances: "Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats", Leroy & Stitch)
  • X-359: Phoebe
  • X-360: Drowsy — A gray sheep-like experiment with striped ears and that can walk on its hind legs. He is designed to put people to sleep by bleating, although the effect is near-permanent. The surest way to reverse this experiment's effect is with a splash of water. Lilo put Stitch to sleep with Drowsy in order to release PJ (133), but Stitch managed to wake up on his own. Drowsy's one true place is putting insomniacs to sleep. His pod is yellow. (Appearances: "Drowsy", "PJ", "Ploot", "Remmy", Leroy & Stitch)
  • X-361: Aron
  • X-362: Putdown — This experiment's yellow pod was seen in "Houdini". Its function is unknown.
  • X-363: Crankster
  • X-364: 'Sgo
  • X-365: Queasy
  • X-366: Xanad
  • X-367: Ob
  • X-368: Luddi
  • X-369: Thomas
  • X-370: Blueblood
  • X-371: Simpatico
  • X-372: Eve
  • X-373: Worrywart
  • X-374: Demotifier
  • X-375: Phantasmo — A green phantom-like experiment with short arms, a large conehead with two stripes, a squeaky voice, a koala-like face, long rabbit-like ears, and dark pupil-less eyes. He is able to possess inanimate objects and bring them to life. Being a ghostlike experiment, he can also travel through weapons and materials typically used to capture experiments, such as nets and bottles which can keep experiments under containment. His one true place is at the Macky Macaw's restaurant, possessing the robotic body of the animatronic Macky Macaw that was previously out of order. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. His pod is yellow. (Appearances: "Phantasmo", Leroy & Stitch)
  • X-376: Cassandra
  • X-377: Annie
  • X-378: Lonelyhearts
  • X-379: Grudge
  • X-380: Judy
  • X-381: Neg
  • X-382: 1-Imp
  • X-383: Swirly — A small turquoise koala-like experiment with a large head, an expressionless face with a little mouth, little nose, big black eyes (with white swirling patterns when using powers), rabbit-like ears, a single small antenna on the middle of his head, and a large furry slug-like tail. He is able to hypnotize anyone into obeying the next command that person hears. The effect can be undone by snapping one's fingers. His one true place is hypnotizing people at children's parties, causing the hypnotized person to act silly to provide harmless entertainment. His pod is yellow. (Appearances: "Swirly", "The Asteroid", Leroy & Stitch, Stitch!)
  • X-384: Woesmy
  • X-385: Hoobie
  • X-386: Hitch
  • X-387: Substein
  • X-388: Megan
  • X-389: Facepainter
  • X-390: Slimy — A large green slug-like experiment with three spines on his back who is designed to leave a slippery snail-like trail to trip up enemies. He first appeared at the end of Stitch! The Movie. He was captured by Gantu in "627" and rescued later in "Snafu". His pod is red. (Appearances: Stitch! The Movie, "627", "Snafu", Leroy & Stitch)
  • X-391: Barry
  • X-392: Margaret
  • X-393: Missandra
  • X-394: Joe
  • X-395: Polly
  • X-396: Connie
  • X-397: Spats — A small yellow squirrel/cat-like experiment with orange markings on his back, small pointed antennae, a catlike face, pointed fangs, a green tongue, orange spots on his forehead and two prongs on the end of his long bushy tail, seen when it is unfurled. He is designed to make individuals fight with each other by zapping them with a beam fired from the ends of his tail. The cure for this is to stop and count to ten. His one true place is in Wizard Kelly's professional wrestling show, where Spats can make pro wrestlers fight more convincingly. He is voiced by Frank Welker. His pod is yellow. (Appearances: "Spats", Leroy & Stitch)
  • X-398: Gus the Second
  • X-399: Super-X


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