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    Team UK 

Team UK
Back from left to right: Alisha, Sophie, Louise and Jasmia. Front from left to right: Catherine, Annaliese and Ashley.

  • Justified Title: British Invasion refers not only to a British girl winning the competition, but also for the top eight onward being dominated mostly by them.
  • McNinja: Parodied by Sophie and Catherine in the Recap Episode.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: The team's ultimate goal aside from bringing national pride is to win the competition this time around. In the end, only Sophie and Annaliese improved their previous ranks, with the former ultimately winning.
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: Both Louise and Alisha quit the competition with different reasons.
  • Older and Wiser: Discussed in the pilot. True, it's not the first time they competed in a Top Model series. But this is the main series and it's in a different country, so they are as pressured as the US team, if not more.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: The UK girls towards each other. Annaliese even hoped to sweep the US team so they can keep the competition for themselves.
  • Token Minority:
    • Ashley is the only girl from Scotland in the entire competition.
    • Alisha is the only girl in the team who came from a BNTM cycle not hosted by Lisa Snowdon. She is also the only former BNTM runners-up who's black and from London. Now we're on the subject, among the three London girls, she's the only girl who came from London.


    Team USA 

Team USA
Back from left to right: Laura, Kyle, Seymone and Candace. Front from left to right: Eboni, Mariah and AzMarie.

  • Red Oni: Most of the time. But there are instances they switch to blue.
  • The Rival: To The UK team.
  • Skinny Dipping!!! Laura's verbatim confessional in the opening confessional, where the American girls are by and large overjoyed to jump into the pool that way.

    Sophie Sumner
  • Little Black Dress: She wore this four times in the show. The first two during her third and fourth pictorials, while the third during the ninth photoshoot. The last time was during the the finale.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Getting pink hair for her makeover just made the already light and bubbly Sophie more likable.

    Laura Lafrate
  • All Women Are Lustful
    Mr. Jay: "Laura, tell me. What makes you powerful?"
    Laura: "Really good sex!"
    • The other girls' confessionals tended to lampshade this.
    Alisha: "A fucking silkworm is sexual to this girl!"
    Annaliese: "Laura is all about sex, sex, sex, sex. And a little bit more of sex!"
  • Aloof Ally: Towards Kyle, especially after the stuffed toy incident. So much that she celebrated after her boot. She also becomes one to Eboni, though not as hostile as she is to the former.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Pre-makeover.
  • Berserk Button: Touch her stuffed elephant? Watch out.
    • Accusing her of being a Casting Couch won't do you good, either.
  • The Lancer: Shared the role with Kyle for the US team. Of the two, Laura fits it perfectly, from being the second most capable member of the US girls, right down to her dynamic with AzMarie as well as being her Foil.
  • One Steve Limit: While she doesn't share a name with anyone from this cycle, she's not the first runner-up named Laura.

    Annaliese Dayes
  • Arc Words: In the pilot episode.
    Annaliese: "America is not ready for the British Invasion. We did it once, and we can do it again."
  • My Greatest Second Chance: Though she still didn't win, her rank dramatically improved. For being the lowest ranking (7th) contestant of your team which consist mostly of former runners-up and two girls placing higher than 5th place. It's also amusing that in her original cycle, she came up short on making it to the overseas trip, while here she came up short on reaching the finals.
  • No-Damage Run: While she didn't do a technical one (getting to the final two with no bottom two), she, along with Laura and Sophie, never touched the bottom two until the final three.

    Alisha White
  • The Big Girl: Filled in for Louise after the latter quit. She's then promoted/doubled as The Lancer.
  • Call-Back: Her and Eboni's situation in panel was reminiscent of Ambreal and Ebony's in Cycle 9, except that this cycle's Eboni wasn't reprieved despite Alisha quitting.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Often toward Laura's attitudes to sex.
    Laura: (pitching trash bags at the focus group challenge): "Just pull one of these out, slip it under, and nobody has to know!"
    Alisha: (cuckoo clock chime) "...gone with the wind!"
  • The Lancer: For the UK team, especially when they become a Four-Girl Ensemble. And while she occasionally shared it with Catherine, Alisha filled the role in spades.
  • Little Black Dress: In her ninth and final pictorial.
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: She quit.
  • The Rival: To Laura, The Lancer of the US team. Also for some reason, she's occasionally pitted against Eboni since the first week.
  • Tag Along Kid: She is the youngest member of the UK team and the girl from the newest cycle of BNTM.

    Eboni Davis

    Catherine Thomas
  • Hair Color Dissonance: Her makeover was supposed to dye her hair Magenta pink, but it appears more red.
  • It Is Pronounced Tropay: It's Pronounced Kath-REEN. Appeared during the music video clip shoot. She pronounced her name sounding like "Kathryn" so it can rhyme with the words "queen" and "elegant and supreme".
    "I'm Queen Catherine. I'm elegant and supreme."
  • The Reliable One: She was able to balance being a very capable member for her team as well as being spiritual and non-confrontational.

    Seymone Cohen-Fobish

    Kyle Goder

    AzMarie Livingston

    Ashley Brown

    Candace Smith

    Louise Watts

    Mariah Watchman

    Jasmia Robinson

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