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  • Arthur from Wiglaf and Mordred has got a bad case of this for his little brother Mordred — so much so it tends to get in the way of his evil villainy. His staff often enjoy pointing out the brother complex he claims doesn't exist.
  • Sam from Bittersweet Candy Bowl, as well as his brother Jordan, both towards their younger sister Lucy.
  • It would be unwise of you to mess with Bear's younger sister Patches.
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  • Declan towards Violet in Chrysalis, even though they aren't related by blood.
  • Jamie from Distillum has heaps of it towards Rob.
  • DNA: Sirius is very protective of Orion and the other kids. When Jay kicks Orion to get him out of the mud, which (Rigel had just been trying to drown Orion in), he bites Jay in the leg and looks like he is about to kill him with his powers before Orion stops him. In Segment: Mud, he goes berserk when he sees that Rigel made Lukas cry.
  • Dominic Deegan tends to act this way toward his cheerful, overly optimistic little brother Gregory. Was kind of justified when the comic started because Gregory was infected with a necromantic taint that was slowly killing him, but it was removed early on and now he's perfectly healthy while Dominic is missing a leg.
    • Played with between Dominic, Gregory, and their older brother Jacob. Jacob spends significant amount of time and parts of major plot-lines trying to maim his little brothers for his own advantage, though he claims there's no emotion involved and it's just part a convenient part of his plans rather than malicious. And yet, he immediately does far, far worse to those who hurt them first.
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  • Dumbing of Age: Sarah is a cranky, tactless misanthrope who would mostly prefer everyone else just leave her alone so she can study...except where her roommate Joyce is concerned.
  • We're introduced to Elon of Ears for Elves when he's searching for his younger sister Myari after she's run off into the dangerous forest. He gives her a severe talking-to, but has her best interests at heart.
  • El Goonish Shive: Elliot's Chronic Hero Syndrome appears to have given him a Big Brother Instinct with respect to Ellen despite the fact that his "little sister" is actually his Half Identical Twin / Opposite-Sex Clone.
    • Occasionally Elliot has this towards Tedd, like here and here.
    • Grace's brothers also have some of this in them, though they don't show it nearly as much as Elliot does towards Ellen. Even though Damien scared them shitless, Hedge tried to subvert the orders concerning her as much as he could without being killed.
    • Ellen has shown she's just as willing to stand up for Elliot when he's threatened/hurt as viceversa. In her other life, this trope is more or less how she befriended Tedd.
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  • In Frankie and Stein, Frankie and Adam seem to have this relationship. They haven't really known each other that long, but Adam is very concerned for her, and her current crisis.
  • Jae Gu of Girls of the Wild's has been raising his siblings since their father's death and mother's abandonment of them. Needless to say, harming them is his one and only Berserk Button. When they got sick suddenly, he carried them barefoot to the hospital, leaving footprints of blood by the time he gets there. After finding out they had gotten food poisoning off of tainted sushi someone gave them on purpose, he walked, feet still bleeding, all the way to the person's school and attempted to beat them down with a chair for what they did.
  • Clark from Gold Coin Comics really shows this side when Tonya, his sister, runs into trouble...
  • Kat in Gunnerkrigg Court once punched a psychopomp just because these guys made Annie very sad. Later she hates Annie's Disappeared Dad, for the same reason.
  • Homestuck: Equius is extremely protective of his moirail, Nepeta. In fact, this is the first thing that shows us that maybe he's not that bad a guy.
    • Also, the thought of his twin sister dying is one of the few things that manages to unnerve Dave.
    • Similarly, John did not take it well when he found out that Davesprite had broken up with his sister Jade.
    • Finally, although Bro Srider is shown to be an absolutely crappy parent to Dave, he does slice a meteor in half and give up his rocket board to get Dave safely into the game, and later dies trying to save the kids' session.
  • In Lackadaisy, Viktor is violently protective of Ivy. To the extent that every boyfriend she wrangles is pounded to the point of a full body cast. This is particularly noticeable when you contrast it with how he reacts to others, which usually tops off at Vague Irritation at best.
  • In MYth, Hades is a heartbreaking example. He destroyed the bond he had with his little brother Zeus in an attempt to make him strong enough to be king of gods.
  • Roy develops this for Elan, though it (understandably) takes a while, and he still denies it.
    • Roy actually did have a little brother, (key word here being did), and Elan has a living twin brother but has been shown explicitly thinking of Roy as his brother instead.
    • Roy has a literal little sister, for whom he feels the same protective need (despite crazy morality differences). Proof? He went to rescue her from villains, knowing fully well that it was a trap all along.
    • Redcloak kicks some ass via this trope in his Trope Namer Origin Story.
  • Larima of Pacificators fame thinks she's protecting her younger sister Taffe, but, really, it's the other way around. (Oh, and it annoys Taffe.)
    • Later chapters shows that Larima really is a protective big sister; Taffe just doesn't realize it, because much of Larima's actions take place behind Taffe's back.
  • Pixie and Brutus: Brutus takes his role as Pixie's "new big brother" very seriously. If anything could possibly hurt or upset her, he's on-guard against it.
  • Polandball comics give the US one of these for Canada. ISIS threatening the US? Barely worth acknowledging. ISIS threatening Canada? Reason enough to beat ISIS to death in seconds.
  • In Sakana, it's Taros personal Berserk Button whenever someone threatens or talks bad about his little brother Jiro, and is always there to care for him and cheer him up when he has a problem.
  • Vinnie, the werewolf from Skins. He looks out for the irresponsible happy-go-lucky vampire, Rabbit and acts as a kind of substitute big brother. He's known Rabbit since they were orphaned in the last occult war.
  • Most of the cast, but particularly Jason, behaves this way toward their younger friend Anna in Something*Positive.
  • In Sticky Dilly Buns, Dillon and Jerzy briefly go into what Dillon later calls "mother hen mode" when Andy presents a rather disconcerting gift to Ruby during a dinner date.
  • Yoona used to be this to her twin brother in Welcome To Room 305. She was tall tomboy who would beat up boys who would bully her sensitive brother. As adults she is a Big Sister Bully though.
  • Aiden in Winters In Lavelle has this towards his little sister, Kari. It's even been said by Keshii that the main reason why he dislikes Ashton is because he can tell that Ashton has a thing for his sister.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent:
    • Onni has this towards his younger sister Tuuri and his younger cousin Lalli, who for all intents and purposes might as well be second younger sibling to him. He later gets dragged into visiting a strange dreamspace location by budding mage Reynir. When the location turns out to not be as deserted as they thought, Onni's first reflex is to protect Reynir from whatever threat the place's resident may represent.
    • Emil has this towards Lalli, despite Lalli actually having more field experience than him at just about the same age. There are two factors explaining it. One is that Lalli has an Ambiguous Disorder that makes people who don't know him that well assume he is less able to take care of himself in a dangerous situation than he actually is. Second, Emil doesn't believe in magic and thinks the "mage" on Lalli's resume is just a fancy title. The end result is that if Lalli exposes himself to the giant monster attacking their night train in just the clothes in which he's been sleeping, Emil's thoughts are less "the train guards could probably use his assistance" and more "I need to get him out of here before he gets himself killed".

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