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"ARCADIA SUCKS MY DICK - Where were they when our balls were freezing?"
Barnaby, June 2, 2013

Chrysalis is an urban fantasy comic drawing its setting from the tabletop RPG game Changeling: The Dreaming from the Old World of Darkness.

In the seventies, the noble houses of the Sidhe have just returned from Arcadia to the mortal world; and their leaders are intent on reinstating their former authority as the rightful leaders of the kiths. Understandably, this doesn't sit all that well with the power structures the commoners have built since the vast majority of the radiant host left the earth.


Dame Garnet ni Fiona is discovering the perks of being a changeling. She is new to the world, has just invaded someone else's body and must deal with being a modernist sidhe surrounded by traditionalists. She befriends a bunch of commoners while the sidhe start using brute force to earn their love and respect.

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