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City of Dream is a try on modern fantasy webcomic made by Mauricio Rodriguez, also known as mauri. The premise is to take some of the ideas of magic in a modern scenario through the eyes of Those Two Guys, even putting them in deadly situations just for added fun. However, as a few Crossover files have shown Death Is Cheap due to resurrection spells being available, it doesn't mean that Death isn’t taking puns when called for.


Some of the newer pages are hinting to the Masquerade and a possibility of a Cerebus Syndrome.

Currently hosted at The Duck here and in ComicFury here.

This work provides examples of:

  • Shout-Out
    • The author is fond on these and the Cameos. The character Jessica was found cosplaying Momo and nicknamed until she is asked to come back to her sense after the Lethal Chef knocks her down with just the smell of the meal.
    • Another example is for Kung Fu Panda with the same weakness: stairs.
    • Or the Girl Genius one, on the Chapter "Truth and Puppets". That one is sneaky unless you recall the Klaus Story and notice the poses.
    • Indiana Jones gets a not-so-stealthy one near a pot in the philosophy corner at the end of "Viewing History". But considering how important stuff gets treated archaeologists tend to smile on that ending.
    • It gets interesting when some philosophy rants bring Mahou Sensei Negima! and historical figures to analysis.
    • The Lifby soap is a direct call to A Christmas Story.
    • Some of the T-shirts are for certain programs and games. One in particular is calling Futuretech.
    • There is to some degree a "Love Letter" to the whole Magical Girl genre in terms of getting one that is possibly starting to become terribly Genre Savvy.


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