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It seems that samurai-themed Tokusatsu have a habit of having at least one awesome moment per episode.

Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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TV Series

    Episode 1: Transform! The Orange From The Sky!? 
  • The very first scene, as Gaim and Baron charge at each other whilst leading two Inves armies, whilst Ryugen and Zangetsu watch from the sidelines.
    • You can see Kamen Rider Gridon with Baron's team, but he's not there for too long, so pay close attention, he charges in with the Baron team as well, helping fight the Gaim team.
  • The Super Hero Time bumper, where Kouta's actor is challenged to rattle off eleven names (five Riders and six Kyoryugers.) And NAILS IT.
    Episode 2: Certain Kill! Pine Kick! 
  • The pineapple attacks are rather flashy.
  • In contrast to what we've seen before in the previous episode and antagonistic Second Riders in general, Kaito actually demonstrates many admirable qualities to prove he isn't so different from our Nice Guy protagonist. Such actions performed include…
    • Helping a little boy come down after being stuck in a tree while Kouta was fumbling around, looking for his Lockseed. He even provides words of encouragement to the boy, much like Kouta in the first episode.
    • Confronting his own crew member when he discovers that he has helped with cheating in the middle of an Inves match.
    • Attacking the powered-up Shika Inves armed with nothing but Kouta's disarmed Musou Saber.
    • Handing over the Pine Lock-Seed realizing that it was the only way to defeat the monster.
    Episode 3: Shock! The Rival's Banana Transformation!? 
  • The debut of the Knight of Spear, Baron! Kaito really takes his time and lets his audience take in the wonder and excitement of the new Armored Rider. He is no slouch with his powers either, demonstrating that he may very well be an even more competent fighter than Kouta.
  • The motorcycle race between the two Riders as well. Especially with that Awesome Music!
  • Kaito channeling his inner Seto Kaiba as he cuts through a TV with a simple card.
  • Akira's verbal beat down of Kouta for simply fooling around with his powers, acting more childish than ever despite his initial pleas of learning how to become an adult.
    Episode 4: Birth! The Third Rider Is Grapes 
  • Mitsuzane stepping up in front of everybody and transforming into Ryugen to take on Team Invitto.
  • Before that, he actually "persuaded" Sid to give him a Sengoku Driver, by telling him not to get on his bad side and that he can surpass his elder brother if he wants to.
  • You can actually see the exact moment where Hideyasu, the leader of Team Invitto realizes he's fucked up. Pity that the actual battle is instead an Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
    • This changes in the next episode, where the battle is shown in full at the beginning, and it is indeed awesome.
  • Why hasn't Zangetsu's debut gotten here yet? Him crushing Gaim like a bug was a very impressive and showed why he's the strongest Rider.
    Episode 5: Revival! Ichigo Arms Of Friendship! 
  • Kouta transforming again and punching the stage apart to help Mitsuzane with his fight against Baron and his 2 Inves.
  • The debut of Ichigo Arms.
  • Kouta punching Kaito twice in Rider form despite being disarmed.
  • Kurokage and Gridon step up and surprise everyone as the episode ends.
    Episode 6: Durian Rider, Go To War 
  • Kurokage and Gridon working together to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle on Baron.
  • Gaim and Ryugen delivering their own curb stomp battle to Gridon and Kurokage, taking their lockseeds in the process.
  • Bravo's debut.
    Episode 7: Great Ball Watermelon, Big Bang! 
  • Bravo effortlessly curb-stomping Baron, even with the latter summoning 3 Inves to help him.
  • Suika Arms debut, starting with Kouta using it to roll over nearly a dozen Inves, then switching to Armor Mode to beat the pulp out of a handful more. When the last Elementary eats a good half-dozen Lockseeds and goes straight to its Evolved state (a massive boar), Kouta lends Ryugen the Sakura Hurricane and they give chase, followed by a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • While he doesn't win, Bravo still gets credit for his reaction to Suika Arms: to grab an iron support beam and trying to smash Kouta with it!
    Episode 8: Baron's New Power, Mango! 
  • The debut of Baron's Mango arms. Complete with kick ass music in the background.
  • Baron and Gaim both using their finishers together to take out the Inves.
  • Mitsuzane effortlessly switching from sweet kid to bastard mode when Sid is around.
    Episode 9: The Monster Inves Capture Battle! 
  • The fight between Gaim and Ryugen against the Komori Inves.
    Episode 10: Rider Great Assembly! Revealing The Mystery Of The Forest! 
  • The first time we see Takatora henshin. There was a small part where he tosses his Lockseed into the air before loading it into his Driver.
  • Micchy and Kaito fighting Inves without transforming.
  • Before Micchy and Kaito, Kouta takes on 2 Inves at the same time and only getting hit ONCE. ONCE. He's really growing isn't he.
  • Oren manages to spot the Inves before the other Beat Riders, and the way he points them out is badass.
    Episode 11: The Truth Behind The Christmas Game 
  • This blows all of the previous episodes out of the water running on pure awesome and "Holy Shit!" Quotient. Here are the highlights.
    • Zangetsu going Hero Killer effortlessly curb stomping everyone in his way. He even interrupted the duel between Baron and Bravo.
    • Baron and Bravo's rematch. Baron shows that he's taken a level in badass in Mango Arms now on even terms with Implacable Man Bravo and basically fighting him to a draw before Zangetsu lays down the law.
      • How about before that where Ryugen is the only one out of all of them to hold his own against Zangetsu (his brother).
    • The sequence starting with the Inves invasion of the base camp, ending with an epic battle in the sky above Yggdrasil's HQ.
    Episode 12: New Generation Of Riders Appear! 
  • Kouta's fighting skills having improved to a point where he barely has to use a finisher. He even took on 3 Inves (Kamakiri, Komori and Shika) that he fought before at the same time.
  • Zangetsu Shin's debut. His new long-range weapon makes plowing through his opponents even easier...
    Episode 13: Gaim & Baron, Tag Of Friendship 
  • Baron (while in Mango Arms) temporarily gives Gaim his Banana Lock Seed, so they can battle Bravo.
    • The ensuing ass-kicking is just glorious and shows a lot of potential regarding future teamwork.
    • Before that, Kouta pulls a Dynamic Entry on the Seiryuu Inves and fights it and Bravo untransformed for a while. He even blocks Bravo's swords barehanded!
  • Zangetsu executes his new Melon Energy finisher. To add to the badassery, he is standing amidst flames at the time.
  • Kaito summoning Inves may look like a Kick the Dog moment to some, but to others, it's a pretty cool way of Shaming the Mob, calling them out for being spineless cowards when they try to cast out people who are stronger than them.
    Episode 14: The Secret Of Helheim's Fruits 
  • The debut of the other three Energy Riders while appearing with Zangetsu Shin.
    Episode 15: The Man Who Developed The Belts 
  • Basically all of Yoko Minato in this episode. Twice Kaito (and then Kouta) try to attack Ryoma - her reaction is to open a nice can of whoopass on them.
  • Kaito's second plan involved throwing his playing cards at Ryoma's back.
    • Which fails, due to Yoko, actually throwing something at the card, stopping it mid-flight!
    • It was a pen. A pen that went through the card like a bullet.
  • Kouta and Kaito showing off some sweet moves when fighting untransformed against the Kurokage Mooks.
  • Kouta and Kaito managing to counter Sid's Energy Rider power with tag team Bike Fu and knock him to the ground long enough to escape. Considering how the Genesis Drivers are allegedly leagues stronger than their Sengoku Drivers, that's very impressive.
    Episode 16: The New Arms! Jimber Melon Is Born! 
  • The debut of Kamen Rider Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms. Damn, just LOOK at it!
  • Gaim and Baron pulling off their own rendition of Return of the Jedi's Endor chase scene as they systematically take down the Kurokage Troopers.
  • Mitsuzane finally becoming Ryugen again and beating the Kurokage Troopers by turning their hover bikes against them.
  • Kaito and Zack pulling a magnificent save of Mai and Chucky. Bonus points for the Lock they used to summon their Inves, it was the Kurumi Lock.
  • Jimber Lemon Arms, clearly puts Gaim on equal footing with the Energy Riders powerwise. His new finisher has him utilize both Locks in a style not unlike one of Decade's Dimension Finishers.
  • We learn that DJ Sagara managed to somehow pull off a feat that even Prof. Ryoma is surprised by. According to the Professor, no one should be able to access the area where he has the Genesis Driver prototypes and Energy Locks but him. However, Sagara pulled this off. It really shows that there are hidden depths to the guy.
    Episode 17: The Peach Rider, Marika, Descends 
  • Kouta kicking Bravo's ass in Jimber Lemon Arms, defeating him in one blow. Complete with a new song that, like all the others, is Awesome Music.
    • Oren couldn't land a decent blow after Kouta transformed. Even his training can't match an S Class Lock.
  • Speaking of Oren, he (off-screen) somehow managed to create a fake Donguri Lockseed, complete with him voicing all of the belt sounds and managed to switch Junouchi's real Lockseed with the fake one unnoticed. All to give Jonouchi a lesson. It's as ridiculous as it sounds.
  • All of Kouta and Minato's fight. Showing us a fight between 2 Energy Riders and making a bow and arrow fight look like a downright gun-to-gun shootout.
  • Micchy pulled one off that was acknowledged In-Universe by Ryoma Sengoku saying "I think you might be even smarter than your brother": He was ordered by Takatora to reclaim Kouta's Sengoku Driver, but when the critical moment came, he couldn't do it and started shooting at Yoko/Marika, his own support. Using his quick thinking, he comes up with an excuse: Yoko didn't immediately jump into the fight when Kouta started curb-stomping Bravo, which Micchy uses as evidence that Ryoma doesn't want Kouta to lose his Driver quite yet. Whether or not it's actually true, it apparently impresses Ryoma enough that he's willing to go along with it and even asks Takatora to let Micchy stay on with Team Gaim as The Mole.
    Episode 18: Farewell, Beat Riders 
  • Showing just how well his constant fighting has trained him, Kouta delivers a one sided ass-kicking to Bravo once he transforms into Jimber Lemon Arms, that manages to top the previous one. While even in his default Arms, he's able to keep Oren away from the Beat Rider teams - this really shows how far he's come as a fighter (it's one thing to win with a Super Mode against a guy who lacks one. Being able to hold him off in plain ol' Orange Arms now? That's not the tech, it's Kouta.) Also, in one attack, Kouta WILL make you say "In your face, Pierre!"
  • Zack transforming to Knuckle. He literally beats the summoned Inves into submission.
  • DJ Sagara, going against Yggdrasil once again, broadcasting the Dance-Off for all to see, as the Beat Riders all pledge to just dance again.
  • A minor one, but Team Pop Up is the Kamen Rider Girls!
  • Not combat, but still pretty awesome: Mai getting together all the dance teams, then continuing when it looks like it's just them and Baron, and making sure the show goes on no matter what happens, be it bad publicity, low in-person audience turn-out, the music being sabotaged, Oren crashing the party, or monsters being sent in to break it up. Truly a Determinator who will not let the Beat Riders' dream die, no matter what.
  • As the dance-off picks up the beat, Jonouchi rejoining his team! He's dancing along without like he never left. Yeah, he tried to stop the Dance-Off, but at the end of the day, he's a Beat Rider.
  • And to cap it all off? Kouta shouts his badass Catchphrase as the Beat Riders dance and fight for their place in Zawame.
    Episode 19: The Gifted Secret Weapon 
  • The preview to shows we're going to have Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms vs. Zangetsu Shin. This is going to be cool.
    • It was. The fight was much more evenly matched, but in the end, Zangetsu Shin won. The fight ends epicly too.
    • Despite his power-up, Gaim wasn't able to land a single hit on Zangetsu Shin, proving that he is still the strongest Rider.
  • Duke finally joins the fight. And if his casual entry in the episode before wasn't way to make an appearance, it looks like he's going to wipe the floor good with Gaim and Baron. In his own words: "I'm afraid I haven't done anything to suggest my combat inexperience."
    • He in fact does so, all the while demonstrating the most effortless and dynamic fighting style seen thus far.
      • And yet he still calls himself "inexperienced"...after easily fighting Gaim one-armed and shrugging off a direct hit.
  • Before the aforementioned Curb-Stomp Battle, Kouta executed a series of awesome back flips to avoid Duke's volley of energy arrows and it culminates in his transforming to Jimber Lemon Arms practically upside down in the air.
    • His transformation is quite impressive. He catches the Orange with his feet and throws it into the Lemon Energy seed!
  • After Kouta and Kaito's second attempt to break in was awesome. Kouta using his Tuliphopper to decimate the Kurokage's troops' Tuliphoppers.
    • Along with the fact that Kaito using the Suika Arms was able to beat Sigurd. Showing that the Armored Riders aren't completely outclassed by the New Generation Riders.
  • There's a meta-example. After the battle with Kouta, Takatora becomes more than willing to tell Kouta his side of the story, with Kouta accepting his offer. To fully understand how awesome this moment is, in the previous Kamen Rider shows, especially early Heisei Rider shows, two riders understanding each other was unheard of or would take a handful of episodes before that would happen (with the rare occasion of it all being undone in a single episode) and Poor Communication Kills becomes a major contributor to most of the Rider Vs. Rider conflicts. What Takatora did was essentially what most Kamen Rider fans complain about for years: "Why don't they just explain their case instead of beating each other?". Then Sid undoes everything by telling Kouta about Yggdrasil's little "blow everyone up" ring. It gets mitigated though, since Takatora expected Kouta to actually give up after he learned of Helheim.
    Episode 20: The Invasion Begins With The End Of The World 
  • The above's ante is upped, in which Kouta and Takatora, once sworn enemies, now transform together and finish off the Inves simultaneously, again harkening back to the age-old question of "Why don't they just team up already!?" for most old-school Heisei Riders.
    Episode 21: Yggdrasill's Secret 
  • Sid tries to break Kouta even further by telling him that the rings of Yggdrasil tower were meant to nuke Zawame City in the event that it does become overrun by Inves. Despite the truth of Helheim forest eating away at his resolve, Kouta gathers enough resolve to not only fight back against Sid, but also ultimately defeat him in Jimber Lemon Arms AND take Sid's Cherry Energy Lockseed.
    • What makes the moment more awesome? That's the first time an Energy Rider has been defeated in a one-on-one battle! Every other time, they either wiped the floor with the Riders or broke even, or if they lost, it was only because they were being double-teamed, but here, not only did an Energy Rider full out lose in a one-on-one battle, but he also lost his Lockseed like how Beat Riders lose their Lockseeds when losing.
    • One moment that stands out is Sid and Kouta are in a blade lock and Sid's forcing Kouta back… Kouta proceeds to grab Sid's Sonic Arrow and force him off with his bare hands. Despite his mask, it's clear from Sid's reaction what he's thinking.
  • Micchy bailing out Sid with an Inves attack was pretty well-planned for a desperate attempt, making it look like it was just a random Inves attack and proceeding to save Kouta right after.
  • We also get to see Zack, Kouta, and Micchy fight two crooks untransformed. Showing how far the three have come as fighters, the crooks stand zero chance until they call their Inves for help.
Crook: You think you're some hero kiddo?
    Episode 22: The Truth Of One-Seventh 
  • Gaim vs Zangetsu Round 3 and it's the turning point for both of them, complete with Kouta finally getting the upper hand!
    • Case in point, Kouta came looking for Takatora after learning Project Ark was one of the things Takatora approved in a bid for answers. In this fight against him, he managed to get in multiple hits (a kick and at least 4 slashes with the Sonic Arrow) and actually knocking the white Armored Rider to the ground, which is a giant leap from being unable to land a single hit despite being in Jimber Lemon Arms.
    • One moment in particular that stands out is when Kouta actually lands a blow on Zangetsu the camera slows down and shows the blow landing in clear view, as if acknowledging how big of an accomplishment actually hurting Zangetsu for the first time in the series is.
  • A smaller moment of awesome prior to the above was during Kouta's crusade into Yggdrasil, he fought his way in past numerous Kurokage troopers without using any of his weapons (though he did borrow a Kagematsu for one moment to fight off other troopers).
  • For Jimber Cherry's first appearance, Kouta discovers that he is able to move at Super Speed, which helps him defeat several Inves that were trying to escape a newfound crack in Helheim.
  • Another small moment of awesome is the fact that Kouta once again manages to pilfer an Energy Lockseed, with the owner being one Yoko Minato, who was unable to stop him even though she was able to react to his attempt. Bear in mind, he stole this Energy Lockseed in HUMAN FORM after both he and Yoko powered down.
    Episode 23: Now Depart For The Front Line! Kachidoki Arms! 
  • Kachidoki Arms debut. One of the preview scene from #22 shows Kouta in Kachidoki Arms kicking Zangetsu Shin's ass, and that of several Kurokage Troopers. There were at least 30 in the Dandiliner squadron, and an unknown amount that were repelled by the Kachidoki Flags. Wow.
    • With flags, as one quick scene shows. This bears repeating: Kouta is beating people down with flags!
    • To top his He's Back! moment, Kouta makes good on his promise established a few episodes ago and blows up the Scalar weapons!
    • Even the above is not enough to describe the awesome here, so here's a summation: Kouta flies back to Yggdrasil Tower, no selling a platoon of Kurokage Troopers shooting at him on their Dandeliners while Kouta blasts them out of the sky using the DJ Gun's 3 Modes, and finally, after a brief scuffle with Zangetsu Shin, Kouta proceeds to do what he originally intended to do and destroys the orbs that were necessary to trigger the Scalar nuke. One can only imagine how Kiwami Arms can top this level of awesome.
      • Even Kouta's entrance in Kachidoki Arms deserves a mention. He transforms while dropping out of the sky, landing on Yggdrasil Tower in all his armored glory.
    • The DJ Gun deserves it's own mention. Depending on the speed of the beat as Gaim scratches the turntable, the gun acts differently: Slow: A charged burst of energy, Normal: A cluster of shots on a single target, Fast: A machine gun. And locking in the Kachidoki Lockseed as seen in a Tv Spot, creates a Wave-Motion Gun. And don't forget, we haven't seen it connect with the Musou Saber or any of Gaim's ''other'' Lock Seeds yet. This is truly a versatile weapon. Hell, even the Kachidoki Flags kick seven kinds of ass, Kouta can charge energy in them to sweep foes off their feet and then literally swoosh them away with a second wave.
    • The cherry on top of it all is that Kouta telling Zangetsu 'now you have to fight the Inves if you want to keep your secret'.
  • Demushu is no slouch in terms of capabilities, being able to easily hand Kaito his butt on a silver platter in both Banana and Mango Arms.
  • Because of Kachidoki Arms, we actually see Ryoma Sengoku lose his cool for the first time. Seeing the normally apathetic amoral doctor shocked into gripping the scene with wide eyes is kinda carthartic.
  • Kouta coming back from his despair to fight as hard as he did. As was posted on Rangerboard: "From despair, a general comes to the front lines." Haruto would be proud.
    Episode 24: The New Formiddible Enemy: Over Lord 
  • Remember Sid's S Lock Seed? The one he had all the way back in #1 that we basically never saw again? It can summon Rider Arms to fight for him remotely.
    • And even with that Kouta still beat Three Suika Arms drones without breaking a sweat using Kachidoki Arms.
    • And it becomes quite clear that had Kouta not been searching for the Overlords, he could have easily extended a similar beating to Sid. Even so, knocking him onto his ass with Jimber Cherry's speed is good enough. In all, the fight was nothing but a waste of time to Kouta, who batted Sid's obstacles aside like they were nothing. The whole thing gave the impression that Sid wasn't even worth the dirt on Kouta's boots.
  • Mitsuzane is showing his cunning as well. When he reports that Kouta is seeking out "intelligent Inves", he (and not his brother) notices the conspirators ever-so-subtly shifting uncomfortably in their seats as Takatora wonders why Kouta would get such an idea. Micchi's on to them... Though it could also imply that he was in on the Overlords as well, considering his ties with said conspirators.
    Episode 25: Gridon & Bravo, The Strongest Tag 
  • For the first time since the Christmas game, Hideyasu gets to transform. And when he does, he proceeds to Take the Bullet for Oren and Kouta, though a non-lethal variant. It seems like he's about to Take A Level In Badass.
    Episode 26: Baron's Genesis Transformation! 
  • It's round two in the fight of Demushu versus Baron, and Kaito's new Genesis Driver allows him to even the odds.
  • Kouta once again squares off against Yoko, both fighting in their Peach Energy forms. While it later became clear that the fight was just a distraction, Kouta was not only able to mop the floor with Yoko in Jimber Peach Arms, he also made it clear he has reached a power above the Genesis Drivers when he is able to No-Sell a Peach Energy finisher by changing into Kachidoki Arms and finishes her off with one Low Pitch DJ Gun blast.
    • Yoko outright states that Kouta's power wasn't just due to the Genesis Core, then asks him when did he power up so much.
    Episode 27: When You Know The Truth... 
  • Takatora and Kouta teams up once more to defeat Demushu.
    • Immediately afterwards, Takatora introduces himself to Kouta and thanks him for showing a new way to save humanity. Then they shake hands.
  • It's rather cathartic to see Kaito in Baron Energy forms stomp Micchy's ass after the latter shoots Kouta in the back.
  • It's a small, understated moment, but Oren, who is starving in Helheim, is about to eat one of its fruits, only to remember his survival training and stop himself. Bearing in mind that the temptation to eat a fruit (and thus become an Inves) is usually overwhelming, generally requiring outside intervention to stop, Oren managing to stop himself from eating a fruit is definitely a testament to the strength of his will.
    Episode 28: The Betrayal Of Zangetsu 
  • When Sid tries to eliminate Takatora in Helheim while they were alone, he learns just how bad of an idea it is to pick on someone who is more used to using Rider powers. Up until Minato comes along to help Sid out.
  • Kaito's Big Damn Heroes moment right before Kouta gets killed by Zangetsu Shin.
  • After watching Zangetsu Shin's betrayal, Kouta goes ballistic in Kachidoki Arms and proceeds to beat down a Kamikiri Inves. Without using any weapons.
  • Sid betrays Ryoma and Yoko after they're done betraying and disposing of Takatora by setting the room containing Yggdrasil's crack ablaze, destroying the equipment keeping the crack open, before declaring his intent to fight for Helheim's power himself and jumping through the crack as it closes. This is probably a bad thing, but after everything that's happened, that look on Ryoma's face afterwards just makes it so damn cathartic.
    Episode 29: The Over Lord King 
  • This might be a mix of a Tear Jerker moment and a Moment of Awesome, but the fact that Kouta lays the smackdown on Micchy as Zangetsu Shin shows that despite the fact that Micchy acquired his brother's Genesis Driver and powers and has been trying to break Kouta's resolve, he is no match for Kouta when Kouta decides it's time to get serious, even if Kouta was shaken up by the betrayal.
  • This is also a moment for Takatora. Remember when he fought Kachidoki Arms, he was able to more or less fight Kouta to a standstill. Micchy's no match for Kouta in that form. This just goes to show how much of Takatora's power is just sheer skill.
  • Kouta and Kaito team up as Jimber Lemon Arms and Baron Energy Arms, fighting against Sid AND Demushu at one point. Despite their different ideals, the two work together like a well oiled machine, pulling off a Back-to-Back Badasses moment.
    Episode 30: The Red & Blue Kikaider 
  • As the Yagi Inves was attacking and Kouta seemed to struggle with it, Jiro steps up to the plate by fighting it off with a very simplistic yet effective fighting style.
  • While testing out the Hakaider android, Ryoma ascends to a league of power of his own, capable of easily defeating Zack and Kouta even after switching to Jimber Lemon Arms, and later even trashing Minato, some Kurokage Troopers, and even a few Suika mechs.
  • The entire fight of Kouta and Jiro vs. the Yagi Inves and Ryoma-Hakaider. What started as a losing fight almost immediately turned around once Jiro rebooted and transformed into Kikaider.
    • While it was shown that neither Jiro nor Kouta in Kachidoki Arms alone could defeat Ryoma-Hakaider, together they had just enough combined power to overwhelm Ryoma-Hakaider and force him to leave.
    • The end of the fight needs its own mention as Jiro sets up an opening so Kouta could fire a Kachidoki Charge from the DJ Gun, which Jiro then proceeds to KICK whilst adding some more power into the ball, delivering a satisfying elimination of the Yagi Inves.
    Episode 31: Whereabouts Of The Forbidden Fruit 
  • Rosyuo showed his authority by handing Sid's ass on a silver platter and killing him without any effort.
  • Rosyuo splitting a mountain in half just to crush Sid in the cliff he formed. Also note, he didn't use his telekinesis, the way it's presented makes it look like he did it by force of will.
  • Kouta nearly defeats Demushu when he enters his Super Mode. If not for Minato and her troopers, he would have won.
    Episode 32: The Strongest Power! Kiwami Arms 
  • Kaito and Zack fighting Demushu to a standstill by forcing him to keep firing volleys of fireballs to exhaust him, eventually forcing him to retreat.
    • What's noteworthy about this fight is that neither Kaito nor Zack got injured by Demushu while wearing him down.
  • All the remaining Riders save Kouta, Sengoku, Micchy, and Takatora fighting off the Inves army. The Riders in Gaim have never really actually fought as a team before, but when they do they are damn good.
    • Also counts one for Kaito, who actually gives commands to the other riders (Including Jonouchi and Oren, no less) and banded this ragtag bunches to fight like a team.
    • Jonouchi deserves credit for taking on a Lion Inves and a Dragon Inves at once, and it looks like he was winning.
    • Oren and Jonouchi both making their entrances via performing Rider Kicks on Inves, whilst untransformed!
  • Four words, LOCK OPEN: KIWAMI ARMS.
    • What's more awesome? Kouta jumps in, transforming into Kachidoki Arms, and slashes Demushu with the Musou Saber. Demushu then launches a fireball when Kouta turned his back on him. Does Kouta turn back? No, he just tanks said fireball and activates the Kiwami Lockseed, while literally being, ON FIRE.
    • Special mention goes out to the Kiwami Lockseed activation, which summons the Armor Parts for all of the Riders up to Kiwami Arms and uses said armor to keep Demushu at bay before combining with Kota in a manner akin to Kamen Rider Fourze's Cosmic States.
    • Kiwami's power? It can use the weapons of all the other Lockseeds, including Kachidoki.
    • After many episodes of the Overlords only being equalled, Kouta in Kiwami Arms completely and utterly outmatches Demushu, to the point that Demushu can't even land a hit and ends up being totally destroyed by a Kiwami Au Lait.
    • A smaller one has to go to the sound design in this scene. There's just enough silence in the scene to give you the chills. The roar of the fireball that just hit Kouta fades away as he activates the Lockseed, which then spawns the Armor Parts from cracks opening rapidly in the sky to start attacking Demushu. Then the side plate appears on the Kachidoki Lockseed. And then, silence again. Kouta moves the Kiwami Lockseed to the side... "LOCK OPEN!"
    Episode 33: Beat Riders' Great Gathering 
  • Kiwami Arms takes the stage again, by curbstomping both Zangetsu-Shin and Duduonshuu at once, showcasing that it has the power to summon other weapons like the Mango Punisher, Kagematsu, Sonic Arrow, and Donkachi. What's more, it can summon 2 of them to Dual Wield.
  • Bravo discovering Zangetsu Shin is an impostor solely due to his fighting style not being as refined as the real deal. Then proving it by his actions by sidestepping his attack and kicking him in the back.
  • While not really awesome so much as crafty, Ryoma Sengoku throwing the panic onto the World Leaders: After the World Leaders try to get Ryoma to own up for Demushu's rampage in Zawame City, Ryoma Sengoku once again shows how cunning he really is by managing to leak information of the political powers who were involved in Project Ark to the press, allowing him to pursue the fruit of knowledge as he pleases while the World Leaders take all the blame.
    Episode 34: The King's Power & The Queen's Resurrection 
  • Zack, Oren, and Jonouchi arrive on scene during an Inves kidnapping, and Jonouchi gets to use the Suika Lockseed.
    • It seems the orange doesn't fall far from the tree, as we learn that Kouta's Chronic Hero Syndrome is shared with his sister, who attacks an Inves despite having no Rider powers to prevent it from escaping with the child she met a few episodes ago.
    • Rosyuo once again demonstrates his great power by disintegrating missiles that were fired at Zawame City in an attempt to eradicate the Helheim invaders following Redyue's broadcast.
    Episode 35: Micchy's Ark 
  • Even after the shock of discovering Micchy's betrayal, Kouta finds the strength to stand up to him.
  • For a villanous moment, earlier into the episode, we see that Grinsha was able to survive Kouta's first finisher with Redyue's interference and is still strong enough to take on Kouta and Kaito.
  • It seems as though even Kouta's cape is not immune to being used in battle as he uses it to lead Grinsha around like a bull at the start of the second half of their fight.
  • Those missiles that were fired at Zawame? Rosyuo didn't disintgerate them. He teleported them all to North America, where it blew up a large part of the continent.
    Episode 36: Brothers' End! Zangetsu VS Zangetsu Shin! 
  • This episode gives us Zangetsu vs. Zangetsu Shin
  • You know the highlight of the episode is awesome when one of the villains states that they should just sit back and enjoy the epicness.
  • There's also a clip of Takatora standing over Mitsuzane, about to deliver the final blow. Meaning that even with a weaker lockseed Takatora is stronger
    • Despite the fact that Takatora has not used his original Sengoku Driver and Melon Lockseed since he got the Genesis Driver, he easily demonstrates that he can and does wipe the floor with Mitsuzane despite Zangetsu-Shin's strength boost as regular Zangetsu.
    • Not only that. Mitsuzane couldn't even land a hit on him without resorting to cheap tricks like blinding him with dirt.
    • Here's the case in point: Had Takatora not hesitated, he would have defeated Mitsuzane! That's how well he wiped the floor.
  • Kouta and Redyue's battle.
    • This is accompanied by a new song that's a duet between Kaito and Kouta
    Episode 37: Baron's Soccer Showdown Summer Camp! 
  • Despite delaying the main story a little bit, this episode has three of the five Ending Themes playing during it. Ranbu Escalation during Baron's fight against an other-wordly Gaim Kiwami Arms, Never Surrender during Baron's fight against the Locust Kaijin and Raise Up Your Flag during Kouta in Kachidoki Arms' fight against said Kaijin. All of the battles are engaging and beautifully done.
  • While this episode has been polarizing to some, for those fans that are into soccer and especially keen in Japan's soccer scene, Kengo Nakamura and Kosuke Ota's cameo appearances must have sparked some excitement, especially when they manage to drive away the Locust Kaijin with a soccer ball charged with their auras.
  • The Locust Kaijin that kept appearing in this episode managed to put up a good fight against Kouta and Kaito, even managing to go so far as to drop kick Kaito in a manner similar to a Rider Kick.
    Episode 38: The Return Of The Professor 
  • Where he used to have trouble holding up against either one by themselves, Mitsuzane is now able to hold his own against both Gaim Kiwami Arms and Baron Lemon Energy Arms. Of special note is when both Gaim (using the Mango Punisher) and Baron (using the Sonic Arrow) use their finishers, and Mitsuzane responds by catching the Mango Punisher out of the air and using it to knock aside the Sonic Arrow's blast. Badass.
    Episode 39: The Do-Or-Die Tower Break-In Strategy 
  • Bunch of stuff that's noteworthy this time:
    • During the raid into Yggdrasil, Zack gets his turn to use the Suika Lockseed, and gets special watermelon gloves to beat his enemies into submission.
    • Ryoma once again enters the fray as Duke and displays more of his suit's powers, softening up Shinmugurun for Kouta to handle.
    • Kouta manages to outdo his previous uses of Kiwami Arms by summoning and remotely controlling SIX different weapons to weaken Shinmugurun before finishing him off with an Orange charge DJ Gun finisher.
    Episode 40: Awakening The Over Lord 
  • Kouta finally steels his resolve. Even if he becomes an Inves, he would still fight to protect the world. Best shown when he took on Redyue and other Evolved Inves despite being a Byakko Inves.
  • In the dream world, Kouta fights off Redyue, Shimugurun, Dyudyuonshu, and a Seiryu Inves in the Byakko Inves form outnumbered. Noteworthy because not only was he able to stand a chance, but he was clearly beating all four of them, including Redyue.
    Episode 41: Clash! The Over Lord King 
  • This episode can be summed up in three words: Kouta DEFEATS Redyue! Everything that led up to it was awesome, starting with Kouta and Kaito battling Rosyuo and soldiering on EVEN THOUGH Rosyuo was clearly kicking their asses and even broke the Kachidoki Lockseed. The only reason they barely survived was due to Redyue double-crossing Roshuo and taking the golden apple away. Or at least, what was left of it, as Rosyuo had given it to Mai before he sent her away. Kouta, taking advantage of her ranting and stabbing, RESTORES his broken Kachidoki Lockseed and goes into Kiwami Arms, finally putting his Overlord powers to good use, including the vines.
  • Despite the fact that this moment was somewhat spoiled in the trailer, the fact that Oren and Jonouchi managed to beat down the Inves blocking the group's path back in #39 and catch up quickly enough to help out Kaito by stalling out Mitsuzane to allow Kaito to catch up to Kouta.
    • Better? Despite Mitsuzane having the advantage, they manage to turn it around by Oren waiting for just the right moment to throw his weapons to disarm him, then use Jonouchi's Sparking finisher for a Fast Ball Special to take Mitsuzane down.
  • When Rosyuo decides to fight Kouta and Kaito in Helheim, he quickly demonstrates that all of his Final Boss powers took merely a fraction of the Fruit of Knowledge's full power and is still capable of curb stomping the two Riders into the dirt despite the fact he left the rest of the Fruit of Knowledge's power within Mai.
  • Near the start of the episode, Kaito and Mitsuzane's fight culminates in a mutual de-morphing. This leads to a bare-fisted slugfest in which Kaito punches Micchy in the face multiple times while calling him out on what a selfish, hypocritical scumbag he is. The only rebuttal that Micchy can muster (besides punching back) is "Shut up!". While not as earth-shattering as the episode's other events, it is immensely satisfying to see Micchy receive even a small amount of comeuppance.
    Episode 42: Mitsuzane! The Final Transformation! 
  • A dark example: Micchy, having gone past another Despair Event Horizon, is offered a chance to save Mai after being convinced by Ryoma that Kouta is more than willing to let her become the Woman of the Beginning. However, it requires him to sacrifice his life in the process. Micchy thinks it over and decides to fight for Mai. His ghost brother shows up and gives him a Breaking Speech of how he'll die for nothing. Micchy simply tells him to shut up as opposed to flailing his arms about and screaming at him, heads off with a new Lockseed in hand, ready to fight one last time for Mai or nothing. It makes for a pretty epic fight that might be the highlight of this episode and next episode.
    Episode 43: Baron's Ultimate Transformation 
  • This gives viewers some long needed catharsis by leaving Micchy a crying wreck and having Kaito beat the shit out of Ryoma to the point where the latter is Driven to Suicide. Did we mention that Kaito did this by eating a Helheim Fruit and turning into an Overlord?
    • Bonus points for Kaito retaining his mind after eating a Helheim fruit. Depending on your interpretation of it, he managed to do this through sheer Heroic Spirit.
  • The way the latter begins is also epic. Kaito, with both his chips down (physically and some may say mentally) decides that, since he will die, he'll go out fighting. Plucking the fruit, then proposing to Ryoma what will happen to him, since he's 1) held on to the cut he had for a long while and 2) used his drivers for a longer period of time compared to Hase. As soon as he figures out that he just pressed Ryoma's Berserk Button of humanity advancing without his help, he proceeds to call him petty and a Curbstomp Battle ensues. The cherry though is what he says before he finishes the fight.
Kaito: Your so-called truth... is pointless conjecture! The only truth I recognize... (Megaton Punches Ryoma so hard he dents a wall) is in these fists.
    Episode 44: Two People Aiming At The Future 
  • Kouta VS Kaito part 1. Especially the Kiwami VS Lord Baron fight.
    Episode 45: The Fated Two's Final Battle! 
  • The preview shows Kouta summoning an army of Inves of his own to fight Kaito's. They both break out EVERYTHING they have to fight each other. They start off in their original forms, move to their bikes, then the Dandeliners, then they bring out their Jimber Lemon Arms and Mango Arms and finally ends with Lord Baron charging Kachidoki Arms while both scream out the other's name.
  • The fight itself is incredibly epic. How so? Well, throughout the fight, the entire song "Ranbu Escalation" is playing in the background, with little to no cuts or breaks, that should give you an indicator that you're in for an amazing fight.
    Episode 46: Fate's Victor 
  • The thrilling conclusion to Kouta VS Kaito.
    • How Kouta gets around his destiny - upon being given the Forbidden Fruit and transforming into the Man of the Beginning, he chooses not to destroy Earth to create a new world, instead using his power to open a crack to a desolate planet and send all the Inves and Helheim plants through it so he and Mai can create a new world in peace. When challenged that doing so is more difficult than just taking Earth, Kouta replies that with his new power, he has no reason to fear the darkness. Take a Third Option at its best.
    • Kouta defeats Kaito by breaking Kaito's sword and stabbing him with a shard of the blade, despite having been beaten in Kiwami Arms just moments before.
    • The demonstration of Kouta's new godhood. With a wave of his hand, he opens a portal to a distant, dying world (which he seemingly found with such a thought) and removes every scrap of Helheim from the world in seconds. That is an impressive image to say the least.
    Episode 47: Transform! And To The Future 
  • When Kohgane returns, Takatora (who was going to fight Kougane himself) allows Hideyasu to use the last Kurokage Trooper Sengoku Driver and Matsubokkuri Lockseed to honor Hase's memory in battle against Kougane.
    • Before that, Takatora, Jonouchi and Oren charge into battle with the monster while fully aware they don't have their Rider powers anymore, knowing that they might lose or take a beating, but still fighting fearlessly. Once a Rider, always a Rider.
      • Even before that, as soon as Kougane transformed in front of Mitsuzane, the latter simply charged into battle against the former without a second thought, despite not having his belt with him at the time.
  • Mitsuzane steps up as Ryugen to fight Kohgane as his first step towards atoning for his actions throughout the season, declaring that he and the other Armored Riders will have to be the heroes in Kouta's absence.
    • What makes it more awesome? Despite being pushed into a hard spot, Mitsuzane actually wins against Kohgane, while fighting against the accompanying monster at the same time! If it weren't for the Hostage Situation Kohgane had, Mitsuzane wouldn't have required Kouta's help. It shows just how far Micchy has come from the dark side when, instead of sacrificing an innocent to end a foe at his mercy, he lowers his weapon instead.
  • Kouta returns to give Mitsuzane a much-needed hand. They both transform and, while running towards Kohgane, Gaim throws Ryugen his Daidaimaru while he uses his Musou Saber as Just Live More starts up in the background. During the fight, they work together like a well-oiled machine.
  • It should be pointed out here that, aside from Ryugen's involvement, this is a fight between Kougane, the embodiment of the Golden Fruit, and Kouta, the chosen wielder of the Golden Fruit.
  • Also, at one point, Kohgane tries to use a Limit Break against the duo, but Kouta just stops the attack with a wave of his hand while saying: Like I said before, there's no real gold in you.
  • DOUBLE. RIDER. KICK. An epic way to end the season.


  • The freaking OPENING was an awesome job. The song is very cool and has very strong lyrics. The images on the video just add, with the symbolism of the rider and human forms. It's amazing how well it was crafted.
    • The fences are also symbolic. How they are shown (Zangetsu pointing his sword to Ryugen and Kouta's past and actual self) is awesome.
    • Bonus points for when Gaim is shown slashing a monster and then dancing with his team like nothing has happened. The monster, as we saw, is Yuya, which just adds to the power of the sequence.
    Ressha Sentai To Qger VS Kamen Rider Gaim Spring Vacation Combining Special 
  • This special brought some lighthearted moments and some definite funny moments, but it seems the most noteworthy moments happened at the end of the episode:
    • When it seemed like the Badan Mooks were going to overwhelm Kouta, Kaito, Micchy, and Right, the ToQGers appear to help Right out and even up the odds.
    • Kamen Rider Fifteen’s Villainous Rescue to save the Mogura-Roid, showing off his eerie and dark power by easily beating down the ToQGers.
    • Following the above, three of the Showa Riders (#1, #2, and V3) appear to handle Fifteen as the ToQGers finish off Mogura-Roid.
    • When we cut back to Kouta’s fight against the Mogura-Roid, he makes short work of the Badan general once he switches to Kachidoki Arms and shows off the DJ Gun's Daiken Mode, with the Kachidoki Charge stating that its power is immeasurable! Whenever Gaim uses the Musou Saber it counts up to 1000, implying that the resulting attack is that many times stronger than a Squash, Au Lait, or Sparking finisher. The DJ Gun in Daiken mode begins by counting out one ten hundred and ten thousand trillion before giving up and shouting "IMMEASURABLE!"
    Kamen Rider Gaim: Final Stage 
  • Most of these result in the lead crying at some point or another, but Gaku Sano was able to fight back crying... until he began to sing Rise Up Your Flag.
  • Any time Kouta calls himself a Kamen Rider. He earned the title.
    Gaim Gaiden 2: Kamen Rider Knuckle 
  • Zack uses a Jinba Mode, making him the second Rider in the show to use one.
    • The context is even better. Zack takes on Shura to stop him from continuing to expand Neo Baron based on a twisted interpretation of Kaito's ideals. It's clear that Zack's a better fighter than Shura, but Shura is able to regain the upper hand by setting some goons on him and starts delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, even going back into Black Baron form to try and kill Zack. At this point, Peko returns and it's revealed what Zack asked him to do: go and get the Genesis Core from Kaito's heavily-damaged Genesis Driver. Peko throws Zack the Core and with that, Zack is finally able to use the Marron Energy Lockseed.
    "Kurumi! Marron Energy! Lock on! Kurumi Arms! Mister Knuckleman! Jinba Marron!"
    • Earlier on, Zack sees that Peko has been forced into Shura's group, and intends to get him out. Shura then offers that if Zack can beat his best fighter, he'll allow Peko to go. Despite Zack managing to win, Shura then pulls an I Lied and sics the other members of his group on Zack, alongside turning into Black Baron to try and kill Zack. Cue Oren showing up to help even the odds significantly, and allow Zack and Peko to escape.
    Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Gridon VS Kamen Rider Bravo 
  • Gridon's new upgrade form vs the berserker Bravo is a wel choreographed fight that not only plays on the surprisingly touching relationship they developed in the series but gives Gridon some legitimate moments to shines. Plus a new catchphrase!
  • Takatora, the most skilled fighter in the series, has taken on the role of protector Kouta used to fulfill and now has access to an extremely powerful final form. So when we see him go up against Sylphi it's not only awesome how much of a curb stomp it is but to have him openly take on the mantle at the end.
  • Even before the premiere ep, the "audience submissions" to Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger has Kouta's actor pull off some crazy stunts.


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