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Big brother and little brother in action.

  • #3: When Kouta is depressed over what his sister says, Bando gives Kouta a parfait to cheer him up. It is small, but still a nice gesture.
  • #4: When Kouta's fearful for his life, Mai says she'll hide the Sengoku Driver, and the two Lockseeds Kouta has. She then tells him he's free to visit the Team again, and the smile on her face makes sure you believe she's being sincere. Aww....
  • #5: When Kouta heard that Micchi was in trouble, he immediately tried to bust the barrier surrounding the stage down. When that doesn't work, he asks Mai for the Driver and Lockseeds, knowing that he'll be heading into danger once more.
    • Or how much Mitchy respects Kouta. Despite Mitchy liking Mai, he sincerely looks up to Kouta. When Kaito made fun of Kouta, Mitchy angrily responded that Kaito has no right to do so.
  • #7: Mai being supportive of Kouta during his and Micchi's battle with Oren, simply her cheering Kouta on brings a smile to one's face.
  • #11: For the first time, we see Kouta join up in dancing with the team, which all in all is sweet.
    • Earlier, when the Yggdrasill came is being overrun by Inves, one of the scientists (who had previously shown glee in using the Beat Riders as lab rats) begs Kouta to save them. Despite being royally pissed off and rightfully calling the man a Hypocrite, Kouta still can't bare to see people being hurt and steps in to save them. It's at this point you know Kouta has the heart of a Kamen Rider: he can't stand to see people hurt if he can do something about it.
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  • #12: Mai and Kaito reminiscing about old Zawame and the now-destroyed Takatsukasa Shrine. It's implied they've met there when they were children, with Kaito watching a young Mai dance. Said conversation also really brings out their contrasting personalities: While Kaito sees his memories as nothing but fuel for his hate of Yggdrasill, Mai treasures them to become a better dancer and remind people of the old times.
  • #13: Kaito abandoning his fight with Bravo to tend to his hurt teammate.
  • #14: Baron holding off Zangetsu Shin, while Gaim goes to try and stop the now turned Inves, Hase. It shows that Kaito actually sees Kouta as a bit of a friend, and is willing to help him if the situation calls for it.
  • #15: DJ Sagara shows that he respects all the Armored Riders, and finds them exciting. When Kouta tells him that he seeks power to protect others, he is so impressed that he gives Kouta a spare Lemon Energy Lock Seed, and a Genesis Driver Drive Bay. He then tells Kouta so long as he keeps shaking things up, he'll keep helping him. He then "forgets" his Yggdrasil keycard, which facilitates Kouta's and Kaito's escape, along with the retrieval of their drivers and locks.
    • Micchy stops Kouta from learning about Yuya's fate. It's both kind and heartwrenching.
  • #16: After spending the last few episodes debating on whether or not having power would turn normal people into monsters, Kouta asks Bando for his advice. Bando responds claiming while not all people that have powers are bad, there are heroes despite not having powers. The Heartwarming part being that Bando took Kouta's question seriously and manages to talk Kouta out of his depression.
    • A minor one, but when Rat shows up and reveals that he is okay, Bando's reaction is to smile and loudly offer all of Team Gaim free drinks to celebrate. It shows that Bando really does care about the kids who come to his establishment.
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    • A little while before that point, Takatora and Micchy have their first real on-camera talk. It's the longest conversation the two of them have up to this point, and it's kinda sweet.
      • Or even the fact that Takatora's REAL reason for not wanting his brother to have a Driver is because he wanted to keep his brother safe himself.
  • #17: Mitsuzane deciding to spare Kouta from losing his Sengoku Driver after recalling a moment earlier on in the episode when Kouta called them friends forever, and distracting Minato long enough to allow Kouta to drive her away.
    • Oren rigging Jonouichi's Driver and stopping him from attacking a customer of his restaurant, A.K.A. Kouta's sister, shows us that he's not a jerkass 24/7.
  • #18: All of the dance teams show up to support Team Gaim and Baron in their dance show.
    • Followed by all the messages of support from online viewers, in the face of the tough time the Beat Riders are going through due to being blamed for attracting Inves with their games.
  • The Tokkyuger crossover special has Right wind up in the Helheim forest... and then is lured by the Helheim fruit. Cue Kouta blasting the fruit, knowing full well what it'd do to him.
    • Gaim's friendship with the Tokkyugers is this. After episode after episode of realizing that he's alone in this battle with only a few untrustworthy people to rely on, it's good that Kouta found others who are just as moral as he is.
      • Even better: Kouta is smiling again. The last few episodes were hell on his psyche and he wasn't able to smile even once. Now he's able to relax for a moment.
    • Kouta's attempt to get Mai out of Zawame City by having her join the Tokkyugers on Rainbow Line.. It shows that Kouta really cares about Mai's safety and well-being. It was enough to make Tokatti think Kouta was in love with Mai
      • Or the fact that he trusted the Tokkyugers enough to protect Mai
  • #24: Mai being worried over Kouta, and hoping that Micchy can help him in someway. She later tries to get Kaito to dance again. Kaito, being Kaito, just says dancing was a waste of time and tells her if she can still dance in the future, then he'll respect her.
  • #25: On a lighter note, we learn that Oren actually does care for Jonouichi and that Jonouichi is starting to regret his actions, saying he misses his time with Hase.
    • We also see at least some residents of the city are starting to appreciate the Armored Riders defending them from the Inves attacks.
  • #26: Mai finally gets tired of Kouta not telling her what's going on, and demands answers. And instead of trying to keep the secret like Micchy's been telling him to do, Kouta tells her the truth of Helheim and Yuya's fate
    • The moment Kouta told her everything, Mai actually goes to his side and hugs him, recognizing that he's been bearing this great burden all alone and tells him that he shouldn't have to do so. No accusations, no "I hate you", just understanding and support, much like Takatora's temporary alliance with Kouta in #19-21.
  • #27: Kaito actually getting pissed at Micchy for attacking Kouta when his back was turned, and even saying he doesn't really consider Kouta an enemy and more of a nuisance as his defense for not killing him while he's knocked out. It's not even really an Enemy Mine type thing, he's just disgusted Micchy would go for a cheap shot like that. Kaito may not be the nicest guy, but puts honor and strength above all else.
    Kamen Rider Baron: My enemies are those who'd shoot the strong in the back!
    • He even (off-screen) carried unconscious Kouta up into a tree and covered him with branches to protect him from Inves. Just imagining it is weirdly sweet.
    • Takatora wanting to reduce the cost of production on the Sengoku Drivers so they can produce more Drivers faster, so that as many people can be saved as possible.
    • Takatora and Kouta shaking hands. Finally, after so long, Kouta finally find someone that shares the same ideal as him. Unfortunately it doesn't last.
  • #28: It's nice to see Takatora with an air of serenity that mirrors one that Kouta had during the ToQGer Crossover, and how discovering someone who had similar ideals put Takatora at ease from the tension of the Helheim conflict and Project Ark.
    • When Kouta laments that he can't get a job, Bandou indirectly hires him by putting up a Help Wanted flyer for "serving and general help" as well as "[defending] Zawame City." Kouta's reaction is to hug Bandou and exclaim his gratitude.
      • Kaito coming to save Kouta. They generally don´t get along, but Kaito sees Kouta as worthy opponent, who has his respect.
    • Takatora's last action? Urging Micchy to help Kouta defend humanity. While the event itself is tear jerking, it's nice to see that even in his dying breaths, Takatora still wishes to defend the world.
  • #29: Mai decided to fill in for Kouta whenever he had to go out and protect the city. Meaning that she's working for free, and she's fine with it because she wants to help him.
  • #31: Kaito gives up his chance to defeat the Overlord Deemushu to save Kouta after Yggdrasill interrupts their fight to get rid of Kouta.
    • Just moments prior to Yggdrasil showing up to attempt to capture Demushu and Kaito's escape with Kouta, Kaito took a hit that was meant to kill Kouta right when Kouta was forcibly unmorphed and downed.
    • Roshuo's treatment of Takatora in general. Not only did he save his life, but protects him from Sid. It seems the guy has taken a liking to the human.
  • #32: Kaito and Zack arriving to help Yoko, who is being overhelmed by large amount of Inves. With Oren and Jonouchi coming shortly after. They put their differences aside and teamed up to take on the monsters flooding the city.
    • Kouta's reason for taking the Kiwami Lockseed is that he can't bring himself to abandon Kaito and the others. This is to the point that he physically struggles through Sagara's power to take the Lockseed even though Mai's pleading with him not to because Sagara isn't telling him everything.
  • #33: Mai and Kaito have a moment and talk about their strengths, with both sides invoking You Are Better Than You Think You Are moments when one side felt they had nothing to contribute.
  • #35: Despite how evil he is now, Micchy is still willing to help his friends, rescuing two members of Team Gaim from the machine that would revive the Overlord Queen, and offering Mai a chance to stay safe.
  • #36: Takatora and Kouta's bonding moment. They talk mainly about Mitsuzane, with both of them sharing a bit of their family history with the other. And most importantly, doubling as a Tear Jerker as well: Takatora saying that if Mitsuzane had had a big brother like Kouta, he probably would not have followed the wrong path.
    • Earlier than that, Kaito finds Mai practicing her dance moves and they talk for a bit. With Kaito admitting that, in her own way, Mai is strong.
  • #37: This episode can be summed up in a way of telling the Japanese team at the Fifa Cup, "Good luck, us Kamen Riders will be supporting you all the way".
    • Also seeing Hase alive again, after the horrible way he died in the main timeline.
  • #39: Despite his development so far, Mitsuzane grabbing Redue's arm and threatening to end their partnership should she even lay a finger on Mai is enough to show he does truly care about her. Essentially because he has been saying over and over that opposing the Overlords is an impossible task but should Mai be harmed he's more than willing to fight them. Also, his leaving Mai with Roshuo so she'll be safe from Redue, who he does not trust in the slightest.
  • #40 After all of the pure stuff of nightmares, when Kouta's just about given up hope to fighting the fact he will turn into an Inves, he hears Mai's voice, telling him to never give up. This allows Kouta to break free from the dream state Inves form he was in, and fight back to get out.
    • Mai's faith in Kouta. Even when Sagara is wondering what would Kouta do - give up the world and save himself? or save the world through his own destruction? - Mai tearfully states that his choice has always been the same. Cue Kouta breaking out of the illusion.
  • #41: After all he went through, Roshuo can finally be united with his wife in death.
  • #43: Micchy realizing his mistakes after killing Kouta (apparently). Better late then never?
    • Kouta managing to reach Mitsuzane and forgiving him of his actions, after all that was said and done with everyone else (especially some of the viewers) writing him off as a lost cause. Jesus has quite the running mate in compassion.
  • #44: Kouta comforting Mai in her dreams and giving her back the You Are Not Alone words from #26 which helped him hang in there until today.]
  • #45: Yoko's loyalty to Kaito, even if it cost her her life, she stayed by his side til the bitter end. Kaito holding her in his arms as she dies is really sweet.
  • #46: Micchy going to see Takatora in the hospital.
    • Despite being beaten and dying, Kaito's last words to Kouta are that Kouta is truly strong, the highest praise Kaito can give.
    • In spite of everything Micchy pulled, seeing that he was still suffering with the enormity of his crimes, Kouta healed Takatora with the power of the forbidden fruit just so Micchy would have someone to help him move past his guilt and become someone good again.
    • Another one involving Micchy. After all the crap he did, Zack was still willing to forgive him and invite him to dance with everyone again.
    • Did you doubt that Jonouichi misses Hase? He puts up a missing person's poster for him. Overlaps with Tear Jerker due to Hase being dead.
    • Another for Jonouichi. As if to further solidify that he had come a long way since his scheming, calculating old self that abandoned Hase, he now proudly wears a sleeved version of Oren's patisserie outfit, standing next to him at the reopening of Charmant. Urobuchi's words about the audience liking and relating with him may have fallen flat at first, but, at least with this troper, he became a good man.
    • When Sagara states that Kouta's choice will be hard and lonely. Kouta simply states he isn't alone and reaches for Mai. Mai takes his hand and says that she isn't scaried as long as they are together, while smiling.
  • #47: Jonouichi, upon being told of Hase's death at the hands of Yggdrasill, asks Takatora to allow him to use the last Kurokage Trooper Sengoku Driver and Matsubokkuri Lockseed in honor of Hase. Takatora lets him.
    • The montage used when Jonouichi transforms into Kurokage: Him and Hase transforming side by side.
    • The interactions between the Kureshima brothers, full stop. Just from their first lines this episode, you can tell how much their relationship has changed. After 46 episodes of secrets, lies and a good deal of ignorance, they now genuinely seem to care about each others' wellbeing. What's more, after defeating Kougane and seeing his friends rushing toward him, the one person Mitsuzane chooses to focus on is his smiling brother.
    • Then there's the fact that Mitsuzane, after winning the first fight against Kougane, had the chance to end the villain's life just by pulling a trigger. The price? The life of the girl Kougane was possessing. Mitsuzane doesn't pull the trigger, willingly turning off his driver. If there were any doubts about Mitsuzane being on the right path, they were quelled with that act.
    • Mitsuzane's smile after finally being able to put the past behind.
    • Takatora and Akira meeting to talk about their younger brothers.
    • Kouta assuring Micchy that they'll always be friends.
    • Mitsuzane's reunion with Kouta and his newfound resolve to move on from the past deeds becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight with this tidbit: The last time Micchy and Kouta interacted with each other was when the former mortally wounded the latter and believed that he was dead. This, along with Mai's human death, caused him to snap and reflect on his vain attempts to keep the only things that made him truly happy. It's no wonder why he was able to move on after Kouta came to his aid: because he knows that he didn't kill him like he did Mai.
    • The final scene, in which the two kids Kaito and Kouta helped out in the beginning, meet up and dance with the young women Kougane possessed, all while being observed by Kaito, whose spirit has been bonded with the tree thanks to Mai and Kouta.
    • Kouta's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner as he and Micchy stand together against Kogane.
    Kouta: This is our stage now.
  • Gaim Gaiden, Kamen Rider Zangetsu: Takatora sharing an apple pie with Touka. Even if it's a flashback, it's nice to see, at some point, Takatora is able to smile.

  • Meta
    • All of this.
    • The whole of the Live & Talk Show portion of the Final Stage Show. Gaku Sano (Kouta) nearly breaks down crying while performing Rise Up Your Flag, and nearly all of the cast has trouble holding back tears during their last words to the audience. Right before Sano ends it out, Yutaka Kobayashi (Kaito) presents him with a T-Shirt signed by the rest of the cast. Then, what else to end the performance entirely but to lead a cheer of the Kachidoki rallying cry.

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