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Ladies and gentleman, our hero.

There's no question of Kamen Rider Gaim being one of, if not the darkest, most terrifying and emotionally-draining series in the whole of the Neo-Heisei era. But that doesn't mean that it can't have plenty of laughter-inducing moments to break up the tension from time to time.

Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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TV Episodes

     Episode 1: Transform! The Orange from the Sky!? 
  • After he transforms, Kouta tries chasing the Invase up to the tower its climbed by doing a wirefu jump. Cue the monster kicking him back down right after he lands.
  • Kouta then resorts to telling the Byakko Inves to wait, as he runs up a nearby staircase. When he gets to the top he says "Sorry to keep you waiting" and immediately gets attacked.
  • Just Kouta reacting to his first transformation. It just feels so human, it's ridiculous.
"Am I an orange?"
     Episode 2: Certain Kill! Pine Kick! 
  • Kouta practices his henshin poses, just like a superhero fanboy would do.
    • When he gets back home, he goes to his room and transforms. His sister hears the sound effects and goes to check… which results in her staring at him with a mix of shock and horror while he, in the full Gaim armor, continues talk to her as if it's the most natural thing in the world.
    • And he apparently continues practicing his transformation, to the point where his sister chews him out for being so loud late at night. This is followed by Kouta jumping into bed while still in the Gaim armor.
    • Kouta also tries to use his newfound powers in his two jobs, with rather underwhelming but hilarious results. He doesn't even bother to maintain a Secret Identity and transforms in front of others.
    • And whenever he transforms in public, he tries out a brand-new pose, complete with really silly facial expressions.
    • Kouta's attempt to make curry deliveries with the suit, which sees him trying to wedge his unwieldy armor into that little three-wheeled bike. The curry shop owner hears a commotion and comes out in time to see the bike, which is on its side on the ground, with Gaim stuck in side lamely kicking his right leg and saying "Ow, ow, ow..."
     Episode 3: Shock! The Rival's Banana Transformation!? 
     Episode 6: Durian Rider, Go To War! 
  • When they initially debut as Riders, Hase introduces himself as Armored Rider Kurokagenote , and then introduces Jounouchi as Gridonnote 
    • It's Gridon's "WTF" reaction to his new name that really sells it.
  • Kouta gets rejected for a job interview by Oren Pierre Alfonzo, causing him to get antsy at the mere mention of cakes - and Mai shows up with a whole box of them, precisely from Oren's shop. The last straw is when Kouta sees the man's face on the box card, causing him to hiss like a cat at it.
  • Ryoji and Hideyasu's little training sequence with the makeshift training dummy, especially seeing Hideyasu fumbling about as Ryoji makes the dummy shoot at him.
     Episode 7: Great Ball Watermelon, Big Bang! 
  • Mai fawning over Bravo, her expression when Kaito mentions that he got a challenge from him was flat out gold!
    • Iyo does the "I'm going on break" thing again once Kaito appears... And Bando lampshades her picking the best times to leave.
    • Her reaction to seeing Bravo arrive to challenge Gaim and Ryugen is also priceless, but this is where she changes her tune about him.
  • Suika (watermelon) Arms debut. You know how the other arms are fruits that are relatively small in real life? Suika is scaled appropriately to them.
    • Micchy and Mai praying when they saw just how big the Suika Arms is. Note that Micchy is still in Ryugen form.
    • Kouta trying to hold it when it falls on top of him... Only for it to crush him flat.
    • Bravo splitting Suika Arms into 6 pieces like a watermelon.
    • Bravo eyes cartoonishly bugging out when Gaim (in Watermelon Arms) punches him.
  • Bravo gets ready to take on Gaim and Ryugen at the same time... only to be interrupted by his phone ringing. Then running off to take care of his bakery shop. Gaim and Ryugen synchronized "Oi" and arm motions is also hilarious.
  • Kouta's chagrin of Mai and the rest of Team Gaim celebrating with a cake from Charmant.
     Episode 8: Baron's New Power, Mango! 
  • A transformed Kouta riding the Sakura Hurricane into Helheim Forest...and right off a cliff. Bonus points for the embarrassing pose he lands in.
     Episode 9: The Monster Inves Capture Battle! 
  • Gaim's first fight with a rouge Inves has Gaim trying to say his Catchphrase, only to be interrupted.
  • Team Gaim's plan to lure out the Inves. The plan sounds okay enough, taking an unripe Lock Seed out of Helheim to use as bait - until it starts attracting all sorts of unwanted attention (from kids, and crows). The scene is not so funny when you know what happens to whoever eats the fruit.
    • The way everyone hides is pretty funny too. Chucky, Rica and Ryugen hide behind some fence they covered in vines while Rat, Mai and Gaim hide in trashcans. Gaim even has his head crest sticking out of the lid!
    • When Gaim tries to shoo away the crows, they start pecking him. Cut to Gaim a few seconds later, sitting on the ground, surrounded by black feathers and sobbing quietly with a visible black aura of gloom, until Mai grabs him by the shoulder and drags him off, still sobbing.
    • Kouta makes the absolutely hairbrained decision of asking around about said rogue Inves in full Gaim outfit. Not to mention that he managed to find the one passerby that Screams Like a Little Girl. Mai drags him off by the helmet for his troubles.
     Episode 10: Rider Great Assembly! Revealing The Mystery of the Forest! 
  • We finally see Ryoji and Jonouchi again... dressed in dopey reindeer outfits to earn enough to replace their Lockseeds. Cue the amused parent pulling away the curious child.
  • We have most of the riders fighting Inves without transforming. Kaito and Micchy show off some impressive stunts, while Ryoji just smacks through them and even holds one down so Hideyasu can attack it. Hideyasu, well, punches the monsters like Glass Joe. The contrast is freaking hilarious.
  • Jonouchi acting snarky to Micchy when they start deviating from the rules of the competition he made.
  • Kouta henshins... while in a Santa outfit.
     Episode 11: The Truth Behind The Christmas Game 
  • Bravo falls in Love at First Sight...with Zangetsu. Complete with Gaussian Girl effect and Love Bubbles.
    • Even funnier, at one point the spikes above Bravo's eyes almost look like eyelashes, causing him to look like a stereotypical lovestruck girl in a spiky suit of armor.
    • Though all of us expected Zangetsu's reaction to his declaration of love, his "...Shut up" with a hint of disgust proves that even Zangetsu is disturbed by Bravo.
    • Baron's Banana Au Lait finisher has him pulling a Sanger Zomvold impression, only with a giant energy banana attached to his spear.
    • Gridon executes his Donguri Au Lait finisher by falling (not jumping) out of a tree and landing hammer-first on an Inves. What really sells it is how the attack has zero special effects attached to it — no fancy explosion, no giant energy acorn, nothing — which serves to underscore how much of a Joke Character Gridon really is.
  • How the game ends, in the end Micchy finds a case of Lockseeds. As such he collects 213 Lockseeds. In comparison, Baron who got second place only got 8, Gridon got 2, while both Kurokage and Bravo didn't get anything.
    • Even funnier, that case of Lockseeds belonged to Yggdrasil. As part of a deal, all the Lockseeds go to Sid, who is secretly part of Yggdrasil. So in short, Miccy stole from Yggdrasil... and then gave it right back.
     Episode 12: New Generation Of Riders Appear! 
  • Oren obsessing over a Zangetsu-themed cake, obviously still being head over heels for him. Then Hideyasu appears, and Oren promptly hires him and chases him around the counter. The desperate look on Hideyasu's face when he has to get to work is priceless.
  • Micchy and Kouta try to discuss what just happened in Helheim in the Good-Guy Bar, because Yggdrasil's agents could be listening in from anywhere. Cue the Iyo in the background, suddenly looking very ominous indeed. And moving to another table doesn't really help.
     Episode 13: Gaim & Baron, Tag Of Friendship! 
  • Kouta gets interrupted by his sister while writing his CV for a job application. He yells "What is it?", only to discover that he just wrote the very same thing on the paper.
  • Oren pulling a distraught Hideyasu through some "harsh re-education". Bonus points for capturing his suffering on camera.
    • And then Mai's reaction: "This is our chance to learn baking at Charmant!"
  • It seems Kouta still hasn't gotten used to transforming into fruit-themed warriors, if "Whoa! I'm a banana!" is anything to go by.
  • If you can read katakana, then there's a funny moment to be found in the speech bubbles that translate Bravo's French. When he gets knocked down before Gaim and Baron's finisher, he shouts "Incroyable!", which gets subtitled as "Sonna bakana!". When he gets hit by the finisher, he shouts "C'est incroyable!". But despite what he says not really being changed, this time it gets translated as "Sonna banana!".
  • Bravo abandons the fight against Gaim and Baron because his mousse needs his attention.
  • When Gaim remembers the Inves still on the loose, he immediately rushes off. Baron is left running after him loudly demanding that he return his Banana Lock Seed.
     Episode 14: The Secret Of Helheim's Fruits 
  • For a pretty serious episode, there is one moment where Iyo's first response to Hase turning into an Inves at Drupers is to brandish a broom like a sword.
     Episode 15: The Man Who Developed the Belts 
  • Upon meeting the creator of their Sengoku Drivers, Kouta and Kaito's first reaction is to ask about the ridiculous belt sounds. Ryoma's response?
"What can I say? It's a guilty pleasure!" *grins*
  • Kaito's attempt to get the drop on Ryoma with Kouta? Throw playing cards at him. That have bananas on them.
    • It fails. Why? Because Yoko threw a PEN at the card, stopping it mid-flight!
    • Better yet, Prof. Ryoma turns around and seeing Kouta and Kaito now on the floor just keeps talking as if nothing happened!
     Episode 16: The New Arms! Jimber Lemon Is Born! 
  • Kouta experimenting with his new Lemon Energy Lockseed. Let's just say that the moment harkens back to #2 where he practices his henshin poses.
     Episode 17: The Peach Rider, Marika, Descends! 
  • After Mitsuzane gives Jonouchi the okay to attack Akira, Jonouchi attempts to transform. What makes this Funny rather than a Tear Jerker moment is that Oren had given Jonouchi a fake Acorn lockseed voiced by himself that causes a baking pan to fall onto Jonouchi's head and knock him unconscious.
    • Not to mention the Lockseed having Oren's voice, intoning "NIN-NIN-NINCOMPOOP!" in place of "Donguri Arms!" and mockingly singing "Never Give Up!" after Jonouchi gets pan'd.
      • Making this scene even better? Everyone witnessing the event save Oren has the face of "WTF is even happening?" and they are at a complete loss for words.
      • The icing on the cake is the oblivious/confused look Akira has as she turns around and sees Jonouchi on the floor, before returning to her meal nonchalantly.
    • Akira's "kidnapping"; she leaves a building, and we see several Men in Black tracking and following her. When we learn that she's at Charmant, we get a Flash Back that shows her winning a complimentary meal as part of a lottery...and we see the same Men in Black, wearing pink haori overcoats and dancing around behind the booth.
    • The reason Oren agreed to the whole deal? He wanted to meet Zangetsu. Complete with Bravo-vision.
     Episode 18: Farewell, Beat Riders 
  • Jonouichi tries to figure out which one of his Donguri lockseeds is real. The one he (eventually) tries is the fake one again and he gets showered in empty soda cans. The second time results Oren's appearance and does a Memetic Mutation-worthy aerial pose before kicking Jonoichi, resulting in Jonoichi flying in an oddly anime-esque fashion.
    • Jonouchi gets assaulted by Oren via butt bump. In the face. And is sent flying away again.
  • Dancing Inves.
    • And Gaim's reaction to that, right after saying his catchphrase: "I said it was our stage!"
     Episode 21: Yggdrasill's Secret 
  • After Micchy finishes helping Zack defeat two Inves, Zack tries to take the money cases back to the bank it was taken from, only to note how heavy the cases are.
    • To put the above into perspective, the only things seen lifting the cases before Zack were the Inves (literally no effort) and the two criminals (who each held one of the money cases in one hand).
     Episode 22: The Truth of 1-7th 
  • When Kaito gives his speech on taking on Helheim to Kouta, you can see the latter facepalming.
     Episode 23: Now Depart For The Front Line! Kachidoki Arms! 
  • Kouta runs out of Drupers and actually paid Bando. We then see just how big Kouta's unpaid tab is and Bando's shock mug.
     Episode 24: The New Formidable Enemy: Over Lord 
  • Kouta doing some warm-up exercises.
    • Then him standing awkwardly in Jinba Peach Arms, and his joyous reaction to Jinba Peach's power. Which then ends with him calling to Micchy on the building he was on.
  • There's something funny about Kouta blitzing Sid/Sigurd with the Jinba Cherry Arms. AKA Sid's own Lockseed.
  • Micchy teasing that Mai seems to worry quite a bit over Kouta. Mai reacts like a Tsundere would deny it as fast as possible.
     Episode 25: Gridon & Bravo, The Strongest Tag 
  • It seems that we're in Breather Episode territory as this episode is as light-hearted as can possibly be:
    • Jonouchi is still getting the Butt-Monkey treatment when he incidentally sees Mai, Chucky, and one of the girls from Team Invitto meet up and laugh at him (albeit, they weren't aware of him being around, but Jonouchi still gets burned).
      • Which leads up to that moment later during Oren's 'charm school'. As in, Jounochi in drag. Mai and the girls come in for cake, take one look at him, and leave.
    • While Oren trains Jonouchi at the local playground, when it's Jonouchi's turn to chase Oren, he gets sent flying by a couple of mines that Oren planted beforehand in the sand. And there's the mantis jungle gym and its eyes following him...
  • While Kouta and Jonouchi catch up with life, Bando takes the feather boa Jonouchi brought with him on the ground and starts posing with it as Iyo takes the pictures.
    • Iyo still taking pictures of Bando's terrified face as Oren attacks Kouta in Druper's while morphed.
  • Iyo slapping Bravo around like a rag doll.
  • As Oren chases Kouta (who decides to transform outside of Druper's), Kouta accidentally falls down a flight of stairs trying to evade Oren, who does see the flight of stairs and tries to tread carefully, who ends up also slipping down that same flight of stairs.
  • The random "NEVER GIVE UP!!!" that keeps repeating throughout the episode.
     Episode 27: When You Know The Truth... 
  • Oren once again never disappoints.
    • Just before he and Kouta were about to henshin, Oren held up an Onigiri instead of his Durian Lockseed.
    • He finally meets his 'beautiful melon' again, Love Bubbles and Gaussian Girl effect prominent once more.
    • And what does he get for taking a blow intended for Takatora? He gets tossed through the crack and straight into our screens.
     Episode 28: The Betrayal Of Zangetsu 
  • The look on Kouta's face when he realizes he discarded his resume when the Inves attacked.
     Episode 30: The Red & Blue Kikaider 
  • Kouta and Jiro's interactions in the first few minutes, which involve Jiro leaving to find a dog that matched the one in the picture with Kid Kouta and the Orange Arms armor backing off from combining with Kouta when Jiro grabs Kouta's arm.
    • The orange even nodded when Kouta explained what was going on.
     Episode 33: Beat Riders' Great Gathering 
  • In the middle of the Curbstomp Battle between Gaim Kiwami Arms with Zangetsu-Shin and Duduonshuu, Gaim shoved one Kagematsu onto Duduonshuu and proceeds to continue beating Zangetsu-Shin. In the background, you can see Duduonshuu circling off the screen, with Kagematsu still stuck onto its body.
    • When it finally got the Kagematsu off and return to screen, it tries to sneak an attack on Gaim but Gaim defended it with Melon Defender and kicks the Donkachi at its head, with a fantastic roundhouse bicycle kick that would make Pele weep. Guys, the 2014 World Cup starts now.
     Episode 34: The King's Power & The Queen's Resurrection 
  • Oren's reaction towards Peko for assuming he's just guessing Zangetsu Shin isn't Takatora, which takes both Jonouchi and Zack holding him back from wailing on Peko.
  • Zack, Oren, and Jonouchi are running towards the location where a horde of Inves attacks civilians. Zack then suddenly stops dead on its track, with Oren and Jonouchi crashing into him moments later, causing all three to fall down to the pavement.
  • Jonouchi using Suika Arms. Since he doesn't know how to use it, Oren uses him as a wrecking ball instead. And Zack tries to avoid him while he (unintentionally) bounced around smashing the Inves to the ground. By the time it stops, Jonouchi is all but dizzy and knocked out in the floor.
     Episode 35: Micchy's Ark 
  • Gaim in Kiwami Arms gets the idea to detach the red mantle and use it on the new bull-type Overlord matador-style. Sure it seems like a Throw It In moment to sell the toy being able to do it too (to swap Arms with other figures), but then you get the bull going into a wall with an audible "ding".
  • While not as funny due to its implications, Kaito and Yoko's reaction when Kouta does not believe what they're telling him about Micchy deceiving him are quite entertaining. From Kaito's "I told you he wouldn't believe it" look, to Yoko rolling her eyes and sighing in exasperation.
     Episode 37: Baron's Soccer Showdown Summer Camp! 
  • All of the Soccer moves, done in full Rider armor, that would make Oliver Atom stare in awe as the ball becomes engulfed in fruit power.
  • Bravo with a Soccer team shirt... Over his Rider Armor! It's hard not to chuckle when he's on screen in that getup.
     Episode 39: The Do-Or-Die Tower Break-In Strategy! 
  • There's just something funny about the Kurumi Bomber suddenly falling from the ceiling during the fight.
  • As is Ryoma figuring out just how the cracks began to appear worldwide. He does this by running around, thinking back to what caused them, playing around with some of his teammates (like play-punching Oren), before realizing he himself is to blame for it. How does he react to it? With child-like glee.
     Episode 40: Awakening The Over Lord 
  • Ryoma and Kouta enter the room where people are having their life energy absorbed and Kouta asks Ryoma to do something about it. He shrugs and suggests they ask "that fellow over there." Said fellow is Redyue. When Kouta decides to fight her, Ryoma laments and says "And I did so want to have a chat... But it'll have to wait until our friend here has calmed down."
  • Later, Kaito's team finds their way into the same room (though Ryoma's made off to his lab by now and Kouta and Redyue took their battle elsewhere), and Zack wonders how they're going to get the siphoning masks off the victims. Kaito's answer? Break the central device with a swift stomp-kick.
     Episode 41: Clash! The Over Lord King 
  • Oren uses Hideyasu (with the help of a Donguri Sparking) as a human missile against Micchy. Making it more funny is the fact that they defeated Micchy as Zangetsu-Shin. It just goes to illustrate just how bad Mitsuzane is compared to Takatora.
     Episode 43: Baron's Ultimate Transformation 
  • The scene where Mai accepts her fate as the Woman at the Beginning is pretty jarring and a Tear Jerker in its own right, but when you realize the jar where the Forbidden Fruit was stored broke and keeps dripping with a flabbergasted Ryoma wondering just WHAT THE HELL happened, it certainly looks and SOUNDS like he just pissed himself in sheer and abject incomprehension.
    • Right before, it has him facing an enraged Micchy who called him out on killing Mai and that he promised him that he'd save her. His response? A dry and cold "I haven't the faintest idea why you believed me."
    • And after that, Ryoma ends up scribbling tons of stuff on the whiteboard trying to figure out what the hell's going on. He does this all while Mitsuzane is crying in the background. Oh, and he ignores Kaito and Minato walking in until they confront him over Mai's corpse.
    • What makes this all the funnier? When Micchy meets with him, he's seen drinking wine, implying that, for the entirety of this episode, Ryoma was drunk. Now look at the scene where he kills himself and try not to think that he drunkenly fell off and his death was just an accident.
     Episode 47: Transform! And To The Future 
  • The flashback at the start of the episode. Kouta easily crushes some Inves, and then freaks out as he's late for a job interview. Then, it cuts to him and Mitsuzane talking about why Kouta fights, with Kouta screwing around and making a ridiculous face (pictured above).
  • Jonouchi expressing his pride in having become a patissier. Complete with his transformation call (NEVER GIVE UP!!) coming out of nowhere.


     Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle 
  • Kouta happily slapping Kaito on the butt during the credits. The look on Kaito's face is a mix of both blank disbelief and suppressed rage.
  • During the sequence with the Legend Rider Arms, everyone gladly delivers their Legend Rider's Catchphrasenote ...everyone except Takatora, who has Fourze:
    "Uchuu KI...and that's as far as I'm willing to humor that notion."
    Haruto and Kouta: It's showtime!
    Nitoh, walking up to Gaim: Right Haruto, let's get started!
    Kouta, without even looking at him, points toward Haruto: Wrong one.
    Haruto: ... That was done on purpose.
  • The Warlords we see are all nods to previous characters, with some bringing their catchphrases with them. Kiva's is Keisuke Nago (who does say "Please return that life to the Lord!"), Double's is Ryu Terui in the role of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (who holds a sign saying "Don't question me!"), with Akiko as his wife (who hits "Ryu" with her shoe), OOO is Akira Date (who is instead a reference to the OOO segment of Movie Wars Core, being named Nobunaga), and Fourze's is Kengo Utahoshi.
     Ressha Sentai ToQger VS Kamen Rider Gaim Spring Vacation Combining Special 
  • The ToQger crossover itself takes place in the middle of a serious arc for Gaim, to say nothing of ToQger being a very comedic and lighthearted series. The result is that the Spring Gattai Special is part Breather Episode and part zany crossover that can be compared to the cast of Smile Pretty Cure! visiting the world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • When Kamen Rider Gaim and the ToQgers transform for the first time to fight the monsters, they stopped their posing when they finally noticed the other transforming. When they all fully transformed, they stood staring at each other for a few moments before suddenly exclaiming in surprise.
    Kouta: HENSHIN!
    Rider Belt: Lock On!
    Sentai Band: Now transforming. Please stay behind the white line.
    Right, Tokatti, Mio, Hikari, and Kagura: TOQ CHANGE!
    Rider Belt: Soiya!
    (Both transform)
    Kouta: (pauses posing and notices the Rainbow Line Sentai transforming) Huh? (Henshin is still going)
    Rider Belt: Orange Arms! In the spotlight on stage!
    Right, Tokatti, Mio, Hikari, and Kagura: (pauses posing and notices Kouta transforming) Huh? (Henshin is still going)
    (Transformations complete. Beat)
    Kouta: ...
    Right, Tokatti, Mio, Hikari, and Kagura: ...
    Everyone: EEEEEEHHH!!??!?
    • Mogura-Roid tries to call up another of his brethren. Instead he opens a crack and calls out a Lion Inves....which then attacks him!
      • His second attempt meets the same conclusion.
      • Mogura-Roid himself is so utterly out of place in Gaim's setting that it somehow becomes hilarious.
  • No love for Bando? He slumps in defeat after Mai damages his pride by saying Charmant's desserts are better than Druper's fruits alongside Tokatti (who is slumping because he got saddled with having to pay the Druper's bill).
    • Fridge Brilliance: do Zawame shops even have the Rainbow Pass automated paying things?
  • Narutaki with a monkey hand puppet, appear to give Kouta a Rainbow Pass. Narutaki's puppet then tells them to give his regards to Ticket.
    • Turns out Narutaki is a regular passenger on the Rainbow Line.
  • Takatora somehow not seeing the battle between the ToQGer mech and the giant Inves... despite it taking place right outside of Yggdrasil's tower.
    • Cue the yanking of collars when one factors in that just a few episodes ago, he was more than willing to blow up the city if so much as one Inves emerged from a tiny crack on a bridge. Granted, he can't do that anymore, but the more serious-minded viewer would wonder what would happen if he turned around.
    • Micchy's plan to call out the Mole Badan so they could rescue Mai. It involves him and Kaito transformed with flags strapped to their back like Kachidoki Arms, fighting. It worked somewhat.
  • Right and the second Mogura-Roid calling Kaito "Banana Man." He's not amused.
  • Mogura-Roid getting frustrated at the number of Riders that are disrupting his plans. He thinks Gaim is a tangerine, and Ryugen (who he's fighting at the time) a grape. Gaim shows up sword swinging, exclaiming: "I'm not a tangerine, I'm an orange!"
     Heisei Rider VS Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai 
  • When the Generalissimo of Badan appears, he transforms into a giant T-Rex. Cue Sentai teams coming into handle him. First Daigo Kiryu appears, and has Gabutyra attack the Generalissimo. Then the ToQgers show up, calling upon their giant mech, ToQ-Oh. The DenLiner, piloted by Den-O (or rather, Momotaros transformed into Den-O), combines with the ToQ-Oh only for Daigo to declare that it's wrong, convert Gabutyra into a Ressha, combine with the ToQ-Oh, and demote the Denliner from the head to the legs.
    • The announcement is even funnier:
  • The end credits have paper-animated Riders racing on their bikes. Except Shin, who's running like mad.
     Kamen Rider Gaim: Fresh Orange Arms Is Born! ~You Can Also Seize It! The Power Of Fresh~ 
  • This Hyper Battle DVD. Where do we start?
    • We start with Kota screaming, "MY LOCKSEED!!!!"
    • The Mysterious Girl appears in the Gaim hangout acting...mysterious. Then she teleports and she's now in DJ Sagara's Beat Rider show where she hands out "fresh" challenges. These include:
      • Cleaning the Gaim hangout, leading to Kota to super clean as if he was on fast-forward.
      • "Fresh Sweet": Where Kaito shows his cooking skills.
      • "Fresh Smile:" Kaito and his dorky grin. Enough said.
      • There's a bit of a meta-joke here; the Mysterious Girl is taking Sagara's role just like he arguably took hers.
      • At the end when Kaito does a "fresh smile" (after practicing more dorky grins in a hand mirror) he ends up powering the Pine Lockseed into Fresh Pine instead.
     Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup! 
  • Kouta follows the sounds of cheering while trying to find the wayward Lapis... and finds himself in a packed soccer stadium. Considering he just walked from the ruins of Zawame, the sheer Mood Whiplash makes Kouta yell in shock.
  • Kouta reacting to the cameos of two Japanese soccer stars, as well as the random "SOIYA" sound effect.
  • Kouta stirring the Gaim crowd after making a goal.
  • Sid does not want to be part of this at all, and turns to Yoko about her opinion, as his is that this is troublesome. Her's is to juggle a soccer ball.
  • The random Sentai-like pose Team Charmant did.
  • Micchy realizes that he's in an alternate reality when Takatora mentions visiting his wife in the hospital, since Takatora isn't supposed to be married. Then he also remembers that he (allegedly) killed Takatora.
    Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle 
  • Kouta and Shinnosuke introducing themselves to each other
    Shinnosuke: I'm Kamen Rider Drive, a humble civil servant. And who are you supposed to be?
    Kouta: I'm Kamen Rider Gaim. Let's see... well, to put it simply as possible... I'm some sort of space god now. I think...
     Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden 
  • Shapool. Just the mere fact that an overly enthusiastic Kaito-lookalike running around Zawame and baffling everyone who knows Kaito is hilarious enough as is.
  • Oren is mad at Jonouchi for letting Shapur enter the kitchen of Charmant. Cue Oren screaming "Bakamon!", which just like Oren's fake Donguri Lockseed in #17, it made a pan fall on top of Jonouchi's head once again.
  • Gridon vs Bravo: Taketora pulling a “This message will self-destruct”… over a Skype call. Cue the phone going up in flames.
    Meta and Out of Canon 
  • The 2014 Super Hero Time outro, where Kouta tries to take ToQ 5's place in the ending pose, and she runs in to push him out of the way.
    • And it keeps rolling on. You can almost hear ToQ 5 telling Ryugen and Baron: "No, but seriously, can you tell him to cut this out?" "We already HAVE an Orange coming."
    • It gets better, after a cut we see that Ryugen, Gaim and Baron doing the same same sentai stance as the ToQgers. And then when ToQ 1 high fiveing Gaim, Gaim accidentally hugs ToQ 1.
  • The commercial for Gaim and the ToQgers crossover has Kouta and Right being weirded out by the other's suits. A great example of lampshading, as the fandoms of both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai both hated the designs at first.
    • Further into the commercial, Mai's shown asking the camera "Who's who again?". Considering what happened in the first episode of ToQger, the same thing likely happened.
  • From this stage show, Kaito's actor gets up to act out the transformation... and is immediately met with a chant of 'BA-NA-NA, BA-NA-NA'. To which he naturally responds 'BARON DA!'.
    • Seeing him drop character as soon as the belt call finishes is hilarious just for seeing Kaito acting enthusiastically.
    • From the same stage show, Oren's actor forgets to do the "Lock On" part, and gets called out on it by the others.
    • The icing on the cake was Mai's actress saying she wanted to do a henshin, and by random luck, she got Orange, but just as she did a twirl, she doesn't do the Lock On and such, but rather says "Be warned!" in the Woman at the Beginning voice, nobody even tries to not laugh at this.
  • Here's another stage show with some of the more villainous characters.
    • Takatora's actor trying to channel his badassery for his stage henshin...only to throw a confused glance around the room: "Where's the camera?". After that, he's not even trying to look cool anymore.
    • He finishes his transformation with what's probably Takatora's most-used line on the show..."It's me."
  • Then there's the final stage show, where after Zack's actor acts out his transformation, immediately yells out "BANANA BANA BANANA!" Without missing a beat, Kaito's actor once again calls out his rider name in response. They also call back to the previous stage show to bring back "Be Warned! Arms" by Mai's actress.
    • Then there's this other scene where Minato's actress stumbles through her sequence.
    • Kouta's and Kaito's actors sing Ranbu Escalation during the show as well. There are many nice images throughout to make for heartwarming moments, culminating when the final refrain hits and the rest of the cast comes on stage. Hase's actor, however, is doing wotagei, Raid Wild's dance style.

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