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    Episode 1: Ringed Wizard 
  • Where do we first meet our hero? Sitting atop a streetlamp over a highway enjoying a bag of donuts.
    • This is brought back up when Haruto uses a magic portal to retrieve his donuts from off the same streetlamp!
    • As Haruto gets arrested:
      Wajima: What's the matter, Koyomi?
      Koyomi: Haruto just got himself arrested.
      Grandfather clock: *Chimes right after spit take*
    • His dumbfounded reaction to finding himself handcuffed. He even asks Rinko why is doing it.
    • How does Haruto escape prison? By shrinking down and riding a toy unicorn, of course!
    • The belt. Oh boy, the belt. The sounds emitted from the belt put it into the hilarious territory. Best example is the henshin sounds which makes it sound like it's scatting!
      • "Shabadoobie touch henshin!" (Transforming)
      • "Lupachi magic touch go!" (Ring switching)
      • "(Insert magic here)! Please!" (Magic in General)
      • "(Insert special attack here)! Nice choice! SAIKOU!
    • When Wizard summons Unicorn and Kraken to help find Minotauros, Garuda flies into Kraken, and the two briefly spat, before Unicorn breaks it up.
    • Haruto shows his sense of humor when he quips "Naughty kids will be grounded" at the Minotaurus Phantom and then changes into Land Style.
    Episode 2: I Want To Be Magician 
  • We finally get the OP, and they've even mimicked the Kamen Rider Fourze OP with a Blipvert of the daily zaniness in this year's good guy hangout. Who knew Rinko indulged in karaoke? Also, despite Haruto being a wizard, he apparently sucks at cards as he was seen throwing his cards up in frustration.
    • We meet Shunpei, a wannabe magician (apart from some Phantom-induced faux-magic) who does have one special ability - he's a Scarily Competent Tracker. No hopping involved, though.
      • "I think I lost him... Eh?"
    • Haruto gets a new Wizard Ring from Wajima, and both are curious as to what it does. Haruto deduces that the new Ring (Sleep) puts something to sleep, and notes it may be useful in handling Ghouls. So, to test that theory, Haruto puts on the ring with the intent of using poor Koyomi and Wajima as test subjects. Unfortunately for Haruto, the Sleep Ring works by putting the user to sleep and gets conked out for his troubles.
      • What makes this even more funny in that the previous scene, Haruto said that him getting more sleep would make him groggy.
    • When Shunpei finds and wraps his arms around him, Haruto seemingly sighs in frustration, but upon closer inspection at his emotions, it's quite evident the actor, Shunya Shiraishi, came dangerously close to corpsing.
    • When Haruto and Shunpei have their talk, our wannabe magician says "Dream", which made the Donut manager to butt into the conversation. His employee stuffs his mouth with a donut to shut him up! Then pats him on the head after scolding him!
    Episode 3: Transform! Live Broadcast! 
  • A Running Gag throughout the episode was Haruto not being able to eat a single doughnut.
    • Koyomi complains about the shop getting now that Rinko and Shunpei are in. Wajima just says he likes it that way.
    Episode 4: The Doll And The Pianist 
  • Our Phantom of the week is Caitsith, who is a goldmine.
    • First he takes to his feline roots and just wants to be lazy.
    • When he is ordered to bring the new gate target into despair, he asks why can't he just kill him. Phoenix completely agrees with him until Medusa gives him the evil eye.
    • Wizard using the Liquid ring to move around Caitsith and put him in various wrestling holds.
    • After he brandishes both of his swords he claims he's tired and takes off up the steps, tripping in the process.
    • When he goes to put the gate into despair by cutting his hands offnote  the gate tells him to go right ahead, completely confusing him.
  • A non-Caitsith example: Rinko walks in on Koyomi getting mana from Haruto. Considering how Wizard Rings are used when on other people's hands, it tends to show some odd imagery. Her reaction is priceless.
  • After Haruto replenishes Koyomi's mana and revives, Rinko and Shunpei get taken completely by surprise. Shunpei backs up too much that he winds up accidentally falling into the park's pond.
    Episode 5: The Deciding Match of The Contest 
  • From just after the opening, during the intro sponsor credits. Garu, Unicorn, and Kraken are sitting off to the sides of the screen, when Garu lands on Unicorn. Unicorn bucks him off, right on top of Kraken, who juggles Garu briefly before tossing him back to his original position.
    • Later on during the fight with the Cait Sith phantom, Haruto uses the Copy ring to summon seven copies of himself along with an equal amount of WizarSwordGuns to blow away all the Ghouls. Cait Sith asks how that's fair.
      Cait Sith: Aw man, you're the worst!
    Episode 6: To A Beatiful Flower 
  • Donut employee serves Haruto a plain sugar donut and then shakes the ridiculous amount of bracelets he has. Donut manager explains that his employee is in love and bought all those bracelets to help his love. Employee then procceeds to go jogging with Donut manager yelling after him that he is still on clock.
    • Koyomi watches Shunpei practicing love phrases in all world languages with What the hell? sort of face. And she is quick to point out that Shunpei's new love have scammed him into buying all related books.
    • Wajima tells Koyomi and Shunpei about this "date" he is going to have with a beautiful lady he met the other day and decided to bring a ring along as a gift. It turns out to be one of Wizard's new rings and it sends Koyomi chasing Wajima around the store trying to get it back.
    • Medusa and Phoenix arrive to make a deal with Gnome. Phoenix is relaxed, with his hands on the belt and grin on his face. After a moment he looks at Medusa, who has the same face as always, and reafirms his stance and expression to match hers. It doesn't last for long, but definitely shows who is the brains there.
    • Haruto ponders on how everyone is on a date, but then says that at least he has his donuts. A scarred man run into him, knocks the bag out of his hand and flops, landing on the bag. Haruto reacts hilariously crushed.
    • When we see how Yamagata meets up with Manami for the first time, there is a muscled man way too into his training in the back.
    Episode 7: Buying Memories 
  • Haruto's voice cracks at the very beginning of the episode as he manages to squeak out "Koyomi", before clearing his throat to say it clearly.
    • Shunpei, Wajima, and the Doughnut Shop assistant all cry together after finding out that Manami was a con artist.
    • Wizard's new ring is Smell. What does it do? it emits a cloud of foul smelling gas from the ring wearer. Even better, Haruto was asking himself "So what does this one do?" before activating it, then by the time the stench fills the store, he just deadpans into the camera "It stinks." Brought up later when Wizard puts the ring on the Gnome Phantom and activates it. When the stench begins to radiate, Wizard grabs his cape and covers his helmet with it.
    Episode 8: A New Magic Stone 
  • We first see a White Garuda, which adds some suspense, but then the group decides to catch it and gets rather wacky from there.
    • Need more proof that Shunpei is the Manchild? There's an actual child wearing his exact outfit!
    • Need more proof that Police Are Useless? One of the uniforms puts Rinko in cuffs just for chasing after the Victim of the Week! Plus a neat Call-Back when Wajima does his second Spit Take.
      Wajima: What's wrong, Koyomi?
      Koyomi: Rinko was arrested.
    • One scene takes the cake. The victim of the week, who is a little kid, kicks both Shunpei and Haruto in the gonads. And what's hilarious is when he does it, a ding can be heard.
    • After Haruto summons Kraken to prove to the victim of the week's mother that he was an actual Wizard, the little creature has a Funny Background Event as he hovers over the river behind Haruto and then drops in!
    • When Shunpei guesses that the mom of the victim of the week was Haruto's first love, which she isn't, Rinko stomps on his foot. Leading to him jumping on one leg holding the hurt appendage. What's more, Manager gets too into the idea, gets stomped by his assistant the same time, and both jump the same way.
    Episode 10: National Security Agency's Section Zero 
    Episode 12: Wagashi Of Hope 
  • Shunpei gets a ton:
    • It starts with him going on patrol with Haruto and begins accusing people of being Phantoms, one of which was a guy in an octopus costume.
    • Later on when the candy shop his classmate works at begins to lose sales he helps out by selling candy to Wajima and Koyomi (Who he gets to buy over 20,000 yennote  without them noticing), Rinko (well more her fellow officers who buy expecting Rinko to pay) and the people he accused of being or being attacked by phantoms (including the man in the octopus suit who he force feeds a candy by shoving it in the nose of the costume)
    • The doughnut cart manager's expression when he gives Haruto his usual plain sugar donut; it's clear he's already given up.
      • Later on, he thinks Haruto insulted him, so he takes his doughnut and runs off with it causing Haruto to chase him through a playground.
    Episode 13: Heir To The Dream 
  • During his aerial battle/chase scene with Valkyrie, Wizard unexpectedly uses the Small Ring. Immediately after, Valkyrie crashes into a billboard.
    Episode 14: The Film Director Came Back 
  • Rinko asks Wajima and Shunpei where Haruto and Koyomi are. Shunpei tells Rinko they are out on a datenote . It takes Rinko a few seconds to process what Shunpei just said.
    • Haruto and Koyomi's time out involves letting Koyomi try out different outfits. They all range from a prim and proper British school outfit to a punk rocker get up, complete with air guitar!
    • Wajima, Rinko and Shunpei being terrified at someone walking in the door. Turns out it's just a customer.
    • Lizardman's attempts to kill Haruto are on the level of cartoon villainy at best. It involved pushing a truck down a hill and dropping a car.
    Episode 16: The Miracle Of Christmas 
  • Phoenix pouts that Medusa won't let him burn the city down. His reasoning is that it would definitely drive some Gates to despair. Medusa's logic is that more Gates would die without that and they can't waste their resources.
  • Need more proof that Rinko's street cred has gone down the shitter? She gets a token Butt-Monkey moment when a Plamonster rushes into the scene and bonks right into her head.
    • Mind you all of this occurs while Rinko is wearing a Sexy Santa Dress.
    • Haruto has laughing fits nearly every time he sees Rinko in her suit. His effort throw compliments her way is ruined by not being able to stop and he even slaps himself twice to stop at one point. Rinko repays him at the end of the episode by putting the Santa hat on his head to which he reacts by freezing in confusion.
    • The Police chief being forced to wear a Reindeer costume for Sexual Harassment. The harassment in question is that he told Rinko she had to work Christmas Eve because she didn't have a boyfriend to go home to.
  • Shunpei showing the orphans Garuda and Unicorn. He gets attacked by the Plamonsters and orphans.
  • The surprise of Wizard when he sees Santa Claus in the Underworld.
    Episode 17: Another Magician 
  • At the start of the episode we have Shunpei laying on the couch in pain. Rinko walks in, rushes to his aid and asks if it was Phantoms. Koyomi tells her he just over-ate.
  • Kosuke Nitoh aka Kamen Rider Beast's debut. Let's recall a few moments:
    • That guy eats everything in Mayonnaise.
      • When Manticore and a bunch of Ghouls attack the restaurant he's eating at, the waitress who brought his food throws a ketchup bottle at the monsters before fleeing!
      • When Shunpei and Rinko invite Kosuke for donuts, he starts lathering the mayonnaise on them. Although the Manager gets angry for this, his assistant actually tries one and says that it's delicious. So Manager tries one and also agrees.
    • Humorously interfering the fight between Wizard, Phantoms, and Ghouls. Cue them all going "WTF?".
    • Constantly talking to Manticore's human form about how dangers are opportunities, which drives him crazy.
    • Three times he forgets where his Magical Rings were.
    • He doesn't realize that Wizard can't eat Ghouls and Phantoms and sounding like a little kid refusing to share his meal.
    • He gets stabbed by the current Phantom right after Haruto warns him about the monster's venomous tail. Only the seriousness of the situation prevents everyone watching from facepalming.
  • Manticore deals Phoenix's fortune. The card he reveals? The Fool. Phoenix gets a look of pure murder.
    Episode 18: The Magic Of Food 
  • Nitoh tries to argue with Haruto about who gets to fight the Phantom. Haruto points the WizarSwordGun at him and shouts "BANG!" Nitoh then acts like he was shot before snapping out of it.
    • Haruto transforms and says his catchphrase "It's Showtime!" Kosuke, a bit flustered by hearing that, tries to think of something to say. His decision? "'s Lunchtime!" The kicker? It sticks.
      • Everyone calls Kosuke "Mayonnaise" for much of the episode.
      • When Haruto orders his usual plain sugar, the Manager and his assistant lament that they have to go on a "Donut Journey".
    • Kosuke's logic that Gates are Phantom Bait causes everyone nearby to almost Face Fault, with Haruto readjusting himself on his seat and crossing his legs while the Donut Vendor Manager literally falls on his face.
    • Kosuke sends his familiar, Gryphon, to search for a phantom and, as soon as he turns around, the Gryphon comes back and pecks his behind, causing him to fall into his tent.
    Episode 19: Today's life, Life of Tomorrow 
  • Beast objects to Wizard jumping into his Underworld and destroying Chimera. Why? He doesn't want a dude putting a ring on his finger. That and he believes Chimera would probably kick his and Dragon's asses if he pulled something like that.
    Episode 20: Learning The Truth 
  • Kosuke trying feebly to get through the rainstorm. Eventually, he decides to rest and get some food, summoning Gryphon to doing some phantom recon. Poor green Plamonster didn't last five seconds against the rain and wind.
    • Then Kosuke starts ranting about how he won't lose to Haruto as he practically drowns his ramen in mayonnaise while trying to fight off the stormy weather. At Wajima's shop, Haruto spills his tea when he sneezes, saying he had a sudden chill for some reason.
    • Dress Up! Please. Wizard trying to play a piano (badly) in a rather bizarre Imagine Spot (the fact that even in his imagination Haruto is bad at piano speaks volumes). Followed by the even weirder Excite Ring...
    • Haruto and Shunpei attempt to get into a building, but are stopped by the guard, saying how they're dressed is inappropriate for the place. Haruto uses his new Dress Up! Please. ring to change into a top hat and tux ensemble, doing a little dance. To top it off, he did this in front of the guard, and he lets him in like nothing happened.
    • In a dark way, Phoenix's utter ownage of the gangsters. The positions some of them end up in look like something out of a cartoon.
    Episode 21: The Dragon's Wild Dance 
  • Beelzebub has familiars that latch on to victims so that he can control them...which results in Rinko, Nitoh, Shunpei, and Koyomi running around ripping people's clothes off and squashing said familiars like bugs.
    • Nitoh looking oddly... excited... watching Rinko chase some guy down and strip him.
      "So aggressive..."
    • Shunpei and Nitoh being assaulted by the female victims when they try to do it.
    Episode 22: Phoenix's rampage 
  • The episode opens with Wajima and Shunpei admiring Haruto's shiny new DragoTimer... and Shunpei accidentally breaks it.
    • The Donut Vendors once again tries to make him try anything but a plain sugar donut. He, of course, refuses the offer and those vendors doesn't even mind anymore... Then they ask him if he wants mayonnaise, and he declines so hard that almost falls off his chair.
    Episode 23: The Decisive Battle 
    Episode 24: Magician Grandmother 
  • Nitoh is waiting for Rinko to show up, and is overjoyed when she does...but then his grandmother pops up from behind her.
    Grandma: Kosuke!
    Nitoh: GRANNY??!!
    Haruto, Shunpei and Manager: "Granny"?!
    • Beast's henshin is known for being loud and proud, or showy as Captain Marvelous would put it, but with his grandmother around, he has to hide and does a more discreet transformation.
    • And when he confronts the Phantom, to prevent his grandmother from recognising him, he assumes a falsetto and pretends to be a Magical Girl, even his subtitles have hearts. Even the Weretiger Phantom is freaked out. Also the way Beast was fighting was as if he were a fencing ballerina, complete with ballet music.
      Weretiger: So you're the one who devours Phantoms to avoid dying!?
      Kamen Rider Beast: That's right! (stops as he remembers his grandmother behind him) Uh.... a-hem! (jumps forward and speaks in a higher pitch to sound as feminine as possible) ♥ I'm the famed Magical Girl Beast! ♥
      (Rinko ans Shunpei look dumbfounded)
      Kamen Rider Wizard: Magical girl!?
      Kamen Rider Beast: ♥ I could just eat you up! ♥
      Weretiger: ... You're creeping me out.
      Kamen Rider Beast: ♥ I'm so vexed! ♥
      • Also counts as Hilarious in Hindsight, considering those who'd thought/hoped that the secondary Rider would be female.
      • Even worse: The camera gives special focus to certain areas. cue a "DAT ASS" moment from the viewers.
        Wizard (thinking): Is he serious?
        Beast blows a kiss to Weretiger
        Wizard (thinking): Oh, man, he IS serious!
    • Beast letting out a tired sigh of relief when Weretiger retreats, then tenses up when he noticed his grandmother looking his way. He quickly brings up his Magical Girl act.
      Kamen Rider Beast: Erk! Uh... ♥ Okay, I'm going. Bye bye!! ♥ (beats a hasty retreat)
    • Kosuke stopping the others before they give him away to his grandmother, first with Shunpei, then Wajima by claiming he's forgotten where the toilet is. And then his grandmother assumes that Koyomi is Beast. Before Koyomi can tell her who the real Beast is, Kosuke drags her away telling her that she's looking cute today and they should go shopping to buy her a new hat. Grandma Nitoh finally tells her grandson to stop making a fool of himself.
    • When the Weretiger Phantom attacks Beast and Wizard while they're trying to change their Style/Mantle, their rings go flying and the mages end up with each other's rings by accident. While Beast discovers that the Hurricane Ring doesn't fit in his Beast Driver, Wizard ends up using the Dolphi Ring to swim through the ground and gain the upperhand against Weretiger. When Beast complains about the unfairness of the situation (both in that Haruto can use his stuff but not vice-versa, and that Wizard's Dolphi spell is actually cooler than his), Haruto just asks if he can keep the Dolphi Ring from now on.
    Episode 26: Academy Infiltration 
  • Beast rolls another 1 on his Dice Saber, this time with Falco. Poor little bird didn't even manage to score a hit on Medusa before she crushed him. The battle music even stopped when the single bird slowly comes out.
    • Nitoh then gets arrested after his battle because he tried to attack a schoolgirl who he thought was Medusa.
      • Made funnier when Rinko runs into him at the police station and she acts like she doesn't know him!
    • Shunpei is far too comfortable in drag. Haruto's Double Take reaction to the whole thing was priceless.
      Voice: I suppose one of those three is the Gate?
      Haruto: (turns to the voice) Yeah. (returns to observing, then turns back around after realizing who the voice is) Eh?! (sees Shunpei dressed like a schoolgirl) GYAH!
      Shunpei: What is it?! Do you see something else weird?! (gets a Dope Slap from Haruto)
      Haruto: It's you!
      Shunpei: How mean! My disguise is obviously perfect. Right?
      Haruto: (pounds table) Where do you get that confidence from?!
    • Then there's the bit when Shunpei's mark (the girl that looks like Medusa) catches up to him, and he's still holding his shoe in his hand, and as part of Acting Unnatural he hands it to Haruto. And Haruto joins in by using it like a Shoe Phone!
    • Golem's debut has him adjusting the ring in his head, not noticing that his basekit platform has vanished. The little guy bites it hard as he falls and hits the coffee table.
      • The realization that the little guy is shy. Really shy. As in "runs and hides from everyone" shy.
    • During lunch at the school, Haruto and Shunpei are scouting out Mayu from a distance. Shunpei then notices Haruto had a doughnut in his hand and asking him where he got it. Not only that but he tries to take a bite out of it from, only for Haruto to pull it out of reach at the last moment.
    Episode 27: Big Sister, Little Sister 
  • It doesn't give much, but seeing Golem getting freaked out by Mayu's phone ringing was both funny and cute.
    • Wizard showing up to help Beast, the latter replying that he doesn't need help and both Riders charge towards Gremlin, whom proceeds to knock them both back.
      Wizard: You were saying...?
      Beast: Oh, shut it!
    Episode 28: The Stolen Belt 
  • The episode makes up for the last episode's seriousness by including a lot of comedy, starting with Nitoh being given a mayo and tuna donut by the manager...and then they get into a fight when Nitoh puts even more mayonnaise on it.
    • The Triple Take of Beast pointing at his belt to show the lion face to the audience.
    • Nitoh tries to explain his interest in the relics, sounding like a madman.
    • Wizard steals Beast's "don't say it!" catchphrase.
    • The archaeologist wants to see the inside of the Beast Driver and tries to pry it open, then gets shoved back when Nitoh henshins to show it off. Then there's Beast hamming it up like a fashion model as he's getting pictures taken.
    • Golem builds a chest to hold Wizard's Rings. The little thing doesn't want anyone to touch it as he opens it up and puts the rings in. Koyomi actually gets to pet him before he jumps into the chest and slams it shut, due to being embarrassed from being praised by her.
    • Gremlin sitting on Nitoh.
    Episode 29: The Evolving Wild Beast 
  • Nitoh and Shunpei arguing over whether Dragon or Chimera is stronger.
    • After Beast transforms into Hyper, he tries to activate the Mirage Magnum's final attack, only for the ring not to fit in the slot. He then realizes he has to open the ring first. (How convenient.)
      • It's even funnier once you realize his typical lack of attention made him take this long to notice the ring opens when the Chimera told him before he changed into his Hyper Style!
        Chimera: I will wait with my mouth open!
    Episode 31: Tears 
  • Medusa's Oh, Crap! face when she realizes Wiseman not only let Gremlin live, but fully allows him to work on their side like with Phoenix. There's something funny about the look, as if she's thinking "Oh dear God no!" The fact that he's demoting her and thus she has to work under Gremlin makes it either all the more funnier or a case of Laser-Guided Karma from her incident with Mayu.
    Episode 32: The Dangerous Part Time Job 
  • Kosuke causes an explosion when he, in an accident, gets his starter fluid to land on his cooking grill. Instead of moving away or putting down the kebobs he has in both hands, he looks at the prone container of ignitable liquid in shock. Not even a second later, a giant explosion occurs, and his kebobs are burned to ashes with Kosuke covered in ash. And his hair is now in a afro for some reason.
    • Gremlin making Medusa angry in a variety of ways:
      • Referring to her as his minion
      • Putting the piece of gum he was chewing into her hand and telling her to throw it away.
    • How about Koyomi giving a Evil Laugh of the witch flavor when her and Haruto are scaring Shunpei out of attending a possible scam?
      • And before that, Haruto's voice broke when he exclaimed about the one-million yen per day job.
    • What about the scene everyone is eating and they keep handing Koyomi their bowls for more rice until they all ask for more at once only for her to reveal the pot to be empty. She also tells Shunpei to shut up at one point.
      • Fridge Brilliance (or Fridge Funny) kicks in when you realise she got saddled with that job since, being reanimated with mana and all that, she doesn't need to eat.
    • While spying on the building where the scam is going on, Haruto steals Rinko's pair of binoculars by doing to the old "tap the opposite shoulder" trick.
      • Meanwhile Nitoh has made his hands into a pretend version of binoculars.
    • Bogey's slow movements seem really out of place in his fight against Beast and Wizard.
    • Haruto and Kosuke sneaking into the building in their own ways. Kosuke has it easier by using Chamelo's invisibility while Haruto had to shrink himself to an unnoticeable size, making his travel longer. Kosuke doesn't seem to realize this as he tells Haruto to hurry it up, much to his annoyance.
    Episode 33: Things Money Can't Buy 
  • Wizard really gets hit by Bogy's bad luck. This includes.
    • Slipping on a banana peel.
    • Face-planting after tripping over a dolly.
    • Taking an unwanted ride in a shopping cart only to hit the curb and fly in the garbage (complete with high-pitched scream).
    • Getting stuck in a garbage can (and then wearing it like a hat when he stands up).
    • Then later on when he splits with the Drago Timer we get:
      • Water Dragon stepping in dog poo (Fridge Funny again, once you realise what doing a Rider kick in that state would really do to the enemy).
      • Hurricane Dragon get hit with a barrage of signs before a large one falls on him
      • Land Dragon getting his arm tied up after using the Extend Ring.
      • Flame Dragon not being able to reach his ring loop. (Later happens to all the other clones too)
    Episode 36: The Myna Speaks 
  • The Myna Bird two-parter, #37 in particular, becomes one giant moment of funny, ranging from a misunderstanding to who the arsonist is, to Rinko and Shunpei trying to protect the accused arsonist, to Nitoh telling two cops about Gates and wind up with them not believing a single word.
    • The latter example is particularly funny when one of the cops threatens to arrest Nitoh. Cue his reaction.
    Episode 37: Wanted: Despair 
  • Oh boy, that single episode is so full of funny stuff, that this troper had a tough time choosing the best. But then Rinko announces she found out the arsonist and his reaction is priceless.
  • Nitoh gets the idea to lure the bird Phantom with a bag of bird feed. Haruto informs him that it won’t work since it’s a Phantom and not a bird. Suddenly, Nitoh gets swarmed by a murder of crows due to the bird feed, making him scream in terror and even crying out for his grandmother to save him. Haruto just watches with no sympathy as this goes on, asking what the hell Nitoh thinks he's doing. Even better, the whole scene was depicted as a colored page straight out of a horror manga!
    • After the incident, Nitoh is completely covered in black feathers.
    Episode 49: The Beginning of Sabbath 
  • In a sort of Narm sense, seeing Nitoh be blissfully satisfied with his completed contract while Fueki is downright fuming and getting ready to kill him is amusing.
    Episode 52: The Kamen Rider Rings 
  • While in this new world, Haruto meets the counterparts of Rinko and Shunpei, who act COMPLETELY out of character from what we know them from! It's pure gold!
  • Tsukasa Kadoya with shades. It's fitting, considering that this is Tsukasa we're talking about, but they still look silly since he normally doesn't wear them.
    Episode 53: Neverending Story 
  • Momotaros, of all riders, being the one to cause Amadam's Oh, Crap! moment
    • Similarly Blade questioning Gentarou's infamous Catchphrase during the Final Battle.
      Blade: Why "KITAAAAAA"?! What does that word even meaaaaaan?!
    • Decade, once again, uses "Final Form Ride" on Kuuga and Agito without their consent.
      Kuuga: Not this again...
      Agito: Could you give us the option of refusing next time?
    • Gaim being completely baffled at the words "Kamen Rider". Makes sense, given that all Riders in Gaim are called Armored Riders (the general term for all Riders, as well as the term used for Sengoku Driver users) or New Generation Riders (for Genesis Driver users), so Kouta must haven't heard about the name Kamen Rider just yet...
    Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle 
  • Nitoh mistaking Gaim in Wizard Arms for Wizard Infinity Gold Dragon (they look nothing alike).
    Nitoh: Let's go, Haruto!
    Kouta: (points at Wizard without looking away): Wrong one.
    Nitoh: (to Wizard): Oh, sorry man.
    Haruto: You did that on purpose.
    (Beast facefaults)
  • Nitoh talking to Chimera like it's a small child that's eating too quick.
    Nitoh: 'Come on, chew it properly! What? You want more? Good, good, good...'
  • The closing credits provide more humor from the Plamonsters.
  • The Blu-Ray releases of Wizard have something a little extra for fans... Wizard, in full costume, taking part in gravure video cliches. It's Refuge in Audacity at its finest.
  • Movie Wars Ultimatum. Just The Reveal that Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine was the soul of the donut shop owner the whole time!
    • Haruto's facial expression made it look like he was gonna get sick, it just highlighted the funniness of the moment.
  • The first trailer for Wizard's movie In Magic Land, Haruto and Koyomi's reaction to seeing Rinko, Shunpei AND the Donut Shop Owner turn into Riders is simply priceless!
    • When Haruto and Koyomi are finally returned to our world, Haruto's first reaction is to check if everyone around them has Mage Drivers on. Which involves pulling Rinko's clothes. Her immediate reaction should be obvious.
    • While at the doughnut shop, Haruto flat out shouts "PLAIN SUGAR!" in a humorous tone.
    • Also, how Kousuke get supply for Mayonnaise? Fishing them from a pond (cue mayonnaise bottles moving like fishes in the bucket that Kousuke managed to get so far) while the said person ask Haruto did Mayonnaise grew on trees? Even Haruto was bamboozled by this and mentions it when he and Koyomi returned to their original dimension.
  • The Net Movies for Wizard in Magic Land (collectively called Wizard in Majika Land):
    • The Showa Riders PD, which basically sticks the Rider suits into an old-fashioned cop show.
    • Koyomi's Room, which has Koyomi using her crystal ball to help various supporting characters. This is where the Medium Awareness really sets in.
    • Medusa and Gremlin track down several Wizard riders that... aren't.
      • Medusa tracking down the White Wizard leads to her finding a completely unrelated white magician - MagiMother.
        Gremlin: You're okay with Ambassador Hell, but not MagiMother? Why?!
        Medusa: Sentai!
      • White Wizard and Rey promptly leaving the scene, both agreeing that they didn't see anything. Guess even Fueki doesn't like awkward situations.
    • Finally, Shunpei gets a shot at becoming the lead with his AU powers as Kamen Rider Mage.
      • One Phantom confrontation falls flat when Shunpei left his Change ring back at home - but gets the genius idea to use Connect to retrieve it. Only it's actually in Rinko's hands, which means Shunpei's portal opens right next to her chest.
        (grabbing) "Is that the wall?"
        (Cue Rinko using the portal to go Gun-dere on him by unloading a squad's worth of firepower through it)
      • With Shunpei as the lead, the only real role left for Haruto is as the support - cue Haruto adopting Shunpei's mannerisms and even the Donut Shop owner for a bit.
      • This disclaimer for one vid:
      • The Narrator of the segment steadily loses interest in Shunpei as the lead with each segment to the point that he ends up siding with Khepri as the lead.
  • The Televi-Kun Hyper Battle DVD is always a good outlet for the writers' comedic impulses, and a few examples from this year include:
    • Manager's "dance students" just being a quartet of Ghouls wearing street clothes.
    • Their music? The series' theme song, Life Is Showtime.
    • Haruto is constantly bemoaning how annoying the whole situation is, and when he finally gets fed up during his and Kosuke's first practice run, the two take turns spiting each other with their Rings.
    • Kosuke's outfit during the real-deal dance includes a cheetah-print vest and ridiculously baggy pants.
    • Finally, after they finish the dance perfectly, it's finally time to head home, right? Wrong! The Manager has several other big dreams:
      • To be the number-one donut shop in all of Japan!
      • To be beautiful... forever!
      • And to be manly, while lifting weights and wearing hilariously thick fake eyebrows.
    • Finally, Kosuke agrees that maybe this wasn't worth Engaging the Manager in the first place...
    • At the very start of the special, when Haruto realizes that the Manager is falling into despair, his immediate reaction is Screw This, I'm Outta Here. Now, remember what lengths he'd go to to bring hope in the series. Maybe he still remembers the whole Poitrine debacle from Ultimatum...
  • The Wizard characters joining their Super Sentai friends (the Kyoryugers) in their dance.
  • Toy example: the Beast Driver's hidden gimmick. If you extract the Beast Change ring from the slot during the standby noise BEFORE you activate the henshin, it will give a really disappointed-sounding and drawn out Little "No".