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    Episode 1: The Ringed Magician 
  • Wizard's first fight scene starts with him shooting bullets in the style of Wanted, which simply looks cool. Also, said silver bullets are inscribed with magic runes.
  • In a rather awesome moment, instead of the opening video, the opening theme plays over Wizard's first fight, much like the first episodes of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.
  • Rinko being brave enough to arrest Haruto after he beat up a group of monsters that bullets couldn't scratch.
  • There's also Wizard's fight with Minotauros, which, among other highlights, includes plowing his sword straight through his ax and stabbing him in the chest!
  • When Wizard goes into Rinko's Underworld, he summons the WizarDragon to fight Jabberwocky growing inside her. After hitting the Phantom once, the WizarDragon flies off and leaves. Wizard summons his bike, chases down the creature, turns the bike into a set of wings and merges with the WizarDragon to control it and destroy the Phantom. Even knowing that this would happen thanks to the toy catalog scans, actually seeing this in action is one of the episode's highlights.

    Episode 2: I Want To Be A Magician 
  • Wizard fighting Hellhound on a motorcycle. Part chase, part fight, all awesome.

    Episode 3: Transform! Live Broadcast 
  • The newborn Phantom inside Shunpei is beaten by Wizard turning the WizarDragon into a giant dragon leg and using it to Rider Kick the monster. Now that's how you one-up a transforming, dragon-controlling motorcycle.

    Episode 5: The Deciding Match Of The Contest 
  • The Copy Ring. Wizard uses it to summon a copy of himself. Then both repeat the process to make four Wizards...then eight. Each then summons a WizarSwordGun and take down a large group of Ghouls!
  • The debut of Hurricane Style's theme, Blessed wind, which plays while Wizard owns Caitsith with the power of wind.
    • The Hurricane Slash Strike, which so far is the only two stage finisher. First Wizard throws out a tornado that captures the Phantom, then he delivers a saw blade shaped Sword Beam in the style of the Wizard logo.

    Episode 6: To A Beautiful Flower 
  • The Drill Ring, which Wizard uses to dig straight down to where Gnome and Manami are.
    • Land Style's beatdown of Ghouls while Strength of the Earth plays.
    • More Wanted-esque shooting as Wizard frees Manami from Gnome.

    Episode 7: Buying Memories 
  • Land Style + Kick Strike + Drill Ring = one dead Gnome.

    Episode 8: A New Magic Stone 
  • Garuda vs. White Garuda. Funny, yet awesome.
  • A major one for Phoenix. Usually, Haruto easily curbstomps the Phantom of the week. Now, he's powerless against Phoenix's overwhelming strength. A memorable moment is when he mows down wall after wall of Defend magic.

    Episode 9: Dragon's Cry 
  • Haruto makes a comeback by transforming into Flame Dragon. His new majestic appearance and awesome theme song are just...WOW.
    • He also manages to up the ante by using Copy on the WizarSword, when using a Spell Ring had never even been alluded to before!
    • The utter ease of which he seems to beat Phoenix is epic enough, but the finisher is just outstanding. Dragon's head erupts through Wizard's chest, and bathes the foe in dragon flame.

    Episode 10: National Security Agency's Section Zero 
  • Wizard vs. Gargoyle, with special mention going to the use of the Big Ring on the WizarSword, resulting in a field-sweeping BFS.

    Episode 11: The Promise To Defend 
  • Wizard vs Gargoyle, Round 2. Flame Dragon Style duplicates the WizardGun and penetrates Gargoyle's stone-shell defense by hitting the exact same spot in quick succesion with at least half a dozen rounds, all fired simultaneously.
  • Garuda, Unicorn, Kraken! COMBINE!
  • Kizaki trying to fight off the Ghouls. He doesn't accomplish anything but it's the thought that counts.
  • Wizard then enters Naoki's Underworld to battle Jörmungandr, an enormous claw-serpent-thing, and completely obliterates it with a WizarDragon Kick-Strike.
    • And for the first time, it looked like Wizard and the WizarDragon were working in tandem with one another!
    • Before the Underworld battle we have Haruto summoning the WizarDragon which is puts it in SugarWiki.Moment Of Awesome tier as Haruto just calls the Dragons name and he appears out of Haruto, reverting him to Flame Style.

    Episode 12: The Wagashi Of Hope 
  • Hurricane Dragon Style vs. Valkyrie Phantom and a small group of Ghouls. In short you get another double sword fight that tops it off with Hurricane Dragon's specific ring; Thunder which sends a dragon made of lightning at the Ghouls.
    • The best part about the finisher is that it's Dragon himself that Wizard shoots out as the projection.

    Episode 13: Heir To The Dream 
  • Hurricane Dragon Style vs. Valkyrie Round 2. Wizard uses the Special Ring to give himself WizarDragon's wings to have a High-Altitude Battle with Valkyrie.
  • The Thunder Ring was pretty awesome on its own, but when Wizard combines it with the Special Ring (which gives him wings in Hurricane Dragon), it creates an electric cyclone.

    Episode 15: After The Last Scene Is... 
  • The debut of Water Dragon Style in which Haruto uses WizarDragon's tail to split an entire river in half that Lizardman was hiding in, then use Blizzard to freeze him in place, then skate towards him and shattered him with his tail.

    Episode 16: The Miracle Of Christmas 
  • Phoenix gets one by resisting the very Finishing Move that killed him in #9!
  • Not one to be outdone, Wizard gets an MoA by freezing Phoenix in place by using the Wizarswordgun's Slash Strike, then shattering Phoenix with the same move that killed Lizardman!

    Episode 17: Another Magician 
  • Beast debuts and he kicks ass.

    Episode 18: The Magic Of Food 
  • Beast Buffa Form, Wizard Water Dragon Style, and the Hydra Phantom all fighting each other. Beast holds his own against both of them.

    Episode 19: Today's Life, The Life Of Tomorrow 
  • Wizard transforming to Land Dragon Style.
  • Beast fights Bandersnatch inside the mindscape, finishing him off by summoning Chimera, who devours him whole.
    • Chimera firing laser beams from its mouths!
  • Beast and Wizard properly teaming up for the first time.

    Episode 20: Learning The Truth 
  • Beelzebub, a Monster of the Week, actually beats Wizard, at one point even turning the latter's Finisher upon him.

    Episode 21: The Dragons' Wild Dance 
  • The White Wizard pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment and utterly demolishes Beelzebub with two attacks. Special note goes to the second one, which counters Beelzebub's portal ability by simply exploding directly in front of the portal, blowing Beelzebub across the room.
  • Creating the DragoTimer involves Haruto facing Dragon inside his mind, and being beaten by attacks of all four of his elements at once, which he withstands in order to successfully create the upgrade.
    • Even better is Haruto's line when Dragon is assaulting him. The man is being pelted with flames, water, a hurricane, and boulders, and his response can basically be interpreted as "Give me your best shot."
    • Topping even that awesome line is one uttered in response to the White Wizard asking Haruto to not let Dragon devour him. Haruto answers back:
    "Maybe you should warn Dragon..." *beats chest* "...not to let me devour him."
  • Four Dragon Style Wizards watching each other's backs (neutralizing effectiveness of teleport spamming) and utterly curbstomping Beelzebub. Topped off with a quadruple Slash Strike that makes you want to shout FIIIIIIIINAL WAVE!

    Episode 22: The Phoenix's Rampage 
  • This whole episode pretty much one for Phoenix:
    • Phoenix confronting Medusa, who briefly fights her until she gets the upper hand and turns him into stone. She leaves him for dead...only for him to break out of her spell and tell her that, while her trick might have worked before, it can't do jack to him after he Came Back Strong.
    • Managing to face off against all the Dragon Styles, proceeding to defeat them all and destroying their finishing moves. The only time that he gets defeated was by Hurricane Dragon, and he still manage to revive quickly after that.

    Episode 23: The Decisive Battle 
  • Wizard finally finishing Phoenix off by Rider Kicking him all the way to the sun.
  • While he's ultimately defeated in this episode, Phoenix not only held his own against, but beat down all four of Wizard's Dragon forms AT ONCE, forcing him to summon All Dragon. Definitely impressive.

    Episode 24: The Magician's Grandmother 
  • Wizard's use of the Dolphi Ring. He melts into water, that melts into the ground, and swim-strikes Weretiger several times. It's so awesome, even Beast admits it, and Haruto actually asks if he can keep the ring.
  • Credit should also be given to Shunpei in this episode. For all of his bumbling ineffectiveness, the kid shows balls of steel while protecting Toshie from Weretiger by hitting it with a stick. It did absolutely nothing, of course, but the sheer amount of guts it took was impressive.

    Episode 25: Choosing The Life 
  • Wizard and Beast finally transform together, and the subsequent fight against Gremlin and Weretiger. This all culminates with Beast getting to show off his Rider Kick, which turns his foot into a lion's head that chomps the opponent!
  • Instead of being a one-time thing, Haruto manages to use Dolphi again, along with Falco as a plot point this time!
  • Sora/Gremlin not only using Medusa, as an unknowing pawn in his plan but effortlessly avoiding her wrath after she finds out counts. At one point he was running along a wall. Let that sink in for a moment.
    • Better? He actually talks her out of punishing him by telling her it was all a trap for Wizard (given his reactions and the fact he didn't tell her, it's more likely he did it because It Amused Me). He managed to get away with Trolling Medusa.

    Episode 26: Academy Infiltration 
  • Beast's fight with Medusa. He might've actually beat her, had his second roll on the Dice Saber not rolled a one.
  • Wizard's battle with Medusa and her Ghouls, showing how effectively he uses the Drago Timer. Even Medusa concedes the strength of her opponent.
    Medusa: It seems that you've grown much more powerful.
    Wizard: Well, I try.

    Episode 27: Big Sister & Little Sister 
  • Medusa, destroying three of the four TimerWizards and ending the battle between her and the riders in the episode's beginning.
  • Mayu gets one when she overcomes her despair through the force of her own will and suppresses her Phantom, the same way Haruto did with Dragon.

    Episode 28: The Stolen Belt 
  • Golem gets one for showing what he's made of. Unlike the other three Familiars, he's not a recon unit. His talents are to make things, like Wajima. The first thing he makes? A treasure chest for Haruto to store all his rings! There even looks to be room for the DragoTimer!
  • Nitoh manages to hold his own against Gremlin while untransformed!
  • And Haruto's Wanted-style gunslinging routine returns as well!

    Episode 29: The Evolving Wild Beast 
  • Golem, making a fake Beast Driver. Not only does it look like the real deal, our heroes manage to use it twice to fool someone and save the day.
  • Nitoh's conversation with Chimera inside the Driver. While Chimera basically is lamenting the soon-to-be loss of his minion, Nitoh's concerned with using the Hyper Ring and the Mirage Magnum. Chimera warns him that he probably can't handle the power as weak as he is, and Nitoh interrupts him, saying in essence: "Yeah, the odds are bad, but I tend to shine when my back's against the wall. Now shut up and get ready for your meal!"
  • Nitoh transforming into Beast Hyper Style.
    • Most Kamen Rider Transformation Sequences just repel the enemy. During Beast's Hyper transformation, Chimera eats the Ghouls that were surrounding Beast!
    • Beast Hyper manages to quickly dispose of the Ghouls, and then manages to weaponize his arm gear, to claw at Spriggan.

    Episode 30: The Day Magic Vanished 
  • Beast, Dragon and Chimera teaming up to fight against Legion in Haruto's underworld. Unfortunately for them, however, Legion manages to out-awesome the entire group by not only holding his own against all three of them, but actually destroying Dragon. Holy crap.

    Episode 31: Tears 
  • Wizard Infinity Style, from the awesome WizarDragon made of light to no-selling Legion's abilities to the Axcalibur growing giant size for the finisher, Haruto makes a real show of it as he brings Legion down once and for all.
    • Even before that we have Haruto fighting off Legion without any powers, desperately trying to protect Koyomi. Once he sees her lifeless body fall flat on her face, he starts to cry, but still never gives in. This is how he restored the WizarDragon and gained the Infinity Style.
      • Shunya Shiraishi finally gets to show off his hotbloodedness in contrast to Haruto's normal stoicism. His impassioned declaration of his refusal to give up and him finally shouting "henshin!" should dispel any doubts about his acting abilities.
      • His transformation is one of the finest in Rider history. WizarDragon flies around the air with a sparkling aura, Haruto yells "HENSHIN!!!" then scans his newly formed ring , Dragon dives right into him and then circles him, bathing him in the sparkling aura as his body is slowly covered with diamond and his belt chants "INFINITY! INFINITY! INFINITY! INFINITY! INFINITY! INFINITY! INFINITY! INFINITY!" (Yes, eight times, for his four elements and their upgrades). The diamond shatters to reveal our hero's new glorious form and his belt sings. Finally, Haruto once again proclaims that he will bring hope and then the battle begins...
      • Legion, excited by the challenge, charges and slashes away at Wizard...who just stands there, not even flinching until Legion's spear breaks on his armor! If ever the first appearance of a Rider's Super Mode established it as unstoppable, Infinity Style does so.
    • Hey, hey, hey! While that was the highlight of the episode, we can't forget Kosuke! He puts up a pretty good fight with Legion and probably would have won if his foot hadn't gotten stuck by Legion's attack.
    • Wizard summons Dragon by sternly saying "Come, Dragon!" Dragon flies out of Wizard's body and transforms into the Axcalibur, which can be used effectively as both a sword and axe, another harsh truth that Legion found out all too well.
    • The finisher. Wizard high-fives the hand scanner on the axe and begins spinning it around, as the weapon is shown to be rapidly growing. Leaping up, Wizard charges energy into the axe blade as Dragon flies into it, to do the same... before Wizard hefts the now Giant Robot-sized axe down and cleaves Legion in two.
    • Just how utterly Wizard demolished Legion. It took him about two minutes and the only hits Legion got in at all were the ones Wizard let hit him, just so he could No-Sell them.
  • Villainous example for Gremlin. He frees Legion, one of the few Phantoms who came this close to killing Haruto (even putting him out of commission for a bit) just to have a little talk with Wiseman. He manages to avoid getting killed by Wiseman for his act of treason and get a promotion just through this one little talk.

    Episode 33: Things Money Cannot Buy 
  • Bogy survives Wizard's finisher and is still on the loose, having split into six clones. How does Haruto deal with this? By using the Drago Timer once more to split himself into four.
  • Bogy's constant ability to jinx others really ticks off the four Wizards. When the four Wizards were unable reach for their rings, they all simply went "Forget it" and snapped their hold ring holders off to scan their Kick Strike Rings. Cue them all rider-kicking the Bogy copies to oblivion.
  • Nitoh gets a good one when he rolls a one and looks screwed, then he supercharges it! That's right he manages to do damage with a one. Then he uses Hyper's finisher to snack on Bogy.

    Episode 34: The Reverse Side Of A Popular Model 
  • Beast's fight with Argus, using Chameleo to leap around the trees like Spider-Man. He also gets a pretty awesome Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
    Argus: You're going to get hurt doing this.
    Nitoh: Well, you're going to get eaten.
  • Sora/Gremlin proves his humanity when he protects a Gate from a Phantom, even giving a Death Glare that could send shivers down your spine. Doesn't really matter that he did it, because he gets beaten quite easily by the Phantom, but he gets points for trying.
    • Too bad that the episode after reveals he only protected her because he wanted to kill her personally. He was already a Serial Killer when he was still human.

    Episode 35: The Other Side Of Sora 
  • Nitoh going into Let's Get Dangerous! mode for the final fight with Argus.
  • Haruto's Tranquil Fury against Sora/Gremlin after he discovers what a monster he really is.

    Episode 36: The Myna Speaks 
  • Wiseman and Haruto finally fight...Only for Wiseman to defeat Haruto (in his Infinity Style) solely by absorbing his mana without even touching him or even sounding like it was anything more than a nuisance.

    Episode 37: Wanted: Despair 
  • Griffon and Garuda combine to fight the Raum's bird form in a dogfight. They actually were winning well enough to force Raum back into his true form. Even Nitoh and Haruto are a bit impressed.
  • Shunpei and Rinko exposing Raum and clearing the Gate's name. Pretty impressive.
  • Wizard and Beast teaming up against Raum. It's simply epic to see them work together as a well oiled machine.

    Episode 39: What Was Forgotten On The Pitch 
  • Fueki transforming into the White Wizard. His Henshin scene is fucking intimidating.

    Episode 40: I Want To Ride A Bike 
  • Mayu returns as Kamen Rider Mage.

    Episode 41: Magician Is Fate 
  • Mayu/Mage actually holding her own against Medusa.
  • Wizard Infinity Style and Beast Hyper performing their ultimate finishers on Sylph.
  • The White Wizard delivering a brutal smackdown on Beast.

    Episode 43: White Wizard's Secret 
  • The fight between Beast Hyper and the White Wizard. Beast pulls off a Barehanded Blade Block, and the two engage in a Beam-O-War with Beast Hyper's finisher and White Wizard's Explosion. White Wizard wins, but is forced to retreat after Mayu tries to protect Nitoh.
    • Earlier in that battle, we get to see Beast's first Saber Strike in Hyper style. Even though he only rolls a 3, it still ends up being pretty impressive, because it's essentially a combination of rolling a 3 on all his regular forms at once.
  • Wizard using All Dragon to finish off the unreleased Gigantes.

    Episode 45: A Smile In The Chest 
  • We have to give credit where credit is due with Shunpei. In this episode when Haruto was going to let his old teacher pass the Despair Event Horizon to further his own goals, Shunpei bursts onto the scene as a Big Damn Hero tackling Siren stopping her from destroying the source of the Gate's hope then calls Haruto out on becoming a callous Anti-Hero. He also speaks in a very somber tone when he does.
    • The ironic part is that said teacher winds up destroying it himself so that he could call out the person who got it to pay more attention to his son than worry about a plain object. It actually becomes more awesome when you realize that whenever an object gets destroyed, it's always a sign someone's gonna hit the Despair Event Horizon.

    Episode 46: Shattered Memory 
  • The White Wizard creams Sora/Gremlin for messing with his daughter! Sora's reaction afterwards says it all.

    Episode 47: Wiseman's Truth 
  • Haruto's Big Damn Heroes moment, along with his quick and creative use of the Gravity Ring.
  • Mayu and Medusa's battle, ending with the former managing to defeat the former. However, the White Wizard ended up killing Medusa, all while revealing himself in front of the Riders.

    Episode 48: The Philosopher's Stone 
  • Brainwashed Yuzuru appearing as the blue Kamen Rider Mage and defeating Nitoh. Though Beast didn't use his full power as he was hesitant to hurt him, Yuzuru beat him pretty good for a 13 year old kid.

    Episode 49: The Beginning Of The Sabbath 
  • Just as one Moment of Awesome, Nitoh goes against White Wizard, lets Chimera out and ends the Sabbath. He went from a dumb eater to world saver. And then after that, he essentially faces his fate of being killed by Fueki with a smile on his face before Haruto comes in and declares to him: "I am the last hope!"
    • Chimera gets one himself for attacking the White Wizard and sending him flying, being about the first being in the series to actually land a good hit on him.

    Episode 50: The Important Thing Is... 
  • Sora/Gremlin and White Wizard's fight which ends with White Wizard impaling Gremlin to a tree.
    • Except it didn't end there; Gremlin faked his death, then came back at Fueki later after he was worn out from fighting Haruto, killed the Manipulative Bastard with his own weapon, and proceeded to make off with the Philosopher's Stone, setting up for the season's final awesome battle.
  • Infinity vs. White Wizard
    • One particularly cool moment is the ending: a collision between their Rider Kicks ending with both knocked out of transformation.
    • Even better, just as the camera focused on Haruto's Infinity Kick Strike it sounded like he said "Seiya" OOO's finisher catchphrase.

    Episode 51: The Last Hope 
  • Credit should also be given to Mayu, Yuzuru, and Yamamoto showing up in a Big Damn Heroes moment to defend Shunpei, Rinko, and Nitoh from the hordes of Ghouls rampaging throughout the city, showing that despite the fact that their powers were only meant to be used by Fueki's scheme, they would take that power and put it to noble use.
  • Credits should also go to Shunpei, Rinko and Nitoh, despite them being muggles. Shunpei, being a Butt-Monkey for almost the entire series and only resolve himself the role of getting the Gates to safety while letting Haruto/Nitoh deal with Ghouls and Phantoms, actually fights off the Ghouls in the episode while leading civilians to safety. He trips the horde of Ghouls with a rope, blinds one of them with a traffic cone, saves Rinko from another horde by blinding a ghoul with another traffic cone, and tackles them down to the ground (Don Dogoier would be proud). Talking about Took a Level in Badass.
    • Rinko, being no slouch either, actually pulls out her gun and shoots the ghouls despite having full knowledge that it will have no effect on them, all just to buy time for the civilians to escape. She even fights off some of the ghouls. Admit it, it takes courage to be able to do that. Now if she just asked Haruto for some silver bullets.
    • Nitoh, after being reduced to a muggle, doesn't stop him from engaging in a fight with Gremlin (Even though he got beaten quite easily.) Fights off the ghouls with just punches and kicks, steals the ghoul's spear, and fend them off with it while coming to Shunpei and Rinko's rescue. He is a Rider through and through, even without his powers.
  • Gremlin himself gets one by not only giving a Curbstomp Battle to all three Mages, but even defeating Infinity Style in a straight up fight!
  • How does Wizard kill Gremlin once and for all? By punching into him, pulling out the Philosopher's Stone which reverts him to his normal form, and pulling off a souped-up version of the Rider Kick that was used to punt Phoenix into the sun. This time, though, there's a fifth dragon, one of light, added to the elemental dragon mix. Haruto kicked Gremlin with the powers of all five of his form variations at once!
  • The stage for the final battle happens to be the same area as the very first fight from the very first episode.

    Episode 52: The Kamen Rider Rings 
  • The debut of a new Rider is always expected to be awesome, but you have to give hero cred to Kamen Rider Gaim for jumping into a transdimensional portal without second thoughts just because he heard children crying out for help. That is what it means to be a Kamen Rider.
  • Return of old Kamen Riders...
    Den-O: Ore... sanjou!
    Double: Now, count up your sins!

    Episode 53: Neverending Story 
  • An old friend returns...
    Tsukasa: I'm just a passing-through Kamen Rider. Remember that!
  • The entire final battle against Amadam. Finishing with the Riders delivering Double and Triple Rider Kicks in succession.