YMMV: Survivor

The T.V. show:

  • Accidental Innuendo: Jeff Probst's commentary on challenges involving balls or poles has reached an almost memetic status in the Survivor fandom. Rob Cesternino has even started running a "Jeff Probst Inappropriate Comment of the Week" segment on his Survivor podcasts.
    • Plenty of examples from the contestants as well. For example Vanuatu's confessional from Chris Daugherty about how opening up to women and showing them vulnerability convinces them to "open up that back door."
    • What about the running joke of Jeff constantly saying "X getting in on the action!" in recent seasons?
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Everyone. It's been stated time and time again that what the camera shows is not indicative of what each castaway is really like, so opinions on each character are going to vary wildly.
    • The show itself. Is it a semi-voyeuristic slice of life about people stranded in the wild, a social experiment that tests peoples morality, an adventure show that just happened to evolve into a game, a cutthroat strategy game that just happens to take place outdoors, or some combination of the above?
  • Anvilicious: The editing style of choice for the show, especially during the more recent seasons. When the show wants you to feel something about a player or a situation, they hammer their point down HARD. Sometimes it's subverted, such as the subtly sweet relationship between Rodger and Elisabeth during Australian Outback or the friendship between Tom and Ian during Palau, but examples like those are more the exception that proves the rule.
  • Awesome Ego: Honourable mentions like Richard Hatch, Tyson Apostol, Coach,Russell Hantz, Malcolm Freberg, and Spencer Bledsoe
  • Base Breaker: Has its own page
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • There was a scene in One World where a pig shows up from out of nowhere in the tribe's camp. Everyone starts to try and chase it while comical music plays, and... then cut to the immunity challenge. The pig isn't brought up after the challenge, and the only reason we know they didn't catch it is that there are a few shots of the same pig after the challenge. Fan theory is that the editors threw in that scene as Foreshadowing of Michael Skupin coming back for season 25.
    • Then there was this moment in Heroes Versus Villains. Courtney is wandering through the jungle and ... comes across Russell and Coach on a giant see-saw. Russell and Coach on a giant see-saw. If it was any other two contestants it wouldn't have been that big a deal, but - those two? True to the trope, it comes out of nowhere and is never explained.
    • The Caramoan finale featured an audience interview with Rudy Boesch for no apparent reason. That would be BLAM-worthy in and of itself, but the segment featured a taped greeting from Richard Hatch to Rudy... nude, of course.
  • Broken Base: Between the fans who like the new seasons for the complicated strategy and twists, and the fans who miss the character development and higher production values of the earlier seasons.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Most players seem to have settled on the following strategy: When you hit the beach, you start making alliances of about three to five other people. Then you start sticking your hand in holes, digging up areas under suspicious looking logs or rocks, or looking in suspicious trees to find the idol. Then you start voting out people who are weak or sick, sometimes voting out physically stronger players because they're not as loyal. Around merge, especially if it's the last tribe-tribal council, you target the people who carried your tribe in the tribal phase and then target the other team's stronger players to reduce them to just one person. Then the person in charge of the alliance starts picking off the loads or the people in second or third, while the people at the bottom (or loads) start plotting to get the people on top voted out. Plus, make yourself look like you are playing the game, as perception from other players is also important as you need to win the jury vote.
    • Extra emphasis on "complacent" in recent years (meaning Samoa to One World at least), as the prevailing strategy in several seasons has been "don't upset the apple cart". You have entire casts content to let the status quo be, allowing alliance ringleaders to waltz to the finals unopposed; such as Russell in Samoa, Rob in Redemption Island, and Colton until his medical evacuation in One World. This last one was especially frustrating, because Colton was a petty racist bully and almost nobody was shown to even speak up in defense of his targets.
  •      Creators Pet 
    • As you might have noticed from other tropes listed here, production plays favorites when it comes to screen time, due to their ability to effectively carry the season. More often than not, they fail.
      • Ben "Coach" Wade. Before Tocantins began, Jeff Probst claimed that he would be the most popular contestant since Rupert. He then became the focus of the entire season, often getting more screentime than the entire rest of the cast combined. To say there was a backlash would be putting it mildly.
      • Russell Hantz, if only for the fact that the viewers had to put up with him for a long time: Samoa/The Russell Hantz Show, Heroes Vs Villains/Heroes vs. Russell and Redemption Island (but not for long).
      • While Boston Rob was never too unpopular in All-Stars and Heroes vs. Villains, he hit this point after a large amount of shilling from the producers. Returning with other previous players in reunion seasons is one thing - coming back again for a showdown with Russell is another.
      • Philip on Redemption Island became this due to overexposure. He becomes this again for the same reason in Caramoan.
      • Ozzy on South Pacific. He was given a disproportionate amount of time in the reunion show, even including a question from a child in the audience basically asking how he was so awesome, at the expense of the other players including that season's winner. For someone who was voted out three times, alternated between non-existent and disastrous strategy note , frustrated his alliance-mates with his fixation on Semhar and Elyse, and only got as far as he did because of the Redemption Island twist and his strength at the individual challenges.
      • Tony from Cagayan. He was Genre Savvy enough to find the Tyler Perry idol with no clues, which some fans argue that he was told where it was. Taken to an extreme again, when he won a rock draw against Spencer for an "advantage," which turned out to be a second hidden immunity idol. And then he won in a landslide...

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