YMMV: Survivor

The T.V. show:

  • Accidental Innuendo: Jeff Probst's commentary on challenges involving balls or poles has reached an almost memetic status in the Survivor fandom. Rob Cesternino has even started running a "Jeff Probst Inappropriate Comment of the Week" segment on his Survivor podcasts.
    • Plenty of examples from the contestants as well. For example Vanuatu's confessional from Chris Daugherty about how opening up to women and showing them vulnerability convinces them to "open up that back door."
    • What about the running joke of Jeff constantly saying "X getting in on the action!" in recent seasons?
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Everyone. It's been stated time and time again that what the camera shows is not indicative of what each castaway is really like, so opinions on each character are going to vary wildly.
    • The show itself. Is it a semi-voyeuristic slice of life about people stranded in the wild, a social experiment that tests peoples morality, an adventure show that just happened to evolve into a game, a cutthroat strategy game that just happens to take place outdoors, or some combination of the above?
  • Anvilicious: The editing style of choice for the show, especially during the more recent seasons. When the show wants you to feel something about a player or a situation, they hammer their point down HARD. Sometimes it's subverted, such as the subtly sweet relationship between Rodger and Elisabeth during Australian Outback or the friendship between Tom and Ian during Palau, but examples like those are more the exception that proves the rule.
  • Awesome Ego: Honourable mentions like Richard Hatch, Tyson Apostol, Coach,Russell Hantz, Malcolm Freberg, and Spencer Bledsoe
  • Base Breaker: Has its own page
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • There was a scene in One World where a pig shows up from out of nowhere in the tribe's camp. Everyone starts to try and chase it while comical music plays, and... then cut to the immunity challenge. The pig isn't brought up after the challenge, and the only reason we know they didn't catch it is that there are a few shots of the same pig after the challenge. Fan theory is that the editors threw in that scene as Foreshadowing of Michael Skupin coming back for season 25.
    • Then there was this moment in Heroes Versus Villains. Courtney is wandering through the jungle and ... comes across Russell and Coach on a giant see-saw. Russell and Coach on a giant see-saw. If it was any other two contestants it wouldn't have been that big a deal, but - those two? True to the trope, it comes out of nowhere and is never explained.
    • The Caramoan finale featured an audience interview with Rudy Boesch for no apparent reason. That would be BLAM-worthy in and of itself, but the segment featured a taped greeting from Richard Hatch to Rudy... nude, of course.
  • Broken Base: Between the fans who like the new seasons for the complicated strategy and twists, and the fans who miss the character development and higher production values of the earlier seasons.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Most players seem to have settled on the following strategy: When you hit the beach, you start making alliances of about three to five other people. Then you start sticking your hand in holes, digging up areas under suspicious looking logs or rocks, or looking in suspicious trees to find the idol. Then you start voting out people who are weak or sick, sometimes voting out physically stronger players because they're not as loyal. Around merge, especially if it's the last tribe-tribal council, you target the people who carried your tribe in the tribal phase and then target the other team's stronger players to reduce them to just one person. Then the person in charge of the alliance starts picking off the loads or the people in second or third, while the people at the bottom (or loads) start plotting to get the people on top voted out. Plus, make yourself look like you are playing the game, as perception from other players is also important as you need to win the jury vote.
    • Extra emphasis on "complacent" in recent years (meaning Samoa to One World at least), as the prevailing strategy in several seasons has been "don't upset the apple cart". You have entire casts content to let the status quo be, allowing alliance ringleaders to waltz to the finals unopposed; such as Russell in Samoa, Rob in Redemption Island, and Colton until his medical evacuation in One World. This last one was especially frustrating, because Colton was a petty racist bully and almost nobody was shown to even speak up in defense of his targets.
  •      Creators Pet 
    • As you might have noticed from other tropes listed here, production plays favorites when it comes to screen time, due to their ability to effectively carry the season. More often than not, they fail.
      • Ben "Coach" Wade. Before Tocantins began, Jeff Probst claimed that he would be the most popular contestant since Rupert. He then became the focus of the entire season, often getting more screentime than the entire rest of the cast combined. To say there was a backlash would be putting it mildly.
      • Russell Hantz, if only for the fact that the viewers had to put up with him for a long time: Samoa/The Russell Hantz Show, Heroes Vs Villains/Heroes vs. Russell and Redemption Island (but not for long).
      • While Boston Rob was never too unpopular in All-Stars and Heroes vs. Villains, he hit this point after a large amount of shilling from the producers. Returning with other previous players in reunion seasons is one thing - coming back again for a showdown with Russell is another.
      • Philip on Redemption Island became this due to overexposure. He becomes this again for the same reason in Caramoan.
      • Ozzy on South Pacific. He was given a disproportionate amount of time in the reunion show, even including a question from a child in the audience basically asking how he was so awesome, at the expense of the other players including that season's winner. For someone who was voted out three times, alternated between non-existent and disastrous strategy note , frustrated his alliance-mates with his fixation on Semhar and Elyse, and only got as far as he did because of the Redemption Island twist and his strength at the individual challenges.
      • Tony from Cagayan. He was Genre Savvy enough to find the Tyler Perry idol with no clues, which some fans argue that he was told where it was. Taken to an extreme again, when he won a rock draw against Spencer for an "advantage," which turned out to be a second hidden immunity idol. And then he won in a landslide...
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Colton. He once referred to Leif (Who is a dwarf) as an "Oompa Loompa", and another time talked about sending him back to Munchkinland. And this is just his relationship with one person...
  • Critical Dissonance: In this Interview, Jeff believes that Caramoan was a great season. Fan does not share his opinion on Caramoan.
  • Designated Hero / Designated Villain: Many seasons have at least one through editing. Heroes vs. Villains used this as its gimmick.
  • Dork Age: People often say that a season where somebody deemed undeserving wins, or with a cast full of people who are The Quiet One or where everyone's just really mean-hearted, boring, etc.
    • Seasons 3-5 are sometimes considered this (although Africa was more so considered one by the editors because it was so hot, the players laid around all day and didn't do much interesting stuffs);
    • Season 22-26 (Philippines being an exception) due to the trends of, among other things, having a Creator's Pet who the editors make a one-man Spotlight-Stealing Squad, returning players, casts full of players that are too conservative/cowardly to act at best and Too Dumb to Live at worst, if they aren't just Living Props for the Creator's Pet.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Anyone that gets a villainous edit - be it designated or card-carrying - can get this treatment from part of the fanbase.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Oftentimes; seeing people fall down, getting thrown around, etc is pretty funny...until they're really hurt and sometimes have a game breaking injury.
    • A special case goes to Kat in One World. Throughout the game, she's pretty naive and justifies it with "I'm only twenty two!". A lot of the fanbase (and even the fellow players) don't entirely buy these. However, her accusations of "I'm only twenty two!" become a little more weighty when you consider that she needed to have open heart surgery in about one or two years.
  • Elimination Houdini: Has its own page
  •      Ensemble Darkhorse 
    • Every so often, characters who only make it a short way or fall short of winning tend to become fan favorites. This usually results in them being called back for an All-Star season:
      • Sonja, the first person ever voted out of Survivor, and Colleen Haskell, who was the first "sweetheart" on the show from Borneo.
      • Elisabeth Filarski, Colleen's Expy from The Australian Outback, though less so after she Took a Level in Jerkass as a co-host on The View.
      • "Boston" Rob Mariano, from Marquesas was the first utilized example of this trope. Despite only coming 10th in his original season, he was asked back again for All-Stars where his game essentially made him the face of Survivor -he was even invited back for Heroes vs. Villains, being voted out again just before the jury stages, and even had an entire season created for him to win.
      • Andrew Savage from Pearl Islands, the leader of the Morgan tribe who continually lost challenges while keeping a positive face and a winning attitude, voted out thanks to the outcasts twist.
    • The even greater example of this in Pearl Islands is obviously Rupert Boneham, who was one of the most unique and outlandish individuals to play the game at that point. His popularity earn him a spot on both All-Stars and Heroes vs. Villains, placing better on those seasons than he did on this one, as well as his own million dollars on America's Tribal Council.
      • Eliza Orlins from Vanuatu, perhaps one of the most notable examples of the Plucky Girl on the show - she went to every Tribal Council in danger, and always managed to escape by the skin of her teeth, and became the poster child for resilience. At least, until...
      • Stephenie LaGrossa from Palau basically became the face of Survivor in 2005, despite only coming 7th in her season. Stephenie was the sole survivor of her tribe's utter annihilation (which would forever henceforth be called "Ulonging" after her tribe) at the hands of Koror, and would be known for years on end as "America's Sweetheart". She was even invited back in Guatemala, where she was the runner-up.
      • Cirie Fields from Panama was the epitome of the woman on the couch, a fan of the show who was, at the start, scared of leaves. Come the end of the show, she's become the face of strategy on Survivor, returned for Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains, and basically revolutionised the way people strategise on Survivor.
      • Yau-Man Chan from Fiji, the elderly Asian-American computer engineer who was deceptively good in challenges and was one of the nicest and child-friendly contestants that had been on Survivor, which earned him a return to Micronesia.
      • Jane Bright from Nicaragua, the Cool Old Lady who was one of the only people in the history of Survivor to go into the show having practiced making fire, and only went on the show to become the Ensemble Darkhorse - she succeeded, and became America's Favourite Contestant that year. Brenda Lowe and Marty Piombo, both strong competitive players taken out at the beginning of the merge are also examples. Brenda continued to be one in Caramoan, despite getting barely any screen time for the first half of the game, she almost one fan favorite.
      • Stephanie on Redemption Island, one of Russell Hantz's "dumb ass girls". She was one of his best lambs, and captured more screen time than most of the other tribe, despite being voted out before the merge.
      • Bobby "Bob Dawg" Mason from Panama has a sizable online fandom thanks to his performances in challenges, his unique personality, and his razor sharp quips and put downs.
      • Troy "Troyzan" Robertson from One World has a pretty large fanbase, most likely a combination of his over-the-top personality during the game, and the fact that he's been a fan of the show since its first season.
      • Despite winning, Probst considered Denise from Philippines to be one since he didn't expect her to be popular. Nonetheless, fans were won over by her underdog story and no-nonsense attitude.
      • Malcolm Freberg from Philippines and Caramoan has also become one due to his looks, his laidback personality and the fact that he's a true triple threat who also happens to be a super fan of the game.
      • Allie Pohevitz has a pretty large fan base despite being voted out second in Caramoan, due to being a super fan of the game (and one of the few who actually applied) as well as not being afraid to speak her mind.
      • Hayden Moss. While he was Stunt Cast, proved to be one of the most likable contestants on Survivor Blood vs Water.
      • Spencer from Cagayan due to him being the Only Sane Man on a dysfunctional tribe.This is later proved even more post merge as he becomes a underdog who despite being out numbered has made it to the endgame.
    • In terms of fan-favorite seasons, there's The Amazon, Pearl Islands, China, Micronesia, Heroes vs Villains (Which is Jeff's favorite season as well) and Philippines.
  • Epileptic Trees: Some of the theories in this thread (which documents the history of online Survivor spoilers) can get pretty creative and outlandish, especially the Follow The Star theory by a Survivor Sucks poster called "Tapewatcher" which claimed that Ethan would win Africa because the editing symbolized him as Jesus.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Female examples are Parvati, Jerri, Ami, Danielle, Courtney, Abi-Maria, and Corinne. Male examples are Brian, "Boston" Rob, and Tyson.
    • Beauty Equals Goodness: On the other hand, the "Good" characters can boast Ozzy(On Cook Islands at least), Colby, J.T., Stephenie, Sierra, Sugar, Brenda(on Caramoan), Amanda ,Malcolm, Hayden, Spencer, and Woo.
  • Foe Yay: Some contestants can be a little-too-obsessed with a fellow castaway they claim they don't like.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In Fiji, Boo's Blunders are hilarious until the final episode when he tears his ACL. Nobody was laughing then.
    • The Survivor Sucks message board had a running joke they would play on newbies about Borneo's B.B. Andersen having been dead for years. It became a lot less funny on October 29th 2013, when B.B. died for real.
  • Genius Bonus: In South Pacific, Christine angrily calls Coach "King Farouk" after she's voted out. Anyone familiar with the history of this kingnote  could catch this as Foreshadowing on behalf of the editors that Coach was going to lose.
    • In one episode of Marquesas, Zoe compares the raft that her tribe is making for the upcoming reward challenge to Kon-Tiki, the famous raft used by Thor Heyerdahl in the 1940's to demonstrate that indigenous people from South America may have settled in Polynesia at one point. Heyerdahl first envisioned this hypothesis (which would later be largely discredited) while living in the Marquesas Islands.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Australia, after watching the first episode in Survivor Borneo, B.B. was perhaps one of the most popular characters on Survivor when it aired at the time, and the general consensus was that the Pagong tribe, apart from B.B., were lazy.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Before Thailand, Jeff had said that the cast of that season looked to be the best that the show had so far. Thailand to this day remains to be Jeff's least favorite season.
    • Before the car challenge that Cindy won in Guatemala , Lydia says she is going to try to win it for her teenage son. Less than a year later, her only son would die in a car crash.
    • In Richard's last confessional, he says that "a million dollars could really change someone's life." It changed his, but for the worst; the tax snafu whose origin is still debated by fans put him in prison for years and is still something that haunts his image til this day.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Amber mentioned in her audition tape for Australia that the host visited her in a dream and told her she would win. Which she did...the second time she played.
    • Thailand, where Brain won the reward challenge and won video tape of his wife, C.C. C.C wants him to win so they can go to Fiji. 9 seasons later, Survivor also went to Fiji themselves.
    • In an early episode of Pearl Islands, after arguing with Sandra, Jonny Fairplay declared in a confessional that "I got a million that says she won't be the final one!" Guess who ended being the first (and so far only) two-time winner?
    • In the "Meet the Cast" videos for Samoa, Jeff mentions that Russell apparently doesn't realize it's a social game - guess what comes back and bites him in the ass?
    • In the cast assessment for Cagayan, Jeff described Spencer of having "zero point zero chance of winning" based on his interactions with him. Fifteen days into the season, Spencer becomes one of his favorite players.
    • San Juan del Sur started with ten men and eight women, with the first two people being voted out being women. It was assumed that the season would probably be the first time there was an all-male final four. Fast forward to the merge and once Julie quits, for the first time, six men are voted out in a row.
  • Hypocritical Fandom: If a male lies, cheats, backstabs, and manipulates his way into the final two or three and wins, the fandom praises his gameplay. If a woman does the same, she's unlikable and is the "Worst winner yet".
    • Heck, one person even said this about responses to Amber from the U.S. "All Stars" season, who was considered one of those "Worst winners yet".
    "If that was Amber doing all the strategizing, lying, backstabbing, deal-making, and manipulating, would you still say she's one of the worst winners ever?"
    • The funny thing is, Amber actually did make the deal that she and Rob went back on, while she was in the other tribe with Lex and Kathy. All Rob did was mutter to Lex, "You'll take care of her and I'll take care of you," while she made the specific promises and convinced them she and Rob would repay them. But even the people she worked out the deal with forgot her part in it and put all the blame on Rob.
    • Kass references this in the Cagayan finale. She says that since she's a female, all of her strategic moves label her as a bitch, which is why most people disliked her. Despite that the main reason she was hated was because she oblivious in the fact the she left behind a trail of angry jurors, or how some people didn't like her comments towards Spencer, she still did bring up a point as to how people respond to genders.
    • Similarly, a lot of people tend to see some old strategies as being "lazy", despite praising players like Vecepia for it.
  • Iron Woobie: Stephenie LaGrossa is seen as this first in Palau when she was alone on the Ulong tribe, and then again after Heroes vs. Villains - some unconfirmed rumors state that she was eliminated because she was still hurting from having her shoulder dislocated in the first challenge in the game.
  • It's the Same, so It Sucks: Some of the criticisms of the show for returning to previous filming locations (Panama, Samoa). Even some of the producers have thought this, but in between the weathernote  and political unrestnote , finding a new location for the show is easier said than done, especially since they have to have worthy housing for three hundred people. They even stated that some locations are out due to problems with the area, such as Africa wherein everyone was sick and too hot to do anything, Guatemala where the temperature would regularly be over one hundred degrees F, or Marquesas where the insects inflicted quite a bit of discomfort amongst the contestants and staff. Therefore, reusing locations is a necessary evil, and plenty of the staff would love to go to new locations too.
    • It's also been speculated that they always have to film it on an island away from civilization or in the event of a mainland one like Gabon, China, or Amazon, in a very secluded area due to speculations of people trying to fly or drive into the filming area(s) and spoil or disrupt the game. It's speculated that's why they won't film it in Australia again, or try Alaska.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Many, with Brandon Hantz being a notable example. The guy's a hotheaded jerk, no doubt, but it's clear that he has a lot of issues. With the death of Caleb, Colton.
  • Love It or Hate It: The very early seasons (Pre-Season 12). Some people love them for their emphasis on the wildness survival aspect, adventure, and superior character development(compared to the later seasons, everyone on the early seasons got a fair share of the camera time), while others hate them for their lack of sophisticated game play, pagongings, and the more neutral, impartial attitude of Jeff Probst compared to later seasons.
    • In the later seasons (Post-Season 12). While some people love the sophisticated plotting compared to the earlier seasons and the various additions to the show (most notably the Hidden Immunity Idol), other viewers find the heavy emphasis on strategy at the expense of everything else(including things like character development), as well as host Jeff Probst's interventionist approach to player politics, to have ruined the show from its "former glory".
  • Love to Hate: Richard Hatch and "Boston" Rob; both play hard and talk big but ultimately treat the game with as much seriousness as reality TV deserves (that is, little to none). Sandra too - she's abrasive, but her "cut the crap" attitude can be very refreshing.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Richard Hatch from Borneo, Tina Wesson from The Australian Outback, Brian Heidik from Thailand, Chris Daugherty from Vanuatu, Yul Kwon from Cook Islands, Todd Herzog from China, Parvati Shallow from Micronesia, Kim Spradlin from One World, John Cochran from Caramoan, Tyson Apostol from Blood Vs. Water, Tony Vlachos from Cagayan, and Natalie Anderson from San Juan Del Sur. Sandra Diaz-Twine was less outright manipulative, but she was able to win twice (Pearl Islands and Heroes Vs. Villains).
    • Honorable mention goes to "Boston" Rob Mariano, who dominated All-Stars and came within one vote of winning the million dollars, but still got away with far more than any second-placer can even dream of, starting with marrying the winner. (He would eventually win himself in Redemption Island, but fans attribute that more to the simple-mindedness of Rob's allies than Rob's own abilities.)
    • Other honorable mentions go to Rob Cesternino from The Amazon, Jonny Fairplay from Pearl Islands, Cirie Fields from Panama and even more so in Micronesia, Jessica "Sugar" Kiper and Kenny Hoang from Gabon, Stephen Fischbach from Tocantins, Russell Hantz in Samoa and Heroes vs Villains, Benjamin "Coach" Wade his third time around in South Pacific, Jonathan Penner in Philipinnes, and Malcolm Freberg from Philippines and Caramoan.
    • Another honorable mention goes to Hayden Moss who tried to take over Blood vs Water by forcing Tyson, Ciera, and Katie to draw rocks. Had Tyson drawn the white rock, he would have definitely been one of Survivor's Magnificent Bastards, but even so it was an honest effort.
  • Memetic Badass: Samoa contestant Dave Ball, aka "Danger Dave."
  • Memetic Molester: Jerri Manthey in Australia, thanks to her Erotic Eating fetish.
  • Moe: Colleen Haskell from Borneo, Amber Brkich and Elisabeth Filarski from Australian Outback, Kim Powers from Africa, Eliza Orlins from Vanuatu and Micronesia, Michelle Yi from Fiji, Courtney Yates from China and Heroes vs Villains, Sugar Kiper from Gabon and Heroes vs Villains.
  • Mis-blamed: In South Pacific, Coach questions his alliance with Brandon Hantz after finding out he's related to Russell Hantz, because he remembers how Russell said he was also a man of god and then voted him out in Heroes vs. Villains...however, Russell didn't vote for Coach at his Final Tribal Council. In fact; Russell actually voted with him.
  • Narm: Rupert's explosion towards Jon following the sixth tribal council in Pearl Islands should at least cause a chuckle to first time viewers.
    Rupert: Who the hell voted for me? WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR ME?! JON?!
    Fairplay: Yeah?
    Fairplay: I did.
    Rupert: WHAT THE (deleted) WAS THAT (deleted) TONIGHT?!
    Fairplay: I was down for Drake, dude. I made-
    Rupert: Dammit, LOOK AT ME!
    Fairplay: I'M LOOKING AT-
    Rupert: WHAT THE (deleted) WAS THAT (deleted)-
    Fairplay: I made a decision based on Drake!
    Rupert: YOU'RE STARTING TO (deleted) NOW! Damn.
  • Nausea Fuel: People do get hurt there. Heck, it's an inherent risk, especially in the more recent seasons in which they have fighting challenges. However, one particular moment following a rather vicious looking challenge in Fans vs. Favourites had many viewers looking away from the TV screaming, "EW EW EW EW EW!!!" or feeling like they were about to lose their lunch, where Jonathan Penner received a puncture wound to the knee and had to be evacuated from the game due to an infection that could potentially have taken out his leg. They actually showed the medic irrigating the puncture wound on TV to show how bad it was.
  • Never Live It Down: The especially manipulative, deceitful, or heavy-handed contestants tend to get treated this way, In-show and out, along with the What an Idiot contestants.
    • The show itself is never going to live down Russell...especially since they keep finding ways directly and indirectly work him until One World.
    • Marquesas has this in two parts: the first is that the location had so much discomfort from the bugs that it will never be used again. The second is that because Paschal refused to vote off Neleh (his best friend in the game), and took the fall by the Purple Rock. In future season, there are instance that contestants betrayed alliance-mates so they don't end up forcing a tie and risk drawing the infamous rock themselves. Drawing rocks did return for Blood Vs Water, thanks to Hayden's clever Batman Gambit though.
    • The accusations by Borneo contestant Stacey Stillman that the producers persuaded Sean and Dirk into voting her off so they could save the more colorful Rudy, and Dirk's eventual admittance in court that this was true, has cast a shadow over the show for years and made many viewers question whether any other game influencing Executive Meddling has taken place.
  • Older Than They Think: The concept originated in Sweden as Expedition Robinson back in 1997. It was picked up by CBS in 2000, and the rest is history.
    • Certain twists meanwhile. Tribal switches had happened before Africa, and the concept of Redemption Island was actually used in previous international versions of Survivor, often called "Island of the Dead" or "Island Of Purgatory".
  • Old Guard Versus New Blood: As the strategy of Survivor become more complex over the years, less emphasis has been placed on certain aspects that brought older fans into the show in the first place (such as the adventure element, which has sadly been more or less ignored in recent years) . As more and more twists became commonplace on the show (the hidden immunity idol, for example), there was also less time for character development. Old Guard fans complained about all the time being spent on strategy and twists, which lead to generic and dull seasons such as fan unfavorite Fiji and Redemption Island. These complaints consequently lead to the producers casting Spotlight-Stealing Squad contestants like Coach, Rob, and Russell, and editing the show in the over the top style that we see in the most recent seasons. Of course, Old Guard fans still haven't gotten what they wanted, and they complain that the lack of adventure and character development in these newer seasons is even worse than they were in Cook Islands or Fiji, while on the other side of the equation, the New Blood fans complain about the older seasons for being boring and lacking in strategy.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: "Romber" was one for Rob & Amber.
    • "Arson" was one for the fan pairing of Aras and Tyson.
  •     Rescued From The Scrappy Heap 
    • Coach in Heroes vs Villians. He was less obnoxious and became good at challenges (and we were less exposed to his... "eccentricities" thanks to Russell). Compare him in Tocantins to South Pacific.
    • Likewise, Jerri became very well liked by fans throughout Heroes vs Villains, especially when you compare how she was booed off the stage in her previous appearance in the All Stars reunion show and how the crowd cheered and applauded her in HVV. Her smile could've just lighted up the whole studio.
    • Boston Rob's gotten a variation; he was never anybody's Scrappy, but he's certainly been rescued from the villain heap. He came into Heroes vs. Villains as the arch-manipulator untrustworthy bad guy, but was arguably more heroic than most of the hero tribe, especially when put with other anti-villains such as Sandra and Courtney. Not to mention having actual villains such as Randy, Tyson, and Russell around to contrast with suddenly made Rob look like a pretty nice, easygoing guy (marriage and fatherhood probably helped too). By Redemption Island, his tribe immediately expressed relief that they got the "good" veteran.
    • Clarence Black from the Africa. After being ostracized by his tribe for most of the game because he ate a can of beans from said tribe's food rations while the others were away searching for a water source, he later shapes up, works hard at camp and in the challenges, and eventually earns back their respect.
    • Jenna Morasca wasn't all that popular in her original season due to being viewed as being rather bitchy and somehow (for the viewers at that time) won the show in a landslide over a positively edited Matthew. In All-Stars however, many had sympathized with her heart-breaking story and her new found kindness had led to viewers seeing her in a different light. Her former relationship with Africa winner Ethan Zohn helped as well.
    • Candice Cody (formerly Woodcock) in Blood vs. Water. While she wasn't hated, she wasn't particularly iconic when she was cast on Heroes vs. Villains, and flipping on the Heroes after the merge didn't exactly increase her favor. In addition, she and her husband John were last-minute replacements for R.C. (from Phillipines) and her father (whose low blood pressure caused them to be pulled right before filming), coloring the perceptions of both fans and players, to the point that Candice was voted out before the game even started! However, her underdog status, her attempts to influence the game from Redemption Island, and the fact that she and her Ensemble Darkhorse husband had both an interesting story arc and were the last romantic couple in the game gained her plenty of fan favor.
      • To a lesser extent, Redemption Island itself in Blood vs. Water. While fans still largely hate the concept of Redemption Island, the dynamic it added to this particular season was well-received by many.
    • Natalie Anderson in SJDS is a unique one, she stint in that season was well liked compared to being polarizing in The Amazing Race.
  • Rewatch Bonus: There's actually quite a lot - the "Funny 115" site actually points out how easy it is to miss these, but if you re-watch a season, you can spot a lot of foreshadowing.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Maybe you don't accept CBS' choices for Designated Hero and Designated Villain, or maybe Good Is Dumb and the "villains" are more likable or their strategy appears better.
  •      The Scrappy 
    • Anyone who quits without a good reason(people like Jenna Morasca(Who left because of her dying mother), Kathy Sleckman, or Dana(who left due to being in intolerable pain) may get a pass) due to ejecting themselves on a show people would kill for.
      • Of the quitters, Colton Crumbie gets the most hate for being Racist and Elitist especially towards Bill and Christina. No one felt sorry for him when he was evacuated. The announcement of his return annoyed everyone and he quit after a week in the game because no one wanted to play the game his way.
      • NaOnka because of her being an Jerkass,most notably to the Handicapped Kelly B. Not to mention announcing to quit but not sacrificing the reward her team had won in the challenge that episode.
    • Russell Hantz to the older fans because being a Creator's Pet who steals time from the other castaways, doesn't realize that its a social game and was slow to understood why he lost. He became this in general in Heroes vs Villains due to becoming Dumber and more being more horrid to his castaways than in Samoa
    • Shamar because of being a annoying Jerkass and Lazy Bum who absorbed screentime from the rest of his tribemates (some of whom was fans and applied).
    • Missy and Baylor. Both who occupied their screentime with Baylor being a princess, while Missy playing Mama Bear when any contestant called Baylor out on her bratty behavior, etc. Missy made it into the final three despite a hurting ankle, which viewers think it's unfair.

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