Quotes: Survivor

Thirty-nine days, sixteen people, One Survivor!
Jeff Probst, at the start of each season note 

     Quotes About Survivor 
Wonder why other countries hate us? We have a game show in our country called Survivor. That's a game in our country ...You can win a million dollars for surviving on a place where people already live. Do you realize what kind of message that sends? Not a good one! 'Excuse me, I've been here for 60 years. May I have some bread?' 'Haha!!! No! We're Americans! This is a game! OH NO! We don't have our cell phones! This is so hard!'
Daniel Toshnote 

Have you seen that program Survivor? Pretty close to Lord of the Flies. They kick one guy off the island every week. They don't actually chase him with sharpened sticks, but you get the feeling they'd kind of like to.
     Quotes from Famous Contestants 
If anyone calls me Benjamin to my face, I'm gonna go nuts. My parents call me Coach. I've been called Coach since I was 18.
Benjamin "Coach" Wade

My mama always told me, you may not be able to beat 'em with these, *points to arms* but you can always beat 'em with this.'' *points to brain*
Cirie Fields

Basically, I'm a badass, and a manipulator of this game.
Drew Christy
     Winners' Quotes: Obvious Spoilers 
I'm good to go survival-wise. People-wise, it'll be a little more challengin', but I've got the million-dollar check written already. I mean, I'm the winner. It's that kind of cocky attitude that makes people really hate your guts. So, that's the kind of thing I have to keep under wraps.
Richard Hatch, winner of Survivor: Borneo

In the spirit of the Olympics, let the games begin!
Tina Wesson, winner of Survivor: The Australian Outback

I knew I only had 15 minutes of fame, so I wanted to be sure I did something good with it.
Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor: Africa

I'll give you immunity, I'll drop off, if you take me to the end with you, okay?
Vecepia Towery, winner of Survivor: Marquesas

We all kinda just enjoying each other's company and trying to figure everybody out. I'm going to have a good time doing it, but at the same time, this a business trip as I like to say.
Brian Heidik, winner of Survivor: Thailand

The [men are] so freaking cocky. They're like, 'Oh, we're NEVER gonna go to Tribal Council.' It's so annoying. I want to beat them just to shut them up.
Jenna Morasca, winner of Survivor: Amazon

So I promised [Jon]. I said: I swear, I swear. But in my mind, and under my breath, I was saying to myself... I swear I'm gonna screw you annnnd Burton.
Sandra Diaz-Twine, the only two-time winner of the show, during Pearl Islands

I didn't really break my word to you as much as Rob did.
Amber Mariano, winner of Survivor: All-Stars

You question a woman's character... you question a woman's ability, she'll snap your neck! ...You open your heart, show a woman you're vulnerable, then they start thinkin' with their heart.. That's when they open up that back door.
Chris Daugherty, winner of Survivor: Vanuatu

Tomorrow we make our apologies, tonight we make our move.
Tom Westman, winner of Survivor: Palau

It's funny, the longer you stick around the more problems you can cause so more doors will open for you.
Danni Boatwright, winner of Survivor: Guatemala

I think the problems in our tribe are inherent in the personalities. I'm in an alliance with three nutballs, I feel like at this point.
Aras Baskauskas, winner of Survivor: Panama

One of the main reasons that I even wanted to be on Survivor is because minorities were underrepresented in the media. When I grew up, I didn't see people who looked like me on TV. Whenever you see a lot of minorities on TV it's just kind of caricatures. I wanted America to see Asian-American men as they truly are.
Yul Kwon, winner of Survivor: Cook Islands

Snakes are misunderstood, but... *chops the snake's head off* ...we have an understanding now.
Earl Cole, winner of Survivor: Fiji

Jean Robert: We had a plan, Todd. To send James home. The best move for all of us at that time was to get rid of James. In my opinion, you organizing to blindside me - yeah you blindsided me, I'm out of the game, but I wasn't the biggest threat.

Todd: You started to strategically place ideas in peoples' heads, which is what I wanted my job to be. And when you had approached me about blindsiding James, I was like "Oh no. He's catching up." So who then becomes the biggest threat to me? You. So then what do I have to do? Turn it around on you, who is an extremely great strategic player in your daily life. I had to get rid of my biggest strategic threat, who was you.
Jean-Robert Bellande and Todd Herzog, 9th place and winner of Survivor: China

It's like the Black Widow Brigade. It's like all the girls are coming together and we're spinning the guys around as much as we can, spinning and spinning them as much as we can until they don't know which way is up. And then we're devouring them.
Parvati Shallow, winner of Survivor: Micronesia

Kenny: I really feel that Bob is acting only to back down on his deal, because the deal was that if he won the next challenge, he'd give it to me, and then he said, "...only if I think you're going". Apparently, there was some small print at the bottom of the contract that you had to look through the magnifying glass to see, so I think that he's putting some loopholes around the deal, and trying to back out of it somehow.

Bob: Well, what I didn't realize was, he went back to the tribe and discussed with people that when I gave him the necklace that they would then blindside me. I was trying to take care of him, and he was gonna take advantage of me! That changed things quite dramatically. (to Kenny) That was the small print at the bottom of the contract that you forgot to read: "if I help you, you help me", not "if I help you, you stab me in the Back.
Ken Hoang and Bob Crowley, 5th place and winner of Survivor: Gabon

I don't know why everyone trusts me so much. In this game, I'm not so trustworthy. It seems like people would catch on to that. It may be the accent.
James "J.T." Thomas, Jr, winner of Survivor: Tocantins

I definitely think people underestimate me. And I want them to think, hey, it's really smart to take me to the end because they could beat me, use that to my advantage. And if comes down to me or him, I know I could beat Russell in the very end, because I could say a lot of other people in the tribe have really been rubbed the wrong way by him.
Natalie White, winner of Survivor: Samoa

So, Russell? He don't know how to play this game. Yeah, he's done good so far, but with me? He don't know what he got himself into.
Sandra Diaz-Twine, the only two-time winner of the show, during Heroes vs Villians

Dude, I don't care what they call me. I'm going to win the million dollars. So I guess my nickname's Fabio.
Jud "Fabio" Birza, winner of Survivor: Nicaragua

Fear keeps people loyal. If they're afraid they have to something to lose, then they'll do what you tell them to do. That's straight out of The Godfather.
Rob Mariano, winner of Survivor: Redemption Island

Before I came to this game, I said, I wish I were a man, because men in this game seem to be able to get two young girls to follow them to the end and that's something I can't do. And when I met Coach, I saw him as the equivalent of a young girl.
Sophie Clarke, winner of Survivor: South Pacific

We just annihilate them.
Kim Spradlin, winner of Survivor: One World

I don't pray for anything. If anything's gonna get me to the end of the game, it's gonna be me.
Denise Stapley, winner of Survivor: Philippines

I've been watching Survivor with my parents for thirteen years. I need to win this game, and I am willing to go to any length to snatch that title.
John Cochran, winner of Survivor: Caramoan

I'll let fate decide.
Tyson Apostol, winner of Survivor: Blood vs Water

When we come to this game, we're accepting the fact that we're gonna be deceived, and we're gonna get stabbed in the back, and that's why I brought my bag of tricks with me today.
Tony Vlachos, winner of Survivor: Cagayan

It's been really a roller coaster of emotions for me because, this is the longest I've gone without seeing or talking to my sister. I've lived with Nadiya for 28 years. We've never done anything alone and I never let anybody see how much I miss her. I never cry in front of anybody, and I kinda always just pretend like I'm fine, but Nadiya has been gone for like 30 days now and I've been kinda doing this without her. But I'm just trying to make it into something where I can use it as motivation instead of just bringing me down. It's time to, you know, buck up and make every decision moving forward count. I have one shot to prove to myself that, you know, I left everything on the table and make these last four days fully worth it.
Natalie Anderson, winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Surnote 

The man that I call dad is the pastor of my church, and he taught me at a very early age that, you know, if you work hard, good things will come to you. So you don't have to tell me to do something because I see that something needs to be done and I just do it.
Mike Holloway, winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart

My second chance story, like everybody knows, that I'm here for Val. I'm here for Jordyn and I'm here for Camryn. Everything I'm doing is for them. Before I left, Val comes up and tells me she's pregnant. So I'm here and I'm bugging out because I'm missing this, you know? So Val comes on the visist and she says she's fine, the baby's fine and he's a boy. And everyday I wanna tell all y'all that I'm about to have a son and I can't even tell y'all because I don't want to mess up my game. I don't wanna mess up, I don't wanna mess up anything because I'm doing it for them. So my second chance is all about family. That's it. I'm not doing it for nothing else. I don't even care about me, all I care about is my family. That's my second chance.
Jeremy Collins, winner of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chances