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  • Type the word "Santorum" into Google. Go on. Rick Santorum once stated that two men having sex was equivalent to "a man having sex with a dog". Dan Savage took issue with this and basically created the meme.
    • Dan Savage also tried to create a definition for "saddlebacking" (in reference to the Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, owned by Rick Warren) with considerably less success.
  • In commemoration of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Google changed their logo to a rainbow filled with different sports... in a Games surrounded by controversy due to anti-homosexuality laws being passed in Russia, as well as the governments refusal to stop gay bashing by Russian gangs.
    • The direct insult from US President Barack Obama, who not only pointedly refused to attend the opening ceremonies, but also sent a delegation composed primarily of gay current and former US Olympiansnote  in his stead.
  • Stewart Lee, the 41st Best Stand-Up Ever, devotes two segments of his routine to bashing Tom O'Connor's lame "Are You A Sardine" pun (O'Connor had asked a man in the audience what he did for a living. The man replied "I'm in oil," to which O'Connor replied with "Are you a sardine?") and the Big Brother racism scandal respectively:
    Lee: What my mother doesn't know, is that since his nervous breakdown following the tabloid press exposing him for having an affair with a teenage prostitute, Tom O'Connor is only able to answer any discussion, with the phrase: Are. You. A. Sardine?
    Lee: When Martin Luther King saw racism in 1960s America, he said "I have a dream that one day my four little children will live in a nation where they are judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character". When Russell Brand saw racism in 2000s Britain, he said, whilst dressed as a cartoon pirate: "OooOOoOoh. There's been some bad racism and stuff going down today, and no mistake. My liege. It's made Mr Winky go right small it has, oh yes it has, oh yeah. And my ballbag. Oh my old ballbag. Has only gone up my bum. Here's H from Steps"...After the scandal, Danielle Lloyd, a glamor model, who was involved in one of the nastier bits of the racism, lost a lot of opportunities for glamor shooting and topless photoshoots. What this means is that the editors of Nuts magazine, and Zoo, and Loaded, must have sat down and asked themselves the question: "Will our customers feel comfortable masturbating over images of a racist?" And they must have decided "No". I think they underestimated their readers' tenacity - perhaps Ms Lloyd's opinions might even have provided un petit frisson.
  • Uwe Boll's online video in response to the petition to stop him forever contains completely unwarranted attacks on directors Michael Bay, Eli Roth, and George Clooney. This is also the video in which he claims to be "ze only genius in ze whole fucking business". Ironically, he may have a point — since his films were financed by the German government, he profited even when the movies suck. Germany closed that loophole though; Boll kept trying to make movies, but for some reason investors were no longer interested, and he does not understand why.
  • Showing an uncharacteristically pointy side, radio comedy team Bob & Ray reacted to New York Magazine critic John Simon's negative review of their stage show by incorporating him into their skits as "The Worst Person in the World" — a character who never spoke, just made rude noises while other characters commented loudly on his uncouth manners. Broadcaster Keith Olbermann later picked up the concept, sans specific attack, and used it in his Countdown.
    • And Olbermann has used several Take Thats in his feud with Bill O'Reilly. A classic was when O'Reilly announced he was starting an online petition to get Olbermann's show off the air. Olbermann had a segment showing the entire production crew and staff of Countdown, including himself, cheerfully signing the petition to show how seriously they took it. And MSNBC's other shows got in on the act as well: Dan Abrams and Tucker Carlson are shown signing it.
    • Olbermann's impression of Rush Limbaugh (often heard during the Worst Persons segment) also owes a lot to the Bob & Ray character, particularly the slurping noises.
  • Kingdom of Loathing usually uses Affectionate Parody, but the items related to the Furry Suit contain a number of surprisingly vicious swipes at the Furry Fandom. Not least of which is that the tattoo you can receive by wearing it is the "Loser Tattoo".
    • Hippies and hobos aren't treated kindly either. All hippies have bad body odor and do drugs, and hobos are all lazy, stupid booze-drinkers.
    • On the other hand, all frat boys use "bra" as a Verbal Tic, drink more beer than is probably humanly possible, and have an unhealthy obsession with paddling.
  • Film critic Roger Ebert was very, very skilled at the Take That. He published three books that consist entirely of reviews of movies he hated (Your Movie Sucks, I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie, and A Horrible Experience of Unbearable Length). If we listed all the great Take That lines from his reviews, we could easily double the size of this page, but here's a sample.
    • When Ebert referred to Vincent Gallo's movie The Brown Bunny as the worst film in the history of the Cannes film festival, Gallo called him "a fat pig with the physique of a slave trader". Ebert's reply is pure gold: "It is true that I am fat, but one day I will be thin, and he will still be the director of The Brown Bunny." (Technically that response is a modification of a line attributed to Winston Churchill: "Madam, I may be drunk, but you are ugly, and I shall be sober in the morning.") Gallo publicly wished Ebert would get cancer again. Ebert did. Gallo, not apologizing, said he wished for a different cancer than Ebert got. Ebert's reply was that he had no time for this- he just got back from an exam where an image of his colon was on a TV for 90 minutes- "which was still better than The Brown Bunny." Serious Harsher in Hindsight there, as Ebert did indeed get thin...thanks to cancer.
    • Ebert also commented about a feud between Rob Schneider and another critic, Patrick Goldstein. After Patrick made a remark about Columbia Pictures financing Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo while having turned down every single one of that year's Best Picture nominees, Rob Schneider took out full-page ads in two magazines insulting Patrick Goldstein, for not having won anything himself. Ebert's comment is, once again, priceless:
      But Schneider is correct, and Patrick Goldstein has not yet won a Pulitzer Prize. Therefore, Goldstein is not qualified to complain that Columbia financed Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo while passing on the opportunity to participate in Million Dollar Baby, Ray, The Aviator, Sideways, and Finding Neverland. As chance would have it, I have won the Pulitzer Prize, and so I am qualified. Speaking in my official capacity as a Pulitzer Prize winner, Mr. Schneider, your movie sucks.
    • Of course, Schneider then went on to invert this trope entirely by sending Ebert flowers and a get-well-soon card while he was in hospital. And Ebert said that while Schneider may make terrible movies, he's a nice guy.
    • Ebert struck again by thanking Bill O'Reilly for including the Chicago Sun-Times in his "Hall Of Shame", claiming to be in a Bill O'Reilly Hall of Fame would be a cruel blow to any newspaper. He went on to compare him to "Squeaky The Chicago Mouse" in response to the latter's claim he was more powerful than any politician, and such an eloquent Take That! has to be seen to be believed.
  • Archaeologists have found ancient Greek sling shots with "Take That!" written on them. This survived until at least after World War II when bomber crews would paint messages on their explosive payloads.
  • Ubiquitous in political campaigning - any specific examples would either double the size of this page fairly quickly or lead to a massive Edit War.
  • In Häxornas försvarare by Jan Guillou, a book about the witch processes in seventeenth-century Scandinavia, the author explains that while at one point the study of witches was considered a credible science, all the information that went into scholarly treatises on the subject had been uncovered by the scholar a) reading what other people had previously written on the subject and b) making stuff up. He further states that understandably, no modern field of science uses this odd form of research, "except of course for national economics."
  • Acclaimed travel writer Bill Bryson has made his birthplace a running Take That! gag. The first line of The Lost Continent: "I was born in Des Moines, Iowa. Somebody had to be." There follows a two page explanation of why (he thinks) Des Moines is a horrible soulless shithole.
    • Bryson has also been known to direct these at other things when he felt like it. For example, he once remarked that the horse playing Mr. Ed apparently "wrote most of his own material".
  • The icon that a Mac uses to represent a PC on the network.
  • Most unsubtle and unwitty example ever: This video, which is the full match of the first clip you see in the infamous "MAHVEL BAYBEE!" video, manages to throw in a random "FUCK AR-CAY-NAH HEART, NIGGER! FUCK ARCANA HEART!" at the end of its utterly non-sensical commentary.
  • PC Gamer regularly takes cheap shots at console gamers. One was when they recommended the Xbox 360 controller for Games For Windows games, with the hasty disclaimer "don't worry, no one will think you're a console gamer". When a reader wrote in and called them on it, they said it was a "friendly rivalry".
    • If this is PC Gamer of Future Publishing then it definitely is a friendly rivalry, since Chandra Nair, one of their writers, used to work for Cubed, a Nintendo GameCube magazine.
      • Not to mention that Chandra Nair went on to also become editor of Official Nintendo Magazine before leaving the industry completely.
    • Not to mention that Future owns Official Xbox Magazine, as well as Nintendo Power. And speaking of Future, they own both MacLife and Maximum PC. They love taking pot shots at each other.
  • Matthew Wright, presenter of Channel Five's The Wright Stuff is fond of making gags toward presenter Jeremy Kyle, such as calling him "Jeremy Vile" and getting out of the house whenever his show comes on.
  • The creators of Demoscene productions are typically very direct about their Take Thats, often outright saying "fuck you" to the people and companies they don't like.
  • [adult swim] often runs bumps that are derogatory towards its viewers.
    • There also seems to be a long running gag about the network's simmering contempt towards their Anime block. Bumps regularly criticize it, commercials show their Narm moments and episode descriptions on their website tend to read like "Vampires, robots, big hats!".
      • There's a division in staff between Adult Swim's western-styled comedy department, writers of all the bumps since the action programming stopped featuring them (and producers of PHF'), and the Action department, who programs Adult Swim's anime and are anime fans.
  • The numerous Red Box kiosks, scattered throughout multiple grocery store chains in the US, advertise $1.00 overnight rentals, but Red Box will charge the customer's card an additional $1.00 for each additional day the item is kept. In response, the movie rental chain Hollywood Video introduced a program called True Dollar, to their existing Powerplay rental program, that offers $1.00 rentals with no due dates.
  • The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith:
    "6. That doctrine which maintains a change of the substance of bread and wine, into the substance of Christ's body and blood, commonly called transubstantiation, by consecration of a priest, or by any other way, is repugnant not to Scripture alone, but even to common sense and reason, overthroweth the nature of the ordinance, and hath been, and is, the cause of manifold superstitions, yea, of gross idolatries." This is an attack on Catholics.
  • This video of Australian Rules Football team the West Coast Eagles' theme song includes the Eagles mascot giving cross-town rival the Fremantle Dockers' mascot a wedgie. note 
    • A famous one happened when Carlton played Essendon in 1991. The previous year, Essendon had lost to the much-hated Collingwood in the grand final, giving Collingwood their first premiership since 1958. During that time, Carlton had beaten Collingwood in grand finals in 1970, 1979 and 1981. Carlton rubbed it in by having their banner read, "If you lose to Collingwood in a grand final, you're a bloody idiot." note 
    • At Essendon home games, a pre-match video shows a bomber launching, locking on to the opposing team's emblem, and blowing it up.
    • In 2001, the Seven Network lost the broadcast rights to the AFL (which it had held for forty years) to the Nine and Ten networks. In the week leading up to the 2001 Grand Final, it broadcast a program called "Biffs, Bumps and Brawlers" that showcased the violent aspects of the game that the league was trying to de-emphasise.
  • Lee Unkrich, the director of Toy Story 3 responded to fan reactions of the movie via Twitter. Here's what he said to the critics who didn't like it.
  • In early 1979, NBC was falling behind in the ratings war against CBS and ABC. In an attempt to get back those ratings, NBC initiated its "Proud as a Peacock" campaign. One of those was a song saying how great NBC was. However, they knew how bad they were in the ratings and ended up making this parody to mock the network and its-then current owner.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (and shows like it) got hit hard in an episode of Adventures in Odyssey. Local teen Connie Kendall wants to pitch an idea to a TV station (it's a Thomas the Tank Engine Captain Ersatz), but first we see what a guy named "Nigel O. Dion" has. IT winds up being a SpongeBob pastiche where everyone is free from values and SpongeBob's parents are idiots. "Nigel" openly expresses how aggressively kid friendly it is. Connie's show talks about how we need to have authority or things would go wrong, and "Nigel"'s show is rejected because it's another one of "too many" shows that teach kids to "mock and taunt authority" and make them "glib, selfish, and rude". (Although the actual SpongeBob isn't a little kid and in fact loves his parents very much.) "Nigel" leaves them saying they're unreasonable and stuck in the "19th century".
    • Ironically, a lot of Nickelodeon's shows aren't really like that. (Shows like that are on Cartoon Network.) A bit of irony in that SpongeBob did become a Ren and Stimpy-style grossout show after the movie. But then again, Focus On The Family isn't on very good terms with Nickelodeon...
  • In Rugby League the South Sydney Rabbitohs' song goes as far as to list all the teams Souths beat in grand finals:
(To the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"):
They mauled the Balmain Tigers,
Slew the Dragons from St. George,
The Seagulls and the Mounties next
Were crushed with mighty force
They humbled Parramatta
And the Berries in due course
They wear the RED & GREEN


They plucked the Western Magpies,
Slashed the Newtown bag of blue
The Eastern Suburbs rooster crowed,
And then was conquered too
The greatest name in any game
Within South Sydney grew
They wear the RED & GREEN
  • The Nekci Menij Show is ruthless with its Take Thats towards every female currently working in the pop music industry. Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Katy Perry are thrown under the bus (literally in Katy's case) for their Shameless Self-Promotion; Jessie J is repeatedly insinuated to have broken her leg to boost album sales; Nicki Minaj is turned into an insane agent of chaos/rapper-for-hire; and Beyonce's ego is implied to be through the roof. Even relatively unknown acts are taken to task; Marina of Marina and the Diamonds has this to say about her music:
    Marina:Holywode and amaricon cultur is bad for us and menstram pop lyk Xtine is faek. Esept if its ironec lyk min.
  • Above the Burger King restaurant at Avenyn in Gothenburg, Sweden, there are currently two signs. One of them points at the Burger King and says "GRILLED" while the other one points to the right, where a McDonald's is located, and says "WTF?".
    • Previously, it said "Fried?" in place of "WTF?"
  • Voice actor D.C. Douglas posts political videos to his personal Youtube channel, often lampooning the Tea Party. In one noteworthy example, after having lost a job at Geico following a Tea Party group known as Freedom Works posting a (admittedly uncalled for) nasty voice mail, Douglas, having since become the beloved voice of Albert Wesker, posted this gem.
    "Don't drunk-dial Freedom Works."
  • If you're using an iOS device, summon Siri and say "OK Google"note :
    "I think you've got the wrong assistant, (name)."
    "Very funny, (name). I mean, not funny "ha-ha," but funny."
    • Saying "Okay Glass" yields similar results:
      "Stop trying to strap me to your forehead, (name). It won't work."
      "Just so you know, I don't do anything when you blink at me, (name)."
  • In the days after deadly shootings in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino, the New York Daily News spent the next few days devoting its front covers to venting its frustrations about GOP lawmakers who won't do anything about gun control and the National Rifle Association for its apparent stranglehold over Congress, going as far as to label NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre a terrorist. These covers received criticism from gun rights advocates, conservatives, and those who felt they simply went too far. In response, the December 7, 2015 edition had this as its cover cover.
  • "Leaf fan waiting for cup." The fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs have won the Stanley Cup over a dozen times won't stop a rival sport's fan from delivering that cutting and admittedly hilarious jab.
  • Early in the 2017 college football season, Oklahoma convincingly defeated Ohio State in a battle of top-5 teams on Ohio State's home field. Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield celebrated by planting an OU flag in the middle of OSU's midfield logo. The "Take That!" came a few weeks later, after Iowa State scored a stunning upset at Oklahoma (the Cyclones' first win in Norman since 1990). Cyclones defensive back Evrett Edwards planted Iowa's state flag in the middle of OU's logo. Bonus points: This story from Iowa's main newspaper, The Des Moines Register, flat-out invokes this trope.

  • The late Billy Mays had a rather... unfavorable view of fellow TV commercial pitcher Vince Offer, who is best known for his advertisement for ShamWow!, a product suspiciously similar to Zorbeez, a product Billy promoted. One of his newer Zorbeez commercials takes a potshot at Vince's "You followin' me, camera guy?" line:
    Billy: "They get dirty? Throw 'em in the wash! They last for years! Did ya get that, camera guy?"

  • In We Are Our Avatars, there was several toward Twilight; one notable one is that "Edward" is an insult among Vampires.
    • Even more to Sonichu, to the point where Chris-chan occasionally appears, often doing horrid things. Even Bernkastel hated him....
    • In addition, One More Day is occasionally jabbed at.
    • Mega Man, Duo, and Bass occasionally throw insults at Mega Man 8, citing the story as a poorly written, annoying, cheap cash in.
    • Lip and Osaka (both Midna's characters) throw a Take That at in-thread advertising at one point.
    • Charles Roberts having two IC MSTs and two of the Avatars note  coming and forcefeeding his computer down his throat.
  • In Darwin's Soldiers, Aisha makes a rather unsubtle jab at Paris Hilton
    Aisha: "Look at Paris Hilton, or better yet, don't. Famous for being famous, not because she has anything approaching talent."

Tabletop Games
  • In both Warhammers, the entire Ork race are a Take That! at football hooligans even though fans tend to think of Orks as really funny but its kind of obvious its a take that when you realize they are to bricks what dumb as a brick is to normal people.
    • Among 40K's many planets with such names as Armageddon, Murder, Fenris, and Baal, one stands out as being differently horrible.
    Birmingham is also known as the Black Planet, as it receives almost no visible light from its system's sun. As a result, the planet receives few visitors, and its inhabitants have become linguistically and culturally isolated. Its technology is primitive compared to the rest of the Imperium, as the musket is still in use among the natives.
  • The expanded Real Men, Real Roleplayers, Loonies, and Munchkins list is littered with Take Thats directed at the likes of Star Trek, comic books, Gary Gygax, and whatever else the contributor wasn't personally fond of by attributing them to Munchkins — which, by extension, is probably an indicator of fan-hating.
  • WoTC released a few animated shorts before the release of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, they focused on very specific monsters and races in terms of how 4th Edition would affect them. One of the shorts was about the red dragon and contained a very amusing reference to the "Edition Wars" in which traditionally whiny fanboys ranted about the suckiness and evil of 4th Edition. Said reference showed a forum being trolled by an actual troll that was promptly buried under a large pile of dragon excrement by the red dragon as it flew overhead.
  • From a supplement to White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension: "This same century also sees the birth of many of the modern 'gypsy' stereotypes, which... lead to the fanciful romanticization of 'True Romany' as singing, dancing, scarf-wearing vagabonds. This stereotyping is perpetuated throughout the 20th century through works of popular fiction, cheap horror movies, 'medieval' or 'Renaissance' re-enactment societies, and badly researched role-playing game supplements." The same company had earlier released World of Darkness: Gypsies, a supplement playing on exactly those stereotypes.
  • After the Secret Service raid on their premises was deemed to have been unlawful, Steve Jackson Games printed a card for their Illuminati: New World Order CCG depicting a Secret Service agent wearing the insignia of the Nazi SS.
    • A justification for the raid given was that the book whose manuscript they seized, GURPS Cyberpunk, was a handbook on computer crime, especially hacking. The result? They made Hacker shortly afterward, a board/card game focusing on computer hacking.
  • Another, less malicious, Steve Jackson Games example, Car Wars featured an America that was mildly post-apocalyptic, having survived a limited nuclear engagement with Communists. The worst hit spot in Central United States? Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where main rival game designer TSR games had their headquarters.
  • The Shadowrun Sourcebook Runner Havens has the following gem during a discussion of Hong Kong pirates:
    Runner: I heard that if they catch a ship, they rape everyone aboard to death, eat their flesh, and sew their skins into their clothing -- and if you're lucky, they do it in that order.
    Second Runner: What the hell have you been smoking?
  • The bizarre Egg of Coot, a ruler in the Dungeons & Dragons Blackmoor setting, was a jab at Gregg Scott, an individual who'd previously given Dave Arneson some flak.
  • Palladium Books include a description of an alignment system which includes a statement against neutral alignments, a feature of the Dungeons and Dragons based games. One sentence reads: No neutrals is one of the very few definitive, unbending rules of the game.
  • A good-aligned drow? In Golarion? He wouldn't last long—no matter how badass of a ranger he was.
  • In the Paranoia XP rulebook there constant jokey references to a certain other fantasy RPG being overly complicated, constantly calling it the Unfun RPG.
  • The welcome page to Nobilis third edition refers to Guardians of Order having distributed the second edition until "they decided to stop sending out money and books and stuff and just lurk like a serpent, coiled around the dark heart of the world". Given what Guardians of Order were up to at the end, Dr Moran was probably due a shot or two.
  • There is some suspicion circulating that the ''Arbiter'' Battlemech from BattleTech, released as part of a technical readout in 2010, is a jab at Warhammer 40,000. It features several stereotypical Warhammer details, particularly those of the iconic Space Marines, including Shoulders of Doom, a gauntlet-shaped hand resembling a Power Fist, Spikes of Villainy, a huge gun in place of its lower right arm, and a vaguely Gothic Punk appearance. It also happens to be a weak, slow, fragile, poorly armed lightweight Industrialmech (that is, a work-grade robot) that is to a proper Battlemech what a forklift is to a tank, explicitly designed In-Universe to look more showy and threatening than it actually was, and bought precisely for its looks rather than its substance. Described as cheap, bottom of the barrel, and only good in large numbers, it's hard to not see some broad swipes taken at 40K.

  • As has been well-documented by history, director Elia Kazan and playwright Arthur Miller had a famous falling out over Kazan's decision to name names before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible, a play that compared the UAC's activities to the Salem Witch Trials, while Molly Kazan, Elia's wife, wrote The Egghead, a play about a liberal intellectual who was blind to the great threat posed to America. One of these plays is a classic. The other one is practically forgotten.
    • On the other hand, Elia made On the Waterfront, which features a sympathetically portrayed informer. As a response to that, Miller wrote A View from the Bridge, which portrays an informer negatively.
  • The famous Scottish anti-war play Black Watch includes a scene where the protagonists debate who will play them in the movies. One of them says that he doesn't mind, as long as it isn't that cunt from The Elephant Man. On the day after the play ran with said cunt in the audience, the producers received a card which said "Congratulations on an excellent performance of a very important play. That cunt in The Elephant Man and his wife."
  • In the musical version of Merrily We Roll Along, the protagonist is a musical theatre songwriter who in one scene says, "I saw My Fair Lady — I sort of enjoyed it."
  • The musical 1776 features an extended Take That! against New York's government: the delegate from New York spends the entire musical having to "abstain—courteously," because, as he finally explains, the members of the legislature "speak very fast and very loud and nobody pays any attention to anybody else with the result that nothing ever gets done." Like much of the rest of the play...Truth in Television. Even for the time period. (It's truly scary when you realize how much of 1776 is all lifted directly from period documents (if somewhat out of context at times.)
  • Occurred during the 2008 Tony Awards broadcast, when the winner for Best Play, in his acceptance speech, thanked the producers for funding "an American show with theater actors!" This would have been much less remarkable had his award not been presented to him by Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe.
  • The lyrics to "You're The Top", a song by Cole Porter from the musical Anything Goes, contains the following jab at the Republican party of the 1930s:
    "I'm the nominee of the G.O.P., or "Gop,"
    But if baby, I'm the bottom, you're the top!"
  • "Everyone's a little bit racist" From Avenue Q is a Take That! to Political Correctness.
    • Also, a minor example during "Mix Tape":
    Kate: I loved Titanic!
    Princeton: It was all right...
    • Also, during the 2004 Presidential debate they mentioned that they would need to end the debate soon because there was going to be "A Vice Presidential debate held by Red Lobster"
    • In An interview, Princeton implied that Sarah Brightman sings like a goose. She does.
    • "George Bush is only for now!" Now updates every other show.
  • Since it's about theater:
    Antonio Banderas, being asked if he'll do a live-action 3-D movie after being in the animated 3-D movie Shrek 4: I've been doing 3-D for a long time. It's called theater. It was invented 3,000 years ago. (Actually, theatre was invented 2,530 years ago, but he was close.)
  • In Angels in America, when Joe hits Louis, he compares it to a love scene from an Ayn Rand novel.
  • In a book of Christian plays, one vignette set in a supermarket has an employee announce via loudspeaker that an event featuring (a man in a costume of) Pikachu has just concluded. The plot is immediately derailed for a few seconds so one of the characters can deliver what is, to all appearances, an Author Tract about how Pokémon should be "banished to the island of annoying toys".
  • In Shrek: The Musical, Gingy receives one:
    Gingy: It's time we do what we should've done a long time ago.
    Gnome: Stop mailing all those sweet but slightly threatening fanletters to The Little Mermaid?
  • Something Rotten! mocks the musical genre as a whole in the song "A Musical", where Nick Bottom learns about theater of the future, doubling as Self-Deprecation (though it also mocks other theater genres, specifically tragedy and drama, and Greek mythology where "a mother has sex with her son"). It does get in more specific digs, such as when Nostradamus begins singing about opera:
    Nostadamus: And it's supposed to create a dramatic effect, but mostly you just sit there asking yourself, "Why aren't they talking?"
    Nick: Sounds miserable.
    Nostadamus: I believe it's pronounced... Misérable!
  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee often uses its improv spots to take shots at current events, most notably Logainne's speech, often used for political criticism.

Web Original
  • "What other civilizations are like that?" "North Korea." "Apple stores."
  • The CollegeHumor video "Tim Burton's Secret Formula" seems to be a jab at how Tim Burton's movie formula is just the same thing recycled. You can tell that from the Dull Surprise reactions of the executives to Burton saying that the studio plans to make another film. Also, when the casting director is told "get me Johnny Depp and my wife on the phone," he says, "I can't ever not do that," and we see that the cell phone in question can only call Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter.
  • The WWWF has made quite a few in their time.
    • They really have a thing for Al Gore:
      • In Kenneth Starr vs. Bill Clinton on Judge Judy, Paul argues that Clinton can't be impeached because if he is, then Al Gore would become president, and there is no way Judge Judy is going to let that happen. This match is pretty full of Take Thats all around, claiming that both candidates fail to meet the five criteria of victory on Judge Judy ("Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth", "make your point and shut up", "Don't be an idiot", "Don't put your children at risk", and "Don't tick off the judge").
      • In Kevin McCallister vs. Night of The Living Dead, Brian argues that Kevin can just pop in a tape of the latest presidential debate, and the zombies will stumble off to vote for their undead leader Al Gore. John counters saying "They're undead, not dumb." John also claims that "any scene in which Michael Jackson has a girlfriend is clearly the fantasy scene", and that "in Chicago, it's hard to tell the difference between the living dead and regular passersby", and Brian asks "if the zombie's mission is to consume as much human brain as possible by daybreak, why are they going after Macauley Culkin?"
      • In AOL vs. Al Gore, Hotbranch has a My God, What Have I Done? moment when he realizes he has to choose between AOL and Al Gore to fight CI Host for him.
    • In Darth Maul vs. Connor MacLeod, that if all else fails, Connor can just explain how all the Highlander movies make sense together, and Maul's head will explode.
    • In Voyager vs. Battlestar Galactica, The two spend much of the time arguing over which show has worse writers.
    • In Barney the Purple Dinosaur vs. Wesley Crusher, the reason the two have been put together is because they're "the two most hated figures on the internet."
    • In Ebenezer Scrooge vs. The Grinch, There are very frequent mentions of how everyone wants to see Elmo gut-shot.
    • In David Letterman vs. Jay Leno, Mark compares David Letterman to the A-Team, saying that "where the A-Team could turn any vehicle into a tank, Letterman can tank any comedic vehicle."
    • In Rosie O'Donnell vs. Roseanne, Paul claims Roseanne must win "for the good of humanity" because unlike Rosie, people have already seen her breasts.
    • In Dr. Laura vs. Dr. Evil, Brian argues that Dr. Laura will win because, unlike Dr. Evil, she has generally succeeded in her evil plans.
    • The Circus Maximus of the Pop Stars is absolutely pouring with Britney Spears hate, as well as the claim that all boy bands are the result of an attempt to clone Leonardo DiCaprio which went horribly, horribly wrong, mention of the "obviously homosexual [Justin] Timberlake", and the argument that "[The Backstreet Boys] can't be motivated by pride, or they would never have released any of the songs they did."
  • The French youtuber LinksTheSun once made a video about Jack the Ripper (here), in which he regularly mocks Patricia Cornwell and her theory about the identity of the infamous murderer.
  • Bum Reviews: Chester mentions that he once sold a burger recipe to McDonald's, but it was too disgusting for them. What did they do? Sold the rights to White Castle!
  • The Welcome to series is almost ''entirely' made of Take Thats to certain people who use the site. In order:
    • DeviantArt mocks people who overuse Japanese terms, inflation artists, and shippers, among others.
    • Facebook mocks people who whine about their (very simple) problems on Facebook, along with people who take bad photos and don't admit it, people who friend people they barely know and refuse to unfriend anyone, and people who misuse the site in general.
    • YouTube mocks people who make comments about the like/dislike bar, comments that say "Thumbs up if [X] brought you here", users that upload certain types of videos, YouTube's design and copyright system, more specific people (i.e. the PONY.MOV series and PewDiePie), and other less important fandoms.
  • A Flashgitzanimation video which mocks Games Workshop, for their overpriced miniatures and their over obsession to Space Marines.
  • Jimquisition throws shade over many aspects of the video game industry and community, including:
  • The Game Grumps review of Mickey Mousecapade is one massive take that at video-game reviewers who try to emulate the Angry Video Game Nerd's style. Arin spends the entire episode doing a hilariously bad imitation of the nerd while Danny spends the entire episode laughing his ass off.
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged takes a heart pot-shot at Tumblr and social justice warriors in the form of Rip Van Wrinkle.
    Rip: "I don't have to take this from you, you racist, cisgendered, patriarch-propagating, misogynistic pig!"
    Alucard: "The funny thing is, in any other circumstance, you might've had a point there...except my boss is a woman, I was a chick in the 40s, I hate everyone equally, and there is no one alive who can comprehend my sexual preference! So in other words, Miss Van Wrinkle...CH-CH-CH-CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!
  • The French-Canadian series 2 Minutes du Peuple has a long-standing Running Gag against various French musicians. One episode has a woman kidnapped by aliens recall her experience (in English) while the voiceover provides translation into French. At one point she says "made me listen to Francis Lalanne's records", the name clearly audible, the voiceover goes with "made me listen to horrible things".
  • An example of this trope and Take That, Audience!: One episode of Achievement Hunter's VS. series seemed to play up the idea that Ray and Michael were going to have them play Pokémon Black and White, only for Michael to declare that they aren't because it would be "too boring" and revealed the real game. It's this trope because it jabs at Nintendo and their then-recent Content ID ownership claims and Take That, Audience! for those who wanted them to play the game for so long.
    • A later episode did it again, this time involving Donkey Kong Jenga.
  • In Ross Scott's promo for the Machinima Website Gorilla Gong, he states the site has hundreds of videos, and more good Machinima than anywhere else. It's most likely a snipe toward Machinima.com, who, on top of having a number of videos of questionable quality, also screwed Ross Scott out of his money due to legal and contract disputes while making Freeman's Mind.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device contains numerous take that's aimed against the producers of Warhammer 40,000 for their retcons and some more questionable decisions. All while loving the game's world, but that's how W40K fans roll.
    • Apart from that, slashfic writers of all people get their share of Emperor's hate in episode 17.
      Kitten: (...) my only desire is to serve you, my lord!
      Emperor: This can easily be skewed in all the wrong ways. It's a good thing that shitty slashfic writers aren't anywhere near here.
      Magnus: Don't jinx it...
  • ASDFMovie takes a shot at The Annoying Orange with a skit of a child with faces drawn on fruit repeating "Hey Apple!" and his dad coldly remarking "Well, we failed. Don't look, honey" while cocking a shotgun.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • From "Black Yoshi's Job'':
    Announcer: "Call of Duty fans, go pre-order the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare! There's absolutely nothing different compared to the last Call of Duty, but we're gonna make a ton of money!"
    • In "Evil Bowser", after suffering Villain Decay, Bowser decides to summon the Devil to help him get his evil back. He does so by singing the "Evil Devil Chant", which is actually the "I Love You" song.
    • In "Luigi's Mansion Part 5", there's even one to Logan's haters. They're shown, along with George W. Bush and others, as some of the worst people on Earth.
    • "Chef Pee Pee Gets Sick!" and "Bowser Junior's Playtime 3" feature take thats to The Good Dinosaur for being short, its nonsensical plot, and not living up to the same standards as Pixar's previous film, Inside Out.
    • In "Cody's Revenge!", when Bowser threatens to send Junior to Military School, one of the punishments the Brooklyn Guy says he's going to give to Junior is to make him watch Big Hero 6. Junior says that Big Hero 6 is the worst animated feature since Cars 2, which gets Bowser to reconsider. Later in the episode, Cody makes Junior watch the movie on blu-ray with him twice as part of his blackmail.
    • In "Jeffy's Favorite Song!", Mario gets Jeffy an iPhone 7 after breaking his old iPhone, and proclaims that Jeffy only agrees to use it if he uses headphones. He then finds out to his horror that it doesn't have a headphone jack, resulting in him being forced to listen to the Bunny Do song.
  • Word of God states that Wacky Game Jokez, 4 Kidz! is NOT intended to be Take That! towards video games — he likes them, in fact. It is a Take That! toward video game culture, however.
  • CinemaSins is basically this trope incarnated and aimed at every single thing they find wrong with every single movie they "sin", be they well or poorly received. For just a few of their very notable examples:
    • They utterly despise The Fast and the Furious movies, to the point of adding 100 sins to Fast Five because of how nonsensical the plot was getting, and adding one thousand sins to Furious 7 for the building jump scene.
    • Fate of the Furious breaks, and later kills, the sins counter.
    • The narrator takes a moment out of Pete's Dragon (1977) to chew out Chris (who forced him to review it), which gets abruptly edited out to keep things on track.
    • Most production companies like Sony or DC Comics will get a sin when their logo flies across the screen at the beginning. Comcast on the other hand:
      Narrator: Comcast.
      Sin Counter: Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding
    • In their sin of themselves they (while showing the tweets) point out that they've pissed off Rian Johnson and Damon Lindelof, but that Dane Cook and Kevin Smith are "on their side". Then count this as a sin.
  • Not Always Right frequently targets Twilight in its stories. There are two long-running series of stories ("Twilight of our Literacy" and "More Daylight, Less Twilight") where the problem customers are huge fans of the series.
  • In the 2010 Liege-Bastonge-Liege episode of How The Race Was Won, Cosmo ends the video with "I'm Cosmo Catalano, and that's how you do your job". This is after spending more than a third of his video talking about how poor a job cycling journalists had done talking about the race.
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged episode that covers the finale of the Aincrad arc. Kirito asks the Big Bad, Kayaba Akihiko, exactly what his motives for turning Sword Art Online into a Deadly Game was. Kayaba answers that he cannot actually remember his reasons for doing it, which was the exact same answer he gave in the actual show. When an outraged Kirito asks if he is being serious, Kayaba answers that he is just kidding, pointing out how completely unsatisfying it would be if that had actually been the real answer. He also blames Bethesda for causing the game to be Christmas Rushed regardless of potential glitches, including the one that caused the Deadly Game in the first place.
  • In Episode 54 of The Most Popular Girls in School:
    Blaine: Oh and also the ending to How I Met Your Mother! That was fucking bullshit! You know what I'm talking about!
  • Plancy's World: The whole series is a Take That toward Dora the Explorer, complete with expies of the show's characters and parodied Fake Interactivity.
  • British youtuber Hbomberguy made a career out of alternating between video game analysis and riffing on the failings of various alt-right types, so naturally you get a lot of these, such as this zinger on the subject of pick-up artist advice:
    It's like writing horoscopes, only for desperate and lonely people. [Beat] It's like writing horoscopes.
  • DarkMatter2525: ** In "Inappropriate For Children", the teacher receives complaints about reading Harry Potter to his students when he was really quoting passages of the Bible that mention dragons, witches and giants.
    • "Teach the Controversy" makes fun of the campaign of the same name, using the allegory of treating leprosy and giving the patient the option to choose between curing it with the modern scientific method (through a series of drugs that have been proven to work) and the biblical method (spilling the blood of a dead bird on a living one and sprinkling that blood on the afflicted).
    • "Proud American Scrotum" operates as a mocking Parody of Alex Jones and his broadcast Infowars.
    • "The Blame Game" operates as commentary on modern reaction culture, showing how various types of groups and people that react to a tragedy (in this case a public massacre at a shopping mall) in an attempt to politicize it, including news-networks, online bloggers, hipsters, SJWs (including a Straw Feminist), a redneck, various elderly blaming video-games/movies/music/oil-paintings/stone-carvings, anti-secularists, racistsnote , conspiracy theoristsnote , a Straw Misogynist, pro and anti-gun control advocates and general new-watchers.
    Bystander: I just really need to know which group I can point my finger at. I hope it's a group I hate.
    Reporter: What if it's a demographic you belong to?
    Bystander: Well the. I really, really need to know so that I can hurry up and post that I don't condone the killings.
    Reporter: You think that'll be necessary?
    Bystander: Oh yeah. If I don't there'll be all kinds of assholes pointing their finger at me.
    • Both "If Muhammad Replaced Trump" and "If Muhammad Became the President" draw parallels between Donald Trump's alt right conservative talking points and that of fundamentalist Islamic ethics, with the former also taking jabs at the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, the media and the far left and right voting base.
    • "God is Punishing Us!" mocks the claim that natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc are instigated by God for arbitrary, unrelated causes like saving "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", legalizing same-sex marriage, putting up atheist billboards, etc.
    • The entirety of "The Alt Apostle" is meant to be a big one to modern day conservatives that claim that their politics are compatible with Jesus Christ's teachings, with Jesus espousing wisdom he says in the Bible while the titular Apostle heckles him with modern-day conservative values.
    Jesus: Do not be hypocritical when thee pray. Hypocrites love to pray out in public, and upon the Books of Face, and then pray with the Tags of Hash, so that they’ll be seen by others. Verily, I say onto thee, that is their reward in full. But when thou prayest, thou shall do it in private. Go into thy room, and close thy door when thy pray.note 
    Alt Apostle: Oh [the Alt Apostle does an exaggerated 360 degree spin from the waist up] so now we shalt not pray in public? This is how it starts, I say unto thee. If thou do not liketh the way I practice my religion, then thou can get the Hell out. [The Alt Apostle gets up in Jesus’s face, causing Jesus to lean back] Just go away if my prayer bothers thee so much. I'm praying for thee, Jesus [Alt Apostle leans in harder, causing Jesus to bend back at an impossible 90 degree angle.] right now. Do something about it. Right now. Didn’t think so. All of these problems in Jerusalem today are because we doth not institute public prayer at schools and sporting events and government meetings and now here thought telling people not to pray in public. Thou art helping cause the downfall of Middle-Eastern society. I hope thou knows that Jesus.

  • Encyclopedia Dramatica is basically a Take That! Wiki, gleefully bashing everything and everyone, with the site's main target being Uncyclopedia, a parody encyclopedia and its unofficial "rival".
    • Since Encyclopedia Dramatica was originally designed as an archive of Troll activity, Take Thats are inevitable.
    • It also really crosses over into "The Reason You Suck" Speech with the article titled "You".
    • Given that both sites shamelessly mock the daylights out of everything, including each other, any serious 'war' is doomed to just make everyone involved look stupid.
  • Some tropers love to use this. You'll find a bunch of them scattered all over the Wiki, which are Potholed to the main page. Sometimes they get ground down by Wiki Magic, sometimes not. Don't even think about adding to them. Chances are, whatever you have in mind is just not worth including.
  • Trope Names that are Take Thats:
  • Amiright and Whatfreaks seem to both be Take Thats to music in general.
  • Wikipedia itself sometimes manages to sneak these in; for example, the page for Deus ex Machina once had a "See Also" section that points you to Breaking Dawn...
  • The Transformers Wiki tends to throw these at the elitist fandom, being that it's not a Wiki restricted by Serious Business, you can see how, they basically named the Ruined FOREVER Trope, and even link to our Ruined FOREVER page. There are other Take Thats, mostly bordering on the idiotic logic of the Transformers fanbase, on one of the timeline pages, they put the beginning of the universe, and it says:
    The Big Bang creates the universe as we know it. The protons, neutrons, and electrons that will eventually compose Transformers are formed, ruining it forever. A Thursday.
    • Beyond fandom, there are plenty of Take Thats directed at certain people involved in Transformers, notably Pat Lee, Shane McCarthy and Andy Schmidt.
    • Their page on Wolverine describes him as "A completely unlikable asshole".
    • Their Original Page on Dan DiDio called him Satan. Now he's just called Dr. Phil.
    • Their Cy-Kill (see the comics section for more details on the treatment of this character) pages passive-aggressively point out just how tired and old killing the character is.
  • Rational Wiki, being what it is, will very frequently take pot shots at various crank beliefs. Almost every article about a pseudoscience is a Take That!. Also, everything they say about Conservapedia, with the exception of a few Sincerity Mode articles dedicated to seriously and earnestly proving that Conservapedia is a huge fraud.
    • Currently, their article about This Wiki claims that we jumped the shark after the changes that include giving YMMV its own section.
  • The South Sydney Rugby League team's theme song lists all the teams Souths have beaten in grand finals:
  • The Oatmeal, after being threatened with a lawsuit by FunnyJunk unless they were given $20,000 in "damages", rips the letter given to him and the lawyer who wrote it a new one, then initiates what amounts to a fundraiser not to pay the guy off, but to give to two other charities, vowing to take a picture of the money earned and give it (and a lewd drawing) to the people. He gets the money in under 64 minutes and hits $150,000 in 24 hours.
  • SCP Foundation: SCP-504 is a tomato that hurls itself at the nearest thing that just told a bad joke. When exposed to a Dane Cook recording, it completely demolishes the CD player. Also, when shown an SNL skit of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton it almost hurled itself, but not quite, because it wasn't sure whether it was actually meant to be funny or not.
  • This is Snappy, the mascot of HostGator, the second host of the Furry Basketball Association and the first host of furrybasketball.com. note  This is the mascot of Anubian Host, where the site is now. And THIS is the Anubian Host logo on the Furry Basketball Association Wiki.
  • If you type about:mozilla into the address bar of the browser Pale Moon, you get a page with the title "Mozilla: In Memoriam", and a shot at Mozilla to how they treated their developers.
  • Dream Fiction Wiki Give Pooh Adventure's Crossover with The Watcher in the woods a 65 Dislikes.