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Creator: Dane Cook

Dane Cook (born in 1972 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) is a stand-up comedian and occasional actor. He is well-known for his stage persona, which he reportedly based upon his parents, and which involves a great deal of Cook babbling non-stop like he's constantly almost out of breath; for being one of the first stand-up comics to rise to fame by capitalizing upon the Internet, via MySpace; and for having a substantial, vocal Hate Dom among other stand-up comics and comedy writers.

Cook has quite a few fans, particularly college students, and his comedy albums have all sold remarkably well, but his not being funny has achieved a memetic quality all its own. This includes an infamous rant by Dr. Cox on "Scrubs."

Cook's albums include:

  • Harmful if Swallowed (2003)
  • Retaliation (2005)
  • Rough Around the Edges (2007)
  • Isolated Incident (2009)
  • I Did My Best (greatest hits compilation; 2010)

Cook has appeared in the following films:

Notably, with the exception of Dan In Real Life, Cook's films tend to be received very poorly by movie critics. He also appeared as himself in a 2011 episode of "Louie," where he discussed a plagiarism controversy involving allegations that Cook stole bits from Louis CK.

He's the Trope Namer for The Friend Nobody Likes, based off a memorable routine of his in which he discusses the trope in detail.
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