I Call Him "Mr. Happy"

Steve: Heheh, I'm totally nekkid in here an' you're talkin' to me.
Marten: I'm only here to make sure you don't pass out and crack your skull in the tub. Now shut the damn door before I catch a glimpse of Little Stevie Wonder.
Steve: Naw man, that ain't his name. I call 'im Lil' Steve Ray Vaughn!

Why should army men be the only ones to name their weapons?

Some guys get a kick out of naming their penis. The female equivalent (genitalia or breasts) is rarer, but not unheard of; a woman referring to her own breasts as "the girls" seems to be fairly common. The names themselves vary; sometimes it's their own name with 'Little' in front of it, sometimes it's something meaningful, like a reminder of a particular night and sometimes it's just plain for fun. In real life, though sharing is rarely done with those capable of caring.

What these examples tend not to mention is why a man would voluntarily use the word 'little' in the description of his penis. It seems to be a form of anthropomorphism, in which the penis is thought of as a person (who, obviously, is littler than the real person who gave the penis its name......Or Is It)?

Arguably, the trope namer is Robin Williams who appears to have introduced the phrase "shaking hands with Mr. Happy" way back in 1979.

See Meet My Good Friends "Lefty" and "Righty" for those who name the non-intimate parts of their body. Also see Unusual Euphemism.


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  • In Soul Eater, when Black Star sees Crona has three swords for his three arms, he claims he does as well: his ninja sword (Tsubaki's current form), his hand, and his "ultimate man weapon". Black Star then asks if Crona also has one of those, prompting Ragnarok to once again attempt to pull Crona's robe up.
    • Earlier in the story, when Black Star challenges Patty to a sparring match, Black Star decides to "make it fair for her" by having Tsubaki tie his hands behind his back. Patty, seeing that he's distracted, decides to kick him in the nuts. He immediately collapses, and begs Kim to use her healing magic on "Little Black Star".
  • Jirou's Piko-Piko Meter, describing his gauge for prurience.
  • Shin Chan calls his "Mr. Elephant."

    Comic Books 
  • Invoked in one issue of Quantum and Woody, as a female character is trying on a skin-tight body suit created by Quantum for his unrequited love interest.
    "Makes me wonder who he designed it for, though — 36C seems a little optimistic, yes? ...And I'm just a tad weirded out about the amount of thought the man gave to the antibacterial microweave nestling Miss Kitty..."
  • The story about Wilq dating and eventually falling in love with Słaby Wielbłąd is appropriately titled The Love Rapier.

  • The Star Trek fanfic "Surp-Risa!" features a character thinking about "a woman's tribble". One can only assume this was an Incredibly Lame Pun on "pussy".
  • Hilarity Ensues in this Smallville fanfiction and its colorfully silly names for the male equipment.
    • Fleshy flugelhorn.
    • Latex cavalier.
    • Crotch cobra.
    • Fuck muscle.
    • Fleshy pogo stick.
  • The West Wing fanfic The Joshua Monologues names Josh Lyman's penis "Spongebob." Donna Moss gets the corresponding "Squarepants."
  • Edward Cullen's "mancarrot" (which may actually be a less horrible term than "throbbing lavender man-fruit thing", another description from the same fic) from Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen.
  • The FF.Net CSI fanfic "What if Our CSIs Were On Facebook?" by Simply Laura has a general nickname of "tarantula" (long story)and Grissom's is Stevie to differentiate it from his actual tarantula.
  • Both Highlander and Merlin have frequent uses of the "sword" euphemism for obvious reasons.
  • There's an Axis Powers Hetalia fic where England claims that France has named his. France doesn't deny it.
    “The Cold War was a conflict of ideologies!” America shouted. “Ideologies! Why are Europeans so sick?
    “Most of us manage to discuss ideologies with our trousers on,” France said.
    “This from the man who refers to his todger as the Norman Invasion,” commented England, somewhat muffled by the hand that still veiled his face.
    “Only because they both left such a profound impact on your culture, you inbred little savage.”
    • The term "Vital Regions" shows up on a regular basis, especially in connection with Prussia.
    • And since different parts of their bodies represent different areas of their nation, it's pretty common for names of areas or famous buildings to be used in this way. Florida, Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower have all been used on more than one occasion.
  • Jo Bekke At Hugwrts has 'Little Darryl', a talking penis.
  • In Tomorrow's Doom, Aiko calls her breasts "Masa" and "Mune".
  • In Beginning to Question "Little Harry" is rechristened "Harry Jr." by Hermione and her co-wives. Also, Hermione's mother mentions that one of Hermione's father's fellow servicemen called his "Hot Rod" because he drove it fast and wild.
  • In Cadence In A Minor, during foreplay with Princess Cadence, Shining Armor notes that "The Prince" has awoken. In another part of the story, he calls it "Little Shiny".


  • A man walks into a bar and realizes a couple steps in that it's a gay bar. He's too thirsty to leave so he decides to stick around. The waiter walks up to him and says "What's the name of your penis?"
    "Hey look, I'm not into any of that stuff. I just want a drink."
    "I'm sorry, but I can't serve you unless you tell me the name of your penis. For example, mine is called Nike, for the slogan 'Just do it.' The guy down at the end of the bar calls his Snickers because it really satisfies." The customer looks dumbfounded so the waiter says he'll give him a minute to think about it and walks off.
    The customer asks the man to the left of him "What's the name of your penis?"
    "Timex, because it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!"
    He turns to the man on his right and says "And what's the name of yours?"
    "Ford, because quality is job one."
    The customer thinks for a minute then says to the waiter "The name of my penis is Secret. Now give me my beer."
    "Secret? Why Secret?"
    "Because it's strong enough for a man, but made for a woman!"

  • Robert Anton Wilson likes this one; a character from Illuminatus! calls his Polyphemus because it has one eye, rhymes with penis and is a giant, while Wildeblood from Schrodinger's Cat calls his Ulysses because it had a tendency to invade dark, forbidden spaces.
  • The female variant is seen in The Iron Dragons Daughter. In fact, the female characters hold naming ceremonies for their vaginas. The main character's is "Little Jane". Boys have names for their bits as well, but its never mentioned if they have a similar ceremony.
  • Who can forget Judy Blume's Forever? "Katherine... I'd like you to meet Ralph."
    • Apparently, this was very embarrassing for teenage boys who happened to be named Ralph.
  • In Lady Chatterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence, the two protagonists (Lady Constance Chatterley and Oliver Mellors) call their private parts "Lady Jane" and "John Thomas", respectively.
  • In The Frog King Evie refers to her nether regions as 'the Jiffy Lube'.
  • One of the villains in Brothers, William Goldman's weird sequel to Marathon Man, calls his penis "The Envy of All Mankind," which should give you some idea of both his attitude and the book's writing.
  • Older Than Print: In "The Porter and the Three Ladies of Baghdad" (one of the stories of Arabian Nights), the ladies refer to their genitals as "the basil of the bridges", "the husked sesame", and "the Khan of Abu Mansur", and so the porter calls his privates "mule Burst all", because it eats the two former items and spends the night in the latter.
  • In one of the Outlander books, Brianna is accosted and raped by Stephen Bonnet, who calls his Le Roi, French for "The King".
  • In American Psycho, a private investigator asks Bateman about Paul Owen (whom Bateman actually murdered). He thinks to himself: "How could I describe Paul Owen to this guy? Boasting, arrogant, cheerful dickhead who constantly weaseled his way out of checks at Nell's? That I'm heir to the unfortunate information that his penis had a name and that name was Michael?"
  • In the YA series Drama!, a well-endowed female character refers to her breasts as "the girls".
    • This is actually a fairly common way for a woman to refer to her breasts.
  • "Still Life with Boobs" by Anne Harris: a short story about people whose body parts run away and have fun without them, including a woman's breasts named George and Gracie and a man's penis named Frank.
  • Sue Limb's YA book series, starting with Girl, 15, Charming But Insane: Meet Jess Jordan, our 15-year-old heroine, and her small breasts, nicknamed Bonnie and Clyde.
  • In Tipping the Velvet, Diana Lethaby calls her dildo Monsieur.
  • In Doing It, by Melvin Burgess, one of the boys calls his "Mr. Knobby Knobster."
  • Larry Underwood called his "Mr.Sparky" in his internal thoughts in one chapter of The Stand.
  • In Catherine Anderson's Perfect Timing, Harrigan stepmother Dee called her vibrator "Mr. Purple". Ceara later buys one called "Mr. Midas" for use in the bedroom with Quincy.
    • Joseph Paxton in Summer Breeze refers to his penis as "Old Glory" several times throughout the book, both mentally and vocally.

    Live Action TV 
  • Dharma and Greg: While on a Vision Quest, Dharma tells Jane that Greg named her breasts Lyle and Erik, "because they're a couple of killers".
  • The Wayans Bros.: A famous art critic walks into the Neidermeyer Building (where Shawn, Marlon, and Pops work) as Marlon is painting. Apparently impressed with his art, she asks him "What do you call your piece?" His response? "Mister Happy." note 
  • On Mock the Week, an answer to an unknown question was. 'Serious, Risky and Heroic'. Russell Howard chimes up with the question 'What are the nicknames of my cock and two balls?'. David Mitchell (comedian, not the writer) says that Heroic should be the cock, and Frankie Boyle questions how Risky got in there in the first place.
  • J.D. from Scrubs is scared of somebody else doing this to his, after an ex called his "Little Buddy", although he and others have referred to it as on occasion as "Little J.D." He already has a name for it, "Mr. Peeps", complete with British accent. Carla and Elliot both name their vagina after an art teacher (Miss Priscilla and Mr Hoober respectively). Laverne's breasts are named Paris and Nicky.
    • After the Hilton sisters? No, "Other way around, sugar."
  • Friends: Joey Tribbiani calls his the Little General. He used to call it the Little Major, but he claims that "after Denise DeMarco [he] had to promote it".
  • In the Brazilian comedy Sai De Baixo, which all Brazilian tropers in this site must remember, there was a character who nicknamed his manhood "Bill Clinton". It was the nineties.
  • Patrick from Coupling calls his "Jr. Patrick" or "Partner".
    • ...and an ex-girlfriend of his turns out to have made a vibrator model of it, meaning in the Coupling universe you can actually buy a Jr. Patrick.
  • Sally from 3rd Rock from the Sun named her breasts Veronique and Cindy.
  • When Barney from How I Met Your Mother'' has Lily paint a nude portrait of him, he complains that she left out "Little Barney, Barnacle Jr, my Barnana, my Barnito Supremo!"
    • The female equivalent appears in a different episode, where a drunk girl offers everyone to name her breasts. Barney's suggestion is "Hannity and Colmes".
  • One episode of Two and a Half Men featured a section where the main characters, and one Mauve Shirt, compare names for theirs.
    • In the episode "You Know What's The Lollipop's For", Missi (Miley Cyrus) calls her breasts "Kim and Khloe".
  • Gaz Wilkinson of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps names his "Mr. Nudge".
  • Nathan of Sugar Rush names his "Mr. Perky" in one episode.
  • On That '70s Show, Eric finds out Donna calls her breasts "The Twins".
    Kelso: Hey guys, guess which part of my body I nicknamed "Pink Floyd".
  • In an episode of Desperate Housewives, Tom refers to Lynette's (now bigger, thanks to her pregnancy) boobs as "The Supremes", and his genitalia as "Benny and the Jets".
  • Captain Jack of Torchwood refers to his as "the captain and his two lieutenants."
  • On Sex and the City, Trey and Charlotte were having problems in bed, and their therapist suggested that they name their genitals so they could talk about it. Charlotte named hers "Rebecca" and Trey named his "Schooner".
  • Referenced/parodied in an episode of The Golden Girls:
    Blanche: My doctor wants to put a pacemaker in me!
    Sophia: Everybody's got a nickname for it!
  • On Smallville, Lois Lane walks in on Clark Kent taking a shower. Clark protests, but she says she's already seen "Clark Junior" before, so what's the big deal?
  • On Murphy Brown, Corky calls her breasts Susan and Sharon. Murphy later refers to hers as Woodward and Bernstein.
  • In Married... with Children, Al calls Peggy's breasts "the guys".
    • Peggy calls them "the girls".
  • One female contestant on Elimidate claimed that she'd win the man because she has "the Big Dogs".
  • On Will and Grace, Karen referred to her breasts as "license" and "registration" while flashing a cop who pulled her over. Then she made them talk. It was disturbing. (And pointless, as the cop was gay and eventually ended up with Will.)
    • Take a wild guess what her passport was.
  • On Party of Five Julia (Neve Campbell) overhears that Sarah (Jennifer Love Hewitt) named her breast. Later Julia tells Sarah that she has spilled ice cream on Thelma, "or is that one Louise"
  • Inverted in Community , when Troy names his pet monkey "Annie's Boobs".
  • In Green Wing, Alan calls Joanna's vagina "the growler".
  • On Skins, Tony (and then Sid) refers to Sid's cock as Mr. Happy.
  • Bobby from Cougar Town call his penis "Little Travis". Which, not incidentally, is also his son's name.
    Bobby: I call all my favorite things Travis.
    Travis: That's... oddly flattering.
  • Danny on Las Vegas refers to Delinda's breasts as "the Twins". It's unclear if it's him or her that gave them that name.
  • On The Drew Carey Show, Oswald nicknamed his genitals "the Olsen twins".
  • On the Valentine's Day episode of New Girl, Jess is determined to have a one-night stand. She tells Cece "Tonight's all about what Little Jess wants."
    • Schmidt, meanwhile, refers to his organ as "Hector J".
    • And let's not forget (as shown in "Fancyman, Part 2") Harold and Kumar, alias Cece's breasts.
  • After hearing Anthony Weiner make the claim that he "could not say with certitude" whether or not the person in the infamous pictures was him, Jon Stewart joked that "Certitude" might just be a nickname.
  • Lanie on Castle has made multiple mentions of "The Girls."
  • In the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson, she finished her section and the show by thanking her best and more helpful friends she had on her career: Poncho and Lefty
  • During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve Harvey referred to his penis as "Russell". Ellen did a double take to the camera.
  • When appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Sarah Silverman said that she made a joke on Twitter about his boyfriend naming his penis "The Great Christine Baranski", only for the media to think that she was serious, and her real boyfriend, Michael Sheen actually calls his penis that.

  • A capella group The Bobs have a song entitled "She Made Me Name You Earl," which is two minutes and fifty-eight seconds of nothing but this trope.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic has a song titled "Headline News" where he recounts the Lorena Bobbitt story: a man who made his wife very angry and woke up the next morning to find that "Mister Happy was missing."
    "He couldn't quite explain it/ It had always just been there..."
  • A Tom Green song "Pet Names For Genitalia" (here) lists many examples of this trope to the tune of "We Didn't Start The Fire".
  • Adam Sandler has a recurring skit on his Stan & Judy's Kid album about a guy whose names for his penis always turn women off in the heat of the moment. Among those names are "tallywacker," "jimma-jamma" and "pud"
  • The XTC song "Pink Thing" about a guy who is obsessed with something he calls "Pink Thing"
    Anytime you rise, I'm here,
    And I'm crazy for you pink thing.
    You make me want to laugh,
    You make me want to cry,
    When I stroke your head I feel a hundred heartbeats high,
    Pink thing.
  • In The Bloodhound Gang's song "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo," many different slang terms for both gender's genitalia are thrown around. The entire song is dedicated to euphemisms for sex.
  • Prince recorded a song called Little Red Corvette. It's been said this is a reference to... a certain female part.
  • Flight of the Conchords song "Sugarlumps" is all about this trope: sugarlumps,candyballs, truffles...
    If you party with the Party Prince
    You get two complimentary after-dinner mints!

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Rock has "The People's Strudel".
  • D-Generation X once spied on Vince McMahon using security cameras. Vince calls his André the Giant!
  • Triple H used to call his "the big bazooka" and "my soldier that stands at attention", mainly to irritate then-Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter.

  • Female example: On The John Boy And Billy Big Show, the guys started referring to Assistant Producer Jackie Curry-Lynch's breasts as "the twins" after she got implants.
  • On the Martin Molloy radio show, the character Haughty Mick referred to his penis as 'Yul Brynner'.
  • On The Now Show Jon Holmes admitted that his wife calls his 'Little Jonathan'.

  • Team Starkid gives us Miss Cooter, Dick, Weenie, Big , Flopsy and The Old Snatch from Me and My Dick.
    • And, from A Very Potter Sequel, "Who's Big D?" enter Dumbledore "In case you were wondering, the D stands for my wiener"
  • The Vagina Monologues has a monologue about the healing experience of holding a naming ceremony for the female speaker's genitals - renaming it from "Itsy-Bitsy" to "Vulva." Admittedly the latter is the correct medical term, but the ceremony and sensuality she attributed to it make it an example of this trope.

    Video Games 
  • A bar-girl in the enhanced GBA port of Final Fantasy VI calls her "twins" Humpty and Dumpty. This was Bowdlerised in earlier localizations of the game.
  • In Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Dahlia claims that Harry nicknamed her breasts "Sid and Nancy".
  • Rance calls his... the "Hyper Weapon". He sings about it in an occasion.
  • It took until his fifth game to learn what Leisure Suit Larry calls his equipment, but it was worth waiting for: Bucephalus.
  • In the 36 Lessons of Vivec, in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Vivec's "spear" is named Muatra. he uses it to kill his own monster children and have sex with Almalexia.
  • In Mass Effect 3, apparently Joker nicknamed his *ahem* "joystick" "Admiral Winky".
  • In Deadpool, after Rogue absorbs Deadpool's powers, she quips that "the girls" are perkier than ever, while feeling herself up.


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Subverted in The Simpsons, when Springfield Elementary becomes sex-segregated, Bart proclaims happily that he can now walk around with "Bart Junior" hanging out...and then whips out Bart Junior, who turns out to be a frog. A frog who immediately croaks, in subtitles: "I thought he was talking about his penis".
    • Selma refers to her breasts as her "boys".
  • Bender on Futurama calls his antenna "Little Bender", implying that it's the robot equivalent of a penis in terms of pride, if not function (this is confirmed when he's turned human, or at least, it is in that What If? scenario).
    • When he's turned into a Fembot, it's snipped off, suggesting that it really is pretty much a penis.
      • That broadcasts radio.
      • (snide remark)
      • Seems perfectly reasonable that a male robot sends his genetic information wirelessly to the female robot. Then she melds it with her own and transmits blueprints back to Mom's factory? (Unless she's equipped to build a baby herself - the Crushinator might be...)
      • In one of the Comedy Central episodes Bender knocks up the soda machine, and we are treated to the robot equivalent of those teen health videos which does indeed show that the antenna transmits a blueprint to the female robot.
    • Further reinforced by when the black-sounding voiced robot police officer helps Bender look for it after he cuts it off. When he finds it, the police officer says: "You call that an antenna?"
    • Leela calls her breasts her "girls".
    • In "Benderama", a heavily inebriated Hermes asks an equally inebriated Zoidberg if he wants to see a picture of his "boy", which turns out to be his penis.
  • In the "Bob's Burgers" episode World Wharf II, Fanny has named her breasts Milo and Otis.
  • In Spliced!, Entree has named all of the teats on his udder. The one that gives addictive milk is called "Nugget".
  • From "A Very Venture Christmas":
    Hank: (looking at a Nativity scene) Whoops! Baby Jesus is out of the manger!
    Brock: Wha? (looks down at his fly)
  • On The Cleveland Show when Cleveland was trying to find his son, Cleveland Jr., a friend, he asked a kid if he'd like to "play with Cleveland Jr." not realizing the kid was actually an adult undercover cop who thought he was talking about his penis. He's promptly arrested. Fortunately it got cleared up, as he is driving home in the next scene, lampshading the misunderstanding.
  • Beavis And Butthead frequently refer to their penises as "The Captain."
    Butt-head: Don't forget to take one of the Captain.
    Beavis: *Shoving a camera down his pants and laughing maniacally* I'm going to need you to stand up straight!
    • An interview the two did to advertise their movie reveals that Beavis refers to his nads as "Bon bons".

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