Clockworks Area
Basil has to keep the gears turning.

"The gears meshed together in order to transmit torque. You see, they're finely tuned to make sure that the hour and the minute hands of the clock rotate at steady accurate pace. Also, they make convenient footholds."

When a character enters a factory or, more often, a Clock Tower, it usually results in the character riding on the moving gears and other machines to get through it.

May overlap with Clock Punk and Eternal Engine. May also be related to No OSHA Compliance if it involves workers riding around on the gears.

Examples of this trope

Anime and Manga
  • In The Castle of Cagliostro, during the Climbing Climax when the Count and his men pursue Lupin and Clarisse up the castle's clock tower. It leads to a fight amongst the clock-tower's gears which may be one of the most iconic in cinematic history.

  • The Charlie Chaplin film Modern Times features the Tramp working on an assembly line and riding the conveyor belt into the machinery, passing (harmlessly) among giant gears.
  • Near the end of Cars 2, the Lemons all trap Mater, Finn McMissile, and Holly Shiftwell inside Big Bentley as an attempt to kill them all while they succeed in their evil plans. They eventually escape, however.

  • In Witches Abroad, Nanny Ogg and the dwarf romeo Casanunder sabotage the clock tower to prevent "Cinderella" hearing the chimes of midnight. There is also the cat Greebo's memory of chasing a mouse into a working windmill and realising he is in a place of danger where one paw put in the wrong place will drag him to doom among all the turning gears and grinding wheels.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons has the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus, where everything is on an orderly array of gears. Here the gears are representing the efficiency and rigidness of law.

Video Games
  • Ultimecia's castle in Final Fantasy VIII, especially its Dissidia: Final Fantasy iteration.
  • Batman (Sunsoft) game on NES has one of these as its final level. Players had to walljump between moving gears in order to ascend the bell tower of the Gotham City cathedral.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Scrap Brain Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. Its Working Title was even "The Clockwork Zone" (or "Clock Ork" as the W wasn't programmed into the title card).
    • In Sonic Adventure, Amy and E-102 Gamma's sections of Hot Shelter involve them moving across spinning gears in the engine room. There are even switches that change the directions of the gears.
    • Sonic Unleashed features Rooftop Run, which has a clock tower, but only the night stage has a major clockworks area, as the daytime stage is outside. This level returned in Sonic Generations, and both Sonics go up the outside of the tower this time.
  • The final level of Clock Tower 3 is a climb up the titular Clock Tower, including the gears.
  • Banjo-Kazooie has an area in Rusty Bucket Bay that involves a switch puzzle to control rotating gears. Falling off results in death by boiling oil.
  • Tales of Vesperia has Ghasfrast: the Tower of Gears as one of its dungeons. The party must use the sorceror's ring to restore power to the non-moving gears in order to reach the top of the tower, where Barbros awaits.
  • In Ragnarok Online, there is a dungeon which is actually called and is a Clock Tower, which features such gears as a motif in the entire dungeon.
  • In Sands of Destruction, Lacertus Rex hangs out in a clockwork mansion. You have to literally cross a giant clock to get to Lacertus Rex himself.
  • The level "The Shrunk Machine" in Duke Nukem Forever sees the Duke crawl through a electricity generator while shrunken to minuscule size.
  • Golden Sun: The Lost Age has the monster-infested Great Gabomba Statue, where you need to climb on or manipulate several gears (by switching the way they turn or stopping them) to progress.
  • The second half of Act 6: Curtain 2 in Puppeteer takes place in a clock tower.
  • The climax of Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour takes place in an old Clock Tower that strongly invokes this trope.
  • Riku's battle against Young Xehanort in a dimension consisting of a giant gray clock with assorted gears all over it and off in the distance. As the battle progresses, it edges further into Amazing Technicolor Battlefield as several hourglasses shatter and release their colorful sands into the air.

Western Animation
  • One episode of The Batman had Batman fighting Catwoman and Ragdoll in the gears of a giant clocktower.
  • An episode of Batman: The Animated Series had Batman fighting the Clock King like this, in a clock tower.
  • The climax of "The Dog and Piggy Show" in Jackie Chan Adventures features Jackie, Jade, Uncle, and Hak Foo climbing the gears in a clocktower to get the Pig Talisman.
  • The Great Mouse Detective provides the page image, and has its climax in Big Ben.