Everyone Is Gay

Scarlet Devil Mansion seems to be Gensoukyou's version of a lesbian bar.

"Everybody gay!"
Peter Griffin, Family Guy

The tendency for Fan Fic and other fan works to include characters that are homosexual/bisexual/pansexual in an improbably high amount, even if the original work contains no indication of such a thing. Works possessing a Cast Full of Pretty Boys or an Improbably Female Cast are especially susceptible to this, as there's virtually no choice for shippers to avoid this route other than applying a Gender Bender or Rule 63, or adding in their own original character. Often considered a form of Canon Defilement and Character Derailment, although obviously those perpetuating it mostly disagree.

Het Is Ew can be the culprit, and unfortunately in these cases any remaining heterosexual characters often fare poorly, if not ending up suddenly evil or dead.

Compare and contrast Everyone Is Bi. If this occurs in official works and sanctioned adaptations, then it's a Cast Full of Gay.


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     Anime & Manga  


  • Happens incredibly often in the Inglourious Basterds fandom. Aldo, Donny, and Stiglitz are usually portrayed as Manly Gay, Wicki is Straight Gay, and Utivich is The Twink (though that occasionally happens to Omar, too). Col. Landa may or may not be a Depraved Homosexual in Fan Fic.
  • Also very common in TRON fandom. There's justification in that, out of two films, eight video games, an Alternate Reality Game, and two graphic novels, there are maybe ten female characters. Uprising has yet to air, but there's only one known female among regular cast members. Out of those, three (Mercury, Ma3a, Eva Popoff) were sent to Canon Discontinuity. Lora was Put on a Bus to Washington DC. There's no word on what happened to her program, Yori. And Jordan Canas (Flynn's wife) is barely a footnote before getting Stuffed In The Fridge. Meanwhile, both films have handsome men and lots of Sensual Spandex. It's like the Yaoi Fangirl all-you-can-eat.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe is chock full of this. When The Avengers came out the most popular pairings were Tony/Steve, Tony/Bruce, Clint/Coulson (despite them having only one onscreen interaction), and Loki and Tony usually end up banging everyone. For a while, like the Merlin example below, it was a fairly peaceful multi-ship fandom. Het ships fared well as Pepperony is adorable, Clintasha is popular, Thor/Jane is unpopular but viewed as harmless, and Peggy/Steve is cute, tragic and confined to the past, and rival slash ships could just be solved with a good old Avengers Tower One True Threesome. However, as the MCU has moved forward and more characters and potential ships have entered the fray, fans of various pairings, particularly those revolving around Steve Rogers and either half of Clintasha, have gotten a bit... touchy, to say the least.


  • Harry Potter fandom isn't this trope in general, but is large enough that enormous subsections exist that embrace this trope wholeheartedly.
  • The Lord of the Rings, partly because of the lack of female characters, partly because of Values Dissonance (Tolkein was genuinely perplexed that Frodo and Sam's relationship and Legolas and Gimli's relationship could be interpreted as homosexual).
    • That also goes for The Silmarillion. Again, there are many more male characters... oh, many are supposed to be married, but they're such a footnote often enough not even their name of the spouse is given.
  • About half the fanfics of the Jeeves and Wooster stories only feature Jeeves and Bertie anyway...
  • Same goes for Sherlock Holmes fanfic.
  • All of the inhabitants of the fictional Sesqua Valley in the works of WH Pugmire, according to Word of God. He's generally subtle about it although there are some strong homoerotic overtones to many of his stories.
  • Plato's Symposium can give the impression of this to many modern readers, since the characters attending the symposium (a kind of ancient dinner party) are all male, as was customary at the time. The host is part of a couple with another man, several others are having relationships (or trying to) and homosexual love in general is a major topic of conversation. However, being Ancient Greece, this is more a case of Everyone Is Bi. It's just that since respectable women did not attend these kinds of events there is no female point of view other than Socrates recounting what he learned from the priestess Diotima. The trope applies since the entire story is really a re-telling of a re-telling of an event that the actual author was not personally present for.

     Live Action TV  

  • Blake's 7. One of the most-slashed shows ever, mostly because the show deliberately avoids making the characters' motivations 100% clear, so you never know what they're thinking and who they are really attracted to. Blake/Avon is the most charged, but it was an early femmeslash pioneer with Cally and Jenna.
  • The Daily Show. It doesn't hurt that Jon has described it as "the gayest show on television".
  • Heroes' poor track record with canon ships leads to a lot of Het Is Ew, and most ensemble fics with any slash at all slashes most if not all the cast.
  • The Star Trek: The Original Series fandom are the ones who created slash as a concept in the first place, the ENTIRE main cast has been slashed together, no matter how weird the pairings have to be in order to Tie Up Romantic Loose Ends. The two main female characters, Uhura and Chapel, are shipped together just to even things out.
  • Happens more and more often in the Power Rangers fandom, but Het Is Ew only comprises about half the fandom's opinion, so there's still a wide range of fic.
  • Merlin, due to the insane amounts of subtext in the show between almost every character, which also results in this being one of the most peaceful conflicting-ship fandoms out there.
  • iCarly has fics where everyone comes out as either outright gay or bisexual. Apart from the ever-popular Sam and Carly, Spencer often tells the girls that he is bisexual, usually with his best friend Socko, Wendy is often made gay so one of the girls can go out with her as part of the story's drama, Freddie comes out and admits he has a crush on Spencer, as well as admitting his crush on Carly is overcompensating to look normal.
  • Victorious can have this done, so that Jade can be hooked up with either Cat or Tori, whilst Beck and Robbie give in to their obvious UST and Trina just goes both ways because she's crazy like that and it lets Cat hook up with her if Tori ends up with Jade. Weirdly, Andre often gets left as the sole straight character.
  • Very common in Law & Order fanfic, which generally pairs up Olivia/Alex, Abbie/Serena and Tracey/Kelly. The men are generally left alone, but SVU has a decent slash fanbase.
  • Frequently the case in Glee fanfiction. This is helped by the fact that the show has numerous canon gay and bisexual charactersnote , yet in fanfic even the canon straight characters are often shipped in same-sex pairings. For example, one of the most popular couples in the fandom is Rachel/Quinn, both of whom have only shown interest in boys on the show. By contrast, the gay characters are rarely shipped with opposite-sex characters once their sexuality is established on-screen, especially those who've had Anvilicious Coming-Out Storylines like Kurt and Santana.
  • Supernatural. This show, with Shipping Goggles on, is one big gay playground, and every possibly pairing has its following, even if only as a Crack Pairing. And don't even get started on the Actor Shipping; a lot of fans truly believe that Jared, Jensen, and Misha's wives are all beards.
  • Sherlock. Excluding resident Jerkass duo Anderson and Donovan, if you know nothing about the series and look at blog sites like tumblr, you will probably assume the canon pairings for are John and Sherlock, Mycroft and Lestrade, Molly and Irene (both of whom vy for Sherlock's affections, so pair 'em off to get rid of them), and Moriarty and Sebastian Moran. It can be inferred the only reason Anderson and Donovan aren't paired off with people of the same sex within the fanbase is because there is no one left to pair them with AND nobody likes them. The only other heterosexual relationship that is even close to accepted is Molly/Lestrade.
  • Quite frequent in the Highlander fandom, and somewhat with the films too. It's probably kind of expected when most of the characters have lived for hundreds or thousands of years and writers feel they had a lot of time to experiment.
  • Series/Sentinel; Jim/Blair is most common, although Henri/Rafe and Blair/Rafe are not unknown.

     Professional Wrestling  

  • Ridiculously easy to do, what with all these big oiled-up hard bodies in very few clothes rolling around together in compromising situations, and probably something like a 10:1 ratio of men to women.


  • Half the cast of RENT is canonically gay anyway... and getting rid of Mimi to pair Roger up with Mark is more common than one might think.

     Video Games  

  • Final Fantasy VII and beyond.
  • Fire Emblem justifies this with the support system. Half of the time there's going to be a Gay Option (or two, or three...) available, and more than once, the Gay Option has won an ending over the het ones.
  • Kingdom Hearts. In the fandom's eyes, there are practically no women or Disney characters, just Sora, Riku, Terra, Ven, Vanitas, 12 members of Organization XIII, Cloud, Leon and Sephiroth. If they're recognized, the girls are often shoehorned into being with each other anyway.
  • Touhou fandom pairs everyone with everyone else, and this trope is inevitable when the cast is well past one hundred and the number of males with actual screen/page time is three (a turtle, a cloud, and a non-combatant shopkeeper). And this despite No Hugging, No Kissing being very much in effect.
  • Rumble Roses, because of its all female cast.
  • Mega Man and its other series have a cast that is mostly 99% male, making this inevitable. This is most certainly not assisted by the works of Hyadain for Mega Man 2, in which virtually every Robot Master is gay for Rock. Crash! Let's do it, indeed.
  • Sengoku Basara - though, given the heavily lampshaded enormous levels of Ho Yay and Foe Yay in the Anime of the Game, the creators probably agree.
  • Team Fortress 2, with its overwhelmingly male cast, has plenty of this trope. However, Scout's Mom (whom the RED Spy is screwing), Miss Pauling, and the Pyro's Ambiguous Gender, along with the frequent application of Rule 63, occasionally averts it.
  • Star Fox fanfics. Fox and Wolf are almost always openly gay. It doesn't help that, until Assault and Adventures, the cast was almost entirely male (with one un-determinable gender).
  • There's a potential option for Tatsuya and Jun to be romancing partners in Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Guess which option everyone seems to go with?
  • Despite the slowly growing female presence in Sonic the Hedgehog, gayness is still eerily popular in its fanfiction.
  • Neptunia, which has an all-female cast, plenty of Les Yay, and a Tsundere all help facilitate this.
  • Much like the anime, the Pokémon game fics often pull this. The lead male and the (male) rival are very commonly paired off, with the lead female- when she does appear- being paired off with another female (for instance, Hilda and Bianca).
  • Tales of Vesperia has two really, really, obvious queer couples - Fluri and Ristelle - with buckets of subtext between them. Both pairings are extremely popular, and so it's not uncommon to have one pair play Beta Couple to the other in fanfic.


  • Fans of comics in The Walkyverse have a saying: "A character is assumed to be gay unless proven otherwise. And even then, it's suspect". It's mostly a joke... mostly.

     Web Original  

  • For Eternity, a web remake of Rainbow Brite, has all the Color Kids (as well as its versions of Rainbow Brite, Stormy, etc) as male. Considering that the only females in that universe are childlike temple guardians or the four mother Goddesses, this is justified.
  • This page needs the X's World Woke Up Gay Meme.
  • A video on Jandrew Edits takes their TNG video edits directly into this, by bringing LaForge into the existing Triang Relations between Picard and two Rikers.
  • Red vs. Blue slash fic often goes along with this. Partly because there are very few female characters in the series, even if you include the tank, and all of them are either dead or missing.
  • Homestar Runner fandom tends to do this quite a bit, although considering that the only girl doesn't get along with her canon boyfriend very well, this is perhaps understandable.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, proudly presenting Everyone is Gay.com.
  • YouTube Poop uses this a lot, for Queer People Are Funny reasons.
  • In an article by The Onion, every celebrity came out as gay.
  • Most of the protagonists in RWBY are female, therefore most people who want to write shipfic will probably resort to this. There are het pairings that are widely accepted, like Pyrrha/Jaune and Nora/Ren, but only because those are pretty much canon. Unlike other examples of this trope, however, the full cast is fairly equal, with (by count of the characters page) a 13:12 ratio.

     Western Animation  

  • The Penguins of Madagascar uses this in canon and fanfiction. All the penguins have ambiguously gay moments, and we're still not sure if one or more of them is female. Meanwhile King Julien is almost certainly Bi the Way. Short of transferring OC female penguins, or going with Anybody/Marlene, gay is your only choice.
  • Metalocalypse, with its nearly all-male recurring cast, is ripe for this trope. While all of Dethklok does show interest in women (specifically, ladies), and Skwisgaar and Nathan are shown in bed with a few, all of the notable women they date look like the other band members. Combine that with the mountains of gay innuendo and the band's True Companions status, it isn't necessarily a matter of Everyone Is Gay as much as No One Is Straight. The creators are fully aware of it, too, with an entire episode devoted to a Dethklok fan-convention that cheerfully featured notable works of homos-erotic fan art produced by the fandom, and Murderface (the least popular band member and the one most likely to be canonically attracted to dudes) attempts plastic surgery so that fangirls will write more slash about him.
  • South Park, probably because there are so few important girl characters other than Wendy and Bebe. This despite how every one of the boys (including Butters and Cartman) have shown attraction to woman, many (including Butters) have stated that they're straight, and Stan had an off and on relationship with Wendy.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants. Bikini Bottom is the gay district.
  • Transformers, for all of your CLANG CLANG CLANG action. Granted, giant alien robots are technically sexless, and the few female gendered Transformers are heavily outnumbered by the male gendered ones.
  • When the My Little Pony fandom isn't shipping the ponies with OCs or genderswapping the characters, they ship them with each other, and inevitably this trope is the result. The Improbably Female Cast in all series certainly helps, with G3 lacking any male characters aside from Spike.
    • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom deserve special mention for the sheer size of the fanfiction community and its adherence to this trope. However, it's somewhat inevitable, as aside from colts like Snips and Snails that are too young to ship, the only recurring male characters are Spike, Big Macintosh, Discord, and Shining Armor, and the latter is Happily Married anyway. By comparison there are dozens of female cast members, and the male-to-female ratio does not improve as you go into supporting cast and on-off characters. As a result Spike and Big Mac are paired with a lot of mares (occasionally at the same time), and if you're not fond of them then you're mostly looking at female-on-female ships, because that's really all that's left.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy, mostly due to shortage of "normal" female characters. Edd/Eddy is one of the most popular ships.
  • Due to the team mostly being very attractive guys, Young Justice fanfics are full of this.
  • Common with the Static Shock fandom. Irony kicks in however because the comic actually dealt with Virgil coming to terms with his homophobia.


  • Cabin Pressure. With a core cast consisting of three men and one older woman (who is moreover the mother of one of the men), what else are frustrated fan fic authors to do?