Comic Book: Circles

An ongoing Furry, Gay-themed Slice of Life comic about six men living in a large house together in Boston. The story concerns itself with the comings and goings of the six inhabitants: Paulie, the Den mother of the group dealing with the effects of HIV; his for all intents and purposes Husband, Doug; and their four renters: Ken, part Straight Gay part Gym Bunny Part Anything That Moves; Arthur, an artist and one of Paulie's oldest friends; Taye, a Flamboyant Gay Performance Artist, and Marty, the Straight Man and audience stand-in. The six core characters, plus a few secondary characters, form a family unit to work through problems and situations.

The story is told mostly from Paulie's point of view as he writes in a diary, but his is not the pure point of view, since we see many things to which he is not privy. Paulie's diary segments are a Framing Device used to introduce the subject of that season's problem.

A very much beloved comic book series among those who have read it, Circles is usually one of the books many furries would indicate to prove that they're not all sex maniacs. It also has a fairly glacial issue speed, as it has taken seven years to come out with eight issues in a comic that started out as "four times a year".

The series started in Spring, 2001. According to the writers, there are supposed to be 13 issues. Issue 9 will have Ken's backstory. Issue 10 will be a collection of short stories. Issues 11 and 12 are supposed to have tragic events (fans already speculating that one is Paulie dies from AIDS). Issue 13 will be the final issue.
This comic book provides examples of: