YMMV: Circles

  • Glurge: Depends on the reader's own life situation.
    • If received positively, Circles may be an optimistically inspirational example that resonates with the issues faced by young adult gay men.
    • If it falls flat, it may be because:
      • It represents a scenario that seems excessively idealistic and saccharine compared to Real Life, if being gay in real life is in fact still more difficult than it is in the story.
      • Or it depicts a higher level anxiety than you could imagine having to deal with in this decade compared to the Turn of the Millennium, if being gay in real life is in fact easier today.
      • For at least a very large portion of the main fanbase (which is from the western world), this is the main reason as to why it hasn't aged very well in terms of depictions of homophbia. Sure, homophobia is sadly still far from over even in the most tolerant parts of the USA, but the comic seems to depict the LGBT side as relatively isolated and alone from the mainstream, when this kind of isolation decreased drastically in recent years.