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Draco In Leather Pants: Anime

  • Akame ga Kiru!: Esdeath is a brutal, sadistic Social Darwinist who simply has no comprehension or empathy with weakness. At one point the protagonist Tatsumi tries and fails to convince her to see his way due to just how twisted she is. Yet because of her lovable moments with that same protagonist, some fans still want her to be redeemed.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia
    • Russia is a Jerkass Woobie who has a canon Freudian Excuse for being a mentally unstable Psychopathic Manchild and has a soft spot for his sister Ukraine, but whose Cute and Psycho tendencies are precisely what draws many fans to him in the first place. As a result, he's one of those characters who both inverts this and plays it straight: On one hand, a number of fans happily embrace his psychotic tendencies in fanworks, some of them even exaggerating them to turn him into a Memetic Molester who rapes and tortures other nations at every opportunity - some of this is admittedly due to Die for Our Ship reasons, but such portrayals of Russia in a Mind Game Ship with another nation are almost always done by supporters of that ship. However, on the other hand, an equal number of fans tone down his psychoticness and/or the "Jerkass" part of Jerkass Woobie in shipping fics, sometimes to the point of making him completely unrecognizable as a 100% sane and mentally stable guy or a suave "bad guy" with barely a hint of childishness or Yandereness. All of this is why many Russia fans tend not to like any shipping fanfiction involving him, as you will almost never find a version of him anywhere near canon.
    • Prussia, too. He's a former Blood Knight who has sought combat since he was a child, beat up other nations and got himself beaten up as well, grew as a Church Militant teenage nation who still got into many fights, as an adult nation he kept fighting everyone in his surroudings, and even after calming down a bit he can still be quite the Jerk Ass. While's he's not a bad guy per se and has had a number of Pet the Dog moments, some of his rabid fangirls like to paint him as some super sexy and badass Memetic Sex God who never does anything wrong and either has more "right" to Hungary's vagina than that stupid, "abusive", unmanly sissy Austria, or is a poor little angel while Hungary is an evil bitch for not bowing to him. (That is, unless Prussia is given the Ron the Death Eater treatment...)
      • England is another one who suffers from this. As a Mean Brit Tsun Dere with Woobie tendencies some of his more...devoted fans who either take his deredere moments too far (which often crosses over with Wimpification )or they play up his 'cool' traits (piracy, snark, politeness, extra) to ridiculous degrees- turning him from an endearing, emotionally stunted grouch with a drink problem to a smooth talking, gorgeous Badass who never puts a foot wrong (even in fics involving the British Empire or his Brothers). It is, unsurprisingly, especially common in shipping fics, and like the other two hetalia characters here the author may site a backlash against Ron the Death Eater treatment for their portrayal
  • In Berserk fandom, there exists a splinter group of fans who put the resident Magnificent Bastard Griffith, who also doubles as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, in a crotchless pair of leather pants. Might have been expected due to his unclear sexual orientation, flowing white hair and being rather effeminate looking but the extent to which his most questionable acts and his really revolting Moral Event Horizon crossing are rationalized can get...weird to say the least. Also, many Griffith fans conveniently disregard the fact that Griffith and Femto are one and the same to further justify their infatuation. It's probably because he used to be a good person (Or the closest thing to good you can get on a world like that) before his Despair Event Horizon (caused by being broken in body and mind after a year of horrific torture and the subsequent loss of everything he fought so hard to achieve), which makes him a Tragic Villain.
  • Black Butler:
    • His urbanity, manners, and good looks cause many people to overlook the fact that Sebastian Michaelis is an utterly amoral (if not outright evil) and incredibly predatory demon implied to have caused to Black Plague. Some fans also overlook the fact that Grelle is a sadistic serial killer, perhaps because of her comedic traits.
    • Ciel is no saint, either. As the queen's watchdog, he can be fairly ruthless when carrying out his tasks, but many fans are willing to cut him some slack because he's, what? Twelve?
  • Quite a few fangirls of Creed from Black Cat excuse his actions of stalking Train, murdering Train's first (and at the time only) friend Saya, trying to murder Train's other friends, and murdering countless innocents for world domination because he was picked on when he was young.
  • Black Lagoon. Hansel and Gretel were supposed to be Jerkass Woobies, having had horrific pasts that left their scars in their terrifyingly sociopathic behaviors. As in, they torture and kill people for fun in the worst ways ever, and end up paying with their own lives for such behaviors that make even hardened people feel revolted and give the biggest and baddest badasses of Roaranopur huge reasons to want them dead. Some fans, however, take out the Jerk Ass out of Jerk Ass Woobie and bash the shit out of said people, Chang and Balalaika (and specially Chang, who doesn't hide his contempt for them), conveniently "forgetting" that the kids are nicknamed "Vampire Twins" for good reasons, and both adults aren't angry just for the lulz (Like, the twins have remorselessly, needlesly and cruelly killed their subordinates., therefore pressing Balalaika's biggest Berserk Button). Yeah, it's sad that the kids went through sheer Hell and no one is saying it's not, but considering that Chang is a deconstruction of Hitman with a Heart and that Balalaika had the twins killed to punish them for the murder and torture of two of her men, there is somewhat of a limit to the sympathies.
  • Bleach:
    • There are a disturbing number of legions of die-hard Szayel Aporro Granz fans, some of whom justify his hideous sadism with Fanon that he was the abused Arrancar, and more who found his demise at the hands of fellow Mad Scientist Mayuri Kurotsuchi horribly unfair rather than fitting. And look at his pink hair! (There are fans who do like Szayel BECAUSE he's an asshole, but these are few and far in between afaik.)
    • Mayuri Kurotsuchi is a minor case of this. In the SS Arc he talked about all of the humans he's dissected, killed three subordinates, and abused his daughter. However in all of his later appearances his actions were dialled down. He fits this trope only slightly, as even his fans don't try to gloss over his SS arc actions.
    • Kenpachi Zaraki is a huge one. His stated purpose in life is to fight. He didn't fight seriously against Nnoitra, putting the mission and Ichigo and Orihime at risk. Despite not caring about anything besides having a good fight, his fans treat him as more noble than he actually is.
    • Sosuke Aizen. He's supposed to be a Magnificent Bastard, but many of his actions are monstrous. And yet, many of his fans cheer for him mindlessly and bash his victims. Not even his using his former lieutenant, whom he already broke once, as a human shield with his powers and tricking the guy who swore to protect her into almost fatally injuring her dissuades them. Because he's sometimes said he holds back from killing people (he prefers manipulating others into doing that for him or he likes to have his enemies watch his victories over them), his fans tend to use that to back up their claims he's not evil, he's just misunderstood.
    • Hollow Ichigo gets this. Just because it's technically part of the hero doesn't mean we should cheer the Superpowered Evil Side on.
    • A large part of the fanbase seemed to think Gin was a double agent of sorts. This turned out not to be quite true, however, it was revealed that he did have a non-evil reason to stick by Aizen (namely, to kill him in revenge for what his men had done to Matsumoto - something that she either didn't even seem to remember, or had worked to get over). A large part of Bleach fandom promptly declared him a good guy, forgetting the fact that whatever his motivation Gin is (or rather was) the show's most overt, unrepentant sociopath, who probably had a more self-centered perception on Rangiku and what to do for her anyways, given that he didn't know or care about her choices in the matter (and her answer to that, given her angst over him, would probably be a flat-out "no".) So he's basically tied with the previously mentioned Szayel "Tentacle Rape" Aporro Granz and Mayuri, the one squad freakshow. Tite Kubo himself expresses surprise at the number of fangirls Gin gained, as he was designed to be creepy and off-putting.
    • Ladies and gentlemen: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. He tries to kill Rukia, tries to kill Ichigo three times, gets Orihime in a Neck Lift when she objects to him, brutalizes two Arrancar who are horrible Jerk Asses but have the looks/mindsets of teenage girls, threatened the much younger Nel, killed his comrade just to regain the rank of Espada, and didn't give a damn when his subordinates were killed in battle. Despite all this, and even though he never expressed regret for any of these actions, part of the fanbase views him as already redeemed and ready to join the good guys. Because he's sexy.
    • Ulquiorra Cifer. It may be a big point of contention between certain parts of the fandom over whether every single interaction he has with Orihime is his psychologically torturing her, or if he genuinely tries to understand her POV or make her understand his own. Nevertheless, he had a major part in helping Yammy kill several members of Tatsuki's dojo, kidnapping and mentally torturing Orihime, helping killed Ichigo twice (and during one of these times, he totally broke what was left of Orihime's mind), and cut off Ishida's arm (or, in the anime, broke and burned it). Some of his fans give him a free pass on all this, which is simply unacceptable. It's made worse when these same fans turn the Ulquiorra/Orihime pairing, which is the poster-pairing for Mind Game Ship due to their twisted and psychologically-driven interactions, into fluffy true love, often followed about how "perfect" and "feminist" Ulquiorra is as a love interest to the young woman whom he abused, mocked, threatened and ultimately drove to a screaming Heroic BSOD.
    • Another target of the DILP fangirls is Shukuro Tsukishima. Yes, the guy who brainwashed almost everyone in Ichigo's circle of friends and family to make sure poor Ichigo would have a breakdown. He's called "Shuu-chan" by some fans, who also question and bash Ichigo for being almost at the verge of the Despair Event Horizon and openly willing to kill him for the sake of those he loves, and whom Tsukishima is holding hostage. He didn't turn out to be a total bastard, what with his Undying Loyalty to Ginjou (the man who saved him), but sheeeeesh.
    • Ginjou himself. He has a large number of fans who are willing to overlook the fact he masterminded the entire Fullbring arc and all the pain Ichigo, his friends and family were put through because they feel his complaint against Soul Society justifies manipulating, lying, brainwashing, mind screwing and maiming innocents just to steal some kid's powers for his own use. In this reasoning, Tsukishima did all the dirty work so he's the real villain and, since the brainwashing was reversible, there was no harm done so Ichigo clearly completely overreacted. As a result, not only is Ginjou viewed as the innocent victim, Ichigo's viewed as the villain for killing him rather than agreeing and siding with him.
    • The Vandereich seem to have started to gain fans like this due to Evil Is Cool and Evil Is Hammy factors, and how they have managed to constantly out-gambit Soul Society - even in their own territories. Doesn't help that Soul Society's become unsympathetic to some due to housing a couple of Dracos themselves as well as their own stupidity.
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
    • This one is more volatile, but in the manga sequel Heppokomaru/Gasser, an ally of the eponymous character, betrays the group in order to save his sister, mostly for the sake of upping Bo-bobo in terms of power. He even tries to enhance himself with drugs in order to do so; sadly, fangirls (especially ones in the West who only get so much material of what happened) still see him as the somewhat Adorkable punk that he was. It's even worse when you realize that the same sister he was trying to save had been willingly working for The Empire of the series the entire time, and is an all-powerful, borderline Mary Sue magical girl; she's also the sequel's source of Lolita fanservice (Word of God states her to be ten years old). Because she's so darn cute, though, Pokomi is easily a female version of this trope.
    • Namero Yononaka, who eventually becomes the Big Bad; he's bitter and narcissistic, only caring about his own power, but...This one mostly applies to Japanese fans, though, as Namero isn't very popular with his few Western fans.
  • Code Geass
    • Prince Schneizel el Britannia subjects two emotionally-unstable young girls (Nina and Nunnally) to More Than Mind Control to use them in his agenda, is the major cause of Lelouch's expulsion from the Black Knights, and becomes a borderline Omnicidal Maniac with a God complex. His victims are bashed by the fandom (especially Nina, but she was The Scrappy for most of R2 anyway) and he gets off scot free. Take that as you will. He does get to be a good person in Nightmare of Nunnally, but that's an Alternate Universe.
    • A less frequently noted example would be Cornelia li Britannia, who is all too happy to enforce Britannia's MO of Social Darwinism, preferably with an excessive (if not outright sadistic) amount of violence. She'll slaughter entire ghettos just to recreate the conditions in which Zero first appeared (to challenge his ego, and it did work), gladly sacrifice hostages rather than negotiate with terrorists (unless her beloved little sister Euphemia is among them, in which case she'll at least try a rescue attempt), and even chews out said sister for desiring to stand up to the rule of discrimination against Numbers by selecting Eleven Suzaku Kururugi as her personal Knight. Being a Bad Ass Dark Action Girl, having nice threads, and caring for her sister seems to deflect a lot of the bad publicity this would otherwise garner. She isn't the super cool idol her fans claim that she is. Her development in R2 did her no favors, as while she softened up due to her circumstances, she wasn't anywhere the innocent woobie her fans painted her out to be, especially given her absence of repentance for her earlier crimes, and considered her happy ending deserved, even though it was a matter of getting off incredibly easy.
    • Lord Guilford, skirts the line here. In contrast to the dark heroes, namely Zero, that will take drastic measures for the greater good, he takes up the cause of chivalry... in defense of the empire. Unfortunately, part of the fanbase mistakes this sense of honor for good. While he is one of the more reasonable Britannian knights, he chided Suzaku for ceasing a would-be massacre at the second SAZ just because the Japanese would dare insult Britannia by donning the mask of Zero!
    • Lelouch Lamperouge/vi Britannia likewise commits some chilling atrocities in the name of his cause, whether it's because of rage or as a part of his plans. But many fans seem to completely forget and/or cheerfully hand wave that he's a Byronic Hero who is supposed to cause lots of pain to others and himself because of his actions, painting him as some sort of perfect, angelic victim who never ever did anything wrong in the series, despite having kicked more than a few puppies along the way. For them, NOTHING that happens to "Lulu Baby" is either his fault or responsibility in their view - and how dare you point that out. Many, many sane Lelouch fans are very embarrassed by the Lulutards' claims, and even much of the fanbase who considers him a Cosmic Plaything wouldn't go that far.
    • Suzaku Kururugi is let off the hook by fans for supposedly having his heart within the right place in his methods, even though he becomes less interested in his claim of changing Britannia from within the minute he becomes a Knight of Rounds and begins conquering EU territories in hopes of currying favor with Emperor Charles, only jumping off track to pursue Zero and find out if he really is Lelouch once again. In fact, given the show's ubiquitous moral ambiguity, nearly every character who isn't The Scrappy suffers from this. (Characters such as the aforementioned Lelouch and Suzaku have been concurrently DILP and The Scrappy / Ron the Death Eater at times, depending on the fanbase and circumstances.) Even Kallen, even though admittedly one of the most tradionally good characters in the series, can have her own flaws ignored completely by her fans even when she herself notes them.
    • Jeremiah Gottwald started out as this. After getting Out-Gambitted hard by Lelouch, he goes through such a soul-crushing Humiliation Conga that the fans ended up feeling sorry for him. It's easy to forget that this guy was introduced gleefully taking part in a massacre, then tried to frame Suzaku for murder out of racism (in Jeremiah's defense, he did really think Suzaku was guilty.) This trope isn't always a bad thing, though, because it resulted in his entire storyline being re-written and becoming so much more...
    • Mao. Fans lust after him or adore his pairing with C.C., and there are some who actually gloss over his treatment of Shirley, just because they hate Shirley.. It doesn't help that he's White Hair, Black Heart type who has a genuinely well-done and well presented Freudian Excuse, so he's very easy to see as The Woobie.
    • In a rather interesting twist, Mao gives C.C. the Draco in Leather Pants treatment in-universe. It's hinted in the anime, and discussed explicitly in the supplementary reading, that his Start of Darkness basically first happened because he didn't want C.C. to be "tainted" by "bad people," and that he generally saw her as some perfect, angelic lady, rather than the Magnificent Bitch Broken Bird she was (who, you know, blessed him with suck upon suck when he was a little boy under the age of eight!). Ultimately she does snap out of it and become more considerate, but not until after Mao is dead!
    • Rolo qualifies among a small miniority. When there are fans who cheer him on for murdering Shirley because they hate her instead of viewing him as the throughly broken Yandere Tykebomb he is, you know there's something wrong.
  • Death Note
    • Light Yagami; sociopath, Manipulative Bastard, Knight Templar and Villain Protagonist. He is self-obsessed to the point of narcissism, and competitive to the point of sadism. He cold-bloodedly murders anyone who stands in his way, including the police and his own girlfriend, who he forces to burn herself to death. Over the course of the series arc, he kills hundreds of thousands of people, mostly on the flimsiest of evidence, or on hearsay. His stated goal from the beginning is to create a worldwide police state in which everyone will worship him as God. While he does have some complexity, he has hordes of fangirls both in-universe and out who think that he's a misunderstood visionary, or a good guy underneath it all. It just ain't so.
    • Misa Amane has also a following of devoted fanboys who seem to think that adorableness and sexiness somehow excuses near-indiscriminate mass-murder.
    • Mello gets more than his fair share of fangirls, seeing as he's an incredibly diabolical crime lord... and he's the only one of the characters who actually wears form-fitting leather.
    • Mikami also gets this due to his sympathetic backstory, in which he tried to protect his classmates from bullies even when he got beaten up and no one else would support him. This treatment ignores the fact that he's one of the most blatantly insane characters in the series, believing that "God" killed the people he wanted dead long before he or Light got Death Notes.
    • Despite not being actually villainous, L fits this trope to a minor extent. While he isn't a vicious murderer like the competition, some support L over Kira (and even believe L can do no wrong, in classic DILP fashion) simply because they find L sexier, or they find his mannerisms to be cute.
    • Beyond Birthday, that wonderfully psychotic serial killer from Death Note: Another Note. Most fans try and forget his very gruesome murders and unstable mentality and turn him into a fuck-toy for L. Too many fics have been written where Beyond is portrayed as very out of character.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Vegeta gets this treatment towards earlier incarnations of his character. Despite becoming a good person toward the end of the series, he originally started out as a ruthless villain who had committed many atrocities without regret. Even after joining the heroes' side, it was still another arc before he mellowed out and stopped thinking only of himself. Some fans would whitewash his earlier atrocities to make his earlier incarnations appear more sympathetic. Even the English Dub gets in on this, blaming Vegeta's cruel nature on Freeza.
    • Bardock. Holy cow, Bardock. Fans of him tend to overlook the fact that he made a living by slaughtering BILLIONS of innocent people so their planet could be auctioned off lock, stock, and barrel. The Funimation dub doesn't really help here, either, since they portrayed Bardock as being a "repentant sinner", and that his rebellion against Freeza was his atonement, when, in the original, Bardock was simply pissed because Freeza was going to kill them all. The Episode of Bardock special has officially cemented Bardock's place in this category forever, what with him going Super Saiyan and punching out Frieza's progenitor.
    • Even King Vegeta, who's shown no remotely positive characteristics other than a royal posturing habit and an English dub voice that could pass for a half-assed Major Armstrong impersonation, gets planted with this status just for going after Frieza. Generally, the best way to get on this list with the DB fandom is to rebel against your more evil boss.
    • Or just to be a Saiyan of note. Raditz gets this for being Goku's brother (and Goku giving him this treatment for five seconds), Nappa gets this in large part due to the fun factor potential in his brute character being exposed by Team Four Star, and Broly gets this on account of basically being the Incredible Hulk as a heel in permanent on mode (the fact that Paragus tried to control him for his own ends is only a convenient excuse when you see his utter demonic nature as the LSSJ).
    • Bulma gets this treatment towards earlier incarnations of her character (downplayed as she is just a jerkass). Despite mellowing out and becoming less immature, she originally started out as a rude, selfish spoiled brat who didn't have any scruples with manipulating others to get what she wanted. Fans usually ignore or downplay her faults, and usually blame Yamcha for their relationship ending when Bulma would flirt with other guys, and get angry with Yamcha just because females would look his way. One will wonder if the fandom would accept this scenario if the genders were reversed. Fans also bash other female characters by exaggerating their faults, and making them look far worse than Bulma.
      • Humorously, at the very least, Bulma gets called out on her early DB behavior at the end of GT. However, this is somewhat spoiled by her shifting the blame to Goku.
  • Izaya of Durarara!!. Despite the fact that he's a arrogant bastard most of the time, likes to fuck with and manipulate people and supernatural beings For the Evulz with no apparent remorse, he's such a recipient of Jerkass Dissonance that he's easily one of the most popular characters in the series. This is thanks largely to his hilarious dialogue, oddly charming personality, and good looks. He even manages to be a DILP in series as well, where there's a number of teenage girls such as Kida's ex-girlfriend/Honey Trap, Saki, who worship the ground he walks on and will follow even his most dangerous requests.
  • Lucy from Elfen Lied. Now, this was completely deliberate on the writers' part, since Evil Is Sexy and Lucy is one of the most sympathetic mass murderers in anime history with a genuinely powerful Freudian Excuse, but regardless: to hear her fanboys (and more than one fangirl) talk, you'd think that she had never done anything wrong and just needed a hug to be turned into an angel of sweetness and light, never mind the fact that she started off the series freely killing any human except for Kouta who ever crossed her path. Her romantic rival, Unlucky Childhood Friend Yuka, is of course turned into Ron the Death Eater, and her Clingy Jealous Girl tendencies are Flanderized to the point that the Lucy fandom often gleefully wish for Lucy to dismember Yuka. Of course, Lucy is not only a Clingy Jealous Girl, but a Yandere who slaughtered an entire carnival full of innocent people (including Kouta's own father and sister) when Kouta snubbed her...but don't tell that to her fans, or they'll tell you that they all deserved it.
    • As an example? The Elfen Lied blurb in the Cry for the Devil page had to be almost completely sniped out, since it was full of rabid Lucy fans who were openly justifying and approving of mass murder because of poor widdle Lucy's suffer in the series.
  • Souther/Thouther from Fist of the North Star could be described as the Noble Demon Raoh, with the word 'Noble' thrown to the trashcan. As a ruthless tyrant, this guy has committed crimes that are utterly unforgivable (including brutally torturing children, poisoning said children, and threatening Shuu with an ultimatum that ends up killing Shuu). All for one Freudian Excuse of going batshit after killing his master to be the successor of his branch of Nanto Seiken. His possession of said skills, combined with the fact that he's one of the more powerful people in the series and the fact that he's not doing all those purely For the Evulz gives him a bit of a charm towards many fans and some, like seiyuu Yuko Goto, end up having him as their favorite character.
  • Villain Protagonist Haruko from FLCL is so loved for being Crazy Awesome personified that many end up excusing her for using Naota to nearly bring about the end of human thought, just so she could steal Atomsk's power in the process (and then trying to kill Naota when he ends up taking it instead.)
  • Akito from Fruits Basket, despite being an obsessive Control Freak that liked torturing his family members and planned to lock one of them in a cage for the rest of his life, was treated sympathetically by the fans almost entirely because he was a cute bishonen. When it was finally revealed that Akito was not a bishonen, but a girl, those fangirls immediately turned on Akito. Akito does become a more sympathetic and less openly evil character when the backstory and motivations are fleshed out in the plot, but that was after the big reveal. The fangirls had based their opinion on the abusive psycho Akito; they thought the Moral Event Horizon was crossed by Akito's only pretending to be male.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Envy has a rather devoted fangirl following despite being a murderous psychopath who enjoys killing and torturing humans and is personally responsible for the killing of another fan favorite character. In the manga and Brotherhood, he takes delight and pride in the fact that he ignited the Ishbalan War by shooting a small child while in the guise of a moderate Amestrian officer — who ended up getting court martialed for his actions. As Ed astutely points out, this means Envy is responsible for the Ishbalan genocide, the creation of Scar as a killer and the deaths of the Rockbells. Envy also kills Hughes while impersonating his wife and later taunts Roy about the murder while again looking like Hughes' wife, deriving near sexual pleasure from it. In the first anime, he abuses Wrath when the latter becomes obsessed with trying to revive Sloth after her death, takes on the form of Hughes while Ed is fighting him, and actually manages to kill Ed. And yet fangirls still love him.
    • Solf J. Kimblee is also similar in terms of personality and popularity; he is the second villian fan favorite after Envy. Kimblee kills humans for fun, and nothing more. He is responsible for mass genocide and is perfectly fine siding with a race that wants to destroy humanity. Yet, fans say his interesting personality make up for the fact that he is an insane murderer. It helps that, despite being clearly insane, he's not a raving lunatic and honestly seems to believe the screwy philosophic he espouses, giving rather poignant descriptions of other characters that there is no reason to believe he's simply making up for shits and giggles. Having the strength of will to survive being subsumed by one of the strongest homunculi, which of course stems from his aforementioned killy-focused personality, and then manages to drag said homunculus out of his plans for body-snatching and dying with a smile scores him major badass points with the fans, as well as proves that he is actually serious about what he believes because he turned against Pride due to the hypocrisy of his body-snatching plan.
  • In Fushigi Yuugi, Nakago is pretty much permanently camped out on the wrong side of the Moral Event Horizon, while Suboshi crosses it in a shockingly horrible way about halfway through the series (and he was partially manipulated by Nakago into doing that, though that does not absolve him of all fault for his actions). However, a combination of tragic childhoods and Pet the Dog moments have earned both characters enough fan sympathy that Nakago is shipped around in fanfics all over the place, while Suboshi is a more popular match for Yui than her eventual canon boyfriend, Tetsuya. Nakago's case also isn't helped by the fact that he's the mangaka's personal favourite character.
  • Being a Bishoujo Series as well as a Gag Series that depends on Character Exaggeration, Galaxy Angel wouldn't be Galaxy Angel if they didn't do this intentionally. We therefore end up with a bunch of these who are marketed by their creators as lovable characters that the audience should want to be with. The most obvious example is Mint, whose scheming makes use of her odd pint-size cuteness for fraud — she once claimed that she and Vanilla were destitute and suicidal to get money out of a semi driver, despite her already being loaded. Even her more selfless videogame persona, which the anime parodies, is shrewd and selfish to a point.
  • Getter Robo suffers from this as well. All the characters are anti-heroes to some degree, and generally quite violent and dickish. But the one character who gets the vast majority of fanart? Sociopathic Hero Hayato, a terrorist and the only protagonist who outright murders people and could be called legitimately crazy.
  • Gregory Horror Show. Would you believe Hell's Chef has his share of fangirls? Never mind that he's little more than a golem made of candle wax who cares for nothing outside of preparing cuisine, but his tendency to fly into murderous rage at the drop of a hat and kill anyone who crosses him with a knife that's as big as he is would make him seen like less of a catch.
  • Gundam 00
    • Ali Al-Saachez from has a lot of rabid fans who bash the people whom he's murdered just For the Evulz (Hot Scoop Kinue Crossroads is still called a "dumb whore" for trusting Ali and then being murdered by him in cold blood) and cheer when he thrashes the Moral Event Horizon. Yet, many of his fans love to downplay these to play up his impressive piloting skills and his rugged good looks. The infamous "Prince Ali" meme ("Prince Ali, Mighty is He!") says it all in a single song parody.
    • While Nena Trinity was The Scrappy of the series for a long time, and many of the fans she did have at the time were fully aware she's a crazy Cute Psycho and didn't downplay/excuse her acts of villainy (even calling out those who did it), the airing of the English dub on the Sci-Fi Channel seems to have given her a new fanbase that finds her utterly cute even when she's blowing up weddings out of boredom. She did get Rescued from the Scrappy Heap somewhat by helping Setsuna out of a pinch just to spite on her "mistress" Wang Liu-Mei, an even bigger Scrappy in season two, but that doesn't really excuse the wedding massacre. Though there are some who don't excuse her, but pity her for being a rather wasted character in said second season.
    • There is also Hallelujah, Allelujah's Superpowered Evil Side. While Allelujah himself is a decent, mild-mannered guy, Hallelujah is a big bastard who enjoys killing his opponents in slow and painful manners and causing Alle a lot of angst. The fangirls? Woobify him and make him into a sex god in their fics. Go figure.
    • Ribbons Almark. He is a character created in honor of Toru Furuya's role as Amuro Ray, the first hero in the entire franchise - just as Full Frontal is creacted in honor of Shuuichi Ikeda's role as the first antagonist of the franchise, Char Aznable - and thus has a great chance to become one such trope.
  • Although not evil (she does have a good side), there's Athena from Hayate the Combat Butler. Her fans have a tendency to disregard any indications that she might not be entirely good or that she might have some personality problems (which she rather does) in favour of focusing on how 'beautiful and awesome' she is. Anyone who tries to point this out will likely either get attacked, be accused of trolling, or be told 'Well, only her fans can see how truly great she is!'. (They've also been spotted claiming she's the author's favourite character, for some reason.)
  • "Host Samurai", a vampire who was forced to join the Gantz team, is in danger of becoming this. Never mind that he's killed numerous people including both the main character and his brother.
  • Hot Gimmick: A lot of fangirls are willing to overlook Ryoki's constant physical, verbal, sexual, and psychological abuse of the heroine because of his good looks. So what if he treats his Love Interest like trash? He's pretty and he has angst!
  • InuYasha:
    • Sesshoumaru has managed to be one of the series' most popular characters from his introduction on. Admittedly, the guiding hand of Character Development has since made him better than he used to be, earning him many more fans on much more reasonable merits, but it does mean that his earliest and cruelest behavior gets glossed over. Not to mention that fans of his have been known to cheer on his cold acts toward Inuyasha before and after his character shift, while at the same time bashing Kagome and Shippo for their far less meaner, and sometimes understandable acts.
    • This also goes for Kouga, a hugely popular character whose introduction is glossed over not only by fans, but also in canon. He was first introduced slaughtering human villages and allowing his wolves to eat the humans that were slain. One of the villages included Rin's and his wolves were responsible for her first death. It's quite noticeable that while Kouga and Inuyasha dealt with each other frequently and while Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru dealt with each other frequently, in the manga Kouga and Sesshoumaru (Rin's guardian) were never allowed to meet (the anime did do a filler encounter between them) and Inuyasha's group never learned that Kouga killed Rin. Nevertheless, Inuyasha's group did gloss over the fact Kouga had a history of killing humans (and letting his wolves eat them) and that this was behaviour considered typical of his entire tribe. As a result, some of his fans often feel justified in glossing over this, too.
  • Often happens with Dio of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, particularly with the increased popularity from the new TV anime adaptation. This is particularly odd, as Dio is not meant to have ANY redeeming features. He's just pretty.
    • It also happens with Hol Horse, the smug, womanizing cowboy, which many people even want to see join the good guys, despite having shot one of them in the head.
  • Leon Oswald from Kaleido Star. While he does have understandable reasons to be the way he is, these do NOT justify how his fangirls handwave or ommit the crap he has pulled on Sora, May and on many others, like the innocent partners that he injured just to test their worth. Not to mention we only learn of said Freudian Excuse very late in the story... and he was a DILP ever since his first appearance.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    • The Varia, specifically their leader Xanxus, further enforced by the fact that they really do all wear leather pants. Even the robot. In fact, every single villain (and even one Wild Card protagonist) in Reborn is subject to this. Taken to ridiculous lengths in Japanese fandom when Hibari and Mukuro ranked #1 and #4 respectively in a poll for who people would most like to marry.
    • The cold hearted, abusive, manipulative and arrogant Daemon Spade, on whom most fangirls' comments can be summed as "I know he's an asshole, but he's so hot!". But between his good looks and his awesome clothing, who can blame them? (Image contains spoilers, of course).
    • Byakuran, who not only doesn't have a backstory other than how he got his powers, but he murdered anyone who got in the way of his goal, even tossing aside his own allies when he got bored of them. Yet the fans can still over look this because of his sweet tooth, cute smile and carefree attitude.
    • Fans still love Rokudo Mukurou even after learning about all the horrific things he did in the past.
  • Surprisingly, Kururu of Keroro Gunsou gets this treatment from certain sections of Fandom. The anime added Ho Yay subtext with him constantly harassing and tease-torturing Giroro, and fans further exaggerated this into fluffy, cutesy lovings with a healthy side of Memetic Molester.
  • It has been done with Zagato from Magic Knight Rayearth — treating him as the hero of the first story arc... despite his being willing to deceive and manipulate his underlings, even letting one of them die in the manga due to a You Have Failed Me moment. He may have had motives we can sympathize with, but still... he was going to kill the only genuine, complete innocents in the entire affair. And his plan involved letting the world be destroyed along with countless innocent people in it simply because it was based on an unfair and corrupt system.
  • Mai Hi ME:
  • A lot of fans of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro conveniently forget that Neuro is a ruthless, manipulative, sadistic demon who truly enjoys torturing people for the heck of it. They also forget the fact that he saved humanity only to wait for the day they kill each other to create his food.
  • Mayu Shinjo has a habit of creating these characters (sometimes literally). Sakuya Ookochi from Sensual Phrase and Uon Hakuron from Haou Airen are two notable examples of these. They have good looks and while their Dark and Troubled Pasts does make them for who they are, these still do not justify their Jerkass tendencies and their treatment to their respective love interests (Aine and Kurumi) borders on Loving Force multiple times. On the flipside, fangirls tend to bash Aine and Kurumi for being "bitches", "weak", and they also putting the blame on them for the abuse piling on them.
  • Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki, the trope codifier for Anime Yanderes. While some fans find her psychotic behavior entertaining and are willing to admit she's a horrible person, there are those fans who seem to deliberately disregard it, crying that Yuno is just a misunderstood angel who has a good excuse for being the way she is and truly loves Yukiteru because everything she's doing is for him. Somehow this all justifies the fact that Yuno has the highest body count in the series, only began stalking Yukiteru because he made a joking promise with her that not even her remembers at first, deliberately sabotaged any chances Yukiteru had with another girl, was more than willing to torture/kill his mom if she didn't accept her, kidnapped and strapped him to a chair in an abandoned building for who knows how long, turned him against his only friends and even persuades him to kill them, etc. But that is all okay, because Yuno is just misunderstood and just wants Yuki's love. Can you blame her?
  • Monster. You all know Johan Liebert, right? Classy, attractive, and utterly inhuman psychopath willing to devote an exorbitant amount of time Mind Raping and driving Innocent Bystanders to kill themselves just for the sheer hell of it? Turns out that a small but vocal fraction of the fandom has decided to glaze over every bit of that description that came after "attractive" and fangirl him with no irony whatsoever. Most of the fandom is thankfully saner than that.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED:
  • Char Aznable from the original Mobile Suit Gundam in the Universal Century has legions of fans who will pick an argument with anyone so much as doubting his greatness. Char, a man so popular despite the fact that he emotionally manipulated others for his own gain, blamed others for the tragic consequences of his own actions, and tried to throw a massive asteriod at Earth and cause a nuclear winter for a reason so detached from, well, reason that it might have as well been For the Evulz. Tomino has even stated that Char's views on reality are not in sync with real life. Even Char's own sister Sayla has commented on this. But just try explaining this to the fans.
    • Anavel Gato from Gundam0083 is often seen as the pinnacle of honor and manliness. While that may be true, it dosen't excuse the fact that he's a single-minded Fascist ideologue who would do anything, even go through with a Colony Drop if Delaz or Gihren told him so. His character page on the Gundam Wiki serves as a Take That to many of his more fanatical defenders in the UC fandom.
  • Naruto:
    • One of the most bizarre examples from fan fiction is none other than the Kyuubi. This is a being noted as a living natural disaster with a will composed solely of its hatred for everything else, supported by its stated desires to kill the eponymous character and pretty much anything else it happens upon. The fanfics try to give it a sympathetic backstory, but it usually boils down to a repetitive "they killed my kits and mate and I got angry; I'm sowwy" excuse, in spite of the fact that it's a construct made up of malignant chakra, NOT an organic fox known to be capable of breeding a family. Ironically, being percieved as nothing more than a construct of malignant chakra that can be harnessed and weaponized, is pretty much the main reason the Ninetails hates everybody so much. As canon would have it, he actually IS a sentient being, and becomes more sympathetic than he originally seems. His attack on the Hidden Leaf was directed by Tobi who had full control over him at the time, and the only reason he wanted to kill Naruto is because he saw him as yet another human trying to exploit him. Also, bear in mind that he's been sitting in a jail cell for the last 16 years, and this is actually an IMPROVEMENT over his previous accommodation. When he was sealed inside Naruto's mother, Kushina, his limbs and tail were bound in chains while his chest was impaled with a stake. While we don't see what his seal inside Mito was like, bear in mind that he has been imprisoned for over a century, and for more than a decade of that, he was actively being tortured.
    • Despite being one of the least sympathetically portrayed of all the Akatsuki, Hidan has some of the most die-hard fangirls. Yes, that Hidan. Apparently it's okay to sadistically murder people if you have white hair and walk around with your midriff exposed. As long as you're sexy enough, the Fangirls will go to any lengths to justify your sociopathic behavior, up to and including: inventing sympathetic backstory where there was none; pulling Freudian Excuses out of their asses; and coming up with lame excuses to vilify your victims. The problem is that Hidan is not only monstruous, but so damn fun while being a monster; specially in the anime, which makes him a Large Ham who acts almost like a Psychopathic Manchild and has very amusing interactions with Kakuzu. That alone will bring lots of fans... too bad they simply refuse to admit that his charm is how much of an amusing bastard Hidan was, and try woobiefying him. COME ON! Hidan was amusing and all, but he was an asshole, and a very unapologetic one at that - making him a Woobie misses the point and the fun of his character.
    • Itachi Uchiha is widely liked even though he killed his entire family and committed numerous atrocities while a member of Akatsuki. [[spoiler:And that was before we learned that he was ordered to kill the Uchiha clan by Danzo to prevent them from launching a coup against the village, joined Akatsuki to keep an eye on them, and planned it so that Sasuke would become a hero for killing him and get the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.
    • Sasuke. Some of his fans think he's actually justified in planning to destroy Konoha and everyone in it (including his former friends) even though the most responsible person from Konoha for ruining his life is already dead.. There's all the Sasuke x Sakura shipping fics in which Sasuke returns to the village and mostly seamlessly integrates back in. Most fans weren't happy when Sasuke declared he'd be Hokage and ignore what his former classmates said...while his fans put him in the biggest leather pants ever and say he not only deserves it, but is best choice while blaming other people for his behavior. It's kind of funny how as the series keeps going, and Sasuke dives deeper and deeper into his Heel status, the attempts to explain just how he ends up a good guy again so that sexy times can start now get shorter and more frequently waved away as AU. Here's some In-Universe implementation as of Chapter 619, because Word of God wants us to cut down on accountability for the Uchiha Clan: they are cursed to "love too much", and their brain functions when they lose a loved one literally amplify the anguish - increasing their mental instability whilst also empowering their Sharingan. So they really do feel more agony than normal people, and therefore we must feel sorry for Sasuke/Obito/Madara for being douchebags because their crazy eyes make them do it, accountability be damned! Right from the horse's mouth, that stuff is.
    • And to make it an Uchiha trifecta, there is also Sasuke and Itachi's mother, Mikoto. Most fans like to ignore or deny that Mikoto was most likely an active participant and had full knowledge of the coup, and instead treat her as a God-send who had obviously been forced into a abusive and loveless marriage. Never mind that she was a jounin and could take care of herself, and never once showed a sign that she didn't love her husband. Apparently in the eyes of the fandom, she's too hot to be a traitor.
    • Tayuya. Most fanfiction that have her as a main character have her inexplicably survive Temari's burying of her during the Sasuke Retrival Arc, only for the pursuing medics and/or Kakashi to stumble upon her, and, after she explains/spews that she was forced into working for Orochimaru, she is taken back to Konoha for treatment and possibly a Q&A with Ibiki/Inoichi. She usually then joins the "treehuggers" ranks with none of the Konoha 11 questioning it. Especially odd because Tayuya is no more sympathetic than the other Sound ninjas (besides Kimimaro) - the fanbase seems to like her a lot just because she's attractive, female, an unusual personality and her unique powers. That's not to say the other Sound Four don't have sympathetic portrayals, but they're less frequent and usually a little bit more believable than what she usually gets whilst alone.
      • It helps that she was given a chance to fight and showcase her skills (she was an able match for Shikamaru) and was shown to have a small code of sorts, telling Naruto and Shikamaru not to waste their and their teammates' lives in a hopeless mission, making fans of her think she wasn't all bad. Like with Kimimaro, many find her to be a wasted character who was unceremoniously killed off.
    • Before they both did a Heel-Face Turn, Neji and Gaara were both this, Neji being an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, who invoked Breaking Speech on everyone and tried to kill Hinata, and Gaara a psychopathic, disturbed, Serial Killer. Neji was portrayed in fanart and fanfiction as a Nice Guy, who loved and praised Hinata more than anything, and Gaara was portrayed as an innocent boy who liked to sleep with his teddy bears.
  • Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion - A Humanoid Abomination in a Bishōnen high schooler's body. The internet arguing became even more heated with the arrival of the manga adaptation, where he's disturbingly alien and the alternate universe spinoff fluff where he just wants to see Shinji happy.
  • One Piece.
    • Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. Interestingly, it's a rare case of fangirls idealizing a female character who's turned out to be good Possession Sue material. Otherwise, we wouldn't have so many fans who think she's going to join the crew and easily be the strongest, marry Luffy, and free all the slaves in the world. In reality, her overall moral character is still questionable; she doesn't really seem to care for anyone other than her family and Luffy. She's very sympathetic, and does have a genuinely good Freudian Excuse, but she's still not nearly as good as some of her fans would like her to be.
    • Spandam has a small Draco in Leather Pants fandom. He even wears a large amount of leather on the show, which may or may not be part of the reason.
    • Blackbeard. He gained a lot of fans through being Affably Evil and having his worst crimes (murdering one of his comrades and devastating Drum Island) happen off-screen. The Marineford Arc confirmed without a shadow of doubt that he's evil and shaping up to be the Big Bad, but the Fan Dumb seems to be in denial.
  • Outlaw Star has Harry Macdougal, who gets love from fangirls despite being an Ax-Crazy Stalker with a Crush. Yeah, it was really cute the way Harry slapped Melfina around when she turned down his advances and tried to kidnap her. It probably has a lot to do with the end of the series, when Harry, reduced to his last legs from the effort of getting to Melfina and from having his body brutally broken by Hazankou, says a very tender farewell and gives his life to wake her up for the climax, and Melfina, for her part, is more broken up about it than any real person with their history ever would be. Draco in Leather Pants because of Death Equals Redemption. They're starting to recurse...
  • Pokémon
    • Parodied with Meowth of Team Rocket. He has this with Giovanni, even though Giovanni frequently mistreats him and is shown to be ruthless. Meowth imagines him as simply a nice guy with a gruff exterior who likes to go shirtless. He also sees himself as competing with Giovanni's pet Persian for attention, although it's clear Persian couldn't care less.
    • Any member of Team Rocket can receive this treatment. The main trio have the somewhat emotional backstories, and have been shown to have good sides (caring about their Pokemon, each other, and the greater good, especially in the movies), even though they still attempt to hurt Pokemon and even children. Butch, Cassidy and Giovanni have their fans treat them this way as well.
    • Harley is often softened up because he's extremely popular and over-the-top. Gary, of course, if often treated like this because he's GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK.
    • Paul is easily the biggest Jerkass among Ash's rivals, releasing any Pokemon that don't meet his standards, insulting Ash at any given opportunity and acting cold toward everyone else he meets, and most notably having his entire team gang up on his Chimchar, in an effort to force it into activating its Blaze ability, which is unusually powerful, and then rage-quitting on it and releasing it, effectively abandoning it out of disgust (everything that happened that day and the night before really soured Ash's opinion of Paul). He gets a small handful of Break the Haughty moments throughout the series, but mostly goes unpunished. Despite his jerkassery, he has a sizable fanbase. (Doesn't help that some gamers ''agree' with Paul's methods because they do similar in their Pokemon training.)
    • Pokemon Hunter J also gets this treatment.
  • The Prince of Tennis:
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
  • Ranma ½:
    • This trope has been applied to nearly all of characters, Depending on the Writer's well-intended rationalization of a character's comedy-prone, ridiculously over-the-top personality. In fact, some Fanon takes on characters such as this have gotten so bad that a lot of people remember them as canon. For instance, people will remember Shampoo attacking the attempted wedding at the end of the series, but will somehow conveniently forget Ukyo's taking part in it... or even claim that she was defending everybody from Shampoo! Even a cursory glance at the manga will tell anyone this isn't so, and yet the Lionized Ukyo Who Defends Ranma and Akane's Love persists.
    • One of the most pervasive applications is usually on Nabiki Tendo. Since she is a relatively levelheaded and cerebral character, most Fan Fic writers severely downplay her outgoing harmonic and cheerful extreme greed, selfishness, sadism, and ruthlessness, or turn her into a completely opposite "isolated tragic ice queen altruist". Naturally, Rumiko Takahashiher creator — describes this nature, in combination with always getting away with what she's doing, as the reason that she is funny.
  • Lucia from Rave Master, who is essentially that world's Hitler, is all too often looked at as a poor troubled boy who just took the only path open to him after having a bad childhood. Yes, getting locked up in prison as a little kid because of who your dad is sucks, but it's not an excuse to go and commit mass murder. It might help that he actually sees himself that way, and has a whole rant in the final battle about how he wasn't given any real options. Of course, Haru's right they are not buying it to help balance things out.
  • Enishi Yukishiro from Rurouni Kenshin can sometimes be seen by fan(girl)s as this misunderstood little boy who only wanted his sister's love and wished for her to smile upon him no matter what. While one is certainly justified in being traumatized and scarred for life by his sister and mother figure's death, it doesn't quite excuse a lot of other stuff he did after his sister Tomoe died. For example, brutally slaughtering the kind family who took him in just because he couldn't stand their "happiness," becoming a crime lord in Shanghai, and selling weapons to known psychotic revolutionary Shishio. He did all of this so he could psychologically torment the sympathetic and almost saint-like Kenshin, who's tried to do his best ever since Tomoe's death to atone for his crimes and help others.
  • Surprisingly in Saint Seiya fandom, the not nice Pisces Aphrodite and the even less nicer Cancer Deathmask are very often portraited respectively as a Flamboyant Gay of Wisdom and a loudhmouth fighter with good feelings. The Ho Yay fanfics often portrait them also as a couple of Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • In Shiki, Tatsumi and to a lesser extent Megumi have their fans who will gloss over their bad qualities and treat them as objects of desire. Whole sides may be subjected to this as well, with some fans thinking the vampires have the right to kill people to eat without consequences and others thinking the humans have the right to slaughter the vampires in the most horrific ways possible, even when they're not aggressive or acting any differently from when they were alive.
  • Slayers :
    • He isn't treated as a villain in-story, but it's blatantly obvious, after The Reveal that Xellos is a sadistic and God-tier level demon incapable of feeling positive emotions at all. This doesn't stop fans from making him fall in love with the preachy dragon Filia, even though he's completely incapable of such thoughts. There's not much justification to your actions when you are probably the most powerful member of an Always Chaotic Evil race of demons short of the five Dark Lords under that world's equivalent of Satan.
    • To a lesser extent, Zelgadis. Yes, he's protective of his friends and mostly respects them, but he's still the only one who doesn't have any remorse when it comes to killing people, and his self-centeredness and sense of superiority is almost more infuriating than Lina's. But no, he just has to be the ultimate woobie that can only be Xellos' bitch, and every single problem of his is Rezo's (or Amelia's, per Die for Our Ship) fault...
  • For a generation of young girls, there was Desslok / Dessler in Star Blazers / Space Battleship Yamato. Of course, it helps a lot that he makes a Heel-Face Turn at the very end.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew :
    • Kish/Kisshu/Quiche. He starts out as a Stalker with a Crush who steals a kiss from Ichigo, and becomes an increasingly disturbed and unstable Yandere as the series progresses, multiple times attempting to hug or straddle her, and deludes himself into thinking that Ichigo wants to be with him. Ignoring the fact Ichigo has a boyfriend and wants nothing to do with him. note  And yet his (absolutely massive) fangirl following insists that his sympathetic backstory and eventual Heel-Face Turn justifies his creepy stalker behavior, which was actually pure, chaste love, expressed in a slightly unorthodox manner. As for the multiple attempted murders, they are quickly sent to Fanon Discontinuity land in fanworks, with an exception of (extremely rare) darkfics.
    • Deep Blue. He is the leader of the Aliens, is very evil and sadistic, and in the final episode, he tries to kill everyone in Tokyo. He even tries to choke Ichigo to death in the final battle, and it's implied that he was using the Aliens for his own ends. Yet for some odd reason, some of the fandom seems to pair Ichigo up with Deep Blue and make him a slightly sympathetic character.
  • In both the Anime and Manga of Trigun, Legato has more than a touch of nihilism and never does anything unconditionally good for anyone in the series (Yes, even the girl he gave the hot dog to. First, he used her to make a point. Second, popular fan theory and several clues from the manga hint that he is a cannibal, meaning that the hot dog...). Even with the rather tragic Freudian Excuse from the manga, it's clear there isn't any good in him left. Despite all this he is easily the most popular character in the show among women and there is a mountain of Self Insert Fics giving him (even more) tragic past where he hooked up with some Mary Sue, and the loss of her was what turned him evil.
  • The four members of Schwarz in Weiß Kreuz serve as the protagonists' Evil Counterparts and spend most of their time unrepentantly organizing mass murder and social chaos when they're not tormenting the main characters or, in the case of one member, torturing priests to death for fun; but somehow, they manage to have as large a fan following as the series' protagonists.
  • Dr. Kazutaka Muraki from Yami No Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness). He rapes Hisoka and kills him in a very slow and painful manner, tries to rape Tsuzuki repeatedly and wants to transplant his dead brother's consciousness into Tsuzuki so he can kill him. He kills, tortures, or destroys virtually everyone he meets, yet in fandom he's either loved because he's an asshole or made up to be a pitiable creature who just needs love, which in the latter case, would make him an example of this.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX has a minor in-canon (and borderline fandom) example with Edo Phoenix from before he dropped his Well-Intentioned Extremist Wrong Genre Savvy ways, and a major example with Hell Kaiser Ryo during season 2. Even when he mercilessly beat his little brother Sho in a shock duel and walked away, the fandom squeed over how Bad Ass and Tall, Dark and Handsome he was. Big time.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds :
  • Zoids: Chaotic Century: Raven of has a tragic backstory and mellows out somewhat towards the end of the series, but this doesn't change the fact that he's a jingoistic, bloodthirsty killer who has murdered dozens of innocent soldiers in cold blood (even those on his own side!) and attempted a genocide of an entire sentient species, even if said species happens to be mechanical. In classic Draco In Leather Pants fashion, Raven's fans downplay his genocidal tendencies in favour of playing him up as some kind woobie.

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