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Awesome Music: Anime
This is your brain on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. Let's point out that's supposed to be John Williams. It's THAT GOOD.

Examples of Awesome Music in anime. It should be noted that a lot of songs in anime are regular J-Pop songs that just appear in anime and are not exclusive to it. Still awesome, though.

Composers and musicians with their own pages:

Series with their own pages:

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    Masaaki Endoh 
Not to be confused with Masaki Andoh, this member of JAM Project is good enough to stand on his own two feet.

    Kenji Kawai 

     Joe Hisaishi 
Hayao Miyazaki's main composer for his movies.

    English Fandubs 
As with anything fan-produced, Sturgeon's Law applies to fandubs. However, on occasion you stumble upon that elusive 10% that's absolutely worth it. Here you may learn what your favorite anime songs sound like translated to English.

    Other Language Fandubs 

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    E - J 

    K - R 

    S - W 

    X - Z 

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