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Futari wa Pretty Cure

Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

Fresh Pretty Cure!

HeartCatch Pretty Cure!

Who knew that heavy metal influences would go so well with a magical girl anime?

Suite Pretty Cure ♪

Smile Pretty Cure!

DokiDoki! Precure
  • The ending theme, Kono Sora no Mukou aka Beyond the Sky (Lyrics here), shows off its classic, endless cheer in the catchiest way possible.
  • The second ending, "Love Link", follows the trends, and some would say it one-ups its predecessor in optimism.
  • Dear sweet Lord, did Makopi's character album deliver! To save space, here is a YouTube Playlist of the eight songs, with the full cast vocal album tacked on the back.

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure

Maho Girls Precure
  • Miracle Magical Jewelry, the new henshin theme, sounds incredible and suits the complex sequence. It finishes up with a triumphant tune as the two girls finish transforming. And that's just the Diamond version!
  • The Ruby version sounds as fiery as the Transformation looks, complete with aggressive Autobots, Rock Out!. Perfect for a strength-based form.
  • The Sapphire version sounds calm and serene like the sea and sky. Perfect for the more aerial form.
  • The Topaz starts off bouncy and goofy before going into a much more extreme-sounding tune. Perfect for a Lethal Joke Character.

Pretty Cure All Stars
  • From 2009 to 2011, the All-Stars themes had a variation of the same tune, however the one for DX 3 shines brightest. At the moment, at least.
  • New Stage has a different tune, but still awesome nonetheless.