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Awesome Music: Transformers
Say what you will about Michael Bay's Transformers Film Series, but the music therein is undeniably awesome.


Revenge of the Fallen

Dark of the Moon

Age of Extinction

The EP:

  • The first piece of the movie's music ever released, "Hunted", certainly qualifies, especially the end, an extended version of the climax of "Honor to the End".
  • "Tessa", the main leitmotif for the humans, was good enough to make it into the trailers.
  • "Autobots Reunite" is an excellent throwback to "Arrival to Earth" and the ''Transformers Prime" theme.
  • It's easy to see why Lockdown's Leitmotif was chosen as the trailer music. It's the eerie, discordant track that plays as he stalks out of the smoke and ends your life.

The Main Album

  • "Your Creators Want You Back", a reprise of Lockdown's theme which play's during his capture of Optimus. It nails the terror and sadness of those involved perfectly.
  • "Dinobot Charge" is an amazing Triumphant Reprise of the Decision suite. Six and a half minutes of giant robots riding to the rescue on colossal metal dinosaurs doesn't usually get much much more awesome than it already is, but inclusion of this track manages just that.
  • "Honor to the End" plays during the final showdown between Optimus and Lockdown. And it is incredible.
  • "Leave Planet Earth Alone", which plays during the final scene, is every bit as good.

Animated Film

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