Trivia: Transformers

Cross Series
  • Executive Meddling: Tons and tons and tons, relating to marketing and the usual reasons. Recent example: the Grand Finale to Simon Furman's Myth Arc comic series was cut from 12 issues to 4 so that IDW could publish All Hail Megatron instead.
  • Once per series:
    • Optimus Prime learns how to fly: G1, Beast Wars, Cybertron, Animated, Revenge of the Fallen, Prime
    • Optimus Prime dies (usually sacrificing himself, and usually coming back). In fact, this happens so often, it's easier to list the series where this doesn't happen: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (though it nearly happens in the last episode) and Transformers: Shattered Glass (where, since it's a Mirror Universe, this happens to Megatron instead).
    • Megatron becomes Galvatron: G1, Robots in Disguise, Unicron Trilogy (and we mean every subseries of the Unicron Trilogynote ), Age of Extinction, Shattered Glass
      • A technicality with Prime- Megatron is resurrected and given an upgraded body by Unicron, the standard Galvatron origin, but he's never referred to as such. A single toy of this form just called it "Unicron Megatron"
    • Starscream comes back from the dead: G1, Beast Wars, Unicron Trilogy, Animated
    • Waspinator blows up: Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Animated
    • Someone makes an evil Optimus clone: G1, Robots in Disguise, Energon, Beast Wars Second, Prime, Age of Extinction note 
    • Unicron Appears: G1, (technically)Beast Wars, Armada, Energon, Prime, Beast Wars Neo
    • Transformer with a human for their alternate mode: Masterforce, Animated, Revenge of the Fallen.
  • If you were to play every Transformers opening theme ever made back to back, it would take just shy of 40 minutes to complete.
  • Adaptation Overdosed: The Adaptation Sequence below speaks for itself.
  • Adaptation Sequence: Toys —> Comic —> Cartoon —> Animated movie —> Sequel cartoons —> Reboot cartoons —> Lots lots more comics —> Live-action movie —> Another reboot cartoon —> Even more comics, and prose —> Second movie —> Video game —> More prose —> Slightly video game/movie-based reboot cartoon —> Third Movie —> Spin-off to the previous cartoon —> Fourth Movie —> Another sequel cartoon.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Here.
  • Inconsistent Dub: The Latin American and even the European Spanish dubs, All the way: Due to the fact Hasbro wanted to dub the Spanish versions in the U.S. for having more control about the dubbing (This is was during G1, the animated movie and the Japanese Anime versions, mind you) , all the Spanish language versions (including the European one) were sometimes dubbed by a Spanish-language studio in Los Angeles. The main problem with this approach is, due of consideration about the Spaniard viewers, especially in the Anime versions, some series were dubbed using the European Spanish dialect, but keeping the local accents intact: Not only the Latin American viewers had to tolerate a very fake Spaniard accent, but the Spaniards had to tolerate a ridiculous Spaniard dialogue with Mexican and Central American accents.
    • In fact, Mexican voice acting studios only dubbed a very small amount of Transformers stuff: The Beast Wars/Beast Machines series, Prime, Robots in Disguise and the live-action films. Other countries that dubbed the rest of the TF series were: Chile (Animated) and Venezuela (The Unicron Trilogy).
    • While the Mexican dub of Beast Wars was pretty good, it was panned for changing the names of all the characters to Spanish equivalents. This was corrected later in Beast Machines' dub.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Benson Yee, frequent convention visitor and operator of a popular Transformers web site. He was approached on Generation One expertise for Beast Wars and received a "Consultant" credit on certain episodes.)
    • Then there's Don Figueroa, who built his own meter-tall custom Transformers from scratch before becoming a fan-favorite artist and toy designer.
  • Running the Asylum: Arguably, it's one of the few series that has benefited from it.
  • Show Accuracy/Toy Accuracy: Rather famous in the original toyline, as the repurposed toy molds were from stories of piloted (not sentient) mecha and transforming defense bases. Ratchet and Ironhide (repaints of each other) weren't even humanoid in their alternate forms. Even Beast Wars had to take some liberties with the character models as the toys would have to cheat to be workable with both modes. Because of the lead time necessary for the movie line compared to the actual movie many of the toys are based on earlier designs and not the final character design, although by the third film most every character had a reasonably screen-accurate toy. Transformers Animated was the first series to feature genuine cooperation between the character designers and the toy developers, resulted in extremely screen accurate toys.
  • What Could Have Been: Many, many toys and concepts end up being discarded - from G1 alone, we have characters originally being named differently (e.g. Swoop was to be named "Divebomb" before the name was later repurposed for the Predacon bird), a planned Unicron toy and two planned Arcee toys for the original toyline, an axed rerelease of the original Megatron toy in a blue/orange deco (dubbed "Lava Megatron" by Hasbro and "Safety Megatron" by fans), two Megatron triple changers (one that switched between Megatron, Galvatron and a gun and another between Megatron, Skywarp and a plane and many, many more. See here for more.
  • The Wiki Rule:

  • Creator's Favorite: Simon Furman, writer for a great number of Transformers comics, has a couple favorites:
    • Grimlock. By his pen, Grimlock is a cunning warrior who uses Hulk Speak to make his enemies underestimate him, while the TV series simply had him be too dumb to string a sentence together.
    • Nightbeat, a C-list character whom Furman brought to the forefront by making him a Film Noir-style Hardboiled Detective. In the current IDW-universe that Furman is helping to write, he killed Nightbeat off fairly early on so fans can know that Anyone Can Die, even his own favorite character. He did something similar in the G2 comics, killing off Nightbeat as a self-inflicted Player Punch.
  • Dueling Shows: Transformers Generation 1 vs. The Go-Bots
    • Interestingly! The two are now considered to exist in the same multiverse. Albeit with the Go-Bots universe being very, very distant from any known Transformersverse. The only Gobot who has any sort of impact at all is Bugbite, who has since become a Decepticon.
  • Something interesting of note: While a number people claim to have memories of Optimus crumbling into dust after death in the Generation One Movie, he did not actually do that - it was the Armada Optimus who crumbled into dust on death. They may be confusing Optimus' death with Starscream's - 'Screamer did crumble to dust when dying, and both characters turned grey as they died.
  • What Could Have Been: Megatron almost had a different name. When the writer of the initial Transformers fiction came up with the name, it was shot down by Hasbro, as they felt it conjured up images of nuclear weapons. He then reminded Hasbro Megatron was supposed to be the Big Bad and the name was approved.
    • Similarly, Starscream was originally named Ulchtar in Denny O'Neill's original treatment for the comic book, but Bob Budiansky changed it.
    • Ratchet was originally supposed to be a female, but Hasbro rejected the idea.

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