Awesome Music / Bleach

As a part of the Big Three of Shōnen, it's in the same league with One Piece and Naruto. Considering the genre Bleach is in, it's gonna have awesome tunes to boot.
    Opening & Ending Themes 
Being one of the Long-Runners in shonen anime, Bleach has more than enough ass kicking openings and endings. Here the best examples:


  • "* ~Asterisk~" by ORANGE RANGE. The OP for the first season of the show. This is how you start a show! "* ~Asterisk~" went to top of the charts the second it was released in 2005, and stayed there for 22 weeks. Now if that doesn't say something about how awesome that song is, nothing will.
  • "D-tecnoLife", by UVER World, was an excellent introduction to the second season.
  • The third opening, "Ichirin no Hana", debuting with a broadcast special consisting of 2 awesome episodes, also falls squarely here. Its remix on the single manages to make the song somewhat more violent.
  • Between "ALONES" (6th), "Velonica" (9th), and "chAnge" (12th), all the best Bleach openings are in multiples of three.
  • "TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT", the fourth opening and the opening of the Bount arc, was also pretty badass.
  • The 5th opening song, "Rolling star", by YUI.
  • "After Dark" by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION was Bleach's 7th opening.
  • The 10th opening theme, "Shoujo S".
  • The 13th OP, "Ranbu no Melody" by SID.
  • The 14th opening, "BLUE", is just awesome.
  • And here's the 15th opening, "HARUKAZE" by SCANDAL.


The soundtrack of the series and movies aren't far behind. Expect some Gratuitous Spanish in some of the themes from the Arrancar saga. Not only that, it's composed by Shiro Sagisu of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame.