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Drinking Game: Bleach
Drinking game for Bleach:

  • Take a shot of tequila anytime Gratuitous Spanish is used.
    • If you're watching the subbed version, take two shots if it's pronounced with a heavy Japanese accent.
    • If you understand Spanish, drink a whole cup's worth if you know it's grammatically incorrect.
    • The same with shots of jägermeister if it is the german language that is butchered.
    • Do the same whenever they use engrish, you'll get totally wasted when Don Kanonji or Charlotte Cuulhorne is involved, or any of the Fullbringers.
  • Another one concerning Don Kanoji- one shot for each time he grips his chest in an armfold while saying "BWA-HA-HA!"
    • Two if others make themselves look like idiots by imitating his TV personality's famous pose.
      • Three if Ichigo sees the above and gets an incredulous "Are they insane?" look on his face.
  • Take a shot anytime Orihime says "Kurosaki-kun!" You will die in Episode 271.
  • Take a shot anytime Rukia says "Ichigo". You'll struggle to make it through the first manga arc. You won't survive any anime filler.
  • Take a shot when you hear "Kurosaki Ichigo."
  • Take a drink for every Ho Yay moment. Take two if it's intentional.
    • Take Two shots if there is a Les Yay moment, take four if it involves Soi Fon or Orihime. Five for Rangiku. Six for Yoruichi.
      • Seven if it's Chizuru. She's a genuine lesbian.
  • Take a shot for every Plotkai.
    • Trust us, you'll end up in the hospital.
  • Take a shot for every time some one is Mind Raped.
  • Take a shot for every time Ichigo or Rukia is impaled.
    • Take a shot for every time Chad, Rukia or Renji loses a fight.
    • Drink 24 oz if nothing happens to Ichigo.
  • Take a shot for every time someone loses an arm.
  • Take a shot for every Bankai.
    • And a sip for every time someone yells, "Bankai!"
  • Take a shot for every time Aizen monologues.
  • If you're watching the anime filler, drink every time you see QUALITY.
  • If you're watching the Bount arc, drink every time you see a plot point that's been ripped off of YuYu Hakusho's Sensui arc.
  • Take a shot every time Ichigo refuses to lose.
  • Take a shot for every horrible transformation.
    • Take four if they transform again and it's suddenly badass.
    • Or one if the transformation is still awful.
  • During the Lust chapters, take a shot when Ulquiorra's ressurection reminds you of a form-fitting dress.
  • Take a shot everytime someone is one-shotted. (Just a sip if it's a nameless mook.)
  • Take a shot every time Ichigo spams Getsuga Tenshou
    • Take an extra shot if it does significant damage.
  • Take a shot every time the Vandenreich remind you of Nazi's.
  • Take a shot every time someone says "What is this Spiritual Pressure?"
  • Take a shot every time a character survives an attack despite how implausible it seems.
  • Sip every time someone says "Damn it" when they're on the losing side of a fight, just to make the battle seem edgier. Two if it's Ichigo giving the damns.
  • Take a full drink if the anime has an abrupt, jarring filler positioned right in the middle of a story arc, not even caring to air the filler after the conflict is resolved. Two drinks if it's just a standalone Bizarro Episode. Rinse and repeat for multiple fillers.
    • Bellow in between drinks when you realize these interceding fillers helped boot the anime off the airwaves.
  • Take a shot whenever someone casts a spell. Two if it's Rukia, and three if she casts a Hado.
    • Any time someone says the full incantation to power up a Soul Reaper spell, slowly down your drink and finish it in time with the end of the incantation.
  • Drink any time Kenpachi's Shikai and/or Bankai powers get mentioned, which are likely never going to manifest anytime soon.
  • Drink every time someone on the Internet butchers the pronunciation of Yhwach. Another if they spell it Juhabach, a holdover from the days when his character first appeared but no one had an official name spelling to go by, just what it sounded like.
  • Take a shot if you are watching the dub and Ichigo best retort to a villain is "Is that right?".
  • Take a drink every time someone finally gets around to revealing their Shikai/Bankai for the first time. Confetti might also be in order.

Please don't do all of the above at the same time. If you do, then you WILL die. Almost as certainly as if you were drinking actual bleach.
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