Awesome Music: Lyrical Nanoha

  • Bad news: The Movie's version of Fate-chan's theme, "Blitz of Gold", is tragically shorter than the other known versions. Good news: The awesomeness is far more concentrated as a result.
    • Thankfully, we have Fate's original transformation theme, "Kin no Senkou" and its StrikerS version, "Kin no Senkou (ver Impulse)"
    • Just like Nanoha, Fate got a brand spanking new theme in the 2nd movie called "Lightning Assault" and damn is it awesome!
  • The Forwards' transformation music can be pretty cool, too. For some reason, Caro's "Ryuuki no Shoushi" (Summoner of Dragons) can be highly addictive. There's also Teana's Theme "Ryuusei no Shashu", Subaru's Theme "Kou no Sousha", and lastly, Erio's Theme "Wakaki Yari Kishi".
  • The ending theme of Season 1, "Little Wish ~lyrical step~".
  • The ending theme of Season 2, "Spiritual Garden".
  • The ending themes of Season 3, "Hoshizora no Spica" and "Beautiful Amulet".
  • "Unkai wo Nukete" (Emerge from the Sea of Clouds). Plays as Nanoha charges up Starlight Breaker while badly injured in A's.
  • The Battle of Aces instrumental arrange of "ETERNAL BLAZE"—the opening theme for A's.
  • In the MOVIE 2nd A's, "Dear My Sister Dear My Memory" plays during the scene in which Fate and Alicia have their last heartwarming/tragic conversation in the dream world of the Book of Darkness.
  • "Sky Dancing" was used for the short but oh-so awesome Nanoha vs. Vita/Fate vs. Signum rematch in the MOVIE 2nd A's.
  • The Vivid anime gives a few gems in the form of transformation themes; Vivio's transformation theme has a bright, cheerful, 'soaring' feel to it, whereas the more serious Einhart gets a theme with brass and electric guitars. Furthermore, at the start of Episode 6, when everyone transforms together for the big mock-battle, the accompanying theme wouldn't be out of place in some of the more recent Pretty Cure series note .

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