Awesome Music: Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana is filled with so many awesome songs. It shouldn't be shocking why is this page here.

  • "Hishoku no Sora", the first season's Badass opening. It makes a glorious comeback in the third season's very final battle between Yuji, Sydonay, Margery and Shana.
  • The first season's second opening, "being" by KOTOKO.
  • Mami Kawada's "JOINT", the OP for the second season, manages to be simultaneously epic and cute.
  • The first season has Yoko Takahashi's "Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo". Solemn and gentle in the beginning, getting up to to a higher tempo after that.
  • The second season introduces "La Visiteuse", the theme of Pheles.
  • The first ending of the second season, "triangle", is pretty bitchin.
  • "Serieux" makes for some really awesome fight scenes.
  • KOTOKO's "BLAZE", used for the second season's second opening.
  • The second season's ending, "Sociometry". This is a song for beautiful moments when the good guys go awesome.
  • While not as well known as the music from the main series, the Shakugan no Shana S OVAs had some great music in the form of opening, "Prophecy", the ending, "All in good time", and the insert song of Episode 4, "portamento".
  • And then we have the first opening of the final season, "Light My Fire".
  • The final opening of Shakugan no Shana, "Serment".
  • ALTIMA's songs for the endings of the final season count, too. Listen to the first ending, "I'll believe" and the second ending, "ONE".
  • The insert song for Episode 15 of the final season, "u/n".
  • "Koubou", the third ending of the final season, is nothing short of amazing.
  • Also, the insert song for the movie, "Akai Namida", is very beautiful and touching, especially if you know the meaning of the lyrics.
  • "La charge", which plays during most of Final's actions scenes.
  • "Dans le tourbillon d'une lutte".
  • "Le Serpent De Ceremonie", the theme of Snake of the Festival.
  • "Raisons du monde", the Four Gods of the Earth's Leitmotif. Best pray you're not a Crimson Denizen, otherwise you'll get crushed under their wrath.
  • "Le Reve Divin" that plays when the Crimson Denizens leave for Xanadu.